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Health and Nutrition

  1. Pain meds
  3. Instinct Brand cat food
  4. big tummy and fast heart rate
  5. Diarrhea in Newly Weaned Kitten
  6. Pre-diabetes - What do I feed him?
  7. Restricting movement
  8. Kidney & diet
  9. Paralized kitten, need advice
  10. Heart murmur
  11. Ponytail the kitten
  12. RABIES! Attn: Mitts & Tess and all AZ/SouthWest members
  13. Kidney Failure
  14. Cat Jumps When Ear is Touched
  15. Found leg lump on Nico
  16. Recommendations for High Calorie Food
  17. Flea and heartworm protection for indoor cats?
  18. Weruba can cat food?
  19. feline anal seepage? :\
  20. Devon Rex skin problem/food issues
  21. Question about bladder infections
  22. 7 week old kitten
  23. Peter puking hairballs and not eating
  24. New vomiting in 2/3 cats. (+bonus pics of cats!)
  25. Is this barf and should I be worried?
  26. kitty rushed to ER vet this morning- bladder issues
  27. Urgent help needed about a kitten
  28. Taurine and Potassium Question
  29. Newborn kittens, one has a problem..
  30. Kitten with reverse sneeze?
  31. Kitten stopped eating wet food
  32. Anal Glands...
  33. Eye is having discharge
  34. Suggestions for a dry food with a smaller kibble size.
  35. Lymphoma?
  36. What treats do you give (and does it matter?)
  37. Today is Caspers dental *update
  38. Kittens coming soon... question about feeding
  39. Lump on neck (in the front)
  40. Holistic and Alternative Medicine For Cats (Atlanta area)
  41. Worried about our 6-year old male Sparta with Metacam
  42. Farting Kitty
  43. Ear mites!?!?
  44. Sick cat after flea and worming treatment
  45. Neutering my cat in May
  46. e-collar troubles
  47. constipated kitty
  48. Help!! My cat is feeling really bad !
  49. Cat Kidney Failur
  50. Wellness for Less?
  51. Taz has lost 3 pounds
  52. Good wet food options?
  53. suggestions?
  54. Drontal
  55. feline hyperesthesia syndrome
  56. cat has diarrhea
  57. Cat with previous Crystals and urinary tract infection.
  58. Ringworm, Roundworm and Diarrhoea
  59. Toby needs to see a vet. EDIT: question about Hollistic vets
  60. Mama has an enlarged heart...
  61. Cat with neurological disorder
  62. My kitten's eye is turned weird
  63. Would getting my cat's anal glands removed help her?
  64. Cat Hoarse After Anesthesia
  65. Preggo kitties and eye issues...
  66. The Sneeziest Kitten Ever!
  67. Kitten Foot Problem?
  68. Misdiagnosis on X-ray?
  69. Coughing Cat
  70. Are Spay Stiches OK?
  71. My cats cant eat Dry Food anymore? Sudden Onset.
  72. type of food
  73. Drontal Wormer
  74. swollen anus
  75. Dealing with leaving a cat alone.
  76. Vac for my cat
  77. Kitties with persistant diarrhea
  78. Desexing time...
  79. Bed Pooper- questions??
  80. Cat Feces looks strange!!!
  81. My 9 nine year old cat was put down yesterday. I am very sad
  82. Bloody discharge?
  83. Swelling around nipples after spay
  84. 2 cats 1 needs diet
  85. Need advise on my options for a sick cat, please.
  86. 3 Cat household questions..1 cat recently diagnosed w/ CRF
  87. Two stray cats with cold in their eyes, need help.
  89. My tabby Misty is still vomitting with every food I try.
  90. Bowel inflammation? Still worried...
  91. Cat Eye Problem :-(
  92. Grain-free dry that's lower in calories than EVO?
  93. weight gain help
  94. abcess
  95. Hair knots
  96. Tooth looks weird!
  97. Questions on varying their wet food
  98. Cat(s) keep vomitting
  99. Again with the bad cans of wet food!
  100. End of kittens tail is gone??
  101. Kiddles needs to loose weight
  102. Valerian - usage and reviews please
  103. emergency vet appointment...oh no:(
  104. New mom is breathing hard while nursing...
  105. Newborn runt questions
  106. Feeding? One Kitty on Diet, But Two Kitties in Household
  107. Blood in her diarrhea
  108. Question about Canned Foods
  109. Elderly Cat not using litter box
  110. Ringworm
  111. Overweight Cats
  112. Please opinions on injured cat.
  113. Cats and soy protein?
  114. Help! My cat acts like he's starving....
  115. Weight Loss in my 4 year old male cat
  116. puberty and chubbiness for Cupido/ food transitions
  117. Kittens not being pottied by mama.. help
  118. Katie have problem itch his skin area ear
  119. UPDATE-Newborn Kitten Problem
  120. Kittens have been born! One has a problem...
  121. bald from excessive licking
  122. Wellness a newly opened case.
  123. I have a problem
  124. Thoughts on Weruva canned food
  125. Thoughts on Natural Balance dry food?
  126. unvaccinated surrogate mom for orphaned kittens???
