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Health and Nutrition

  1. Dispicable Iams cat food advert
  2. Maggie is Hyperthyroid and the Vet is a Moron-updated 1/19
  3. My cats sneeze a lot. How can I help?
  4. Rabies vaccine - trouble walking?
  5. New kitten Sick !
  6. Allegro has crystals/blood in his urine; vet prescribed Hill's C/D for life?
  7. Testosterone Imbalance?
  8. Syracuse, NY area Vet
  9. Is giving catnip to an older cat dangerous?
  10. Lowest Temperature to Allow Cat to Sleep Outside?
  11. Clostridium Perfringens Enterotoxin?
  12. Cat Sick
  13. SD prescription CD vs Wellness Chicken with triple cranberry
  14. Cat grass / plant eating
  15. Diarrhea
  16. Giving sub-q fluids at home
  17. 4th Vet Visit in a month!
  18. Trouble jumping
  19. Dangerous ingredients?
  20. Apollo's throwing up again..
  21. Just switched to wet food, thank you catforum!
  22. Kitty off her food
  23. Looking for cat chew treat
  24. Someone is puking....
  25. Just have to share with people who understand.
  26. Sneezing and loss of appetite
  27. urine sample- how do i get one?
  28. Want a tax deduction?
  29. cat seizurs?
  30. Vomiting
  31. Feeding 8 mo old, wet/dry, quantity
  32. Kitty is always just a little sickly, sometimes has episodes
  33. What do you feed?
  34. Feline Nutrition
  35. gypsy weigh in..
  36. Kitten will only eat treats.
  37. Jitzu's sick. Still.
  38. My Cat is Pregnant!
  39. Kitten throwing up, liquid, still eating etc...
  40. STILL Overgrooming
  41. Update on Apollo & a dumb question about eating toys.
  42. Can cats have Multiple Sclerosis?
  43. Nutrience Organic canned food -- Is it good?
  44. Upper Respitory Infection, is it the end (of the illness) yet?
  45. Need advice on food schedules... Four cats!
  46. Diet of mostly Tuna Okay?
  47. cat v. kitten food for 8 month old?
  48. Toby doesn't shed (yet)?
  49. Air Purifiers to help cats w/ allergies
  50. Malto is feeling unwell. What to do?
  51. Favoring front right paw
  52. huge thirst drive
  53. Problem with Eyes Please give Advice
  54. Can a cat have too many vaccinations?
  55. food while away
  56. Kitty treats
  57. Skin problem
  58. Food Transitioning
  59. Urinary Issues Advice (FIC)
  60. Sensitive Digestive Track?
  61. Ringworm. :(
  62. Will eating cheese hurt my cat?
  63. Feline Asthma
  64. Anybody have experience with cat food allergies?
  65. Need Some Advice...
  66. Update on the abandoned little ones
  67. Natural Balance Ltd Ingredient Dry: Formula Change?
  68. How am I doing with my first cat ever!?
  69. Helping IBD
  70. encouraging elderly cat to eat
  71. New Kitten, Bloody Stools
  72. Cannot get rid of her congestion for over 3 months!
  73. Chin Acne: What I've learned
  74. Food recommendations - newly diagnosed early stages of renal failure
  75. Persian cat isn't eating?
  76. lighter colored diarrhea?
  77. Giving pills made easy!
  78. Constant hunger, vomiting
  79. Instant diarrhea from change of food?
  80. Tinkle Tonic?
  81. Vomiting (every few days)
  82. How long for Advantage to pass thru skin?
  83. less than picky eaters...
  84. Cat scratches - What to do to avoid them?
  85. Some kind of weird eye problem
  86. Poop! Real poop!! Woohoo for poop!!!
  87. pet insurance for cats?
  88. Itching After Cat Rescue
  89. Calorie reduction schedule?
  90. Questions About Food
  91. Rocket - the nauseous kit...
  92. My margarine loving cat
  93. 5 month old getting adult teeth... babies not falling out!
  94. Cat too distracted to eat?
  95. UTI won't go away
  96. Solution for horrible ear mites?
  97. CRF cat w/stable numbers not eating
  98. Concerned and in need of advice please
  99. Bowel Issues
  100. My Metoo ate a cashew, should I be worried?
  101. Dental for cats?
  102. Age, weight, and feeding for 7 months old cats
  103. neutered today, need advice now.
  104. Authority reaction
  105. 4 abandoned newborns, helping to foster *pics
  106. My little mans' test results came back today.
  107. Timmy's meow has changed!
  108. Can too many treats = digestive problems?
  109. Cutting back on food?
  110. Rodent Virus
  111. Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul Changed their shape!
  112. Zeus getting fixed
  113. Encountering another problem...
  114. Swollen Eye
  115. Cat has High Liver Enzymes
  116. Can Greenies cause loose stool?
  117. Is it ok (part 2)
  118. gentamicin sulfate not working?
