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Health and Nutrition

  1. Casper has been diagnosed with high blood pressure (hypertension)
  2. newly diagnosed hyperthyroidism, 12 year old Gary
  3. Hair loss on ear
  4. Cat Scratch or some skin issue?
  5. unknown bowel issues
  6. Not sure about my current vet.
  7. Not quite diarrhea but not solid BMs with Rx food
  8. Help with feeding problem
  9. New Cat Mom...and she has worms
  10. Chalcanthite and cats
  11. Cleaning Cat Food Bowls
  12. My baby had surgery/I need to vent!
  13. new cat throwing up
  14. watery eyes/sneezing
  15. Long Term Steroid Use with Probable, but Unconfirmed, Lymphoma
  16. need help - new kitten not eating enough
  17. Hello from Alabama - food questions
  18. spaying and head size
  19. Looking to adopt a cat
  20. closed mouth
  21. Itchy ear
  22. does this weight loss diet look reasonable?
  23. sick cat
  24. Bandage on leg after dental work
  25. Did I rescue a giant cat?
  26. Fang Broke Off
  27. How/do you clean your kitty?
  28. Puking problems :/
  29. Recurrent Urinary Issues in Male Cat
  30. Cat litter
  31. weird horking noise
  32. Onsior (6mg) for more than 3 days?
  33. After a bad fight my cat wont come near me
  34. Bloody Urine
  35. Cat limping slightly
  36. Introducing myself, with sick cat
  37. New to this forum...questions about food
  38. Hello from Canada! cat diagnosed with bladder stone
  39. Kitten poop/eating problem
  40. Help Administering Liquid Baytril
  41. Rescued Little Kitty in Heat, Miserable - Please Help!
  42. Newbie here! Newly spayed cat, possible infection.
  43. Older Cat with Conjunctivitis... Help
  44. Grandma CallieCat CKD Advice please
  45. Eating Too Quickly
  46. Comparing Wet Foods, Which One and What to Look For?
  47. What's the best kidney health diet? (CKD)
  48. possible leg/back injury - emergency vet?
