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Health and Nutrition

  1. Cat griding teeth?
  2. Help!!
  3. disregard.
  4. Can dog food make my cat gain 4 lbs in one year?
  5. nipple atrophy
  6. My cat has fleas
  7. Thinking this may be her diet
  8. Advice on cat-sitting diabetic scaredy cat
  9. HELP! Is my cat poisoned?
  10. vomiting question
  11. Humane Society vet for regular checkups every year
  12. Feline Acne
  13. At Wits End
  14. Discharge from a wound of some sort?
  15. Itching and balding near tail
  16. Hyperthyroid cat Dilemma
  17. 16 yr old cat not eating, wobbly and lethargic.
  18. Diarrhea
  19. Heart Murmur? The vet said ultrasound?? -- First cat.
  20. same weight???? is that possible???
  21. Sudden Behaviour Change
  22. Can my cat eat Lima beans?
  23. Bit of a stupid question. >_<
  24. finally getting better
  25. Just spayed my 7 mo. old; questions about Metacam/Meloxicam
  26. Daughter's Elderly Cat Gets Matted
  27. toby is not well tonight
  28. Picky eater with food allergy =(
  29. Itchies and Scratchies part 2.
  30. Hookworms... food.... vets
  31. My cat is being sick.
  32. Vaccinations???
  33. Frustrated with skin problems
  34. Weird purring sound w/ labored breathing
  35. Cat has been sneezing for 3 months
  36. HELP! Older Cat won't Eat!
  37. Casper's blackened ear flap - HELP PLEASE!
  38. Cat Throwing up after eating? HELP.
  39. Simba Update
  40. Menadione Sodium Bisulfite in By Nature Organics
  41. Adult cat with cleft palate
  42. Moved to a new house, wont drink/eat.
  43. Omega 3 & I Need Help Convincing...
  44. Idiot Vet As.? Or Something Else?
  45. By Nature Goldleaf wet food?
  46. has anyone used Castor & Pollux Organix food?
  47. Wet food diet only - starting new employment, advice needed!
  48. Several issues with a deaf kitty.
  49. My poor Kitty...
  50. Old cat not well.
  51. I'm the one who posted about cat peeing blood . . this is
  52. UTI info needed please!
  53. Stitch Goes To The Vet Tomorrow!
  54. What the heck... floppy ear?!
  55. Cat vs human soccer
  56. Vaccinations NOW worms
  57. Is "kitten" food really necessary for kittens? How long?
  58. Fussy or more serious..?
  59. Possible ringworm?
  60. What type of vaccinations should be given every year?
  61. Weight Loss, Clear Vomit, Lethargic -- any ideas why???
  62. Question About Protein Analysis
  63. Missed a Vaccination?
  64. Twinkie Is Sick!!
  65. Miu's spay adventure
  66. Should we give booster shots every year ??
  67. Spayed in November, '09, looks like it's opened again
  68. How much food to leave?
  69. Equivalent to S/D
  70. Kitten suddenly has liquid feces
  71. Can you help with a suggestion or opinion on our cat's eye?
  72. Chronic Urinary Tract Infections :(
  73. where is kitty when you are out of town?
