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Health and Nutrition

  1. Worms? Where do they come from?
  2. FIP - How is it usually diagnosed?
  3. Pancreatitis :(
  4. We just switched to Wellness!
  5. Vet says allergy... Ear problem
  6. new member from UK seeking advice
  7. Peanut got a shot today and took it like a champ
  8. Crackling in purr?
  9. What brand of Dry/Wet food do u feed your cat?
  10. Whats wrong with her and can you recommend good pet insurance?
  11. What type of water do you give your kitties?
  12. Maggie's Radioactive Iodine Treatment
  13. From Friskys to EVO
  14. Hubby may be developing allergy to cats
  15. tips on getting a cat to eat more food
  16. Under the Weather Kitty
  17. Dog and Cat owners...Flea/Tick Control?
  18. Cancer? Mystery illness afflicting my cat..
  19. Cat Has Oddly Colored Eyes (Indy)
  20. losing some claw.
  21. want to change food...from Royal Canin SO
  22. round worms in cats
  23. looking for a link
  24. Giardia ???
  25. Anisocoria
  26. Help/advice with heart disease & hyperthyroidism?
  27. Amount to eat?
  28. Depressed kitty help
  29. Washing my cat question.
  30. Aspiration
  31. Advice needed for poorly cat
  32. Vaccination's
  33. Cats and depth perception
  34. Kibble to Wet Transition: Cat LOVES Fish
  35. TOXIC? Cat chewing Impatiens...
  36. My cats eats plants/grass
  37. Don't know what to do next
  38. Cat eats way to much
  39. Kitty won't keep wet down...
  40. Robin's own toothbrush!
  41. Weightloss time for Miu
  42. New diets and feeding times.. Woe are they!
  43. siamese and sneezing
  44. Urinary Blockage with Female Cats
  45. Lickorish eating blanket. Should I be worried?
  46. Weird Colored Stool? :S
  47. Biomox
  48. Lucy had a dental appt today.
  49. Stella's breathing, her story. (long)
  50. Egg yolk, is it ok ?
  51. Difference between Dog and Cat food?
  52. Dry food and cat with FLUTD, please help
  53. Small or stunted?
  54. Sharing diseases?
  55. Stella and Chewy's Freeze Dried
  56. worming medicine
  57. Is he overweight?
  58. Ziggy
  59. Lily the sick kitty update:
  60. EVO 95% Canned - Okay for kittens
  61. Constipation in 2 week old kitten?
  62. Tropiclean fresh breath, yay or nay?
  63. Maine Coon/Large cat owners... what food?
  64. Canned Food Confusion
  65. Variety of food choices?
  66. Cat lost weight and can't find a problem.
  67. Blood in 13 Year Old Cat's Vomit
  68. Cat vomits
  69. Sore paw, could it be a sprain?
  70. sick, sick kitty :(
  71. Vaccine induced disease?
  72. Getting worried about Timmy's eye now
  73. Fostering an FIV and FELV+ Cat - Dilemma
  74. Baby teeth
  75. Flossing
  76. Will not eat or drink
  77. Foamy Pee
  78. Kroger's Pet Pride Cat 'Dinners' ?
  79. Hydrocephalus
  80. So far so good!
  81. How to find a good vet??
  82. What's the risk of giving an adult cat kitten food?
  83. how much?
  84. Autofeeders that work for adventurous cats
  85. How to Groom A Long Haired Fuzz
  86. does my kitten need blood tests before he is neutered?
  87. Can a cat "go grey"?
  88. can cats tell when another cat is sick?
  89. My brave Winry... more surgery :-(
  90. Worried about my cat's tail: Please help
  91. Cat Peeing on Bath Mat (Advice?)
  92. Scabs all over his body.
  93. Corneal Ulcer Question
  94. Thank you thank you thank you!
  95. Cat will only eat dry food
  96. New here and just lost our kitten to FIP
  97. Dandruff???
  98. Need advice for kitten with diarrhea
  99. Wellness Indoor Health vs Blue Freedom
  100. No BM's from cat :(
  101. starting the battle with FeLV
  102. Questions About Feeding my New Cat
  103. Best food for very overweight cat??
  104. I'm Insane.
  105. Are cats omnivores?
  106. Ear/skin problems?
  107. Another question about taking in a stray.... Possible feline diseases?
  108. Help! Spay Surgery Gone Wrong
  109. Butt-scoot
  110. Front Paw Pad Has Growth
  111. Introing three cats. One with no medical history.
  112. Poor old man cat - multiple health issues
  113. Back again, 2 years has Pancreatitis again!
  114. Advantage multi for cats from Bayer
  115. New kitty, food issue
  116. Best kitty toothpaste?
  117. Panleukopenia- anyone with experience?
  118. What are the good food to fatten up a cat?
  119. groupon!