  49. Persian kitten always hungry
  50. Recall: 9 Lives, Special Kitty, EverPet
  51. So. Much. Poop.
  52. Puzzle feeders
  53. Torbutrol
  54. Cat Not Drinking Enough Water
  55. Quality Food Help
  56. Avian Flu found in cats
  57. Burmese Cat with ear issues
  58. Need Help with Sick Kittehs
  59. Food allergy?
  60. My First Kitten in 18 Years! (Help!)
  61. Justifying Kibble...
  62. Midnight and Spirit
  63. my boy Tuna, cancer
  64. Hi, new here and have a cat with hyperesthesia
  65. Cats eat only fried food
  66. scooting issues
  67. Help with sub q fluids for my boy Piggy
  68. the SDMA test for CKD
  69. question about shaving a cat in the winter
  70. Visitor kitties and health issues
  71. She may have eaten curling ribbon!
  72. question about urinary crystals
  73. Changing food question.
  74. Super shallow but heavy dishes?
  75. Cat out for 2 weeks, questions about mycoplasma
  76. weight loss
  77. vomiting, scooting, mowing, twitching
  78. Low platelets?
  79. With all the crazy warm weather we had...
  80. broken leg, no pee yet
  81. cat is supposed to be on urinary food
  82. Bald patch from flea/parasite treatment :-(
  83. Bathing a Kitten?
  84. Introduction of New Kitten Following FIP Death
  85. help with bloodwork
  86. Chronic conjunctivitis
  87. Diarrhea
  88. Cat has a swollen lip
  89. Vet refused to apply soft paws claw caps.
  90. Post surgery help
  91. Ongoing UTI issues
  92. Poorly Spirit
  93. New here and major cat diagnosis of hypokalemia (low potassium)
  94. FIV positive stray
  95. New Pet Food - Cornucopia
  96. Cross-Eyed Kitten
  97. Diet's off?
  98. Giardia Recovery Period
  99. older cat with health issues not using litterbox
  100. Kidney disease advice
  101. Is my cat in pain?
  102. Indoor cat limping and favoring one leg/paw
  103. Cat With Generic Frontline With Tics
  104. Cat Wheezing?
  105. Protease inhibitor treatment for FIP
  106. Average age of adulthood?
  107. subcutaneous fluid
  108. Does he have a blockage?
  109. Buying Medications
  110. Is there a U.R.I. 'season'?
  111. Question about tooth extraction
  112. Let's talk Poop!
  113. Possible Hyperthyroidism in young cat
  114. How much to feed?
  115. Cedar for a Scratching Post
  116. Cat peeing on sofa
  117. Food Advice for Chicken/Turkey/Possibly Beef Allergy
  118. How big is "big"?
  119. A strange question, pregnant or sick?
  120. Cat UTI issues.. Can someone give me advice?
  121. Possible Ringworm
  122. FeLV+
  123. diabetic cat
  124. Stress caused UTI
  125. Prozac Gel?
  126. Elderly Cat Issues
  127. Frustrated with mats
  128. Hello! Looking for food allergy assistance.
  129. Kitten Ringworm Temporary Relief?
  130. Senior cat with sensitve stomach, need help
  131. Gingivitis!?
  132. Teeth cleaning and questions
  133. birth complications
  134. HyperT, IBD, CKD
  135. Lumbosacral stenosis
  136. New to forum cat coughing issue.
  137. Food change causing constpation?
  138. Diarrhea with blood caused by new food?
  139. Cat grass is Bad
  140. your cat's favorite pate food
  141. Odd behavior - kitten, not hungry
  142. Please help, 15yr old cat peeing blood and has clots.
  143. Apples?
  144. First time cat owner of cat that has dental problem
  145. Should I force 8 week sick kittens to drink?
  146. Senior cat not eating, was vomiting & other issues. Advice.
  147. Arthritis
  148. Seizure questions
  149. Muscle twitch
  150. when to worry about weight loss in a senior kitty?
  151. My cats are addicts
  152. Introduction, inappropriate peeing
  153. Hello, cat with gingivitis
  154. Repainted furniture
  155. Is my Felix a FeFe?
  156. New Member, seeking advice - bald spots, behavior issues
  157. storing open cans of food
  158. Hemp CBD oil seems to be helping : )
  159. What would cause a cat to lose its voice?
  160. Converting to canned wet food - how?!
  161. Seizures in new kitten
  162. Keeping cat confined due to bad leg
  163. Cat scratching herself a lot
  164. browned lips and chin :(
  165. How much subQ to give? Vet was clueless.
  166. Pet Armor Plus - And Resulting Health Problems
  167. So... I'm Frustrated with co-worker with pregnant cat
  168. cat passed away, advice appreciated
  169. Gopher poison?
  170. Need some out of the box thinking/help
  171. How much did you guys pay to deworm your cat
  172. Hepatic Lipidosis Diagnosis for my kitty-HELP?
  173. Limping hind leg
  174. Throwing up dry food..Now wet food too...
  175. Resource for: How much to feed your cat?
  176. Do you bathe your cat?
  177. Diabetic Cat
  178. Over grooming, Hairballs and slightly off his food
  179. Changing Foods
  180. problem cat fleas/lice/flakey skin
  181. Behavior or intestine problem?
  182. Not eating as much... grooming more
  183. sleepy, sick kitty
  184. Question about kitten/cat getting sick
  185. Cat has one watery eye at times
  186. Is it okay to leave cats alone for 3 days?
  187. Friend's cat had cat flu and itchy eye
  188. Water fountain suggestions
  189. O.K. something I've heard...
  190. Cat with Diarrhea and Mucus
  191. Roach bombing and cats
  192. Bad news at the vet :(
  193. Purrfect Grooming Arch eye damage?
  194. My baby is sick - mass in abdomen
  195. Trying to Find Out What Happened
  196. Mal¯ - absence/petit mal seizures + phenobarbital
  197. Feline leukemia
  198. Are My Kittens Eating Enough? good wet food?
  199. Confused on dosage
  200. Cat Acne
  201. Looking for new food for my cats
  202. Share! What time did you get a cat tree for your kitten?
  203. Kibble Monsters...
  204. Good dry food in small bags
  205. Cat is throwing up food?
  206. Hi, new here! dental question
  207. Hello, I'm in need of help with my new kitten with diarrhea.
  208. Vet is stumped: cat pees in his sleep, twitches severely before pooping - any ideas?
  209. Kidney Failure Please Help!
  210. odd behavior - should I be worried?
  211. cat injured need urgent help with feeding
  212. Absorption of supplements
  213. Suggestions for 12 week-old kitten health check
  214. Symptoms Point to Nasal Tumor :(
  215. Adopted a new breathing, panting issues
  216. New with Sick Kitty
  217. New Kitten with eye and litter box issues
  218. Is it possible we don't have fleas?
  219. Male or Female?
  220. Eye problem?
  221. Hi, came here because my vet is stumped
  222. my kitten may have FIP :(
  223. Scabs
  224. My Cats won't Eat Pate
  225. Fromm Cat Food?
  226. Feeding medication help
  227. cystitis
  228. Hairballs after brushing
  229. Loose stools
  230. can cat food cause bladder stones/blockage?
  231. Bald patch
  232. L Lysine recommendation
  233. horned cat paw
  234. Lump on bridge of kittens nose...
  235. how often flea treatment
  236. Ferel Cat-Caught in tree
  237. Cats in the dog days
  238. How due cats regulate body temperature?
  239. My Cat Has Pneumonia - Anyone Have Experience?
  240. Help! Auto Feeder Recommendation!
  241. Is something wrong with my cat's eye
  242. Recurrent Rectal Prolapse in Kitten
  243. Feral Kitten Care?
  244. Battling diarrhea again with foster kittens
  245. Hepatic Lipidosis Recovery Help?
  246. Bump under mouth
  247. Nodule on Cat's Chin?
  248. Uncertain Diagnosis
  249. Flowers!
  250. large VAS fibrosarcoma and the decision not to operate