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Health and Nutrition

  1. Help with digestive enzymes
  2. Tapeworm Dewormer (praziquantel)
  3. How long should my kitty eat kitten food?
  4. Balding area above eyes?
  5. Greetings Fam! question about band aids on cats
  6. Home grown!
  7. Onyx got chocolate icing
  8. Normal for one cat to be much smaller?
  9. New here needing help/advise about five week old kitten
  10. Introducing Bramble- And He's Ailing
  11. Miss M's Not Eating As Much As She Used To.
  12. Whiskers...
  13. Eye problems causing the growleys?
  14. Air travel with panting cat
  15. Crisco and I need your help
  16. 16 year old cat possible brain or spine tumor and on Prednisolone questions
  17. Eye Discharge
  18. Blood in cats Urine :(
  19. Hello, question about health of neighbor's cat
  20. What are the best kitten canned food? Kitten milk replacement formulas? And Lysine?
  21. knucklehead in deep sleep
  22. Here for help - sick cat won't eat
  23. 14 week old kitten has mouth sore
  24. Problems with treats?
  25. My cat with pancreatitis
  26. My cat with FIV, stomatitis and diabetes
  27. Bump on my cats ear
  28. Best deal for 15lb Orijen Cat Food?
  29. Feeding new kitten canned food?
  30. Struvite Crystals/Litter Box issues
  31. Help/Suggestions For My Cat
  32. Unnatural Natural Weight Loss
  33. Got the wrong dewormer?
  34. How early can cats go in to heat?
  35. When to Spay?
  36. Crunchy vs. Canned - Food, that is...
  37. I'm so worried, chronic diarrhea and med questions
  38. Hello! High BUN, Creatinine and Calcium
  39. Does REVOLUTION kill ticks (Lyme Disease)?
  40. skin condition on an outside cat
  41. 5 month old kittens size?
  42. Some neutering questions
  43. My cat says hi from Canada, spayed cat licking stitches
  44. Excessive panting in kitten - Vet thinks maybe congestive heart failure?
  45. Hills prescription diet alternative
  46. Sudden Grand Mal Seizures in 12 week Kitten
  47. Indoor/Outdoor cats and heat wave
  48. Cat stung by wasp
  49. Need Honest Thoughts/Opinions on Prescription Diet
  50. What's Making My Cat Sneeze?
  51. Crossed eyed kitty?
  52. Cat helping self to food
  53. Ear surgery?
  54. diarrhea and anal leakage
  55. What is the behavior of a rabid cat like?
  56. How often to completely clean out litter box?
  57. Natural/alt flea repellent
  58. Vitamin for persian cat who only eats chicken
  59. Sick Kitty
  60. People who've had a cat neutered -> Questions
  61. Found a kitten, had a few questions
  62. Cat on 8 week food trial
  63. Cat litter for post-neutering; can I use hamster bedding?
  64. Nature's Variety Pride... anyone heard of it?
  65. Cat addicted to tuna?
  66. itchy neck?
  67. I am new - cat throwing up
  68. Can cats get poison ivy?
  69. Dental health, carbs
  70. Cat limping slightly, but doesn't seem to be in pain.
  71. desperate for advice for my boy's seizures
  72. How to idenfity fleas on a kitty?
  73. Mixing types of wet food ok?
  74. Hair not growing back after surgery
  75. Belly sores-grooming
  76. Any Arizona insects/spiders that are bad for Toby
  77. Ollie's Limping
  78. What do you guys know about hyperthyroidism?
  79. The vet has given up on my 16 year old cat
  80. Kitty is Sick?
  81. Diabetic cat
  82. Proud owner of a Mogwai, cat has crystals
  83. Shedding
  84. Feeding cats food that had ants in it?
  85. Baby food, might be time
  86. Cost of T4 tests, bringing both cats in for bloodwork
  87. A sad update on Sasha, a new kitten, and many food questions.
  88. Hill's Z/D for a cat allergic to chicken
  89. Should I take her in to the vet?
  90. My cat won't eat
  91. Spot on or Collar: WhatĚs the Right Flea & Tick Treatment for Your Pet? (Sponsored)
  92. Back Legs stop working?!
  93. need help - don't know what to feed a cat
  94. exploratory surgery, or euthanasia?
  95. Stray cat
  96. IBS cat issues
  97. Is this plant poisonous?
  98. Cat puking daily :(
  99. Weight loss in senior worrysome
  100. My Kitten aka Goku(Alex) - kitten not eating
  101. Looking for Activity suggestions for Tripod
  102. Senior Concern
  103. feeding fish to cats
  104. Soft Tissue Sarcoma
  105. Are Succulents Safe for Cats?
  106. Cat diagnosed with diabetes BUT ALSO might have chf
  107. Science Diet Z/D & sneezing
  108. cat won't eat or drink
  109. Blood in urine
  110. Tail Issue
  111. Transitioning kittens
  112. spay issues
  113. a weird thing happen, disoriented, itchy
  114. Supplements for healthy coat
  115. Keeping weight on a senior
  116. Young Cat having Problems Eating Kibble
  117. cats and salt
  118. how important is a schedule?
