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Health and Nutrition

  1. So nervous two spay and a neuter on Monday
  2. Canned/Dry Food Help?
  3. Wellness CORE canned!
  4. Does chlorine kill fleas?
  5. Some advise for a very worried mom
  6. Poor RayRay
  7. Are mushrooms a no-no?
  8. Urinary problem, what is best food now?
  9. my cat has bad that a problem?
  10. Ahhhh!! Trying to figure out carbs, protein, fat! Help!!
  11. HELP: How often should kitty poop and appearance?
  12. Hyperthyroidism or just old age?
  13. Ear Mites? / Vet Suggestion
  14. Seizure and Hypoglycemia.
  15. Throwing Up
  16. Cat's incision opened after suture removal
  17. Just had her kittens now losing fur?
  18. fiesty delaney over food
  19. Male Cat Mounting Male Kitten...HELP!
  20. pet food direct coupon code
  21. Enough Food?
  22. Patchy hair loss
  23. Patchy hair loss
  24. spaying...
  25. Chicken Soup fish content
  26. Nutro Max Senior Cat Food
  27. Fatty Cat BElly
  28. Finally!!
  29. How can I prevent my neutered cat from becoming overweight?
  30. Feeding schedule for new kitten
  31. flea problem? weight loss!
  32. Has anyone here used Zoologix for lab tests?
  33. dry heaves
  34. Is sweat-salt dehydrating for cats?
  35. Seizures
  36. What do you guys think of Wellness Complete Health Chicken?
  37. Good news with switching off vet food to high quality canned
  38. Cat's poo STINKS!
  39. 2 Year old cat loosing weight, no appitite. Weird rash/spot?
  40. Why is fish bad for cats?
  41. Wet Food Measurements: All Wet Diet HELP
  42. Need Help with food
  43. Advise and questions about Nasal tumors
  44. Natural remedies for bladder and urinary tract issues?
  45. before grain chicken/wysong nurture w pheasant
  46. Giardia or coccidia? Fecal question
  47. Vitakitty treats from Catswell & Dogswell?
  48. Vaccinations?
  49. new lid diets from natural balance
  50. Bloody urine after catheterization
  51. Question about food...
  52. Help a new cat owner choose what food is best!
  53. Glittery urine
  54. how do you rotate food?
  55. Brain damage?
  56. Affordable Cat Ultrasound in Atlanta (bladder/Urinary Tract?
  57. My kitty got fat fast, im worried
  58. Wet Food Help (please . . . )
  59. stinky cat, abnormal stool. help!
  60. Kitty Loosing weight. :(
  61. JUST hairballs?
  62. Hernia?
  63. Help! Not sure what to do with this cat...
  64. What is recommended salt intake for cats...?
  65. Smelly kitten? Sorry, bit gross!
  66. Cat has one watery eye but no other symptoms
  67. 6 week old rapid respiration rate?
  68. ..
  69. What illness does my cat have? Help!!
  70. cat diagnosed with heartworm
  71. Concerned about changes in our cats eyes
  72. How often do cats really need to eat?
  73. Diabetes / Insulin level
  74. How to feed a kitten
  75. Pet safe ant traps?
  76. food nutrition resource
  77. Lump under skin after rabies vaccine
  79. Convenia Injectable ?
  80. House Call Vets
  81. Cat continuous eye problems.
  82. What's wrong with my cat?
  83. I think Toby is blind in one eye ...
  84. Two weeks since it safe to put cat under..
  85. What is this, and what should we do? Please help!! *UPDATES*
  86. Puke
  87. Crusty Nose
  88. Fleas or allergy?
  89. Cat drags her butt on the carpet.. Help?!
  90. Poor Coat Quality on Mama
  91. What should I feed my Persian?
  92. Advice
  93. Small red mark appeared above on my cat's "eyebrow."
  94. Black Thing On Cat Eye.....(Have Photos)
  95. Fleas on young kitten
  96. 7-ish week old kitten with diarrhea (Nathan & Emily)
  97. How hot is too hot for a cat?
  98. Should I brush cat's teeth if she has...
  99. First time kitten owner - kitten nutrition
  100. Inside cat outside-> fleas??
  101. Crying kitten.
  102. How do you know when FIV becomes AIDS?
  103. Soymilk
  104. Cat Swollen Eye
  105. Anyone tried PetGuard wet or dry?
  106. Doran got stung by a bee!
  107. Evangers food problem again - mostly dogs, but...
  108. How much food?
  109. Sad day.
  110. Judging whether fees are reasonable...
  111. Need Input!: Best Wet Food for FLUTD?
  112. They seem OK
  113. argh ticks!
