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Health and Nutrition

  1. What age can you spay and nueter?
  2. Marge has been spayed, is this normal behaviour?
  3. Allergies?
  4. How much food for all wet diet?
  5. Buy Kitten with suspected FHV-1?
  6. Poop consistency?
  7. Desperate for help...fleas
  8. Dental care
  9. Eye freckles
  10. free shipping for online pet food in canada
  11. Feeders Supply - Free bag of Wellness dry when you buy a case of wet
  12. Blue Buffalo v. Evo Natural Instinct
  13. What is your cat's favorite food?
  14. looks like someone is a little spoiled
  15. Kiitens toe got cut off.. Help?
  16. Swollen gland?
  17. Flea help !!!
  18. Questions about Peanut, my 4 wk old kitten
  19. How hot outside is too hot.
  20. Food!!!
  21. Here for advice and support
  22. Bald spot on my Metoo's nose
  23. Kittens having diarrhea - anything I'm missing?
  24. Small appetite,yet healthy and thriving
  25. Appetite trouble - what tests should we be looking into?
  26. The Life and Times of Rum Tum Tugger
  27. Odd Drooling
  28. Hello, have a question about Peanut not pooping
  29. Azalia's Vet Visit Today
  30. Distemper Vacinations
  31. Luxating Patella?
  32. We've got hair pulling
  33. Cat with IBD/IBS
  34. all natural pet food
  35. Spotty has diabetes
  36. does anyone use weruva?
  37. When does it end!?
  38. Help with diarrhea?
  39. Are buttercups toxic to cats?
  40. Sores or scabs on face
  41. fancy marketing? you decide
  42. tiny kitten has a polyp
  43. Cat has a cold? Questions
  44. Help with weight loss
  45. 'Hypoallergenic Food' or Equivalent?
  46. Concussions in pets?
  47. Scabs periodically on chin
  48. help! Lump on chin??
  49. costco,s cat food recall
  50. eye questions
  51. Waiting is so hard...
  52. vomitting liquid and almost falling over?
  53. Big Mo is sick...
  54. Advice: possible IBD or food allergy...
  55. infected nipple or warble?
  56. Evanger's Canned Food?
  57. So how frequently do indoor adult cats really need to be vaccinated?
  58. Bart's Story
  59. FIV+ Cats
  60. Periodic vet check-ups?
  61. Another Recall
  62. She's biting her tail fur off
  63. Dry food
  64. My cat is drinking more water, should I be concerned?
  65. Sneezing at same time every night
  66. Antibiotics
  67. Feline Leukemia
  68. Safe flowers for cats
  69. Moving Away Health Questions
  70. Morris needs thoughts/prayers
  71. Treatment for dead skin on pawpads?
  72. Overweight cat in multi-cat home
  73. a scarey day for smokey
  74. Metoclopramide and hyperactivity
  75. someone puked all over the floor this morning
  76. emergency vet or wait til morning?
  77. Leaky nose
  78. Dandruffy
  79. Eating Only Once A Day
  80. What to feed terminally ill cat
  81. Eating behaviors. (Stubborn cat)
  82. No Prescription Required
  83. How can I manage a tricky Ringworm situation?
  84. Tired of Worrying
  85. Am I feeding my cats enough?
  86. Liquid stools
  87. older cat throwing up 3 times in one day
  88. My cats not doing well, need advice.
  89. recommend cat litter
  90. Site To Order Canned Wet Food That Ships To CANADA ??
  91. My Kitten needs a scope or xray
  92. Feeding one cat in the AM, one in the PM?
  93. Ibd
  94. Upper Respitory Infection
  95. Can't find thread:Cat needs to lose a couple of #s
  96. Sick or Allergies?
  97. Nutty cat!
  98. My cat ate a hair elastic!
  99. Discharge or discoloration under nose
  100. Adopting second cat/resident cat sick
  101. Is my litter box big enough? & hair shedding
  102. I think my cat has an allergy to litter
  103. Bumb on Squeek's shoulder
  104. How much canned to feed?
  105. Sophia will only eat chicken flavored canned food
  106. Wax again!
  107. New Wellness Products
  108. The Boycott on Wet Food
  109. My cat's floppy tummy
  110. Brushing a cats teeth, need advice!
  111. Moving cross country with three cats
  112. 11 mo kitty stopped eating
  113. And/or.... Safest pet wipes for anal/vulva area for kitties?
  114. Does anyone have experience with ACVS with kitty?..Please help
  115. Waiting on tumor histopathology...need some comfort!
  116. Pool Water
  117. Complications after P.U. Surgery - Advice and Kitty lovers support needed.
  118. Cat losing large amounts of hair?
  119. Stitche left after Fixing
  120. Back from the vet - worried
  121. Watery eye!!
  122. Vomiting with no other symptoms
  123. Found the Best Cat Appetite Stimulant!
  124. Still Peeing on Floor
  125. Private vet vs community spay and neuter clinic best for spaying?
  126. Fish?
  127. complimentary food
  128. Lily's kitchen
  129. Ziwipeaks
  130. Hereditary Diseases?
  131. Help for feral with UTI
  132. Clumsy and graceful
  133. getting frustrated (selectively picky)!
