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Health and Nutrition

  1. Please help! Cat not eating, lethargic...
  2. Cat infection caused by a dog?!?
  3. Cat might have eaten a small piece of ceramic knife.
  4. smelly cat -- from worms?
  5. Kittens crying
  6. tapwater
  7. best diet
  8. New kitty owner with a few questions
  9. Upper respiratory infection
  10. Healthy Cat Eating Kidney Diet-Cool Or Not?
  11. Kitty with a limp
  12. Quick Question - Flea Treatment
  13. Question About Dry Wellness Brand
  14. not defecated since Saturday
  15. New kitten owner and lots of questions
  16. Iams Recall
  17. Fresh water?
  18. Female gaining weight too fast and no heat
  19. determining kitten age
  20. How do I get something off my kitten's coats?
  21. Best way to heal raw skin?
  22. Cats and water consumption
  23. Curious...
  24. Old cat Bob has stopped eating
  25. Glue in Pet Food?
  26. After FIP, what should we do
  27. Inflammed Bladder
  28. One whole healthy month!
  29. Correct age to neuter?
  30. ripping out small chunks of fur while "grooming"...
  31. My cat is limping. Any ideas?
  32. Can't remember names of cat food..
  33. Sore spot on belly
  34. Cats don't seem to be drinking much water
  35. Cat with herpes flare-up, should I be worried?
  36. Bowl movement
  37. More kitten issues.
  38. Newbie needs help with stray kitten
  39. Hello
  40. garlic?
  41. New Foster Kitten
  42. What is distemper?
  43. de-wormer
  44. Blue Buffalo kitten food?
  45. Does Anyone Else's Cat Eat Fruit?
  46. Is it alright for cats to eat...?
  47. What could this be
  48. Whats going on?
  49. Litter choices...
  50. Kitten hit by car... broken pelvis
  51. Needing some suggestions!
  52. Cat has soft claws?
  53. diarrhea?
  54. weight question
  55. kitty eye meds
  56. Pancreantitis
  57. Keeping my tiny cat warm?
  58. Abnormal Kitten growth and sick mother
  59. Spay: Incision Cleaning
  60. My cat has Megacolon
  61. Newmans Own Organic adult formula dry cat food mixed with Friskies canned
  62. Cat has loose stool while on anti-biotic?
  63. Help! kitten with bright red blood in diarrhea
  64. Am I feeding my kitty correctly?
  65. Megestrol given for diarrhea? Comments please
  66. reaction to meds or kitty cold?
  67. Always check the prescription
  68. Is this a worm? (pix)
  69. Making myself crazy re: food
  70. Darn you, panleuk!!!!!!!
  71. Hungry kittens! Enough food?
  72. Kitten's Stool Not Solid?
  73. Young cat with smelly breath and blood in mouth
  74. Care after Spay/ Teeth Extraction?
  75. How hot is too hot for kitty?
  76. FORLs - Dentistry
  77. Breeder Vet Visit
  78. 6 week old kitten not weaned
  79. How soon after....
  80. FYI Handling tainted pet foods sickens people :(
  81. Got one cat spayed
  82. Ingredients vs. analysis
  83. Good dry vs. mediocre wet
  84. New Kitten with health problems!
  85. Making Vaccination Decisions
  86. Update Buster (Clavamox cat)
  87. Necessary vaccines for indoor cats?
  88. Anyone know anything about the Authority brand....
  89. Dual food question
  90. Inappropriate Elimination Question
  91. Picky cat won't eat high quality wet food. Any advice?
  92. Piece of litter stuck in cat's nose
  93. Kittens with 'dirty' eyes??
  94. A few questions about a day old kitten
  95. Which form of L-Lysine works best for your kitty?
  96. My 7 week old has an eye infection.
  97. Male cat with Struvite Crystals
  98. Liquid for Gingivitis etc.
  99. Is there an alternative to castration??
  100. I'm so scared!
  101. Adding insult to injury...allergies, IBD, eosinophilic granuloma complex AND ringworm
  102. Sentry PurrScriptions Plus
  103. brushing a long haired cat that hates to be brushed???