  114. Why aren't they eating???
  115. Sick stray cat
  116. some advice regarding vomiting (warning - kinda gross)
  117. Teeth cleaning
  118. Charlie has chin acne
  119. T. Foetus Confirmed
  120. My cat swallowed a string
  121. Kitten has skin issues..HELP!
  122. Adopted cat with medical problems- sad, long
  123. Vomit
  124. Strange behavior, something isn't right
  125. 8 month old stopped eating
  126. Constant scratching
  127. Kitten Feeding Poll
  128. Generic Med for Hyper throid?
  129. Cat having toilet problems
  130. EVO Opinions
  131. Cat with CRF
  132. Cat ate styraphoam
  133. Cat has purple eyelid, PLEASE help!
  134. Not the typical kitten eye question
  135. Cha Cha the Siamese Cat is Sick, and I Need Some Advice.
  136. Kidney problems from diet?
  137. Vomiting
  138. Eating cement
  139. Kitten has diarrhea? Help me!
  140. Nose??
  141. Cat Urinary Infection: Now diarrhea?
  142. Need info quick
  143. keeping cats healthy/maintenance
  144. Cat Stinks!
  145. Pregnant cat, strange behavior
  146. Uh oh! Someone help!
  147. Advice for new cat owner
  148. Possible asthma attack?
  149. HELP!!!
  150. Split claw?!
  151. Mosquito Bites
  152. 3 Abandoned Kittens! I need some advice!
  153. Ear wax
  154. Forgot to ask vet and dental is tomorrow...can I give water?
  155. Need Help with Raw Food To Keep Teeth Clean
  156. Ear mite drops
  157. Cat had all her teeth removed.
  158. Fern will only eat beef or fish wet food.....
  159. What's your average time between vet visits?
  160. Kittens about 4 weeks old..need help
  161. and its off to the vet we go....
  162. Overweight Cat
  163. Cat Eye Discharge
  164. Innova causing cat to be itchy?
  165. Kitty with diarrhea
  166. Is he growing and eveloping faster then normal??
  167. Anyone ever heard of cat eating light snack morning of...
  168. Precautions against Feline Leukemia?
  169. Cat stopped eating yesterday and funny behavior?
  170. Please Help!!!!! My senior cat is sick
  171. Some questions.
  172. cat fallen from 8th floor
  173. sick kitty - corona/giardia/TF
  174. Help! Sick barn cat
  175. Some funny scabs
  176. OMG PLZ HELP!
  177. Something on the surface of my cat's eyeball
  178. Is pain med needed after dental extracton?
  179. What is the safest anesthesia for a dental procedure?
  180. Choosing A Vet
  181. Is it healthy for a cat to have fish as their main food?
  182. 2 Day Old Kitten
  183. Help !!!
  184. Help my cat has a skin problem.
  185. When to reduce feedings?
  186. Growth On Outside Of Tooth
  187. Canned Food
  188. Permitrin Poisoning
  189. Kitty ear + closing window
  190. Sluggish kitteh
  191. new food with garlic
  192. Kitten in poor condition - was given Xanax
  193. Bad news for Chica- I'm scared! :-(
  194. :( Max + Diarrhea
  195. My cat won't eat while we're away.
  196. Cat scraped ear
  197. A little throw-up and a lot of Diarrhea-What's the cause?
  198. Orphan kittens refusing to be fed
  199. Cat sick
  200. Farm cat near death...
  201. cat has raised bumps on base of each ear
  202. Nutro Dry Cat Food.... Anyone feed it?>
  203. kittys in the hospital with anemia, help please
  204. my cat might be sick, is it serious?
  205. my cat might be sick, is it serious
  206. Cat losing fur on belly
  207. Health Insurance
  208. My cat is behaving very strange.
  209. Nutro recall
  210. kitty with sore mouth needs soft foods- ideas?
  211. Kitten - Toliet Trouble - Please help/advise
  212. Nail Trim
  213. new kitten has weird white scabby spots on his skin
  214. flea and tapeworm treatment
  215. Cat litter questions
  216. what should my cats weight be
  217. Chronic Stomatitis
  218. worried about not peeing yet...
  219. What food do you feed your cat?
  220. mothering a 4-5 week
  221. Food Allergy
  222. Urinating/pooping on floor. Recently lost his brother
  223. Worried about growth behind ear on Siamese!
  224. Best milk replacement for kittens
  225. cat claws
  226. Woims!
  227. Thoughts on what time of day cats should eat?
  228. Peeing Issue?
  229. Canned Kitten food question
  230. Do we really need vitamin pills for cat?
  231. cat's lower lip puffy and she's drooling
  232. Could Use Some Help With My 20yr Old
  233. vaccintaion help please
  234. High fiber dry food
  235. cat saliva problem???
  236. UK Cat Foods
  237. I should re-name my cat -Itis
  238. Blood in Stool
  239. Microchip Migration
  240. Help with injured cat reintroduction and more
  241. Opinons on California Natural Wet vs Nature's Variety Wet..
  242. Applaws dry food (new food for the UK)
  243. Intermittent limping in cat?
  244. What's wrong with her feet??? Update - sunburn?
  245. Do I need this X-ray?
  246. Cat with diarrhea or is it just the clumping litter?
  247. Need assistant from cat nuts out there. Very serious - emerg
  248. Severe constipation *help*
  249. Please Help
  250. advice on food & tummy upset