  134. My poor Simon!!!
  135. Major scare with Star this morning (April 14, 2012).
  136. Tail Flicking
  137. My Success with Treating Cat Constipation
  138. How Long is Meal Time?
  139. Is my cat in pain?
  140. Kobi's Dental Today
  141. Can I give my cats MRSA?
  142. Milky vomited
  143. Vomiting immediately after eating NV frozen raw
  144. Are cat treats bad?
  145. Senior Cat Vet Care
  146. Cage rest/broken pelvis =(
  147. how to solve flea problem?
  148. 4 week old kittens feeding?
  149. Kitten Miscarriage?
  150. blue buffalo freedom food
  151. Found young kittens, help!
  152. "Toxic Shock"
  153. Vomiting help
  154. Is this enough food per day
  155. Sedation for microchip?
  156. Am I starving them?
  157. Rotating?
  158. Retest for FIV/FELV and heartworm?
  159. Hyperthyroid
  160. Urgent Advice Needed!
  161. eating less the past few days...
  162. Can clavamox just stop working mid-treatment?
  163. One Sick Cat
  164. apartment temp
  165. Scared and worried
  166. Going to a new vet - vaccinations?
  167. Sinatra's Dander- Is it the time of year?
  168. Sick Egyptian Mau kitten
  169. my cat has weak hind legs and now one front leg,please help
  170. kitten will not eat dry food
  171. Tooth and gum disease prevention?
  172. How to know if they have hairballs, and best remedy?
  173. Just ate a moth, should I be concerned?
  174. Twisted Intestines
  175. Worried the V.E.T. may not be right about kidneys and diabetes
  176. Vaccinations
  177. Too much medicines = bad??
  178. Planning a diet change
  179. Ordering cat food
  180. My cat caught a salamander. Any danger?
  181. Red Rash around Moth
  182. 14 Week Old Kitten with UNRESOLVED Diarrhea...
  183. One eye darker in colour with dilated pupil.
  184. Getting Spayed Soon..
  185. Giving kitty a
  186. Another Canned Food Question - Sorry!
  187. Cat flu
  188. Early spay/neuter
  189. Tips on giving a cat lots of liquid medication?
  190. Getting Bald!
  191. Anyone tried Tropiclean fresh breath gel?
  192. Is moth ball ODOR bad for my cat?
  193. Results are in for urine culture
  194. my boy isnt eating enough
  195. Chin's putting weight back on slowly
  196. hairballs, ewwwww!
  197. A second abscess? Please help!
  198. Do you think this is healthy ?
  199. How much intense play.chasing before your cat gets winded?
  200. Seeking Advice&Insight--possible early CRF?
  201. Cerebellar Hypoplasia in cats
  202. tips to help old picky kitty
  203. high food cost
  204. Puncture Wound
  205. Watching those lbs!
  206. Urinary tract infection
  207. Is she normal?
  208. Changing cat foods
  209. Can I use this as cat shampoo?
  210. Is this flower toxic to cats?
  211. Greasy fur (w/pic)
  212. Horny cat
  213. Eating less, drinking more, runny stool
  214. looking for a mid quality food
  215. How long may a kitten coat last?
  216. Only Natural Pet - 'EasyDefense Flea & Tick Tag'
  217. Kitty vomits everyday!!!
  218. Puking out WORMS?
  219. If low phosphorus foods are good for CRF cats, shouldn't we feed it to healthy cats?
  220. Transitioning from free-feeding dry w/small wet meals 2x/day, to wet only?
  221. Is this normal?
  222. treating minor wounds on a cat?
  223. FIV+ Western Blot Test?
  224. urinary blockages in multiple cats
  225. My buddy BG has a bone infection
  226. Coughing cat?
  227. Bananas?
  228. Dull coat - seasonal?
  229. Weight loss, fur quality, ears scabbing symptom help
  230. Feeding right amount?
  231. Awww fudge one of my fosters died. :(
  232. stinky paws
  233. My cat is limping
  234. Large mass on neck
  235. Kitten with URI
  236. Hospice Care - How will we know when it's time to let her go?
  237. New Kitten and 1yr old Cat
  238. Toothless hyperthyroid cat doesnt want to eat- help!
  239. Canadian cat owner: which microchip should I go with? Avid or 24 Pet Watch?
  240. canned rabbit
  241. Maintaining Body Weight
  242. Swollen Cheek.. help!
  243. Swollen gums?
  244. Mystery mass in cat's abdomen.. unsure of next steps...
  245. Cat bath question
  246. best URI Treatment?
  247. trouble loosing weight
  248. Dark spot in cornea of eye
  249. Cat vomiting most of day after eating new food - advice please?
  250. Calluses??