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Health and Nutrition

  1. Our cat never seems full- meows constantly all day for food
  2. Worried about post-op complication, but vet doesn't seem to
  3. Taste of the Wild
  4. cat with possible skin cancer
  5. I Think My 13 Year Old Has Kidney Problems...
  6. Cause of Diarrhea?
  7. is my cat having a skin disease???? please help!
  8. Please help - weird loud purring and rapid weight loss??
  9. Bloated Belly
  10. Can't Retract A Claw
  11. Poor Chica :-(
  12. Senior cat list of issues
  13. Fish oil or not to Fish oil
  14. Well this should teach her....frogs
  15. Blood in Stool
  16. Feeding cats fish and chicken
  17. Traumatised after a fall? Gratefull for any advice
  18. Is my cat actually pooping hairballs?
  19. My cat has cancer...
  20. Cat seems constipated but doesn't act like it
  21. Travelling with cats.
  22. Cat eating litter, please help.
  23. bumps under spay incision
  24. Flea problem
  25. Nose...Not Moist
  26. my cat has a hernia, what do i do?????
  27. Cat coat treatment
  28. On again/off again diarrhea?
  29. Cat played in the fireplace
  30. Any Help Please??
  31. Petsmart's Authority wet food
  32. Dental resorption lesions
  33. My parents' cat has idiopathic cystitis. UPDATE: Surgery!
  34. Cat got into a fight *cuts on eye & lip*
  35. What Are We Feeding Them!
  36. Toxoplasmosis - Infected Cat (IgM+) Nonimmune pregnant owner
  37. One Red Eye
  38. problems with TOTW
  39. new foog going good wellness core
  40. Hey folks - White spot/sore/something on my cats gums.
  41. Big Problem - Lens Luxation with my Cat
  42. Wet vs. Dry Food, and other questions
  43. Feeding time when young is with old.
  44. Kitty vomit..
  45. thyroid treatment and blood tests
  46. Cats that eat grapes -- why are grapes bad for cats?
  47. Urgent! ! !
  48. spay/neuter question
  49. Cat scratches chin
  50. Ice Cream?
  51. Kitten lice...need help!
  52. Grain free cat food...or best cat food in general?
  53. Fergie may have eaten an earplug
  54. an innocent victim of cruelty
  55. Felix isnt very well
  56. Please help! Cat's eyes are not improving??
  57. Stray Kittens- rabies exposure? -Update
  58. Underweigth Newborn Kittens
  59. Soft lump under skin on chest?
  60. Is Gadget sick? Appetite loss, weight gain
  61. Cat Paw
  62. TOTW recall gossip
  63. treats for a kitty prone to crystals?
  64. Feeding boiled chicken as snack
  65. Can I Ask something about dogs?
  66. Vacation?
  67. yogurt as a summer treat
  68. Please help! My cat might be in heat at 7 wks pregnancy??!
  69. kitten sniffles
  70. Homeopathic Thuja after vaccinations
  71. cat claw split to the quick - HELP!
  72. Holistic Blend grain free food
  73. bleeding gum?
  74. Those who feed wet only
  75. Just took him to the vet.
  76. Major Flea Problem
  77. Please help with new kitty.
  78. help please with older cat
  79. seeking some food and grooming advice/suggestions
  80. Cat with Upper Respiratory Infections & possible Allergies
  81. Shampoo or Soap Recommendations?
  82. Help! Need hygene advice for my cat!
  83. Front/four legs paralysis?
  84. HELP!! My cat hasn't been eating or drinking
  85. poorly cat
  86. Good canned food for my diabetic cat
  87. *sigh* So how bad is this Fancy Feast dry?
  88. Is This Ear Mites, Chiggers, Ringworm???
  89. Need help eliminating fish from their diet
  90. How long does it take for antibiotics to take effect?
  91. Dieting in a multi-cat household?
  92. Question about "corn gluten meal"
  93. Help ASAP!! Please!!
  94. Milo now hates his SD k/d wet
  95. Emergency. Please help.
  96. Cancer - fibrosarcoma
  97. Concerns about my cat's eyes.
  98. cats tail
  99. Am I not feeding my kitten enough?
  100. Peeing issues & Clavamox
  102. help with my cat!!!
  103. Throwing up worms
  104. Soy canned cat food?
  106. Canadian cat food?
  107. Flea Products can Kill Your cat
  108. How Old Should a Kitten Be to Worm???
  109. I think Fay is in heat again
  110. Worried about my 1 yr old cat.
  111. Cat is Sick Lots
  112. Weaning two 4-week old orphaned kittens
  113. Broken back claws
  114. Uh oh, cat fight :(
  115. Feed Advice 4 kitten
  116. METACAM
  117. Spay Incision - Something Wrong?
  118. Drinking from a tall water glass?
  119. Vitamin C
  120. Tiger spent night at vet's office:(
  121. Cleaning teeth
  122. mixing cat litter?
