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Health and Nutrition

  1. Hyper-T and post I-131 treatment?
  2. throwing up wet food only
  3. Post-Natal Feeding?
  4. feeding 10 month siamese male seal point
  5. How to get a fresh poop sample?
  6. Bit confused and worried after vet visit
  7. limited ingredient food recommendations?
  8. New NV LID Dry Food & Stella & Chewys' Freeze Dried Raw
  9. Young Cat with Spondylosis
  10. Cat is eating egg shells
  11. Science Diet Food or What Else?
  12. Cat has fangs sticking out of mouth
  13. How much should a 6-month old be eating?
  14. My 6-month old Kitty passed a string from a toy!
  15. Need name of a high fiber dry food
  16. Sneezing and Stuffed up cat
  17. Tea - Okay For Cats?
  18. catching something from the dog?
  19. I've figured it out...
  20. Transition from raw to canned...
  21. Skylar has a UTI - and hopefully that is all!
  22. Avoderm small cans from Thailand (near Japan)
  23. Spayed Feral
  24. Georgia not eating and has a UTI
  25. No Appetite, Lethargic, Depressed Cat
  26. Bloodwork mixed up between two cats?
  27. Evo -
  28. If you had to choose....grains? or by-products?
  29. Cat & Alfalfa Sprouts
  30. Marilyn Is Ok
  31. Are Fish Treats good for cats?
  32. Questions about switching to a better quality wet/dry food.
  33. Missy's Bloodwork came back fine!!!!!
  34. stomach issues and flea meds?
  35. Marilyn Finally Going To Vet
  36. How to diet a cat?
  37. food allergies?
  38. Do you feed your multiple cats in separate rooms? And if so, why?
  39. Drooling?
  40. Ringo Losing Weight Again, Heart Murmur
  41. Eating Enough?
  42. Suddenly refusing to eat wet food
  43. Diarrhea
  44. Best cat food to start on?
  45. Hand reared kitten :Failure to thrive
  46. Did my ignorance harm my cat?
  47. Should I or Shouldn't I??
  48. Vinegar on cats coat
  49. Took her to the vet
  50. Diabetes Prevention
  51. Urgent....over-medicated cat....please help.
  52. Question about cat's age
  53. Does anyone have experience with the cat food from Amway?
  54. Switched today
  55. Pill Pockets
  56. urgent: cat fights
  57. Food shopping tomorrow!
  58. Weaning from kitten food too soon?
  59. Experience w/ Asthma Treatmentsin cats?
  60. Heart Murmur *SOMETIMES* in 5 month old
  61. Feline Acne: How long until I see improvement?
  62. I-131 Facilities in TN
  63. double teeth
  64. Misty has hyperthyroid
  65. Vomiting issues
  66. Not sure what food..
  67. Multiple foods?
  68. Grooming is a health issue for cats
  69. Tummy upset? or hmmm?
  70. How to feed my future kitten?
  71. Momo's tummy problems (long and food related)
  72. Question About Antibiotic -
  73. Toby is driving me nuts.
  74. Urine Issue...long post
  75. determining kittens age
  76. Lilly Bell is ill
  77. Coccidia
  78. Phenobarbitol Recall
  79. Scary Day!
  80. Pls review Miu and Jack's Diets
  81. Feel like I am back to square one!
  82. Petco now carries Merrick!
  83. Are these treats made of gold?
  84. Skinny To Plump...In 2 days?
  85. Nail Trimming ?
  86. Senior cats - how do you keep yours healthy and happy?
  87. Treats for cats safe for dogs?
  88. Cat Throwing Up Weekly
  89. Free shipping today
  90. Need help determining food amount
  91. Resthyro for Hyperthyroid
  92. siamese feeding
  93. Allergic to antibiotics & has conjunctivitis....
  94. fish or dry food
  95. Question about grain free
  96. Ninja's ill, I think I made a mistake.
  97. Kidney disease/failure in a 1 yr old cat...
  98. Benzoyl Peroxide for cats?
  99. Dental
  100. Vaccinations
  101. Help with can food that is not pate
  102. Cat Diabetes
  103. how to make cats eat their medicine?
  104. Kidney disease - what to expect?
  105. Going blind?
  106. Freeze Dried Raw?
  107. Pet fountain
  108. Bozita help
  109. Weird stuff going on with Lucky's chin
  110. Appetite woes
  111. Cat is Less than a Year old.. What are consequences if I still haven't got him Shots?
  112. Skin condition and Depo-Medrol shot?
  113. Essential oils used in the house
  114. kitty grooming
  115. worthless moneypits
  116. age appropriate climbing structure
  117. litter / litter box preference?
