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Health and Nutrition

  1. Question about Abscess care
  2. Do all cats spread stool sometimes?
  3. Fleas :-/
  4. Do you have to keep changing food?
  5. Murphy has a teary eye
  6. Wheezing cat, possible misdiagnosis, and I am panicking
  7. Bad luck strikes again
  8. Food high in omega 3 and 6?
  9. Feline Chronic Inflammatory Disease (Lymphoplasmacytic rhinitis)
  10. Advantage Multi
  11. what are good and cheap kitten food
  12. How to Get Isis to Gain Some Weight
  13. A Kitty with Cancer :(
  14. My adult cat keeps eating her kittens food?
  15. Vet says too much $/put him down!
  16. Enzo is off to the vet tomorrow :-(
  17. Cat won't eat; first visit to vet was not helpful
  18. Cat not eating... when should I panic?
  19. Sasha is Getting Fixed!
  20. Appropriate age to start taking kitty outside?
  21. How soon should they 'go'?
  22. Do you vaccinate your indoor cats?
  23. Ridiculous hunger
  24. Happy Vaccination Day!
  25. Loss of appetite
  26. First Annual Exam
  27. Wet food containing berries, carrots, rice, potatos?
  28. Waffles, an abscess, some ringworm, and other concerns
  29. Switching to Dry-Free Diet
  30. Really Scary Moment Today
  31. Cat had teeth cleaned today. Advice please?
  32. terrible gas!
  33. Cats and Eggs..
  34. How do you know when it's time?
  35. 5 month old kitten w/severe panleukopenia- help!
  36. Can someone tell me if this canned food is good? (Performatrin Ultra Turkey Stew)
  37. My IBD Kitty Won't Eat
  38. Genaflora for kittens?
  39. How much wet food per kitten, per day?
  40. Poor Cinder-fella got chased up a tree
  41. Transitioning from the bottle to wet food
  42. We're at the emergency vet with waffles, formerly known as pipsqueak.
  43. Are your cats on preventatives?
  44. Advice for 4-week old kitten needed
  45. Multi Vitamins?
  46. First vet visit checkup
  47. Cat has developed voracious appetite
  48. 2 Vets, 2 different recommendations
  49. Muffin's hurt
  50. Smelly cat, Smelly cat, what are they feeding you
  51. Questions regarding Wellness Core/Weight Management
  52. Automatic Feeder with Cooling Unit
  53. Toby puss update.
  54. Which Wet Kitten Food
  55. Earmite treatment...?
  56. How satisfied are you with your vet?
  57. Anyone have any money-saving tips?
  58. weight controlled dry vs regular?
