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Health and Nutrition

  1. Paranoia-Land
  2. Hand feeding neighbour's kittens - has mum started lactating?
  3. Do cats get colds? Mine seems like he has one
  4. update on Itchy ears/food trials
  5. please help..Is raw tuna from can (human) & raw canned chicken? "pawing other food" ?
  6. Switched to Wellness kibble...
  7. Newman's Own Cat Food?
  8. Is my cat having a seizure?
  9. Pain medication. Yes or No
  10. Bilanx?
  11. thoughts on natural balance LID canned foods?
  12. Natura Frequent Buyer Program
  13. Do any of your cat's have pica?
  14. Ex-Feral Cat with swollen Foot
  15. fleas.. best treatment?
  16. We have a winner
  17. Jackson is sick
  18. More Barnaby issues
  19. I just gave Rocky his last
  20. Thanks guys for your suggestions
  21. Polydactyl Cats
  22. Cat ate ribbon
  23. Question about Before Grain Quail
  24. He's finally forgiven me
  25. Tiki Cat?
  26. Gelatinous vomit?
  27. Katz N Flocken by Solid Gold - what does it look like?
  28. Heartgard?
  29. Possible bug bite, not sure how to treat it
  30. Vinnie is sick.
  31. What's Giardia?
  32. Tobys biopsy results
  33. Food opinions please - Prowl
  34. Lexie Kitten not eating wet food sometimes
  35. New undercoat overnight?!
  36. Lose Stools :(
  37. White, milky fluid coming from anus
  38. My kittens prefer drinking out of bowls over drinkwell fountain
  39. Transient gingivitis?
  40. Congestive Heart Failure
  41. Neutering Question
  42. How to Sedate Cats for Travel?
  43. Cats and cancer
  44. Issues with switching to wet
  45. looking for recovery stories of older cats with fever&anorexia (awaiting blood work)
  46. At A Loss As To What To Say/Do
  47. how do you get eye ointment in cat's eye?
  48. Toby update
  49. Concern for Murphy
  50. Sudden weight loss
  51. What's the Best Cat Diet
  52. Dime-sized urine/blood
  53. I gave Malto a bath last week, can I bathe him again?
  54. my new odd-eyed white kitten (pics) and ringworm
  55. Lids for small Merrick cans
  56. Having problem finding enzyme cleaner in UK, will this do instead?
  57. Hello (problem after spay)
  58. Rochelle Has Another UTI
  59. Gasy kitten...
  60. Stressed out diabetic cat, and momma
  61. Older Cat & Diarrhea
  62. how long do you leave food out for at mealtimes?
  63. Cat Gulping and licking lips constantly
  64. Vaccinations and US requirments
  65. It's hot and the cat isn't drinking enough
  66. 15 week Cat - Getting Neutered
  67. Food rotation questions
  68. I'm contemplating doing raw as special treats for Rocky
  69. Well we're back from the vets....
  70. Do you brush your cat's teeth?
  71. Rocky's left eye is watering
  72. Finnick vomited clear liquid
  73. Avoderm Recipe Change
  74. Wellness CORE canned vs grain-free pouches
  75. Gingivitis
  76. Murphy had two teeth pulled today :-(
  77. what to do with picky eaters
  78. Favorite flavors of Merrick?
  79. Switching cat foods...
  80. Diet Regimen Question for New Kitten
  81. Please help!
  82. Conjunctivitis?
  83. Dont know what to do about Toby.
  84. Cat Chow & Friskies Recall for Salmonella
  85. Ear Mites?
  86. adopted a possiibly prgnant stray need advice.
  87. Cat food recall in western USA
  88. To vaccinate or not to vaccinate
  89. Flea infestation, many complications - advice?
  90. Shocked at vet bill
  91. Evo 95%
  92. Toby probably has oral cancer
  93. I have a very sick cat. Please help!
  94. Controlled Feeding
  95. Dr.Bronner Soap
  96. My Kitten Has Fleas...
  97. Some not so good news.
  98. Tigger had to stay at the vet
  99. Hermione only wants to eat Human Food
  100. Canned food
  101. Car sickness
  102. Yogurt treats for cats ?__?
  103. Over Weight kitty
  104. Long term effects of URI?
  105. New cat food UK
  106. Whole Foods Canned is 59 Cents a Can!
  107. Old "won't put up with anything" cat-needs eye ointment
  108. New cat eating and drinking
  109. Question about anesthesia
  110. do you rotate your cat's food?
  111. Suspecting arthritis in older cat
  112. Giving the same amount of food each day?
  113. Lots of Luck needed.
  114. 4.5 week old foster kitten with pneumonia
  115. Litter Box Dance
  116. How Much Heat?
  117. Panting?
  118. Can cats eat ham?
  119. For those who feed Fancy Feast (free FF)
  120. greenies and other treats
  121. litter box troubles
  122. runny nose?