  118. kitty food preference
  119. Question: food change & weight loss
  120. Hairball Or Worms?
  121. Hairball vomit
  122. my cat won't eat most meats i give him
  123. Swelling under jaw
  124. Chicken Liver Treats
  125. Six month old with diarrhea
  126. teeth pulled
  127. Misa won't eat!
  128. Kitty Food Choices
  129. Third eye?
  130. Discount pet food online stores
  131. Hairballs?
  132. Kittens? or "What in the furry world have I gotten myself into??"
  133. Juice has acne :(
  134. Wellness Cat Cans Recall-Low Thiamine
  135. Squinty Eye & Third Eyelid
  136. I got Skylar's test results printed
  137. cat nutrition idea for their health
  138. Riots Neuter Today!
  139. Need help with treats
  140. dandruff
  141. tummy troubles???
  142. Sorry I was MIA....
  143. Help with difficult feeding times
  144. Hairballs
  145. Cat Stroller for a 17 yo
  146. is this cat food too imbalanced?
  147. gum/mouth diseases?
  148. My cat has stopped drinking
  149. What to do about eye goop?
  150. Ninja's off color.
  151. Stinky Poo!
  152. Strange Thing In Litterbox
  153. lethargic cat
  154. Collar quality
  155. Need Help - Cat Asthma :(
  156. Bad breath,loose tooth
  157. feeding dilemma
  158. Ringo goes to the vet Tuesday!
  159. Cat Fence-In
  160. Want an "old" littermaid
  161. What do you do with your picky eater(s)?
  162. Manx syndrome, megacolon, something?
  163. Kitten with new lump on his back/rear
  164. Should we stay away from fish?
  165. critique my kibble choice
  166. Cat not eating as much?
  167. ~Need Help Getting A Cat To Eat Wet Food~
  168. pine pellet litter usage?
  169. Can you groom a cat bald, or could it be that she has really thin fur?
  170. Constipated cat that wont eat canned food
  171. Preventative Liver Support?
  172. Spaying Evie
  173. Hello, this is Wu Sang and her two cats from China
  174. One more week until hes neutered!
  175. Sardines
  176. Sad news at the vet yesterday-kidney failure
  177. Is my kitty a boy or girl? **picture**
  178. Little Lilo still skinny
  179. Mabel has a bump in her ear
  180. ~Best Dry Food To Try For A Cat With Possible Allergies... Vitamins Too?~
  181. OMG such a difference!!
  182. Bad breath
  183. how much in one meal?
  184. Cat gave birth 3 days ago and has not pooped since!
  185. Sophistacat and Friskies canned
  186. Has your vet ever.....
  187. How many treats a week?
  188. Our new cat has severe diarrhea, but drinks and eats well.
  189. Cruncher lost her voice!
  190. Happy Valentine's Spay!?
  191. He pulled a nail out! HELP!
  192. Antifreeze Poisoning?
  193. Tinkerbell needs some thoughts/prayers, please.
  194. Too Much Water? Is it Possible?
  195. Felidae Grain Free Chicken Canned
  196. can any one help me figure out what has caused diarrhea?
  197. daily antihistamine?
  198. How does the law work in your area re cat poisoning?
  199. stinkbugs taste bad
  200. Why do so many feed dry if meat is same price and better?
  201. Taste of the wild vs blue buffalo?
  202. Really need some advice and support
  203. Leaving cat during trip abroad
  204. Kemuhkulz
  205. the lesser of two nutritional evils?
  206. fish oil
  207. black spots?
  208. Nibbler getting more surgery
  209. Mobile veterinary, anyone used?
  210. Cats Only Vet Clinic?
  211. Best store bought cat food?
  212. Those on high floor apartments...
  213. Canine Caviar Gourmet
  214. What is a good probiotic?
  215. Seeing Really IS Believing!
  216. Kidney Disease
  217. another Toby update
  218. Treats...what are they and how often?
  219. What do roundworm eggs look like?
  220. Neutering a kitten at 3 and a half months old
  221. canned food
  222. Constant congestion/runny nose- Advice?
  223. why might a cat suddenly lose her appetite?
  224. Burping up...
  225. Anal gland issues
  226. Update on Andie!
  227. ? of stool softner
  228. Cat eye color changed after corneal ulcer
  229. update on TJ
  230. Blue Buffalo Indoor Adult or Healthy Living Adult
  231. Canned Cat Food Heaven!
  232. How do I get her to chew?!
  233. from amputation to...lymphoma
  234. Toby - update
  235. cat does not like wet food
  236. feeding good dry food, cat is still gaining weight
  237. Poor Nutty :(
  238. bathing a cat
  239. Dry food ingred comparison...
  240. cat got sick
  241. How much should I be feeding my 5 month old kittens?
  242. Loona is retching but nothing but clear liquid/saliva comes out
  243. Third Eyelid showing
  244. Anyone still feeding Evo?
  245. Canned Food and Loose Stool
  246. Cat Mate water fountain discontinued?
  247. Clear liquid with a little tuft of hair?
  248. Very Dry Poop
  249. I'm a bad mommy :o(
  250. Lumps on cats "arms"