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Health and Nutrition

  1. Thiamine Levels in Wellness
  2. Liver for cats, safety concern
  3. wellness owned by berwind
  4. Please help - I lost my Bailey
  5. *GRAPHIC* Is this a hairball?! My cat has never had one!!
  6. Buprenorophine
  7. Opinions on Tastes of The Wild
  8. Essie came through with flying colors-5 pins in leg
  9. Cat Scratching at Chin
  10. My big fat Mary lost weight!!
  11. itchy ears
  12. Both cats not eating last three days
  13. Broken tibia, will have surgery tomorrow to put on external fixator
  14. Feline Hyperesthesia
  15. Suggestion on which wet food to feed
  16. EVO Duck
  17. Kitten to adult food
  18. New to fostering - tiny (maybe sick) kitten - need info
  19. Nature's Logic - Good information
  20. ibd cat with uti
  21. Eating schedule help
  22. Coccidia in Kitty...Threat to older Cat?
  23. Vomit problems
  24. Recommended Vaccines/Immunizations
  25. Cat food recommendations?
  26. butt scooting on floor - made apt for tomorrow afternoon
  27. Cats fleas ATTACTED!
  28. Screetch for help!!
  29. Doesn't seem as hungy lately?
  30. Malto got the fleas
  31. Wet Food Transition
  32. Introducing an orphaned kitten to my current cat
  33. Litter and feces getting stuck on tush of longhaired
  34. Cat Lost a Nail?
  35. Well, that was an interesting trip to the vet...
  36. Swimmers Kittens
  37. Horner's Syndrome?
  38. She ate raisins! Yikes!
  39. Update on Alina & her fractured tibia
  40. Phosphorus question
  41. Hyper-T kittie stopped eating wet food!!!!
  42. Don't Know what's wrong :(
  43. Cat that can't eat wet food!
  44. Misa no longer has diarrhea
  45. What brand is their favorite?
  46. Tapeworms? Should I treat my other cat?
  47. Runny poop!
  48. FLEAS - Should we continue letting cats go outside??
  49. Skin Condition - clumpy and grumpy :(
  50. Pill Pockets
  51. This is what was removed from Kitty's tummy!
  52. Hairball or coughing?
  53. She's fine?
  54. Ok I am now doing 1/2 wet and 1/2 dry for Lola after reading all the info.
  55. I must be the worst owner....
  56. DL-Methionine
  57. Pregnant cat with very bad fleas, help please
  58. Possible Case of Worms
  59. Kitty Having Endoscopy Today!
  60. Weight loss?
  61. Cat with seasonal allergies
  62. Any recommendations for Pet insurance?
  63. Course, Non-Clumping, Clay Litter
  64. Would a grain allergy cause fur loss?
  65. Kitty's Hairball Dilemma and Vet Vist
  66. How do I feed a wet food diet to a grazer?
  67. Potatoes in Grainless Food
  68. Misa has diarrhea
  69. Samantha'a hair.
  70. Still worried...
  71. canned food feeding
  72. Surgery
  73. Frontline issues
  74. Praying my little one will be ok!!
  75. My Alina fractured her tibia
  76. Misa injured her paw.
  77. Bootsie's blood work is back!
  78. Constant diarrhea. Why?
  79. My cat has a tumor...need help/feedback
  80. Constipation & Throwing Up ???
  81. Am I calculating this right?
  82. Feeding schedule and amount
  83. My cat Monkey (Pancreatitis)
  84. Bentley has a UTI
  85. Why big pet stores don't...
  86. Dander
  87. Toby - noisy breathing and sneezing
  88. I was researching canned cat food and found something interesting
  89. Evanger's grain free canned food
  90. Rear end bothering my cat. Has anyone else witnessed this with your cat?
  91. How much wet cat food do you feed your fur children?
  92. Cat losing weight but eating well...
  93. Sick Cat? Or Not? HELP!
  94. How long can a cat go without water?
  95. When you're wrong, you're wrong.
  96. Doran swallowed an earring
  97. Poorly blu :-(
  98. Testing for UTIs - how?
  99. Stray cat pregnant with fleas
  100. Probiotics
  101. questions about flea treatments
  102. The exterminator is!
  103. How to feed a kitten with a sore throat?
  104. Just got back from the vet. Our oldest has Diabetes. What do should I expect?
  105. What to feed cat that won't eat meat?
  106. Stitches help D:
  107. Fish in Canned Food
  108. Hypoallergenic diet
  109. Purina stepping up its game?
  110. Trader Joe's Cat Food
  111. Blue Buffalo Food
  112. Staph Infection or something else?
  113. Soup's on!
  114. Loose Stools
  115. When can you relax about them eating something they shouldn't have?
  116. Whats your favourite cat food for your cats?
  117. How to detect diarrhea?
  118. Clavamox question
  119. Innova in Petsmart
  120. how long can covered wet food sit out?
