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Health and Nutrition

  1. Wet food dilema
  2. new kitty - questions!
  3. price increases
  4. Dental care
  5. Not using the litter box...
  6. Emergency: Kitten w/ Diarrhea
  7. feeding problem
  8. Flea Bite Irritation Remedy???
  9. brands with duck or rabbit
  10. buy 4 get 1 free coupon for can of nature's variety cat food
  11. Cats never drink water
  12. Low carb wet food for diabetic cat?
  13. Recurring Gingivitis
  14. Why won't my cat eat wet food?
  15. Feline Leukemia and AIDS?
  16. Where to spay/neuter in SF Bay Area?
  17. World's Best Cat Litter
  18. Older cat with a boney back
  19. Can cats have the salty water from a tin of tuna?
  20. Non-clumping cat litter for wheezing kitten?
  21. Ringworm :(
  22. Kitten with lump
  23. Orphan kittens Tucker and Sasha are sick. Advice?
  24. Food to feed Kittens
  25. blind cat
  26. Are these good brands of food? (Avoderm, By Nature, Simply Nourish)
  27. Worlds best cat litter...
  28. Introducing former feral kittens to other animals?
  29. fancy feast appetizers chicken flavor
  30. Flea Prevention Alternatives
  31. Looking for advice on food and cat illness
  32. feeding question
  33. Flea drops, when to use again?
  34. cat milk
  35. Not again...
  36. Neat Pictures
  37. Cat/Kitten food?
  38. Tiger's rundown of skin condition and dermatologist visit
  39. And now Alice had to go to the vet
  40. My cat wont eat
  41. Kitty litter recommendations?
  42. Poor Samantha...
  43. Bad Breath
  44. Miu has some eye problem
  45. Kodak is straining to urinate... AGAIN
  46. yearly booster shots, etc
  47. Transition to big boy food?
  48. heartworm medication for cats
  49. Malto just got neutered. What do I do?
  50. Clemastine 1.34 for cats
  51. Snorting
  52. my cat urinates on my stuff!
