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Health and Nutrition

  1. Licking away his fur and skin...
  2. Ruptured cyst? (warning - graphic)
  3. Canned Food - ??
  4. Sammy's vet visit tonight.
  5. Dog treat eating cat!
  6. Is this hairball noise or should I take him to the vet?
  7. High liver numbers?
  8. Natural Balance or Before Grain?
  9. Can cats get sleep under their eyes ?
  10. Any Ideas on Homemade Cat food/treats?
  11. Vet? When?
  12. Diseases
  13. He swallowed a plastic sticker!
  14. Dry Feces and Rump Dandruff
  15. I need help!
  16. trouble transitioning to canned
  17. Huffing and puffing
  18. Bloody Diarrhea and sneezing all day long!?
  19. Issues with throwing up - Daily
  20. Cat Seasonal Allergies
  21. Wellness Core vs. Complete Health
  22. Wellness Canned Cat Food
  23. Cat Insurance - how do you know they won't scam you?
  24. Prayers needed
  25. How often/much to feed canned food?
  26. Stomatitis options
  27. Tramadol ought to be renamed "trauma-dol"
  28. The vet! O.o
  29. sniffles?
  30. Vaccination schedule?
  31. A picture of my cat's chin acne
  32. How long after a spay for a kitten to get back to normal?
  33. hunting cats
  34. Hope for cat with FIC?
  35. Revolution - Good or Bad?
  36. Is this good food for my cats ?
  37. A stressed new cat owner/surgery and insurance questions
  38. Need help - feeding dilemma
  39. Cat Barf...can't tell..
  40. Broken Leg and Cast...Possible Surgery and Recovery
  41. Felix has a painful paw
  42. Sick Kitties
  43. Clicking joints.
  44. Shedding oberservation
  45. Questions about PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease)
  46. First REAL vet appointment questions
  47. How to get my cat to drink water?
  48. Going to be getting my little girl spayed... Have questions.
  49. Problem with six month old kitten hissing at 10 week old kitten
  50. Bah, coughing
  51. Pancreatitis diagnosis
  52. My kitten has some scabs on his back
  53. Time seniors recover from surgery?
  54. Fish Allergy?
  55. Grooming question
  56. Kitten vomited, should I be worried?
  57. Question about feeding when going from one kitten to two
  58. matted fur with dandruff
  59. Experiences with Buspirone or Fluoxetine (Prozac)?
  60. FAT 10 month old always wants to eat
  61. Should I take him to the vet now?
  62. Ear Mites and Hair Loss
  63. Experience with Fibroameloblastoma?
  64. "Digestive Tract Upset"..?
  65. Is this an okay brand for me?
  66. When is it safe to switch to a clumping litter?
  67. Butt Scoot with know obvious pattern
  68. Best Quality Foods Available Today ???
  69. I'm a bad/happy pet mom
  70. After being spayed...
  71. Weaning Our rescued kittens
  72. Sunlight
  73. Cats rarely drink water after switch to canned?
  74. Pet Insurance
  75. Strange ear problems.
  76. 2 Meals vs. 3: Does It Matter?
  77. Yumus having bad breath
  78. Bloated kitten belly question
  79. Cat gas
  80. Pink Spot On Chin
  81. Loose stool but no worms or food change
  82. the "perfect" wet/dry food combo?
  83. Update on blackie*returned after 3 months missing*
  84. What do you Feed your Cats?
  85. Kitten feeding / weight
  86. Is bathing your cat bad?
  87. Food and diarrhea question, please help!
  88. How to know a good vet from a bad one?
  89. Best Dry food
  90. Anyone ever used anxiety Meds for their cat?
  91. other causes of excessive drinking than diabetes?
  92. Odd nose/breathing thing only when kitty is playing
  93. controling flea outbreaks...
  94. Need help, recurrent ear mites
  95. my cat in the USA is dieing...
  96. Anyone have there cats on Clomipramine??
  97. In need of advice
  98. I See Blood with Mucous where my cat sleeps
  99. Excessive Hair Loss from Anxiety or Something Else??
  100. Questions about teeth.
  101. Wellness Core hard food?
  102. Is it better for spaying stitches to be internal or external?
  103. Opinion on yearly vet visit?
  104. Blue Buffalo Diarrhea
  105. 2 Claws Where Only 1 Should Be
  106. Urinary Block
  107. Bump near kitten's eye, what is it and how to fix it?
  108. Teeth cleaning
  109. Cat Panting
  110. Scabs all over body
  111. URI Questions and Feeding Problem
  112. Problem With My Cat's Paw
  113. Tuna Flakes - what is the best brand?
  114. Out of curiosity... Hair loss as kitten.
  115. Hi and a major problem
  116. High Creatinine levels and crystals in urine
  117. Unsocialized Semi feral needs trip to vet
  118. $10 Microchipping in Phoenix, AZ
  119. Rapheal's on the mend
  120. Switching cat food - from fish to chicken
  121. Runny Stools, Digestive Problem, Please Help!!
  122. I Have Ringworm!
  123. Need some advice
  124. Food and other considerations for a teething kitten with 'slightly inflamed' gums?
  125. help with orphan kitten
  126. Stuff coming from my cat's anus?
  127. YAY! Canned food woes may be gone?
  128. Litter box liners: yay or nay?
  129. urinary crystals/interstitial cystitis
  130. White, flaky area on head and orange scabbing?
  131. Appetite in recovery
  132. Toothbrushing recommendations
  133. Bad timing
  134. Do two kittens/cats require two litter boxes?
  135. Looking for information on bronchitis
  136. winter and cats
  137. Help my foster has worms
  138. too many food choices
  139. Urinary tract / white blood cell problems
  140. Licked fur off?
  141. Syble has herpes? With picture.
  142. Foster Issues
  143. Update on Azalia
  144. cheap grainless good?