  59. After the fact guilt
  60. Is a little tuna every day safe?
  61. Random diarrhea
  62. Best Dry Food For An Outside Cat
  63. How much food per day?
  64. Wet vs. Dry
  65. Switching from Science Diet to Blue Wilderness
  66. Concerned: Cat tries twice to climb on cupboard
  67. Pipsqueek
  68. Experiences with Kittens and Fungal Infections?
  69. Bathing against fleas
  70. Please help! Which food?
  71. Return or Keep?
  72. 3 day old kitten
  73. Giardia -- How Obsessive Should I Get with Cleaning?
  74. Can my cat get sick?
  75. Oliver Has Gingivitis
  76. kittens not eating much
  77. Worms?
  78. Hound and Gatos wet food
  79. One sore squinty eye
  80. Another kitty that needs prayers!
  81. Cat Food
  82. Your cleaning products?
  83. How much variety to cats want or need
  84. Transitioning wetfoods
  85. Switching to one wet one dry feeding
  86. Piglet vs Mr. Picky
  87. Vet said Buffy is overweight - Need advice please!
  88. How heavy is too heavy?
  89. Weight Control canned foods?
  90. How much do you spend per month?
  91. vacation feeding
  92. Is my cat's food making him hyper?
  93. Help with hyperthyroid for my little man...
  94. Mr Man is blocked again
  95. My girls are FF free!!
  96. switching kits to food
  97. All bran buds for cats??
  98. Free can of Pro Plan
  99. Why does my cat like tap water more than filtered?
  100. Tapeworms. Eww.
  101. Loose stool
  102. water fountain
  103. putting on good weight
  104. Black spots?
  105. Bald spot on paw
  106. Recurrent eye ulcers and FVR
  107. Urination after blockage + treatment... is this common?
  108. Giving a cat a shot
  109. Help my cat was spayed & is bleeding from bits
  110. GRRR, You disgusting cat
  111. Urinary Blockage - How to proceed?
  112. Best hairball formula food?
  113. Trader Joe's wet food?
  114. Ringworm! Is ketoconazole toxic???
  115. Where to buy cat eye drop/cleanser in Canada
  116. Kitten being tested for AIDS :(
  117. Sad news regarding Toby
  118. Snake bite
  119. Hard Stool - what next?
  120. Pros and Cons of feeding ABADY
  121. How to test cat for UTI
  122. bottle-feeding kittens
  123. Pill pockets
  124. Slippery Elm Bark for IBS?
  125. Alice got microchipped!
  126. How much food should we feed?
  127. To stay or not-my last act of love
  128. Toxoplasmosis as a cause for TIAs/vestibular disease?
  129. Food Question
  130. Nursing Kittens
  131. Microchipping and vaccines
  132. What is your favorite dry?
  133. Great information about dry food...
  134. Winry's Rads
  135. Best exercise for an overweight kitty?
  136. When to worry if a cat throws up?
  137. Sparta is FREE! She has been given clearance for full run.
  138. Foul, disgusting happenings going on
  139. Is my cat in labour?
  140. Slightly squinty, cloudy in the light eye
  141. I think we are starting to see improvement
  142. Jakes legs and hips
  143. Gordon sick, worrying?
  144. Bum scooting kitty please help!
  145. teeth brushing
  146. Cat pulling own hairs, holes in fur
  147. Cutie is sick and we need some help.
  148. Vet visit and tired kitties
  149. Pet Naturals of Vermont hairball relief soft chews
  150. Blue Wilderness Dry Food?
  151. I have foster babies again!
  152. Does the wound look infected to you? need advice please
  153. Malto is 20 weeks old tomorrow. How do I feed him?
  154. Purina ONE Vibrant Maturity 7+ Dry Cat Food Recall
  155. Feeding wet and vacations
  156. Tar-Like Stool?
  157. Top brand (affordable) kitten food!
  158. Are the standard Merrick flavors grain free?
  159. What could have caused this? Very worried.
  160. High lymphocyte count
  161. Time for Lexie to get spayed soon - Cone Collers?
  162. Feline heartworm disease?
  163. anyone follow Wellness on twitter?
  164. appetite issues
  165. I bought Ziwi Peak Venison treats
  166. Lethargic?
  167. What Brand of Litter Do You Use?
  168. Anywhere to get Royal Canin Urinary SO cheaper than the vet?
  169. I found Ziwi Peak for less
  170. My cat is perplexing me and his vet with his symptoms
  171. interesting article on altering your pet
  172. itchy kitties
  173. strange symptoms, pts
  174. Mixing dry food brands - unhealthy?
  175. Femoral H&N Ostectomy?
  176. Hyperthyroidism treatment options
  177. Why do so many cats have a sagging belly?
  178. veterinarians and You
  179. GNC vs KMR milk replacement
  180. how to get rid of fleas cheap
  181. Question about Natural Balance pouches
  182. Hydrating
  183. Wei Ling Tan Chinese Herb
  184. what time do your kitties have breakfast?
  185. Persistant Hairball
  186. Opinion on what to do
  187. Are my kittens hungry?
  188. Mimi has an eye infection
  189. Scallops, Clams, Oysters in a Home Diet?
  190. Kitty lost her meow?
  191. Rescued Kitten
  192. Finally getting my friends cat spayed!
  193. The new Wellness canned foods are here! :)
  194. New here and asking a question
  195. ringworm experts: quick question (bleeding lesion)
  196. Yay, normal stool
  197. Could severe humidity cause soft stools?
  198. New kitty salma has an URI
  199. Weruva 10 oz cans!!!
  200. Kitten poop
  201. Hello everyone, i have a question about Rocky's loose stool
  202. Warming refrigerated cat food
  203. innova evo dry food alternatives?
  204. Helping an elderly cat gain some weight
  205. Question About Food ?
  206. Horatio's Chin
  207. Furminator -- Is it good?
  208. Questions about handling chemo drug
  209. I come for help (big cat medicating)
  210. I get so upset and cry
  211. Feline CRF Q&A
  212. Poop nuggets outside of litterbox
  213. Why do they dislike the large cans?
  214. Stubby making progress with broken leg
  215. Natura Pet Food (Innova, Evo, California Natural, HealthWise, Mother Nature, Karma)
  216. Feeding logistics while out of town
  217. Thining hair down the back
  218. Fruits and Veggies?
  219. Shocked and appalled
  220. Need help getting my cat to eat wet food to prevent another urinary block
  221. I love these cat nail clippers
  222. Upset Tummy :-(
  223. Someone else's sick cat...
  224. 2 Causes for chronic vomiting; 1 solved & 1 not
  225. Furballs and Furball Remedies
  226. Has anyone heard of Grandma Lucy's?
  227. Food reaction?? Please help!
  228. Feeding?
  229. I am furious...fleas
  230. getting kitten on a feeding schedule suggestions
  231. oneline stores
  232. Heat stroke - the symptoms. Please read.
  233. weruva cat food
  234. Bump on spine?
  235. Lamb and Rabbit canned cat food
  236. When is salmon oil a good idea?
  237. before grain cat/dog canned the same?
  238. The good and bad on Weruva?
  239. Ear cleaning?
  240. Short Bowel Syndrome
  241. How old should my kittens be before i get them altered?
  242. Toby - new update
  243. Cats and pregnancy
  244. Kitten had serious accident would love some advice
  245. Whiskas milk for adult cats
  246. Need to fatten up my cat
  247. Kitten food - I don't know what I'm doing!
  248. trying to choose a wet food(s) -- lots of ?s
  249. Has anyone tried Ziwi Peak?
  250. Worms and Fleas