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Health and Nutrition

  1. Pet Insurance?
  2. Question on Cat eating too fast
  3. Tooth problems?
  4. prey model raw diet
  5. Cat ate yarn
  6. My cat is unwell..Help wanted!
  7. Frustrated trying to switch cats from dry to wet food
  8. He is lethargic again and stopped eating...
  9. How can I avoid kidney failure ?
  10. Sick Cat
  11. My cat ate foam!! Need your advice and help..
  12. Food and Behavior
  13. FIP and a second cat
  14. Stubborn kitty only wants dry food
  15. Stray cat possibly pregnant?
  16. took my cat to the vet for sneezng
  17. Cat seems to have a problem with her paw
  18. Help needed with mouth ulcers...
  19. Please help with vomiting cat! Would like opinions....
  20. Wheezee baby
  21. found a food that ALL the cats love! :D
  22. sneening some of the time
  23. Skin allergy?
  24. When it rains, it pours
  25. Struvite crystals - what canned food?
  26. Recused Cat questions
  27. Hairball but nothing
  28. Good pet food for cat with pancreatitis
  29. how to save 150 ...
  30. Wet food
  31. Frontline
  32. Tweaking diet for 3 month kitten AND 5 yr old dog
  33. Serious Digestion Problem
  34. Cats + Heartworm
  35. Smokey's on antibiotics.
  36. Help needed, Kitten with possible cat flu recurrence
  37. Need some opinions about whether I'm doing the right thing
  38. Vitamin and mineral supplements
  39. Cortizone?
  40. Runny nose and watery eye
  41. Smokeys ill - please help!
  42. My adopted kitty has a respiratory infection!
  43. 9-10 month old kitten has a large bald patch- help!
  44. Alternative to C/D? Good food for urinary issues??
  45. Cat bitten: could get rabies. No vet available.Help! :(
  46. Sneezing Kitten
  47. Vomiting for a week, vet can't find a cause
  48. Sick cat???
  49. Did my cat have a seizure?
  50. I haven't had a cat in 20 years!
  51. bone malformation
  52. question about trying new food
  53. My cat is continuing to limp
  54. Refresh cat litter how often?
  55. My mom's cat has diarrhea
  56. Kidney problems?
  57. Raw diet rant
  58. Vetsulin for diabetic cats? *Urgent response needed*
  59. Skipping doses of medicine
  60. Cat is licking and scratching itself
  61. Burned cat paw: what next?
  62. dry cat food
  63. Tiny amount of blood in urine
  64. Unusual Kitten development
  65. Your thoughts and opinions on ORIJEN CAT FOOD
  66. Crating while away
  67. Immediately throwing up food
  68. Already?
  69. Hairball???
  70. Kitten has a sore, sore tail.
  71. Can I leave them for 17 hours with no food?
  72. Flea medicine question...
  73. HealthWise Dry Food
  74. Bit of a crisis...
  75. Recovering from a urinary blockage: warning signs?
  76. Kitty Been to Vet Three Times Now, but No Answers - Pls Help
  77. Flea Problem
  78. Holly had a rough day...
  79. Pet Pharmacies
  80. California Natural Dry Food
  81. Is the TV satellite box hazardous to cats?
  82. Will my Cat die
  83. Cats liver is giving grief
  84. how big is your cat?
  85. Sick Cat
  86. Is my Cat supposed to do that?
  87. New cat--should I try to get her off dry food now?
  88. My cat's ear is badly swollen :(
  89. Metacam Injections
  90. Ace had a urinary blockage
  91. Feline Chlamydiosis in my Kitten!
  92. Pain Med Options
  93. Cat eating habits
  94. is Iams cat food bad?
  95. Casper coughing and sneezing
  96. questions about Sugar and cats
  97. Urinary incontinence
  98. Missing Hip Joints
  99. 20% off at
  100. Will improving cat food improve my own cat allergies?
  101. dirutcs
  102. Upset and angry...yet again, Nala has fleas
  103. HELP! Sick kitty!
  104. IBD and Bladder Problems - please help
  105. Losing longer tail fur?
  106. Ingrediants in toothpaste.
  107. My 6 months old kitten didn't eat anything for two days
  108. Hairball or psychological?
  109. Vitamin Overdose
  110. Something's not right...*update*
  111. Help me diagnose my cat! Abuse or Illness?
  112. Has anyone used vinegar for ear cleaning?
  113. Vets and Antibiotics/Antifungals
  114. grain free and inexpensive... wet food
  115. need advice please...
  116. My cat gets the hiccups alot.
  117. What's wrong with him?
  118. Constant Ear Scratching
  119. Threw up bug thing..what is it?
  120. Safe to have a pal for my FIV cat?
  121. Crystals and Uri-Ease
  122. my beautiful sweet 1 yr old has pancreatitis
  123. leaking urine after urinary blockage
  124. How do you know when it's time to put your cat to sleep?
  125. 4yr Old Cat eating litter, won't stop.
