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Health and Nutrition

  1. fungal infection (Cryptococcosis)?
  2. Water Percentage in Canned Food
  3. 13 year old cat low RBC constipation issues
  4. Vomiting and antioxidants
  5. How to help cat suffering from frequent constipation
  6. The problems never end
  7. Comparing the right food for my cat with UTI
  8. When does my kitten need her shots?
  9. Leaving EVO, now what do I feed?
  10. Canned foods
  11. Kitten Weights, for early spay/neuter
  12. Cat eats ANYTHING
  13. Rescued cat with neurological problems?
  14. Cat with black nose bogies and some eye goop
  15. I need some advice!!!!!
  16. Rescue Remedy Effects?
  17. Update on eye changing colour. Bad news.
  18. Senior cats and protein.
  19. Cats and carbohydrates question
  20. Lethargic
  21. Best Flea Meds - New here advise please!
  22. Advantage....
  23. calorie requirements per day? mixed diet
  24. Blister on Cats Lip (Updated with Pics)
  25. Doxycycline in cats
  26. Cat seems starving after having a litter.
  27. Anesthesia for 12 year old cat
  28. Chronic nasal congestion? URI not clearing up?
  29. Kitten recently neutered now has sore?
  30. FELV vaccine in my eye
  31. Syncope? Seizures? Asthma? Vet Woes :(
  32. Please help, 2day old kitten injured
  33. Should we use Advantage Flea Control on Tiava?
  34. Amitriptyline
  35. kitten food for adult cats?
  36. red poop!?
  37. Feline Weightloss
  38. Anemic kitten and poo issue
  39. Cat is ravenously hungry, has diarrhea, but not hyperthyroid
  40. Cat ears have curled/flopped at tips
  41. Anyone's furbaby had Cholangitis?
  42. My cat REFUSES to take his pill
  43. Gourmet Royale
  44. a little health concern for my kitten
  45. Wobbly/lethargic cat- suggestions
  46. Bowel Movment Issues
  47. Ouch! One thing after another...
  48. Stray Kitten
  49. Geez are they all like this? (Frantically hungry)
  50. 19 y.o Cat with Kidney Failure
  51. Adult Canned Food....for Kittens?
  52. Delicate operation
  53. Input please?
  54. transitioning to high quality canned food
  55. Broken / Dislocated Leg :( Please help!
  56. Question About Ear Wax
  57. Tuna cat food
  58. Flea allergy?
  59. Can new kittens make my house cats sick?
  60. advantage multi dosing by weight?
  61. neutered my cat today! area looks odd
  62. Royal Canin "Urinary SO" cat food
  63. Which food is best out of these junk foods?
  64. 5 yr old Cat with Inner Ear Tumor
  65. Peeing problems and 4 cats. Great.
  66. Felix - diagnosed with epilepsy
  67. Garlic&Brewers Yeast Tablet
  68. Upset tummy?
  69. Vaccination for an already FeLV+ kitten
  70. Holistic Blend
  71. Sneezing
  72. Fractured leg
  73. older cat gradually loosing weight
  74. Catheter removed - recovery questions
  75. Worms?
  76. Problem with ear
  77. What human food can I feed my cat?
  78. new kitten
  79. Lots of Hairballs
  80. Sick Kitten...Help?
  81. vet checkup
  82. cat eats and eats, doesn't gain weight thyroid?
  83. When to take to vet
  84. All-Life Stages food okay for Kitten?
  85. Sick Feral cat,what to do.
  86. My cat is acting slow and weak: I'm worried.
  87. Willie's limping
  88. Kitten Squinting
  89. 7 week old kitten need help!