  119. Feeding Times
  120. Grazing to scheduled feedings - weight loss
  121. car sick
  122. Safe herbicides?
  123. Little Miss Picky! I think my cat is spoiled.
  124. Albus's Obstruction Adventures
  125. My peeing cat
  126. sick kitty
  127. Stinky Poo
  128. Wet/Dry Food Combo
  129. Hello! question about water avoidance
  130. Science Plan recall
  131. Hello! UTI questions
  132. Pet insurance and possible HD/arthritis.
  133. Need Help... possible Horner's Syndrome?
  134. soft poop
  135. Worried about eye ulcer
  136. Food for Kidney Health?
  137. Kit & Kaboodle
  138. Cat suddenly deciding she likes wet food??
  139. Bottle fed kitten not gaining weight
  140. New kittens and possible infections
  141. Bumps under my cats chin??
  142. 1 month old kitten won't eat.
  143. cat won't eat refrigerated leftover cat food
  144. Cat Insurance?
  145. FeLV vaccine, Rabies vaccine
  146. Grain free for Urinary Issues
  147. Inappropriate urination - causes other than UTI?
  148. Transitioning To Scheduled Meals
  149. Cleo might be overgrooming
  150. Tooth trouble?
  151. Hello! questions about blocked urinary tract
  152. Hi everyone! questions about feline hepatic lipidosis
  153. Best flea treatment without prescription?
  154. Hello, I have two rescue cats, over grooming / greenies question
  155. sneezing
  156. Litter - safe brand of woodstove pellets?
  157. Events associated with renal failure diagnosis?
  158. Advice on feeding an elderly cat
  159. URI? Can you use Baytril?
  160. Am I stressing my cats?
  161. What could be wrong with my kitten?
  162. Keeping a kitten alive.
  163. In Canada, and need a good Sensitive Tummy kibble/wet diet
  164. First time home treatment
  165. wet food weight issues
  166. Stress-free radioiodine treatment??
  167. UTI in Senior Cat - Enrofloxacin/Orbax Meds
  168. Two new kittens.. food&essentials?
  169. Poop question and food for new kitten
  170. Eye Ulcer in Poor Kitty
  171. Sago Palm plants
  172. Cat mouth wash
  173. Best Foods for Indoor Cat
  174. Stray near new apartment... is she pregnant?
  175. Constantly Sick Kitty - IBD?
  176. Any suggestions to keep dangerous bugs out?
  177. Food equivalent to Wellness & teeth
  178. Stinky poo!
  179. Insect Bites - From cat insect?
  180. Hello - complications after dental procedure
  181. My kitten cant get neutered?!
  182. The Yearly(?) Vet Visit
  183. Hives From Cat?
  184. Treatment for FeLV
  185. From underfed to overweight (Or, how much food is the right amount?)
  186. Does your cat get professional dental cleanings?
  187. Wet Food Suggestion
  188. MiraLAX, pumpkin, hairball medicine
  189. Cat pinned under garage door
  190. Our poor cat has an abscessed tail :(
  191. Hi there I need a little help, cat has slight fever, no appetite, lethargic
  192. Pancreatitis therapy?
  193. at what age do kittens normally start taking catfood?
  194. Car Crash - Broken Legs
  195. 6 Indoor-Only Cats in Kentucky - rabies vaccination questions
  196. Overweight cat ALWAYS hungry
  197. Need help with figuring out how much to feed...!
  198. One fussy cat and one hungry kitten
  199. Timed feedings?
  200. My best dude is sick and the vet believes he is dying
  201. Food for a new kittie
  202. Crisco and a poopy conversation
  203. Urethral stones experiences?
  204. How to Groom Long Hair that Bites?
  205. Will the treatment for bed bugs effect my cat?
  206. Bad Breath
  207. Worried about cat's new eating habits
  208. Weird toes (syndactyly?)
  209. Safe disinfectants?
  210. Dentabites
  211. I dont know what to do anymore - new kitten still sick
  212. Enough food?
  213. Orphan Newborn Kitten Help
  214. Aloha from Tucson - questions about cat losing weight
  215. Ten-month-old suddenly stops being active?
  216. need help controlling flies
  217. Grandma callie, Uti, kidney failure or??
  218. The Regurgitator
  219. Kitten turned 1; when to slow down feeding?
  220. New member, question about neutering
  221. Question about diet when you realize your cat has a tapeworm?
  222. Two sisters' health issue flummuxing vet.
  223. Is Clay Litter Bad?
  224. Emily is having a rough time
  225. update on Simba
  226. Cat with Chronic Puking?
  227. Fancy Feast classic
  228. Health related queries about new cat
  229. I feel like a bad cat mom :( ignored eye problem
  230. Cat not eating.. HELP!
  231. Stomatitis. :(
  232. Enalapril and Lasix Side Effects
  233. Dental Cleanup for stressed cat
  234. Funny Extra Claw?
  235. First time cat owner - feeding questions
  236. Anyone ever used Vetco (through Petco) vaccination clinics?
  237. High Calorie Food Suggestions Needed
  238. Dental Care?
  239. Re: Transitioning to Outside
  240. Cat has regained sight!
  241. New foster - pregnant mama
  242. Top 5 Indoor Plants Poisonous To Cats
  243. Friskies Kitty Concoctions!
  244. Vaccine question
  245. Senior Won't Eat...
  246. Kitty needs surgery :(
  247. Reassurance - cat with feline leukemia
  248. General question about stomatitis in kitten
  249. Fussy eaters...anything we can do?
  250. Adopting a cat that is a flu carrier