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Health and Nutrition

  1. Giving Zithromax for 21 days
  2. Cerebellar Hypoplasia
  3. Andie seems to hate me now
  4. Cat Food for... 7 month old kittens
  5. Toby has lost his appetite
  6. Treat suggestions?
  7. How to do a food rotation?
  8. Andie is in ICU
  9. Beginning Signs of Arthritis?
  10. Why is it so bad to bathe a cat?
  11. constipated and in a PANIC!
  12. Anal Glands?
  13. Vet talked me out of raw and into kibble
  14. How to increase the weight of my kitty!
  15. Grain free suggestions?
  16. rotted teeth in a 2 year old?
  17. Having trouble finding food that works...
  18. Medication help
  19. Audible Breathing
  20. Preventing Heart Disease
  21. Change in coat texture
  22. Cat very sick, any insight? :'(
  23. anyone know how to clip hook claws?
  24. Snow Kitty is a boy...uh, girl...uh...?
  25. Okay to eat grass?
  26. Decreased appetite and energy
  27. constipation problems
  28. my cat occasionally coughs
  29. CK on the lab report
  30. My cat has lost so much weight
  31. Zaya very sick - good thoughts please
  32. My stray cat's giving birth in the next couple of days... help me please!!!
  33. Nutmeg not feeling well. Hairball or vomit?
  34. How to de-matt Evie?
  35. Satin Throwing Up -
  36. TJ
  37. Cat With Sore Leg
  38. How much food does a 11 lb cat need
  39. 2 questions: sneezing and ears
  40. Ovely protective
  41. Switching to adult food, how much?
  42. Cranimals
  43. Samantha Goes to the Dentist - Need Tips!
  44. Whats wrong with my cat
  45. Dirty chin, skin ailment, flea dirt?
  46. Ear Mite Med. Help, Please
  47. Health and Feeding Issues
  48. Possible UTI and metacam and tramadol
  49. My cat is contispated help!
  50. My Shmoo isn't doing too good.
  51. Heartworm testing / maintenance
  52. Diabetes!
  53. Eating Inconsistencies
  54. Satin Is Home -
  55. Solid Gold SeaMeal
  56. Postponing surgery?
  57. How Much To Eat??
  58. My cat is too smart for me to give him pills
  59. Hades has a goopy eye! :[
  60. Riots getting neutered!
  61. Tail/Butt issues
  62. 7 mo old kitty... sick? or did I just give her the wrong food?
  63. Blood in stool (formed but soft)
  64. Trying New Flea/Heartworm Meds
  65. worm treatment
  66. Metamucil for cats/scooting
  67. Outdoor 'Pride' learns to hunt
  68. my senior kitty needs leg amputation
  69. Excessive drooling
  70. chemo treatment for cat
  71. Food for sensitive stomach?
  72. Kitten food for a Senior Cat?
  73. Cat In Heat With Diarrhea
  74. B12/Folate Question
  75. Need opinion on health!!
  76. Need Flea Removal Advice
  77. Ear Mites
  78. Canned Pumpkin
  79. Young cat with Arthritis/Malformed hips
  80. How do you weigh a cat?
  81. Which is healthier? Longer poo or shorter poo?
  82. Episodic loss of back leg control in 18yo cat (vet says seizures)
  83. Eye Goobers
  84. Too late but I'd like to know...
  85. Kitty Blindness
  86. Cats sneezing: do they need meds, and if so, which meds?
  87. dry cat food
  88. Cat having issues eating
  89. Wellness Canned Food from
  90. Raised Red bump between shoulder blades
  91. Lymphocytes are low?
  92. Casey To Vet With Suspected Urinary Tract Block?
  93. Mild Cat Flu? or Allergies?
  94. Dental Chews! Any recommendations?
  95. New kitten: feeding and healthcare
  96. Seasonal Allergies? Don't Want Steroids Again
  97. Toby has feline hyperthyriodism :(
  98. I think Teddy may have a UTI
  99. Stinky Kitty While Cleaning
  100. can i supplement cheaper canned food?
  101. Dehydration?
  102. Recurring UTI after perineal urethrostomy
  103. Questions: Any studies show dry food is better than moist, etc...
  104. Double Clean Bill of Health
  105. Cat with ARF -- help!!
  106. Poorly stray cat advice please!
  107. Kiki throwing up foam, breathing hard...
  108. What type of food do you recommend?
  109. 7 month old kitten chewing and eating anything fuzzy
  110. Kitten Itching due to Food Allergy..Good Itch Relief Med?
  111. Dry Winter Skin?
  112. Black Mold! Sooooo scared!
  113. Kitty Kibbles
  114. Kitten Pee
  115. Worried about Grady.
  116. Has anyone tried the Untangler comb?
  117. Can I give Vitamin C to a cat?
  118. FIV + and FIV - cats together
  119. Blue Wilderness canned
  120. Kroger Pet Food Recall
  121. Cat Food -
  122. Sigh, cat vomiting
  123. What the heck was I thinking!
  124. Warming cold food?
  125. Probiotics?
  126. Cat hungry but not eating
  127. doubting vets diagnosis
  128. Sidonie not feeling well...
  129. :( Forte just threw up two worms!