  90. A Lump on my Sammy
  91. Chronic diarrhea, several unsuccessful attempts to treat
  92. My cat's eyes are watering a lot and I don't know why!
  93. Weird noises coming from my kittys nose!
  94. Kibble Vs. Canned
  95. My cat has FIV :(
  96. Boris seems to have a hair in his mouth?
  97. Smokie's Irritated Tummy - Ideas?
  98. Kitten normal then diarrhea
  99. Iams Wet Cat Food Recall
  100. cat vomiting
  101. How to rehydrate a cat.?
  102. Apptmnt booked - just looking for feedback
  103. Cat has small lump on belly
  104. Tuna/Salmon Flavored Foods?
  105. Newbie here- quick eating question....
  106. Probably worrying about nothing but ...
  107. worried about my kitten
  108. Cat not peeing - I'm going crazy
  109. New Member needs help Fast!
  110. A kitty cold? (Lots of sneezing)
  111. Skin disease?
  112. Cats getting tired of food & vomiting?
  113. Does anyone know what this is?
  114. Kitten with diarrhea and some blood
  115. Stray female, possibly kittens.
  116. What to food to Feed 10 week old kitten
  117. What is wrong with my cat?
  118. diagnostics cure for pancreatits
  119. cat vomiting foam frequently for 4 days
  120. Yellow scab/puss on kittens paw
  121. Constipated Cat - How long does it take to regulate stool?
  122. Urination question
  123. Cat over grooming and acting like she's in pain
  124. Noisy breathing and retching
  125. Failure to thrive / fading kitten?
  126. An 'incurable respiratory condition'...what is this?
  127. Giant Vomit Fest
  128. scar on cat's head
  129. Cat With Wound
  130. Giardia, what a poopfest!
  131. Something poking out of a cat's chest.
  132. Oxalate Stones diet help?
  133. worried about small kitten
  134. Runt or ill???
  135. Blue: Spa Select/Healthy Gourmet - Whats the difference?
  136. Scratching post harmful for FELV cats?
  137. High level of PH - what does this mean?
  138. Coccida
  139. Stress colitis? Help? (Bonus cat-related vacation photo)
  140. Stressed - Vet Visit Today
  141. new kitties delayed arrival due to ringworm
  142. WellPet LLC cat food
  143. Time to say goodbye?
  144. I really need advice...
  145. Is my cat's leg broken?
  146. Felix taken turn for the worse again - update
  147. Continual Antibiotic Treatment??
  148. Herpesvirus infection - some questions.
  149. Urinary SO, Struvite Crystals, & DL-Methionine
  150. Neutered Male, brown smelly discharge?
  151. Cat heartburn/acid. Need opinion
  152. Did I do/say the right thing?
  153. Behavioral urination and kitty prozac...
  154. Male kitten seems dizzy, not walking well
  155. Healthy Canned/Dry Cat Food - Need Suggestions
  156. Fumigation (no longer a problem)! :D
  157. Fleas on a small kitten
  158. Fur loss on ears?
  159. Black specks at tail base
  160. Canned Pumpkin - Where do you buy it?
  161. Feline Leukemia *UPDATE*
  162. Holistic vets...
  163. Binge, and Stress Eating Cat
  164. Overall food recomendations?
  165. Laxative food recipe.
  166. Help getting a sick cat to eat.
  167. cat dandruff?
  168. Sheltercar Insurance and Testing? (Updated: They denied clai
  169. Something in throat?
  170. EVO causing diarrhea??
  171. My Cat is Limping, Paw Problems
  172. Ear mites
  173. diarrhea
  174. Back leg problem - Male Cat with Leukemia
  175. My cat won't eat after bladder issues at the vet.
  176. More Overweight Cats
  177. Vestibular Syndrome/Horners syndrome
  178. Cat Vomiting
  179. Cat Allergies?
  180. Diarrhea/Painful BM's
  181. Hairball problem
  182. Can litter (swheatscoop) be causing kittens diarrhea??
  183. Should I take him to the vet? :(
  184. Time for research Need to get off Evo
  185. How long typically for cat to get over UTI?
  186. Fluid Treatments in CRF cat?
  187. vaccinations
  188. Cooked Meat?
  189. Cat pink eye?
  190. odd food ingredient, what do you think?
  191. Diarrhea - food change? Fecal tests?
  192. Where Can I Buy SMALL Quantities of Cat Food?
  193. Diet change question
  194. fat but not fat at the same time !!!!HELP PLEASE
  195. PLEASE HELP----Extreme labored breathing when purring.....
  196. Veterinarians and nutrition
  197. Kitten Eating Kitty Litter
  198. Senior Cat Refuses to Eat!
  199. please help me
  200. Scary episode with my cat
  201. Diabetes cat, how to take a blood test?
  202. Saliva stains? kitty gets soggy when he bathes.
  203. New member, new kitty, loose stools!
  204. Vet check for a new kitten?
  205. What else can cause pneumonia?
  206. Eating Olives?
  207. Hates Hills L/D cat food but loves A/D- not sure what to do
  208. HELP... my kitten licked some Revolution off his back...
  209. Health Issues & Food
  210. Going to vet
  211. Cat pulling out hair; prob not fleas, is on!
  212. My cat has a spinal cord injury
  213. Fish flavoured wet food
  214. Cat specific problem or possible cut/infection?
  215. ET is sneezing- when to take to the vet?
  216. Growing incisors?
  217. Weird Sleeping Pattern
  218. food change diarrhea
  219. Is my cat sick?
  220. Diarrhea wont go away
  221. pemphigus foliaceus
  222. Hello, my first post, looking for info
  223. Orphans
  224. p&g purchase of natura- you CAN make a difference!
  225. feeding amounts and schedule
  226. Just Jumping Right In...
  227. is there a shot we can get to prevent feline aids?
  228. 10 week old kitten not eating as much as she was
  229. Allergy? Help!
  230. omega 3 foods and supplements...HELP!
  231. PetAlive UTI-Free
  232. First trip to vet...
  233. Sample Pack of Premium Pet Foods
  234. Cat food and Poo smell
  235. Ordering cat food online in Canada?
  236. Pale nose?
  237. diet switch information request
  238. Cat panting - Should I take to vet?
  239. Fed my kitty a little fish...
  240. New to CatForum, cat went into arf, advice needed
  241. Ate a string
  242. My Cat keeps being sick
  243. Help/advice - assisting in birth of cats' first litter
  244. Urinary Blockage-Long
  245. Kitten might have FIP
  246. Vet wants to extract two of my 18 month-old kitty's teeth
  247. Kitty throws up canned food! Help!
  248. Jango seems to be particularily.. lazy?
  249. Becoming slightly concerned for my cat.
  250. My cat is neutered! ...I think.