  74. Reasons for Limping
  75. Cat with over half his tongue amputated
  76. cat poops on high places
  77. lactating mum
  78. Should i put my cat on inteferon?
  79. Am I feeding them enough?
  80. Poll: Lowest Quality Wet or Highest Quality Dry?
  81. Foster kitty vomiting/off her food - How to settle stomach?
  82. Dry food help
  83. Wee small kitten..Help!
  84. PLEASE HELP!!! My Cat is Always Hungry and Always Pukes!!
  85. older cat anesthetic
  86. Will an open cut heal?
  87. Cat won't eat - Giving up....
  88. Ways of getting weight back on mother cat?
  89. Popped Shoulder, Concerned?
  90. Introducing wet - 6 to choose from - Help
  91. Youngest cat is hungry most of time + just saw blood in poop
  92. Spayed today - got questions
  93. Serious? Reduced eating and bowel movements.
  94. Third Eyelid won't close after GA
  95. Please Help, Cat Birth Defect Question!
  96. Long haired cat= poop in hair on tail
  97. diet advice for my old sick kitty
  98. Need "Evil-dry-food" article!
  99. Living with Herpes -- not me, the cat! ;)
  100. Strange Eye Problem - Opinions please
  101. I need help with a stray kitten I took in.
  102. hi all, worried my cat may be sick
  103. Fractured Pelvis
  104. Sick Kitty, Advice, please?
  105. Best brand of canned from Grocery store?
  106. When should a cat go to the vet?
  107. Little Kitty vomitting unexpectedly
  108. Anyone use Stewart Pet Food Flavor Enhancer?
  109. HELP! cat has been peeing blood for 3 wks, vet it stumped
  110. Chloe has scabs on head
  111. My Cat is unbalanced and falls down when trying to walk.
  112. Ace blocked again
  113. How to Determine Portions
  114. How to treat ringworms on cats?
  115. Portion size math
  117. ASPCA Cat clinics?
  118. Please Please Help
  119. Big belly on my kitty.
  120. Fay ate wet food!!! Happily
  121. Bladder Control Issues
  122. My cat has vomited 5 weeks. The vet doesnt know
  123. Did this make him sick?
  124. My cat died today, help with figuring out from what!
  125. Cat sneezes blood, worm found nearby!! URGENT!
  126. Ears suddenly itching and bothersome - is this urgent?
  127. My Situation / May help somebody / Advice / Feedback
  128. Please help me
  129. OMG! They finally ate wet food!
  130. Fruits for cats?
  131. Flea and tick drops reaction...please help
  132. Post-Spay: when can she be introduced?
  133. Wet food drying if left out
  134. Esophagus trauma?
  135. Oh please God not again (happy ending!)
  136. Can cat food?
  137. Kitty Health Check-up: What to expect?
  138. Missing patches of fur, bleeding
  139. Appropriate amount of Omega3
  140. Cat vomiting?
  141. Cat seems cold and uncomfortable
  142. My god, Mak. Again!?
  143. help... the dreaded ringworm!
  144. Companion Laser Therapy
  145. How long for post-weaning mammary glands to dry up?
  146. Lasers: Safe or dangerous?
  147. Is My Cat Sick? Happened Very Quick
  148. Asthma
  149. Poor foster kitty is in heat :(
  150. Need Advice
  151. Hairball.
  152. How to make kitten eat more?
  153. Enlarged liver?
  154. sick cat>>>>>>>help plz....
  155. New here - Help needed please....
  156. New Vet
  157. Young cat will not eat HELP!
  158. How long is too long without eating?
  159. Cat with uncontrolled bowel movements
  160. I think we're ready for the introduction... a few questions
  161. Tail's injury
  162. Tips on Administering Ear Drops?
  163. Eye issue help
  164. Seems like digestive problems?
  165. I have a health question :(
  166. Took back the Nutro... good riddance!
  167. eating less but still healthy?
  168. First time pet owner, help for my "chesty" kitty?
  169. Solid gold?
  170. Digestion - 2-part question
  171. Tender Dry Cat food - other than Tender Vittles?
  172. Smelly saliva
  173. Elderly cat not eating much.
  174. Pancreas & Liver issue w/Labs - 5 y/o cat is sick :-(
  175. Administering meds by syringe
  176. how fatten a cat?
  177. Elderly cat with heart & kidney problems. Food advice
  178. Feeding homecooked meals for 2 months
  179. Clay vs. corn/pine/wheat litter
  180. A step in the right direction re: article on dry kibble
  181. Nito is a Choc-a-holic
  182. Incisors look different?
  183. Changing from Nutro - Any Suggestions
  184. Percy's 11 years old
  185. Is Smokey getting enough?
  186. My cat is MUCH healthier now!
  187. My cats are constantly begging for food
  188. Scooter Bug~
  189. Miu really thinks she's a dog - eating dog chews!
  190. Issues with bowel movements.
  191. If I had to feed kibble one month
  192. Kitty Nails & Canned Food?
  193. Fancy Feast?
  194. My 6 mo old cats eye is watery but i dont know what to do
  195. Bloody Anus and occasional morning vomit...HELP!
  196. Question to vet experts about a cat's cancer
  197. No poop for 4 days, vomiting in the a.m.
  198. Eats too much?
  199. Force Feeding
  200. another post on food
  201. Raw Food Diet
  202. My cat is pulling fur out & changing colour, Vet can't help!
  203. My cat has blood in his stool.
  204. eye rupture
  205. Stray (probably pregnant) cat help?
  206. Feral cat with possible urinary tract infection
  207. Letting them cry it out
  208. Lenny's Back/Bone problem...Update
  209. Hypercalcemia -- Need High Fiber but High Quality Food!
  210. Cat Eating and Drinking, but still vomiting. :(
  211. Feeding question
  212. Afraid/uninterested by their fountain?
  213. Grade 2 Heart Murmur?
  214. Help me dose slippery elm
  215. Nerve damage in back leg
  216. Emery Cats?
  217. Bumps on cats neck **update**
  218. Just got Tigger back from the vets..
  219. CRF & body temp
  220. What are the odds?
  221. Callie Not Doing Well
  222. eye problems
  223. My cat sometimes stays away from home for up to 2 weeks...
  224. Bumps on cat's neck?
  225. Diarrhea-keopectate toxic?
  226. Dehydrated, sick cat that won't eat
  227. squamous cell carcinoma ... need some advice
  228. Clarification on FIV testing and vaccination.
  229. Drooling - vomitting-and mouth being stuck open :(
  230. Fat cats on wet food
  231. Just switched my cat to wet food... am I feeding him enough?
  232. Ear Problem/Possible Skin Infection (UPDATE/NEED HELP)
  233. Uh. Cat's stomach is talking to me.
  234. Furious with vet
  235. Herpes cat observations
  236. Urinary Tract Disease?
  237. Cat with Asthma and has Dehydration. Help!
  238. Questions about Elevated Liver Enzymes
  239. Olive juice?
  240. Cat vomiting and not eating
  241. Is weight a thyroid problem?
  242. my kitty can't walk straight.. what could it be help!!!!!
  243. food brands (wet and dry)
  244. sneezing
  245. Kitten with swollen tail!
  246. Ear mites..
  247. Potential paw damage?
  248. Fay is in heat again despite being spayed. I think.
  249. Food problems
  250. Fleas - what treatment to use?