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Health and Nutrition

  1. Scruff - Muscle Weakness?
  2. Balding isssue??
  3. New kitty has runny poo, goes on carpet.
  4. back leg not working
  5. Cat fusses when I touch his left rear side of his body
  6. Wanting to switch foods for nutritional concern.
  7. Giardia in aquarium water
  8. Frequent vomiting
  9. Leukeran side-effects?
  10. Question?
  11. twiggy and her filthy behind!
  12. Old cat vomiting daily--pancreatitis?
  13. Heartworm medication
  14. valium for long journey?
  15. What do YOU feed?
  16. Cat hasnt gone into heat
  17. Blood in stool!!!
  18. Whiny noises, then vomits
  19. Dealing with cat allergy symptoms
  20. A little worried
  21. Appetite changes with weather?
  22. Hair loss around neck
  23. Food changes causing diarrhoea
  24. Chicken stock/broth
  25. spay complications
  26. my sick little kitty & diet question :(
  27. Unhealthy kittens?
  28. End-stage, cirrhosis of the liver
  29. Chronic diarrhea - solutions?
  30. Sphynx Bathing
  31. toilet troubles with mr stig
  32. Need some advice ...
  33. Dry food...too rich, help
  34. Kitten Feeding Issues
  35. Teeth cleaning
  36. I need an answer ASAP!!!
  37. Help for cat allergies!
  38. Cat Milk Whiskas
  39. Blue Buffalo Wilderness canned
  40. URGENT: Need a Cat Birthday Cake Recipe!
  41. Feeding tube removed-cat sent home with open hole in neck
  42. Lactaid for cats - Ok or not??
  43. Cat seizure: help, advice, experience wanted
  44. My female cat sterilized
  45. Is this feline acne?
  46. Strange cat behavior, I think he' sick someone please help
  47. Fleas!! ARGHH
  48. Young Cat Vomiting, Dog Sick As Well.
  49. British Shorthair Sudden Death
  50. Stainless Steel Water Bowl w/ Rubber Gasket Bottom
  51. Mom feeding kittens
  52. Hepatic Lipidosis high bilirubin -Prescription Diet Food
  53. 11-month -old kittens: are 6 and 5lbs ok?
  54. Sensitive stomach?
  55. How much should a big cat eat?
  56. Cat is biting the end of it's tail until it bleeds...
  57. Licking problem
  58. New Food, New Dilemma
  59. When to make the decision.
  60. Grooming question...
  61. Cat not eating after dental scaling
  62. My cats claws...
  63. Swollen Lip?
  64. Fat Cat. Help With Diet.
  65. Evangers
  66. Lilly update
  67. Too young to be neutered?
  68. Cat with mild kidney disfunction
  69. Neck injury
  70. Science Diet-Good or Bad?
  71. Lost my precious kitty today.....
  72. eye?
  73. i think my cat is allergic to chicken? Please Help !
  74. Dry to wet cat food
  75. Rocky
  76. 9 wk old kitten
  77. Possible blood in the poop??!? Maybe...
  78. Indoor cats and vacination and flea/tick prevention.
  79. newborn kitten loseing weight
  80. Cats and strokes
  81. Getting Jitzu to eat
  82. Question for Orange Cat People
  83. Effects of homemade diets on cat's health in the long run
  84. Help with my kitty's skin/fur.
  85. Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex, Foods, and Hairloss
  86. Urinary Blockage Diet
  87. 'but I always thought...'
  88. Is my cat OK???
  89. Missing patch of fur?
  90. How do I properly clean the wax out of his ears?
  91. My Cat is Loosing FUR!
  92. Need help with my cats' diet (Canadian)
  93. hairball question
  94. Do I need to feed more frequently on wet food?
  95. my poor little girl :(
  96. Unplanned Litter
  97. All natural flea sprays?
  98. Franklin's Medical Mystery Tour
  99. Fatty Liver Disease - a reminder and awareness
  100. an old enemy has returned!
