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Health and Nutrition

  1. Cat help!!!
  2. Percy's arthritis is acting up
  3. Healthy cat turned blind
  4. first aid for pets
  5. cat who has hyperthyroid
  6. cat ingested plant
  7. Hairball?
  8. Flying with an older cat
  9. Spaying cats changing attitude?
  10. Weak Back Leg?
  11. What Shots Should A Kitten Get?
  12. Took in a stray, have questions.....
  13. HELP! Cat with chronic vomiting, went to vets, wont eat...
  14. Can eating the same Fancy Feast make my cat sick?
  15. Not eating his food?
  16. Oral Cancer: When is it time to put him to sleep?
  17. My 5 mo old lost some teeth and I am freaking out
  18. Something seems really wrong with one of my cats
  19. Cat coughing, what is it? Video attached
  20. Upper Respitory Infection
  21. Itchy Skin
  22. Nutrition question and heart murmur info...
  23. Spaying too young?
  24. Poorly kitten...
  25. too much sleep?
  26. Nala has fleas AGAIN
  27. Cat's breathing sounds weird?
  28. I need advise for my Dio!!!
  29. Wellness Core question
  30. 2 questions
  31. Cats and sunshine
  32. is there such blookwork called critical care profile
  33. clear thick fluid being spit/coughed up
  34. Ewww! A tick!
  35. I'm baffled!
  36. one other thing can cats get swine flu from humans
  37. Hi all, new here and have a problem!
  38. Help: Boy won't eat enough, girls eats up whatever he leaves
  39. got a quick question please help
  40. My baby was diagnosed with Cancer (Hemangiosarcoma)
  41. anyone know if those cat poop test kits 1day results
  42. cant cats get any worms from bed mites
  43. is refrigerated amoxicialian good 12months later
  44. Feline Pine cat litter
  45. cat black eye? help.
  46. somewhat new cat has bllod in poop and always thirsty/partch
  47. Just curious.
  48. Are there any foods that are NOT ok for cats?
  49. dry food alert
  50. overweight kitten...
  51. Feeding problem
  52. Tweezer had nine teeth removed!
  53. cat food
  54. WHY ME!?
  55. Hemobartonella prevention
  56. Red blood cell count in quick decline..
  57. red eyelid
  58. I need some help
  59. To do with cat poo
  60. Male Cat died suddenly
  61. Diamond (food manufactorer) recalls cat food
  62. Qtips as cat toys?
  63. Induce vomiting...
  64. can collars cause health problems?
  65. Vet says Kitty needs teeth extracted
  66. Constant Begging
  67. best canned high quality food to promote gain weight
  68. Shocked--My Cat Peed In Front of Me Not in Litter Box
  69. Weight/ Appetite Loss
  70. My boys trying to pee on things.
  71. Is another vet visit needed?
  72. Kitten with irritated/broken gum.
  73. feline aids?
  74. What to feed during pregnancy
  75. Benazapril
  76. Annie Update (Blood in Stool)
  77. Cat has recurring mystery illness - help!
  78. Cat's kindeys have shut down, need advice!
  79. Kitten has runs >.<
  80. Help! Kitten in distress!
  81. How much do I feed my new Kitty?
  82. Should I Limit the Water Intake of My Kittens?
  83. Do Kittens Need Sunlight?
  84. Kitty arthritis?
  85. Cat Has A Bloated Tummy Like He's Swallowed A Water Balloon
  86. Vomited Up Breakfast
  87. my cat was lightly attacked with strange odour
  88. Balding cat with big belly
  89. Wysong recalls (dog) food due to mold!
  90. Our First Cat is Ill - Need help understanding
  91. Health problem??
  92. Brown Scabs on Back! Help!
  93. Diet for bladder stone-prone cat
  94. urgent: swollen stomach, not eating, but not fip
  95. Blood in Stool
  96. Bump on face
  97. Raising orphan kittens, need advice
  98. Wet Food portions
  99. Is it normal for cats to like wet food more than treats?
  100. Itching and scratching......HELP!
  101. Declawed?
  102. Carson's foot :(
  103. just checking
  104. Question for those feeding Canned/Wet Food
  105. Walking issue
  106. Probable lymphoma
  107. Pete is Bloated/Constipated after a Urinary infection bout
  108. New cat is sick
  109. Isis getting spayed today!?
  110. How can I tell if she is in pain?
  111. Wax build up?
  112. Sneezing fits... possible allergies?
  113. Cat Fleas
  114. cat seems sick please help.
  115. Is this Salmon Oil an Acceptable Brand?
  116. Kitten Born with One Red Eye ~ Why???
  117. PLEASE HELP!! cat very sick has not eaten in 4 days!!
  118. My cat has a bump on his chest. help?
  119. New cat
  120. Recoving from Urinary Blockage
  121. Tweezers mouth hurts.
  122. Scooter Bug has the runs...
  123. Furinaid supplement for cystitis?
  124. Rubbing her belly produces weird noises.
  125. How long do i feed them Kitten food?
  126. Diamond Recall
  127. frequent eye infections
  128. Kitten eating trash and other stuff
  129. Introducing occasional dry food meals
  130. New kitty is sick :-(
  131. in-grown hair on cat's back? small lump?