  130. Orange County(FL) mobile spay/neuter clinic is returning!
  131. Tea Tree oil- okay to use around (NOT ON) cats?
  132. Recommendations for Cat Acne Treatment
  133. What causes UTI's?
  134. Fergie is throwing up wet food only
  135. Kitty eats to fast...
  136. Feeding question
  137. Is my cat fat?
  138. Cat has histoplasmosis??
  139. Little dry patch on ear
  140. Feeding amounts
  141. Problems with flea meds
  142. Kitten getting pickier and pickier about food?
  143. Update on Riot
  144. My cat has a Staph infection!
  145. 2 Month Old Kitten Had Front Leg Amputated
  146. sharp claws
  147. Can I give my cat pesto with cheese?
  148. Driving Me Crazy! Fleas!
  149. Please help, urgently! Sickness and diarrhoea
  150. Something is wrong with my cats eye
  151. Fergie is peeing blood
  152. Canned pumpkin for weight loss?
  153. APPETITE (Lack of interest)
  154. Cat is cold...!
  155. Renafood - good or bad? Advice please...
  156. Apollo's Eye is Changing Color?
  157. Back from the Vet - Cat Reclusive
  158. Best way to have the cat fed on mostly wet food, while away?
  159. Need advice for feeding- why do my cats go nuts?
  160. Cat with a high BUN level question about CRF
  161. URI or hairball?
  162. how much do you feed?
  163. Fleas! Question
  164. Ringworm in Old Cat
  165. another set of questions- allergies/acne
  166. Cat ate a present string!!
  167. Lump at vaccine site after 13 days
  168. Cat losing weight?
  169. Elderly cat and anesthesia
  170. toxic fruits and veggies?
  171. Vet Wants to Put Enzo on SD w/d
  172. When will Panther stop growing?
  173. Pet Insurance
  174. Help about vet recommending amputation
  175. not eating/drinking, when to be worried?
  176. Hunger Strike!
  177. PU surgery and UTIS
  178. Canned food and chicken / tuna diet
  179. Variety is the Spice of Life
  180. Egypt Throwing Up....Something
  181. I think Percy has a skin abcess...
  182. Raw Food Diet vs Dry / Canned Diet - Life Expectancy
  183. Asthma, Feline Herpes, ect...
  184. Mental stimulation
  185. perineal urethrostomy - How long until it heals
  186. Hairballs
  187. Mystery Wound?
  188. Need help choosing a human/animal safe flea preventive?
  189. I need help with a FeLV situation
  190. Neutering questions...
  191. Cost of a diabetic cat?
  192. Rochelle and the UTI: Update
  193. red eye ring
  194. Food for sensitive stomachs?
  195. Dark brown spots on bedding -
  196. Loona's high fever
  197. poorly TJ :-(
  198. She's soo sore after her shots :'( NORMAL?
  199. Taste Of The Wild -
  200. Parasite Prevention
  201. Food/allergy related questions
  202. Nibbler & Gobbler
  203. Cat Grass
  204. Hollow Nail?
  205. polydactyl: ingrown claw
  206. White eyes?
  207. FORL problem (teeth problem)
  208. Egypt has Me Worried :(
  209. Kitten Colds
  210. Cat post-op care question
  211. Update on one of the barn kittens. Purr-ayers needed.
  212. From Nothing to Diarrhea -
  213. "By Nature" cat food?
  214. Is there supplements for preventing URI?
  215. Teeth Brushing
  216. Charlie's vet appt
  217. Tweezer has cataracts
  218. Lip Balm
  219. Eye please!!
  220. Another question about new kitten.
  221. New 12 week old kittens, one with diarrhea
  222. Need advice on possible ripped claw?
  223. Natural treatments for arthritis?
  224. Kittens drink a lot but eat some dry food, are they okay?
  225. Changing Types Of litter: Or, I'm Sick Of The Dust!
  226. Possible Mercury Poisoning - Update
  227. Treating URI
  228. Feeding dry/wet mix and questions
  229. Cat & Kitten - FOOD?
  230. Gas and now diarrhea
  231. Sinus health medication to clear nasal airways?
  232. Dry food suggestion for diabetic cat?
  233. Cat is throwing up after eating beef and eggs friskies
  234. Renal failure - advice on what to feed, please
  235. Blue Buffalo Wilderness canned food
  236. Deworming?
  237. So Rochelle DOES Have a UTI aka My Vet Failed
  238. My Experiences with Samantha's Diet
  239. Partial hair loss in kitten
  240. Vet says let him choke >.<
  241. Food/feeding/sneezing questions
  242. Cat appears lethargic
  243. Hernia after spay?
  244. Incontinence = go to vet
  245. I found her whiskers cut this morning :(
  246. HELP! Am I over reacting?
  247. Freezing Canned cat food
  248. Here's hoping she likes it
  249. Transitioning Over to canned
  250. Looking for a high quality dry cat food.