  126. jaundice
  127. Sores on body...Fleas or something else?
  128. Anyone know anything about lungworm?
  129. Tartar on Teeth
  130. Cat with IBD How long should I try a food before moving on?
  131. Cat Food Recall
  132. There Seems to be a New Problem with Veterinary Insulin
  133. Cat diarrhea
  134. Neuro Doc Says Cat *Healthy* - Cat Still SICK
  135. Diamond Cat Food Recall
  136. Diet concerns
  137. Innova - hoping they like it.
  138. Can cats get kennel cough?
  139. Strange cat eatting behavior or is it just me???.....
  140. Is this the best food for a sensitive stomach cat?
  141. Feeding an FIV+ cat
  142. ALLIE is having an EYE problem.....suggestions?
  143. 2 kitties; vomiting and pooping.
  144. Tell me more about FIV
  145. In case anyone needed more convincing
  146. sick fat cat-what now?
  147. constipation?
  148. Cat won't eat anything but the cheap stuff
  149. Felidae Grain Free
  150. Lucifer - Aged 1 Year - very poorly - advice?
  151. Cat Keeps Being Sick
  152. OTC Dewormers?
  153. Cat keeps leaving bits of her food
  154. Thanksgiving turkey organs?
  155. Got concerns about my recent vet and my departed Taffy.
  156. Four cats and three are vomiting
  157. Cat's at the vet, doesn't look good.
  158. Something I hadn't thought of...
  159. Do you know whats wrong with my cat?
  160. Female Tabby Calico 10 Years Old - Neurological Problem?
  161. Constipation after falling in the litter box
  162. Cat Shiatsu
  163. Crystals
  164. My kitten has Hydrocephalis, need advice!!
  165. bald spots
  166. Help with my kittens gender?
  168. Sick kitty and I'm perplexed.
  169. Need help with recently adopted kittens!
  170. felix seems very unwell - even more news (less bleak)
  171. Cat Allergies and also ? Spider Plant
  172. Kitten and vaccination problem
  173. Cat food to prevent obesity?
  174. Cat threw up?
  175. Boof Bit Missy
  176. diet switch- kitty with Struvite crystals
  177. Cat scooting - but not for the usual reasons?
  178. Flea help?
  179. New at Petco - 'Soulistic' grain-free canned on sale!
  180. Ya's got me thinkin
  181. Eating inappropriate things
  182. Worried about my recently spayed cat
  183. Good, technical cat health book?
  184. Potty Problems
  185. How do I pick a vet to spay my kitten?
  186. hairless patch??
  187. Dirty Teeth
  188. Cat grass
  189. Antibiotics for gum disease?
  190. A few questions from a newbie!
  191. Concern!!!! CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE!
  192. Abnormally small cat, please help
  193. Cat Food Question
  194. She won't eat.
  195. can I microwave EVO canned cat food?
  196. Worried about Charlie - Update
  197. Sick kitty?
  198. Is this a tumor or something else?
  199. Tea Tree Oil
  200. How do I clean a cats teeth effectively?
  201. Innova EVO and Feces Issues
  202. Question about food...
  203. home/natural remedy for allergies??
  204. Need Your Advice/Help
  205. Hartz ultra guard plus
  206. Coccidia
  207. Spay complications
  208. To spay or not to spay? That is the question...
  209. Black stuff in Fern's nose
  210. Vets, Pets & Money
  211. Boiled Chicken
  212. Best Flea Medication
  213. Tigger and a brush with death. hemobartonellosis ??
  214. Sneezing!!!
  215. Help! My cat may have a broken tail...
  216. Problem with licked spots
  217. Help! Kitten with diarrhea
  218. How long does it take for open wet food to spoil?
  219. New mum, need advice!
  220. Parasite?
  221. What's up with my cat ?
  222. When it pours...more sick cats...
  223. Fat Cats
  224. Kitten Shots
  225. Cat gets H1N1!?!
  226. Do cats need distemper shots after 2 years of age?
  227. HELP! My cat has been grooming itself bald!
  228. teeth
  229. Panther is sick... *Update Posted*
  230. probiotics for cats
  231. Had to move my cat into home of smokers
  232. FDA report on VetSulin (warning!)
  233. Cat spay - infected incision site?
  234. HINI flu in Iowa Cat
  235. FeLV-
  236. How much should I be feeding?
  237. Strange skin growth
  238. Non-anesthesia teeth cleaning - worth it?
  239. Update on the kitty I rescued + Doxycycline
  240. Anyone treating diabetes with Vetsulin please read
  241. Manx Syndrome Kitten Needs Help
  242. Is chlorine dangerous for cats?
  243. Annie's Ultrasound
  244. Feline URI.
  245. CAT HURT?
  246. Cat having bloody stool and urinary crystals
  247. My cat Candy
  248. Older cat and kitten food question
  249. Can a fixed female cat be a surrogate mother?
  250. Cat help!!!