  123. What is wrong with my kitty? [pic included]
  124. I think boof ate some string
  125. Concerned about my cat
  126. Gassy Cat
  127. Worm / String Coming from Cat's butt
  128. At my wits end.
  129. new kitten eating new food, HORRIBLE potty problem
  130. Ayurveda for cats?
  131. Poor Lexie...
  132. pumpkin
  133. Mite bites..?Help please
  134. Strange Behavior: Spraying posture with no spray
  135. My friend's cat is sick
  136. Unwell Cat
  137. Cat Itching problem
  138. Advice on feeding post-op terminally ill cat
  139. what is the kind of recovery time...
  140. Her eye is swelling
  141. Kitty Lymphoma
  142. Constipated kitten/healthy adult- can they eat the same food
  143. Feline Tuberculosis
  144. New cat owner needs help
  145. Ear problems & allergies
  146. Cat in heat, odd situation....advice please.
  147. canned food dilemma
  148. How do you know when it is time?
  149. Concern... please help a newbie :)
  150. Sick kitten, HELP!
  151. 14 week old kitten with hairballs
  152. Sister's kitty - kidney issues and diet
  153. NB duck and pea MOLD?
  154. The Switch from Dry to Canned
  155. Soaked dry cat food.
  156. Rare disease? Scratching, diarrhea, etc.
  157. Before Grain canned foods
  158. need some advice please....
  159. One of the fosters is not doing well... Updated.
  160. Don't know what to do about fleas.
  161. Cat is ill & vet has no idea what's wrong - advice?
  162. Kitten not suckling?
  163. Kitten has loose stool
  164. Weaning off Milk
  165. Non-medicating flea remedies
  166. My Star has a bald spot.
  167. Seven things your veterinarian should tell you.
  168. Is that safe? Please help.
  169. Sentry Natural Defense Spray for fleas
  170. Claw trimming
  171. Cat fleas
  172. Bald Spots?
  173. Do have "milk teeth"?!
  174. Spaying?
  175. FOOD
  176. Feline Inflammatory Bowel Disease aka Feline IBD
  177. Trader Joe's Cat food
  178. breathing hard
  179. Any cats with indoor/outdoor allergies? What medications?
  180. Need help!!!! UTI food?
  181. Health Insurance
  182. Capstar flea control-has anyone used it?
  183. Sticky saliva make spiky kitty
  184. Cat no longer eats her wet food!
  185. oy praying for a poop
  186. PEEING?
  187. Please help me solve this before it becomes a problem....
  188. Scary diagnosis - anyone heard of this back/bone problem?
  189. Blue Wilderness canned food?
  190. eye problem
  191. My cats are overweight
  192. How long for Amoxy to leave cats system?
  193. How can I convince my mom to feed "Boo" properly?
  194. Have I finally found a good canned food?
  195. Smelly Breath
  196. vomiting
  197. Chica's Exotic Snacking
  198. Please help with my ill cat HELP
  199. By Nature Organics dry food? or overexcited kitties?
  200. 2-Year-Old Female Cat Won't Eat, Is Getting Skeletal
  201. Twitches and Itches
  202. Orphan Kittens-Help Please.- Lost 1.
  203. Other cat -- vomiting and won't eat
  204. toby unwell ... stitches out but slight concern
  205. cat won't eat wet food?
  206. Tar Spot
  207. Kittens
  208. Can Cats Cause Liver Enlargement?
  209. Tape Worm - Praziquantel
  210. jigger and cleo
  211. Finally, a diagnosis...
  212. Bald spot on forehead
  213. cat tearing out his hair
  214. Irritation around injection site
  215. Can crazy-spastic activity make them throw up?
  216. Kitten and now CAT won't stop peeing on things...
  217. Very Sick Cat...Worried please help!!!
  218. Cat Pimple or scab?
  219. My cat's nipples are large and pink...
  220. Sophie :(
  221. Tonka had his check-up!
  222. coughing cat
  223. Worried about RayRay
  224. Can Predisoline make a cats stomach upset?
  225. Kitten's eyes...I need advice and/or support!
  226. leaving wet food out while away from home
  227. Kitty appetite?
  228. New kitten with diareeah
  229. Arthritis and Metacam
  230. Worry warting?
  231. losing hair and weight
  232. bald spot on my cat's paw?
  233. Pregnant or Worms?!?
  234. Sick Kitty
  235. Urinary problem spinoff -- advice?
  237. Trying to get Harrie onto decent wet food
  238. Simba +too much meowing&food
  239. Kovie fell out of a tree!!! :-(
  240. My cat is still not eatting....
  241. RayRay getting his dental tomorrow.
  242. kitten not going to the toilet
  243. Buying a kitten with a congenital defect
  244. Balding ears and soreness
  245. Baths ???????
  246. Water In Ears. What to do?
  247. I need help!
  248. Cat mouth infection
  249. Protrusion from cats stomach
  250. What's in your rotation???