  119. Possible to drink too much water?
  120. New here, have to post here but would like some help :( Possible bladder infection :(
  121. Finally found a wet food!
  122. Metronidazole for diarrhea?
  123. Sick kitty...
  124. *Bangs Head on Wall*
  125. Clueless... blood in stool? Any solutions?
  126. My cat's hearing becoming weird?
  127. Meds in liquid formm vs. pill form
  128. Diarrhre with no other symptoms
  129. Fish Free Dry Food
  130. help?
  131. Excessive meow'ing, not eating, still active
  132. Help with Sick Cat
  133. Broken Teeth
  134. Vet wants to do a PCR test.. Question!
  135. Teething and dry food.
  136. Do any of you boil your cats water?
  137. Do cats see in color? I think Atlas might be colorblind.
  138. Uncertain - Possible Constipation?
  139. The countdown begins
  140. Wet food left on counter
  141. Need quick advice now
  142. Transitioning wet foods
  143. Refidgerating dry cat food.
  144. "canned" kibble?
  145. Sick because of catnip
  146. Taurine
  147. I jinxed myself again
  148. Canned food & keeping cats teeth healthy
  149. Rat/Mouse poison and cats? Sonic Repellers?
  150. Waffles gets neutered tomorrow! And Kodak got a clean bill of health today!
  151. No Poop!
  152. good "pate" food brands
  153. Anyone have a diabetic cat?
  154. Rapid/irregular breathing?
  155. Spoiled Cat will not eat limited diet food
  156. IAMS pet food recall
  157. Runny eyes
  158. Tartar on cat's teeth
  159. my cats breath has started being smelly
  160. Kitten licking, chewing incision
  161. Innova
  162. Anything that helps against indigestion?
  163. FULL first check-up?
  164. Kitten on "cat" food?
  165. Sneezing going around...
  166. Urine testing
  167. HELP... Worried sick.
  168. Food question.
  169. Stained fur from tears.
  170. Questions about Kodak
  171. Chronic vomiting
  172. Katrina injured
  173. Beyond frustrating!
  174. Nipple irritation, help!
  175. Question about ringworm healing stages
  176. booster shots question
  177. Something stuck down the throat - help!
  178. Fun with Cap'n Jack and the nail clipper
  179. Bald spot?
  180. update on Tiger's skin condition
  181. Neutered Cat & Crystals.
  182. Blue Wilderness
  183. Any other low-cal treats aside from PureBites?
  184. Possible UTI, how urgent?
  185. Getting my cat to eat...
  186. Confused about wet food...
  187. Vomit smells like poo!
  188. trying to wean Ridley off the junk food!!
  189. How much to feed a kitten - I am new!
  190. website on FIV
  191. Hi! I'm new!
  192. Diarrhea. Again.
  193. Cat urination - what's the norm?
  194. iams proactive
  195. Giardia, again. Bathing Gatito is impossible.
  196. Questions about feeding.
  197. Last day of antibiotics for Apollo
  198. Tired cat mommy
  199. Lumps and panic. Help, please!
  200. Deworming for travel
  201. Do Your Cats Ever Eat Something that Isn't Good For them?
  202. Food with similar texture to Weruva?
  203. A little Fur missing...
  204. Nito needs to put on weight
  205. Bath for Bentley - Let the battle begin
  206. Vomit problems again
  207. It seems Fred can't tolerate wet food.
  208. Diagnosing Cancer
  209. A serious case of the runs
  210. Max is home!
  211. What is normal for a cat's weight?
  212. Flea Phobia!
  213. My baby boy is home!
  214. No more kibble!
  215. Hydrolyzed Diet
  216. Max throwing up non stop
  217. STRANGLED kitten!
  218. Financial assistance for vet care
  219. Some questions about Early Kidney Failure and food.
  220. Could a sore tooth be causing inappropriate elimination?
  221. My poor kitty :o/
  222. relaively large, firm belly
  223. Apollo woke me up howling - constipation?
  224. How loose or firm should poop be?
  225. Why do people continue feeding corn?
  226. Is this constipation and how should I react?
  227. Cranky or trip to the vet?
  228. Cat has had loose/watery stool outside the box twice?
  229. How get my new kitten to eat regular cat food?
  230. Circles on ears,not sure what it is
  231. Two Kittens one not gaining weight
  232. Pebbles got spayed yesterday
  233. We're in store for an Emergency vet visit...
  234. Dehydration question
  235. My Magneto. My poor, sick, Magneto
  236. Cat Doesn't Drink Water After Switching to Wet Food
  237. How long does immunity for a 1 year rabies vaccine really last?
  238. Stool sample watch
  239. Update on Apollo, I am a total mess right now.
  240. Kodak: presenting same symptoms 48 hours after fluids.
  241. Vomiting cat- anything else to do?
  242. How to get firmer stool with a kitten?
  243. So, Apollo hasn't really eaten in 3-4 days.
  244. Inflamed Pancreas
  245. Hair loss / thinning ...
  246. Fleas- Advantage? How many treatments?
  247. Loss of appetite, possible digestion problem
  248. Coronavirus and Kittens
  249. New Kitten vomiting and diarrhea
  250. Constipated Senior Cat