  132. Can a 14 year old tomcat be put under anaesthetic?
  133. Feeding a kitten: kitten formula or regular cat food? (wet)
  134. Constipation or something like that
  135. Strays-- diarrhea....
  136. Weight Loss and Joint Pain
  137. Rehydrated dry substitute for wet?
  138. Our cat won't eat or drnk!
  139. Cats have diarrhea
  140. Where do you buy your flea control?
  141. Is it okay to feed boiled chicken daily?
  142. cheap high quality canned food-does such a thing exist?
  143. Desperately trying to understand what is best food!
  144. "Voluntary withdrawal" of Nutro puppy foods (mltd plastic)
  145. Minor flea problem - what in addition to Frontline?
  146. vet clipped nails without consent
  147. Ear Mites? Infection? Or just ear wax?
  148. New with question
  149. Holistic Remedies for Struvite crystals?
  150. Strange symptom...
  151. What health issues to watch out for with a senior cat?
  152. Free shipping at petfooddirect
  153. Some help please!
  154. Cat feeding problem
  155. I have an idea, is it a good one?
  156. Achy cat
  157. grain free and eating
  158. Post-Spay health
  159. Help with medical issue please anyone?
  160. New Cat Issues
  161. Sudden hairless belly?
  162. Confused with DRY food: grain free or not?
  163. I need help with feeding my 2 cats:too picky?
  164. what dry food to feed 18 year old cat?
  165. Wet food suppliers
  166. 4/5 kittens prefer real food. (And 1/5 still wants mama...)
  167. Addicted to Mascarpone?
  168. A total change of diet...
  169. Cat sick and vet keeps changing to new foods.
  170. infection
  171. What is excessive urination?
  172. Really need some experts regarding a lump on my cat's chin
  173. Help, my cat has scabs on her face
  174. How much egg to feed kitten?
  175. my cat
  176. Problems With Anal Glands
  177. Age to Neuter?
  178. Medication for allergies?
  179. Price of Hill's Prescription Diet k/d (with chicken) cans
  180. How often do you clean the cat box?
  181. Wart on paw pad?
  182. Help with stray kitten
  183. Anyone have any experience with non flu & cat flu carriers?
  184. Cat with Cancer
  185. Flea treatment and control questions
  186. Lymphoma diagnosis
  187. When do you go to the vet?
  188. Canned Food Question
  189. If you can't afford to feed canned question
  190. Do cats need electrolytes?
  191. What do you feed your kitten/cat?
  192. How much and how often to feed kitten?
  193. Which brand of Cat Food?
  194. Taking the kitten we found to the vet tomorrow... Herpes?
  195. Innova vs. Evo for a kitten
  196. foul smelling cat poop...
  197. How do you clean stitches?
  198. Nutricoat, is it ok to give cats?
  199. Feeding Times
  200. Best way to remove cat stains?
  201. How hard will it be to switch food?
  202. Relativily healthy and tasty treats?
  203. Which is better....Natural Balance VS. Solid Gold?
  204. Ears: Clean myself or take to vet?
  205. Cat refusing to eat
  206. Toby's Diarreah
  207. Food/Diet for Urinary Blockage
  208. Worried about teeth extractions and health.
  209. Vet time...Vaccination question
  210. pine /cedar litters?
  211. Constipation and Weight Diet
  212. Poor quality wet food > good quality dry food?
  213. Advice on diet & loose stools
  214. Help me find a new wet food?
  215. Contacting California Natural
  216. Best wet food for kittens
  217. Cat Spay
  218. Found a homeless kitty! Tons of questions! New to cats!
  219. Blood in urine still!
  220. Stray Cat Possible Bone Defect?
  221. A reminder when buying food
  222. Dwarfism in cats...
  223. Blood in vomit - advice please
  224. Cat has a large bump on her head.
  225. Diabetes
  226. URI- Advice Please
  227. Canned Food Soup
  228. Cat's third eyelid is showing, is she sick?
  229. Crooked tooth
  230. My cat wants to eat every 2-3 hours...
  231. Senior with Diabetes and Kidney Failure
  232. Hope I'm doing this right... it's been a while
  233. Weird skin problem! please help!!
  234. a cat with OCD? mentally handicapped cat?
  235. Canned crab meat?
  236. Kitty who chows down on his fur!
  237. Nutrition for Ragdoll kittens
  238. Drooling and making odd noises
  239. Max + sneezing + watery eyes
  240. Cat lethargic - need second opinion please
  241. Cat wiping her bum on carpet!
  242. Cleo's mats
  243. Kitten swallowed pesticide
  244. Infected Or Not
  245. paws and bum, licking until bleeding and infected.
  246. Greenies, Brushing Teeth, and Nutrition
  247. Need help with ID on a rash
  248. Tooth not falling out?
  249. Son's kitten is NOT healthy! UPDATE :)
  250. Cat Genie?