  101. Ticks...Help!!!
  102. Can someone Please answer my Question!
  103. Pet insurance
  104. Health problem?
  105. please help..kitty claws
  106. New Kitten Housing Troubles - Advice? (Pictures)
  107. bald patch
  108. Lacey is not well... Update 104 fever
  109. Natural Balance - I'm a little suspicious!
  110. Worried about Spaying
  111. C/D food Alternatives
  112. Sick Kitty?
  113. Feeding help!!!
  114. Sneezing Nito
  115. Wellness switched to MenuFoods?!
  116. 20 lb cat needs a new diet! *pics added*
  117. Cat is losing hair above her eye
  118. Nature's Variety kibble question!
  119. Cat only Veterinarian?
  120. Chicken Gizzards And Its Role In Preventing Cystitis In Cats
  121. How long do Anaesthetics take to wear off?
  122. Advice on a hurt foot please?
  123. Ziwipeak air-dryed cat/dog food
  124. Horrible breath
  125. New Kitten Questions
  126. IBD
  127. Wound on lip, will the hairs grow back?
  128. Lymphoma Sarcoma - signs of disease progressing
  129. Eating Hay
  130. After-care for cat after plant poisoning
  131. Help...I don't want her to die...
  132. Help! My cat is limping!
  133. Best kitty treats
  134. Early spaying?
  135. HELP! My kitty has a massive growth on her belly!
  136. My CRF patient has a poor appetite
  137. Newbie desperate for help with vomiting cat
  138. Taking the kittens to the vet.
  139. Poor Fay has to got to the Vet tomorrow night
  140. My kitty threw up
  141. Cat food in my country?
  142. feline vacuum
  143. Deworming medication - What are you using?
  144. Alternative Method To Collecting Cat Urine For pH Sample
  145. virulent systemic FCV aka heamorhargic FCV?
  146. App. 1 cm long wound in the side
  147. Diet Frustration
  148. Anyone have a cat with intermittent bleeding?
  149. Dislocated hip :( Need help & ideas to discourage jumping.
  150. "The Pet Check Up" for Dogs and Cats - Home test kits
  151. Annual General & Dental Health Check-ups: What is expected?
  152. Food and poop question
  153. food to beef up kitten?
  154. Swollen Gums
  155. Cats and peas.
  156. Diet for cat who vomits fequently
  157. How to brush cat's teeth guide
  158. Middle Age Kittehs
  159. Decent dry foods?
  160. New food and essential nutrients - worried
  161. Additional cat, Two surguries, Looking for advice
  162. Itchy Kitty
  163. Kittens eye and fur color changing colors.
  164. I'm trying canned again today but Fay won't have it
  165. Dry skin supplements
  166. Sick after meals
  167. Nature's Variety
  168. How much should he be eating?
  169. I think something might be wrong with my kitten.
  170. home made help for preventing accidents
  171. Blood and tissue in urine
  172. Swollen Lymph Nodes... [UPDATE: new problem]
  173. Cat Not Doing Well
  174. cats and children
  175. keeping dry food crunchy
  176. Taste of the Wild... opinions?
  177. aggressive cat virus?
  178. How to tell if a fixed cat is Male or Female
  179. My cant won't eat or drint anything at all
  180. Eye problem
  181. Sick elderly cat- not eating, drinking
  182. Clear Vomit
  183. Kitten diarrhea after new Wellness food
  184. aftercare for neutured kittens
  185. It's Allergy Season!.....
  186. How to get a cat (used to free-range feeding) on a schedule?
  187. Miu's dry to wet food tale
  188. Harmless sonic trainer?
  189. Can cats be allergic to other animals?
  190. Leukemia
  191. Overweight Cats
  192. Cat not urinating or eating
  193. I have been a jerk
  194. Best Food for Cat with Kidney Problems
  195. What do you think about this canadian cat food? (details ins
  196. Urinary s/o food
  197. Please help me help my kitty!
  198. Cat Renal Failure - A Tale of Sickness & Recovery
  199. I think I adopted a pregnant cat!
  200. Dry food as snack
  201. repeat eye issues
  202. EVO 95% vs Regular EVO and Wellness CORE
  203. How to store opened cat food?
  204. Aghhhh
  205. Anyone have "recipe" for homemade cat box deodorant??
  206. Barn Kitties
  207. Cat puking
  208. champagne food on a kool aid budget?
  209. Great news today
  210. Meat-based diet for cat with history of urinary crystals??
  211. Matted fur
  212. How does Care Credit work?
  213. Different levels of protein
  214. Don't know what to do! D:
  215. Young cat not getting bigger, should I be concerned?
  216. help with medicating my totally suspicious cat
  217. Dallas Pet Health Examiner
  218. Milo's "Senior Feline Screen" Results
  219. URI
  220. Cat throwing up - allergic to food or digestive problem?
  221. Vaccines and URI?
  222. HELP !!! Cat Marlee has 2 HUGE lumps on side
  223. Is this a good diet for Tiava?
  224. Wet v. Dry food
  225. Importance of feeding wet food? & pre-made raw?
  226. "Cats - True Carnivores" Article
  227. Pebbles has been fighting
  228. Scruff injured a claw????
  229. Thoughts on Probiotics??
  230. Tiava won't eat what is good for her -- help, please???
  231. tape worms-affects after cleansed from system?
  232. Itchy eyes
  233. How much does your cat eat?
  234. Canned Foods - Specific Textures
  235. another problem with chloe
  236. If I want to walk my kitten will she need extra shots?
  237. Driving my cats to our new home... 24+ hours away...
  238. how to con a kitty
  239. Potty issue
  240. Brought Percy home a treat!
  241. Is my cat going to die?
  242. maybe a breathing problem? maybe nothing?
  243. Specks, bald patch?
  244. Just lost one of our kitties to FIP...
  245. Diabetic, not-eating, not-pooping cat
  246. Urine smell
  247. Which brush for medium length fur?
  248. Help Needed. Kitty sore under chin
  249. violet light vet used to look at my cats skin made cat bald
  250. Is this food any good?