  145. I found a flea on one of my cats...
  146. Arthritis treatment
  147. Should I microchip a purebred maine coon?
  148. Crystal Cat Litter
  149. Feeding cat fish
  150. Constipation/solutions?
  151. How long to isolate a stray?
  152. Oat Grass, Beans, and Asparagus?
  153. still meowing?!?
  154. Sniffing Feliway diffuser
  155. OMG, I just tried Wellnes Core
  156. Metacam Manufacturer Issues Warning Re: Use in cats
  157. Just teething? or a problem?
  158. Ekk, mouse in the house.
  159. Hello/Seeking help
  160. Old lady cat problems
  161. Will her fur fill out or not?
  162. Advantage Multi for ear mites
  163. "Special" Cats
  164. Kitten has luxating patella
  165. Cow-hocked kitten
  166. kitten dry food
  167. Linear Granuloma
  168. my cat is pooping everywhere
  169. Trouble Breathing
  170. First Shield for my cat
  171. Wow - Ringworm is a nightmare
  172. Natural life or fancy feast kitten?
  173. Smelly ear
  174. Dry vs. Canned vs. Raw
  175. Skin problems...
  176. Know of any dehydrated cat food?
  177. does not like to chew wet food?
  178. Can canned food cause diarrhea?
  179. Canned food questions?
  180. has my Bailey wrenched/broken his tail?
  181. Kitty Has Appetite, Won't Eat, Only Sips
  182. Swollen Eyelid
  183. Worm Medication
  184. Help I'm Back with a Foster Kitty - Dental Issues
  185. Anyone have experience with Giardia??
  186. At what age does a 'kitten' become a 'cat' in terms of feeding definitions?
  187. Cats and weight loss
  188. Feeding a malnurished cat with kitten food?(and another question)
  189. Third Eyelid
  190. Stinky Poo?
  191. Adult and kitten feeding questions
  192. Sinatra will NOT get better!!
  193. Cat toys: are they unsafe to play with due to ingestion issues?
  194. Cat vomiting
  195. I'm a horrible Kitty mother :(
  196. sudden scabby bald spot, should I be worried?
  197. My kitty has been to the vet and they don't know what's wrong with her! Any Advice?
  198. How to care for a new kitten
  199. what wet/dry food flavors can males cats have?
  200. Yeast infection, ear mites, what do you think?
  201. Nanna has gotten worse
  202. Adopting two kittens on different dates
  203. Food questions/Too much protein bad for cats?
  204. Is this a broken tail?
  205. Wegman's or Target's canned food
  206. Diet after Urinary Blockage
  207. Where to buy the Feline Pine" litterbox?
  208. Cat food advice, please
  209. wellness cat treats
  210. Please Check your Cat's ears
  211. Limping 9 wk old Kitten -advice please!
  212. Weruva for CRF?
  213. How to keep wet food fresh while away?
  214. Walmart food brands
  215. vet says ok, buy cat very, very sick
  216. Looking for a higher quality canned food that's less expensive than Wellness.
  217. Moral support needed - sick fosters
  218. Treating Ringworm - Help!
  219. Nail clipping
  220. Urinary tract diet
  221. Cats vomiting one every ~2 weeks.
  222. Turkey bones?
  223. Age to alter
  224. Cat food question
  225. Orphan Kitten
  226. Sick Foster cat
  227. white flaky spots of skin with thin fur
  228. Preventative Dental Care for Cats
  229. Two year old cat with dental problems...
  230. Need alternative to Pro Plan Canned
  231. Shelter workers and kennel managers-please help
  232. Healthy dry food
  233. Cat not eating all tests normal
  234. Kittens and fleas. Please help...
  235. introducing my cat to a kitten
  236. Kitten not eating/drinking - Diarrhea and Vomit
  237. Eating tooo much? How much is too much?
  238. My Big Girl's Nose
  239. Cat Mate Pet Fountain, so far so good!
  240. Olivers Wiskers falling out
  241. To fridge or not...
  242. Need Suggestions for Healthy Grain Free Minced (Pate?) Cat Food Brands
  243. Are we feeding the right food?
  244. how much DE is too much?
  245. Pet food companies that will not send calorie information via email
  246. Wet food? How much to feed..
  247. Kitten still needs stimulated (Plus a bonus food question!)
  248. sneezing kitten...:(
  249. Kitten vomiting and having diarrhea
  250. How cold is too cold?