  120. Anorexia, possibly stress induced?
  121. Looking to buy quality canned food @ less than $1.40/can shipped. Possible?
  122. Brand New Kittens! Help??
  123. Anyone has experience with Leba III dental spray?
  124. Cat-healthy cheese?
  125. Friend took in sick feral cats - can my cat catch anything?
  126. Breathing question I guess...
  127. fleas on young kittens
  128. Cat Joint Supplements
  129. Food quantity
  130. iodine
  131. hyperthyroid
  132. Possible Early Renail Failure?
  133. Do Broken Whiskers grow back?
  134. How long do eyes stay dilated after anesthesia??
  135. My young cat getting fat already... questions?
  136. urinary tract problem
  137. Sweetie's wounds
  138. Odd sores, Help.
  139. Starting to worry about the spot on flea meds being toxic...
  140. Moldy catnip (yuck!)
  141. Pine-Sol odor as a deterrent? Dangerous?
  142. Lotus Cat Food
  143. Kitty, our kittycat
  144. When to bring them to the vet?
  145. Cat's feet still swelling
  146. Wax on,wax off
  147. Exocrine pancreatic imbalance
  148. Changing foods... suggestions please
  149. Innova Dry
  150. Best dry food for putting on weight
  151. Bloodwork baseline...
  152. Vomiting 2 days after spay - normal?
  153. Healing thoughts for Thurston
  154. Immortal ear mites.
  155. Sickly Mow
  156. phosphorus and old age
  157. How Important Are Vacinations?
  158. Best microchip: Home Again vs. RESQ
  159. Best dry food for when we go away?
  160. After-spaying care
  161. occasional coughing
  162. Food change, gradual switch question
  163. Kitten in heat or not?
  164. Waiting for the vet to call...
  165. Canned food... rediculously over priced?
  166. Food for fatty liver
  167. Kitten Feeding Schedule?
  168. fungus
  169. Kitty diet and loose stool question
  170. A million food questions
  171. Help
  172. Canine Caviar cat food
  173. Calcium and Magnesium deficiency
  174. Probably getting Tucker "done" next week.
  175. Switching Canned Foods? Help!
  176. Advice on spaying
  177. How many times does a cat pee a day?
  178. Patches the stray..
  179. Any advice for Neutering Kitties?
  180. Sneezing Due to Flea Treatment?
  181. Chicken allergy?
  182. Blood glucose testing question
  183. Calling?
  184. Finicky cat. Need help
  185. homeopathic meds for arthritis?
  186. Thoughts on Spay/Neuter?
  187. How would you rate Natures Veriety Instinct Dry Cat Food?
  188. Love this site! Could use some help with new kitty too.
  189. Brushing teeth??
  190. Distilled Water for a UTI Cat?
  191. Arthritis on declawed cats
  192. Bad batch of Nature's Instinct Canned? Puke, and smell
  193. Help me!
  194. Converting to canned??
  195. Wound help please
  196. Grass and hairballs
  197. Termaril
  198. Good Food? (Diet food?)
  199. Looking for a great vet: Hampton Roads, VA
  200. Giardias, round 3
  201. What should I look for? (neutering)
  202. Probiotic shopping advice
  203. Soft stools, possibly diarrhea
  204. Feeding canned: variety vs same same?
  205. How do I know if it's time for a hairball remedy?
  206. Neutered!
  207. Root Canal
  208. Miss M the Food Addict
  209. Too heavy? (plus neutering)
  210. Parsley?
  211. Dehydrator or oven for making jerky?
  212. spaying scar
  213. My kittens are pigs!
  214. chicken jerky as treat/chewy
  215. Someone peed
  216. How long should this diarrhea take to clear up?
  217. My vet is out to lunch! LOL!
  218. Spaying
  219. Dental kibble vent
  220. Took the boys in for their boosters/to meet their new vet this morning...
  221. Please, help! How to get a hair from my kitty's eye???
  222. semi-regularly having loose stools
  223. Feline cholangiohepatitis
  224. Lightly Scalded Chicken Wings--How, and Do They Work?
  225. Health Concerns (FeLV) - Adding stray cat to family
  227. Water drinking problems!
  228. Coconut oil and cats
  229. Fish facts?
  230. 1 kittie seems chubby to me
  231. Kitty Had Amputation
  232. Poo everywhere
  233. Happiness Drool?
  234. Cat won't eat wet food
  235. My Sammy and his teeth
  236. Overweight blu?
  237. What does "rich" cat food mean?
  238. Stupid kyra!!!! Emergency!
  239. Looking for alternative wet/dry
  240. Keeping a lazy/docile cat entertained?
  241. Opinions please!!
  242. Diarrhea with dry Calif. Nat, but not wet- why?
  243. sick kitten?
  244. Anal Gland Expression
  245. Kind of a gross question about cats and pregnancy
  246. Diarrhea Switching to Wet
  247. How long to wait...
  248. Chins in bad shape
  249. Diet transition - kibble to canned...for now
  250. Returned Kitty! What/How should I feed him?