  104. What would you do in this situation?
  105. For Those With CRF Cats
  106. Need good canned food for a cat that only likes Fancy Feast
  107. Sick Kitty on Famciclovir for URI
  108. Upper Respitory Infection (UTI)
  109. Ants around cat food bowl
  110. Vet visit, Mirtazepine, less stress
  111. Need Advise! Possible Infection? Thanks!!!
  112. FIV/Feline Lukemia?
  113. cat fight wound
  114. Ringworm
  115. Blood in cat stool..
  116. poo problem
  117. What is the best cat food?
  118. Possible bat exposure
  119. Felidae $6/case! (Tempe, AZ)
  120. Frontline is not making a difference
  121. Specific Diet for 1 Year Old Indoor Cat
  122. Help with food brand choices...
  123. Scheduled Feedings - limited time?
  124. Diarrhea, Food Rotation, Dirty Paws
  125. Dirty ears
  126. Memo is acting weird
  127. P&G Expands Recall to Include Eukanuba
  128. Kittens 1st poo - what should it look like?
  129. How often does your cat pee?
  130. He doesn't need 14 oz, does he?
  131. Cat has watery poop?
  132. Urinary Blockage Signs & Mysteries
  133. Feline Acne?
  134. Kitty eats and eats and eats!
  135. First Shots
  136. Clear odorless discharge from Bengal cats bottom area - HELP!
  137. Is Spa Select any good?
  138. My Poor Baby
  139. Toby going to the vet
  140. What is Toxemia? (Need answer ASAP)
  141. Zaya not well :(
  142. Kitten diet
  143. P&G Recalls - Prescription Renal Diet Cat Food
  144. Kitten Vomiting
  145. Castration at 5 months
  146. Feeding kittens
  147. Cat Vomit
  148. Is Rice okay?
  149. 2-3 day GI issues
  150. Toby all grumpy, hot and bothered.
  151. Treats and starving
  152. Franklin's IBD
  153. when to go to vet?
  154. Hi..
  155. 2 Questions
  156. Fur not growing back after spayť
  157. avioding water for 2 days
  158. Flea meds question?
  159. Cat birth
  160. My cat Buster is not on Clavamox Anymore
  161. What happened to my kitties food?
  162. Need Suggestions!!
  163. Help...Need Input about Cat With Antifreeze Poisoning
  164. My young kitty is stumbling in her back legs
  165. Interesting new research on pet nutrition
  166. 11 yr old female - loose stools
  167. My cat is eating more
  168. question on canned vs dry
  169. Protein home remedy dosage?
  170. Intestinal mass size of tennis ball
  171. Feeding Kittens
  172. Cat Getting Neutered Friday!
  173. 2 questions
  174. Excessive drooling
  175. 2-yr old cat with renal problems. Advice?
  176. Eating Grass & Regurgitating
  177. Life and death situation please help!!!
  178. Sleep In His Eyes?
  179. what should I do?
  180. Sticky/Runny Eyes - Kittens
  181. Where?
  182. 3 questions-litter box, sneezing kitten, and purchasing a scratching post
  183. Need Help please!
  184. Effectiveness of Orbax?
  185. New User- Cat Urinary Issues
  186. Worried about following vet tech's advice and cutting out wet food
  187. Lyric Got Neutered, HELP?
  188. Clavamox for a UTI
  189. Chunk from cat's lip.
  190. how 2 moisten salmon
  191. mostly fish diet dangerous?
  192. Feeding Question
  193. Droopy Eye After Conjunctivitis
  194. please help me decide
  195. Pancreatitis? Help!
  196. Advice about what finally killed my cat
  197. Advice about reducing shedding
  198. Ahh my cat's eye :(
  199. Newborn Kitten eye problem
  200. Cat not eating Kibble
  201. Bug eaters!
  202. Mika panting
  203. Dehydrated cat refuses to drink/eat
  204. Earmites and pregnancy?
  205. cat symptoms
  206. Crusty bumps on my kitty's body
  207. Keeping Cats Cool
  208. World's Best Cat Litter?
  209. Fibrosarcoma
  210. my kitten just pooped on the carpet last night
  211. Cat showing cold-like symptoms
  212. Can a hairball cause this problem?
  213. Vaccinations
  214. Food for Struvite Crystals
  215. Need help switching to canned food
  216. Why he's covering his food
  217. Worried about Nito
  218. Allergies vs. URI?
  219. Egypt's Vet Visit
  220. Sighs. My baby boy needs surgery :( - Need Food Suggestions
  221. Need information on Trap-and-release FIV adopted cat please.
  222. My Brand Options
  223. maroon discharge + gas + empty answer
  224. Feline's Pride recalls Natural Chicken Formula Cat Food
  225. Digestion issues with switching foods
  226. Cat not eating normally dropping weight-Please help
  227. How to wash an angry cat?
  228. High bilirubin count
  229. help with fleas
  230. Viralys for Nursing Mum and 2 week kittens?
  231. Kitten likes to drink warm water?
  232. Smelly poop on new food?
  233. Pumpkin and constipation -- amounts
  234. RayRay has CRF
  235. More peeing's getting worse.
  236. need good pet insurance company
  237. Has Anyone Tried Organic ACV for Ailments or Maitenance?
  238. concerned about my cat's urine
  239. Blood work to be put on kitty prozac?
  240. Hind leg amputation
  241. Royal Canin calorie controll CC High Protein dry food
  242. HELP: Goffrette's fur won't grow since it was last clipped
  243. Cat ate a couple bites of food on surgery day
  244. Growth on cat's chest- can anyone identify?
  245. Infection Spread by Licking Other Cat's Wound?
  246. 911! Need Advice Please
  247. My itchy kitty Fay has skin granuloma
  248. Cat with Fatty Liver Disease will no longer eat Hills Diet
  249. fungal infection (Cryptococcosis)?
  250. Water Percentage in Canned Food