  121. Do you brush your cat's teeth?
  122. Petite Cuisine and Applaws
  123. Low-lactose cow milk ok for cats?
  124. Alice and Our New Cat Only Vet!
  125. Letting kittens eat as much as they want - when does that end?
  126. So we just made the switch to wet food and the transition went amazingly well but...
  127. How much food should a 10 year old be eating?
  128. Should they go to the vet?
  129. MowMow Marbles
  130. Wobbly Legs
  131. How old to wean...
  132. Vomiting and diarrhea
  133. Petco Coupons - May
  134. Science diet?
  135. No poop?
  136. Broken tooth
  137. I feel stupid about Misa
  138. Cat litter - Green Tea Leaves & Purr & Simple
  139. cat is vomiting, not eating, on IV for 3 days
  140. Hairballs
  141. food change
  142. Canned food texture
  143. Keep all crossables crossed for me&& Macy to!
  144. New Wellness canned food & promos...and other new products
  145. Kitten Food Question
  146. Newly diagnosed FLUTD
  147. New kitten not wanting to eat
  148. My cat just ate half a can in one sitting!
  149. Does this cat food make me look fat?
  150. My poor Eric :(
  151. Tinker's first vet visit
  152. Easter Basket Grass
  153. A couple of questions about wet food?
  154. malnourished kitty i found outside...
  155. Skin growth, heart murmur, anesthesia
  156. Fish for Cats
  157. A little impaired maybe?
  158. Lots of fur!
  159. Merrick Five Star Gourmet Entree Wet Food
  160. Cat throw up - YUCK!
  161. What makes a good vet?
  162. I think my cat is drinking more
  163. Sumo's story (RIP) and how it relates to pet food
  164. Drop Of Blood?
  165. Misa was sneezing..
  166. How do I do Litter Box Transition?
  167. Dry food choices
  168. How to get them to eat right
  169. Expensive cat food cheaper overall?
  170. Sodium Pentobabital still found in Cat Food
  171. Follow up appointment
  172. my snoring kitty
  173. Option 3 for Metrronidazole
  174. Our cat has a wound for no known reason
  175. Weird Mouth Movements
  176. Weruva?
  177. Eating Plants
  178. How long should I wait?
  179. Cosmetic Tail Surgery
  180. I'm worried about my cat
  181. First vet appt
  182. Affordable pet insurance..
  183. Causes for drinking a lot?
  184. Worried about Mow
  185. Another HCM diagnosis :(
  186. Hairball Problems with hyperthyroidism
  187. wet food and the litter box -- what's going on?
  188. Positive result of antibody of giardia
  189. Nothing like a clean bill of health!
  190. Am I feeding my cats right?
  191. Nail pulled from quick
  192. Ear Mites
  193. My cat is sick
  194. So I think we've reached a food compromise....
  195. Dealing with 1-day old kitten found yesterday
  196. To Furminate or Not to Furminate, that is the question :)
  197. Cat's preference for wet food
  198. premature kitten
  199. Fern's bloody chin
  200. Best Diet?
  201. Kidney problems
  202. Peeing too much?
  203. Monthly flea drops vs. 6 month flea injection
  204. Just A Little Cyst?
  205. my cat's poop smells...
  206. Luxating patella
  207. How to feed a wet food diet on a budget
  208. Pure Curcumin Extract treatment for vomiting issues, IBD and Cancer
  209. Cheap grain-free canned food
  210. Pet/Baby Scale
  211. Some questions about canned food
  212. Easter Reminder: No Lilies for Cats!
  213. Hugs for Evie, please!
  214. Theo's in the hospital :(
  215. struvite + allergies
  216. Help with Herbs
  217. Process to Introduce New Food
  218. Apollo chewed on onion
  219. Ordering Cat Food Online?
  220. URI...Again!
  221. The 'new' wet foods...
  222. Types of FVRCP Vacs- Anyone do it themselves?
  223. Dental & vet concerns
  224. Water help!
  225. Possibly moving to Texas from Colorado-Fleas/Ticks
  226. She just snubbed wet food.
  227. Worried about these symptoms
  228. Benny and food concerns...
  229. Glaucoma in cats
  230. Worried
  231. Revolution/Advantage Woes Continue...
  232. junk food junkie :)
  233. Hair Loss (Scratching Self)
  234. Blood jelly found from my cat's stool.
  235. Won't stop gaining weight?
  236. Metacam? Bone cancer treatment?
  237. LF Vet in the Pacific Northwet (Auburn Sumner/Seattle)
  238. Manx kitten constipation
  239. Anyone else have a kitty with Epilepsy?
  240. Urinary issues.
  241. Help! My super picky eater has decided he won't eat wet food anymore!
  242. Hair loss
  243. Winly's New Wheels!!
  244. Pet Insurance?
  245. Warming up cold food
  246. Cat Allergies
  247. Senior cat drooling
  248. Injured feral cat, should I help?
  249. Help! So many food choices!
  250. spay site..