  53. Bad Taste in his Mouth?
  54. Do kittens shed?
  55. Cricket has a URI
  56. New and battling fleas!
  57. Fleas and fur stains
  58. Kitten food?
  59. Claw damage
  60. Price of PureBites freeze dried chicken treats
  61. Sneezing Kitten
  62. Nito's "sebaceous" problem
  63. Food change and horribly smelly litter box
  64. Need recomnedations for healthy food
  65. Old cat with labored breathing...?
  66. Cord chewing. Relief for mouth pain?
  67. Renal Failure and Food.
  68. Mysterious Bump
  69. Tapeworm
  70. Kitten w/ upper resp?
  71. Flea medicine for 2lb kitten
  72. Outdoor vs Indoor cats
  73. Fattening my kitten up
  74. Pregnant stray kitten!?
  75. Long Term Prednisolone (steroid) Use and Feline Herpes Virus
  76. Anyone with FIP Experience in Adult Cats or Older Kitten?
  77. Yoshi's on 100% canned food now...
  78. Cremation Costs...What a Rackett!
  79. Kitty has diarrhea :(
  80. What brand bug spray do you use?
  81. Thanks for your help
  82. She did it!
  83. Chronic stuffy nose
  84. Sick cats - now what?
  85. Raspy voice after a dental?
  87. Petco now carries Nature's Variety
  88. Kitten-specific food vs. Regular food
  89. Can I stop flea prevention during winter?
  90. Skinny Maine Coon
  91. Kitty is vomiting :(
  92. Fred neutered tomorrow
  93. stray cat - swollen abdomen, HELP
  94. Biddi coughing Murphy lethargic
  95. Help please - Morse burned his paws
  96. Update on Toby
  97. Online website that offers a 'variety pack'
  98. Kitten bulking up
  99. WINRY: More surgery. Hopefully her last?
  100. Very skinny cat...
  101. Kitten not drinking any water
  102. Food Allergy?
  103. Eye stuff
  104. Seasonal Allergies / sickness
  105. Food for all life stages
  106. Coughing = asthma?
  107. Solid Gold Berry Balance Supplement for Dogs and Cats
  108. Doesn't want to wean
  109. Nutram Food
  110. Dudley and Dexter have worms, HELP! Kind of long, sorry!
  111. Food for a sensitive stomach
  112. How common is it for A kitten/cat to change eating habits/pickyness?
  113. Cat w/shaky stomach.... Need Help
  114. Found a kitten outside?
  115. Mikey - Yet Another Problem
  116. Authority and Soulistic Canned food
  117. Poor Nutmeg!!
  118. What to expect with renal failure?
  119. Yesterday at Walmart...
  120. Looking for quick answers: How to treat diarrhea?
  121. Kitten has diarrhea after Clavamox
  122. Diet change after cancer diagnosis?
  123. Leftover canned, cold or warmed up?
  124. Ear Mites?
  125. New stray kitten - poop and feeding question
  126. cat sometimes has poop sticking out of his butt
  127. Please tell me this isn't round 3
  128. Skin splits open
  129. Just got some disturbing news
  130. Safest deworm med
  131. Leftovers safety?
  132. Calculations for treats?
  133. What would happen if my cat licked and swallowed cat litter?
  134. Evo or EVO 95%
  135. Kodak, eating issues, crystals, and fluids
  136. Kitty won't eat higher quality treats...
  137. throwing up...need advice
  138. Food help please!
  139. Oh my god. Nail trimming gone wrong.
  140. FIV Positive Cat Now Limping
  141. Tobys vet visit
  142. Traveling with a crf cat
  143. Mikey is Still NOT Doing Well
  144. Diatomaceous earth
  145. Kitty with High Grade Intestinal Lymphoma. Constipation???
  146. Kodak is partially blocked, or he has a UTI
  147. Need immediate advice please
  148. Anyone know where the $10 Eukanuba coupons were found?
  149. Heading to the vet AGAIN...
  150. How to tell if its a boy or girl?
  151. Bring me some beano!
  152. Sneezing
  153. After 4 months. Essies broken leg is healed
  154. ham
  155. cat has a bit of cold
  156. We have a poop!
  157. Rabbit food avilability
  158. Need help.....chronic skin inflammation
  159. Need help making dried out meat treats.
  160. Blood Transfusion
  161. Set meals, or food availible at all times?
  162. Lymphoma and FIV, what's a proper diet?
  163. Upper Respritory Infection
  164. It's me again...
  165. Quite worried. :(
  166. Kitten Is Vomiting After Eating
  167. Long night at the emergency vet
  168. Need advice from anyone exp. w/multiple strokes
  169. STEVIA to prevent gum disease?
  170. Don't understand why dry food is bad?
  171. Itching AND losing fur now... :(
  172. Samson, the kitten w/panleuk & calicivirus- UPDATE
  173. stool problems
  174. Blue Buffalo?
  175. Vital by "Fresh Pet".
  176. Cats and grease?
  177. Help, what's in Prince's eye?!!
  178. eukanuba
  179. Black gums - pigmentation or disease?
  180. Giardia - Round 2
  181. Whiskas
  182. Cat acting strange after getting hit
  183. again? or maybe still??
  184. A couple of questions on vaccinations & claws...
  185. Waffles just threw up a live roundworm
  186. Cat bitten on head :(
  187. Munchkin kitten with cranial deformity
  188. Weight...
  189. My kitty is losing her fur!
  190. I think Voldie is eating too much...
  191. Scabs on ear
  192. Cat who likes veggies???
  193. Poor Enzo :-(
  194. flea allergy
  195. We've Got A Stinker!
  196. No hair in certain spots
  197. Fleas with kittens
  198. Kitten refusing wet food?
  199. If two cats with tartar/plaque issues weren't enough...
  200. Mild panic over possible renal insufficiency
  201. What is up with Cinder's Hair/skin ( I have Pics)
  202. New mama on her way to the emergency vet clinic. Scared to death
  203. Can tartar/plaque build up be scraped off...
  204. My cat has two round black spots in his tongue?
  205. Wellness Core or Innova EVO?
  206. Boof got out overnight
  207. Scientists Make Cats Immune to FIV
  208. Nox's gums are bleeding, help!
  209. Feeding mostly canned with a little dry on the side?
  210. Two kittens, two food bowls?? Advice please!
  211. Do Any Of You Feed Your Cat Wellness CORE?
  212. Need help with cat's health.
  213. Should cats drink mineral water?
  214. Stray cats with skin/hair disorder?
  215. (need help) Wellness can lot number
  216. Five days after spay, is this normal?
  217. Feeding two different kitten ages?
  218. New treats - My Mighty Lion
  219. Deleted
  220. Need to gain weight....
  221. Best urine acidifer? Alternatives to Methigel?
  222. Waffles got a clean bill of health!
  223. Feeding containers shape?
  224. Diarrhea, now???
  225. Parv-O-Way + urine = onions?
  226. Proper taurine content in canned food?
  227. Pyothorax - Deadly & Nasty
  228. Cat with glue all over its head, what to do!? :(
  229. High quality cat food that is good for teeth (aside from raw)?
  230. Cat grooming products
  231. Our cat Shogun could have Intestinal Lymphoma
  232. Any help picking a wet food for my 11 year old picky eater...
  233. So many food problems!
  234. Cat worming question
  235. Puking
  236. Urinary Blockage: Hills c/d vs Wellness?
  237. L-Lysine
  238. Third vaccinr different brand than 1st 2?
  239. FVRCP - Live Modified?
  240. Is ketamine a no-no?
  241. Help! Cats eating everything in sight...
  242. Blood tests - is it common to give anaesthesia?
  243. Does anyone have experience with kitty wheelchairs?
  244. Felidae bs Felidae grain free
  245. Possible ear infection
  246. Ariel's first vet visit tomorrow!
  247. Female kitten peed herself
  248. Tapeworm (I think...)
  249. Grapes and other food as a treat?
  250. Samson is home