  123. Was my vet just confused?
  124. Blocked Nose - Snorting & Wheezing
  125. Middle ear infection or tumor?
  126. Loose Poo
  127. fancy feast
  128. Hyperthyroid Medication Treats
  129. cat vomiting
  130. Help with a Himalayan
  131. Possible causes for this?
  132. Syringe Feeding Tips?
  133. Lemme see if I've got it right...
  134. Anyone have experience with feline seasonal allergies?!
  135. Chronic vomiting, recent food allergy, and kitty hates the new food
  136. Would you suggest a standard DVM or one who specialized in cat's?
  137. Anal Glands
  138. Is this the "correct" Artificial Tears everyone is talking about?
  139. How much canned does your kitten eat?
  140. Timmy's been sick!
  141. Cleo has FIV
  142. Help - want to switch cat foods
  143. vaseline for hairball?
  144. Ear infection..
  145. Fussie Cat : Sodium Nitrate
  146. Wheat Gluten in Authority canned food
  147. Duck, Chicken, or Salmon Natural Balance LID ?
  148. Sick or just PitA?
  149. For those who have kitties with feline herpes - what do you use besides Llysine?
  150. Low Cost Spay and Neuter
  151. Worm now or later?
  152. Good news from the vet today!
  153. Indoor cats; feeding grass...
  154. Does 1st Vaccine FVRCP protect 100% against Feline Herpes?
  155. suggestions for food that will work well with kitten and senior cat.
  156. Teeth Problems
  157. Advantage II or Frontline Plus / Your Pick ?
  158. Termites in EVERYTHING!
  159. Drawing Blood for Labs Question
  160. Size and weight..
  161. Cat Vaccines due - Need opinions
  162. I tried the chicken feed
  163. Survival Among Kitten Litters
  164. Ray is sick : (
  165. My cat won't eat canned food!
  166. Have you tried Fussie Cat?
  167. 8 week old kitten won't go to the bathroom
  168. Sickly poo...again
  169. What to ask vet about cat not peeing in litter box?
  170. 2 month old kitten
  171. what treats do you feed?
  172. By Nature cat foods
  173. Kittens with Fleas and Maybe Ear Mites
  174. wellness brand pet foods
  175. Cat limping and drooling...
  176. "Mature" cat food?
  177. Recovering from worms
  178. Eye Question
  179. I need opinions fast
  180. URI Complications
  181. Chubby kitten!
  182. So I treated my kitty today
  183. 17 pounds!!
  184. Offering a variety of food
  185. Last question about fleas I swear
  186. Weaning Mother Cat
  187. Ew! Cat pee-d on the carpet.
  188. Petplan insurance anyone have it?
  189. I am so angry!!!!
  190. pet insurance
  191. Wet canned cat food question
  192. Harvey Cat makes dry heaving sounds every few days - and then vomits up bile once eve
  193. Can a vet tell you how old a cat is?
  194. How to train kitty to accept teeth brushing
  195. Trimming nails
  196. Errr, feeding mistake..
  197. New kitten keeps forgetting where her food is?
  198. Bee Sting?
  199. OTC neutral pH canned food
  200. Wellness Canned Chicken - Really Soupy
  201. Trying new food on your cats
  202. Crystals and diet change
  203. Worried about Chica... yet again :-(
  204. To Vaccinate or NOT?
  205. Stupid question - poo related...
  206. Speutering
  207. need advice regarding vet treatment
  208. Inflamed urinary tract
  209. Foamy urine
  210. Best place for advice on litter training and problems?
  211. kitty cold sore??
  212. When will kittens stop breastfeeding?
  213. New Wet Food Suggestions?
  214. My kitty is too skinny ):
  215. Bitter Apple spray for dogs, ok for a cat?
  216. Limping started after re-wrap vet visit
  217. Too hot to eat?
  218. Feeding a Cat and her 3 Kittens
  219. They both did it!
  220. Flaked, Chunk, Pate, Gravy... What Does You Cat Prefer?
  221. Epogen
  222. Need cat food recommendation please
  223. I can't get those!!
  224. Tapeworms
  225. I've started the switch!
  226. Worried
  227. Do antibiotics make cats drowsy?
  228. Poll: What Food Do You Feed
  229. FLUTD and Bach's Rescue Remedy
  230. Pet Armor from WalMart?
  231. Fussie Cat Food
  232. How important are dental cleanings?
  233. Hairball blockage?! Should I be concerned??!
  234. My cat is allergic to her teeth?
  235. When to spay??
  236. Does Hermes have a cold?
  237. Need help for cat with serious bladder issues
  238. Young feral kitten I rescued isn't pooing?
  239. Felix - sad times :(
  240. Vomiting problems
  241. Oh my gosh Crickets poop!
  242. Starting my oldest on Insulin soon. Cost question
  243. FOOD RECALL: Primal
  244. Blind 3 week old kitten?
  245. Winry's Progress
  246. New cat owner. Found white worm thing on her backend
  247. Vet wants to put Evie on Hills Science Plan
  248. Sad week but now some hope?
  249. Food with CRF
  250. Essie is home wearing her external fixator