  127. Please help
  128. Advantage Dog vs Cat formula
  129. Please help diagnose my kitty!
  130. Cat Delivery Problems?
  131. Bad Habit
  132. Kiki has tapeworm X(
  133. how often should i feed nursing cat?
  134. Chronic Kidney failure
  135. What do "Crystals" look like in the Litter?
  136. NEED HELP PLS FELV 2 positive togehter with 1 NEGATIVE ???
  137. My Co-Workers cat is having issues.
  138. My Kitten Was Attacked....
  139. my cat has lost appx 2 lbs since jan is this normal?
  140. help please...pregnant kitty sneezing:(
  141. eye infection on kittens
  142. Older Cat with weight loss and appetite issues
  143. She is not eating wet anymore!!
  144. 7 month old lethargic
  145. Cat fur
  146. Do cats get colds and flu?
  147. Cat digestive issues with new cat food
  148. Hungry, Hungry Kitties
  149. Need advice about neutered and spayed cats.
  150. Worried About Harry's Chin
  151. epilepsy
  152. My cat is in pain.
  154. My cat like Felix pouches but not Felix can, why?? :S
  155. A question about dry food.
  156. Renal Diet foods
  157. Losing interest in BG dry???
  158. Cat food causing fur stain?
  159. Kitty not eating acting strange need help
  160. Wierd scab, any ideas?
  161. New Kitty and Food Question
  162. Overweight cat, strange smelling urine
  163. Little kitty pts
  164. Cats getting sick on Chicken Soup for the cat lover's soul?
  165. Newbie after advice please...
  166. Need some help for a friend
  167. Squinty eye
  168. My cat needs your HELP !!!
  169. Overweight What to do now?
  170. I'm feeding him wrong?
  171. Some food questions
  172. Please Help! My cat has an unknown illness
  173. Overweight or not, how to recognize?
  174. poorly kitty
  175. 20 year old kitty - looking for advice on vets results
  176. Continuum¯ Feline P vaccine
  177. one week old kitten with red eyes
  178. Something wrong with my cats mouth...any ideas?
  179. Did I make the right decision?
  180. switch foods
  181. My Birman and his vomiting ways
  182. Frustrating Morning... Not a good way to start a day
  183. New kitten
  184. Hairballs
  185. new dry cat food - UK
  186. Abscess or Bee Sting
  187. Grass for cats? Can they eat grass??
  188. Help with my cat i dont know whats wrong?=[
  189. Peace Lily?
  190. 7 Year old cat, doesn't care for raw food much.
  191. Sunshine
  192. Sick Cat Bambi?
  193. My cat vomits cat food but not turkey or chicken!!
  194. Drooling - allergic reaction or stress?
  195. Itching to the point of mutilation...
  197. How long can canned food stay in fridge?
  198. she's driving me crazy!
  199. Crystals in urine, not a UTI?
  200. Cat with ear mites?
  201. Vomit, Constipation?
  202. Please help
  203. Older cat acting very strange
  204. Unsure if he has or hasn't had Vacine...
  205. Question about changing cat's food...
  206. White film and tears.. will his eyes be ok?
  207. 10 month old cat with URI and fever that keeps coming back
  208. Allergies/skin complaints
  209. Should I shave my persian this spring?
  210. Wet food and acne
  211. vomiting in older cat with multiple health issues
  212. Cat fell
  213. Uh oh need hlp wit new kitteh Precious not wanting her foodz
  214. N-bone chews?
  215. Poo color, is it normal?
  216. Brushing cats' teeth....
  217. 8 year old cat sick please respond
  218. Science Diet Sensitive Stomach
  219. Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex?
  220. Newly adopted cat - vaccine reaction? Please Help!
  221. Is beef Jerky ok?
  222. Utter Outrage - A Vet's mistake.
  223. bump on cats stomach
  224. Issue with cutting back on dry food in favor of wet
  225. Nasopharyngeal Polyps and/or prevention of re-growth
  226. need advice on vacinations for Mango for tomorrow
  227. Multis for cats?
  228. Lymphocyte T-Cell Immunomodulator
  229. Eye?
  230. HELP! Semi-feral/drop-off dying from some kind of disease
  231. Fish
  232. Poo!
  233. Taurine
  234. Can't believe they only contain 4% meat/fish
  235. Newly adopted cat is sick... maybe a cold?
  236. adventures in cat food
  237. New Raw Food Diet Forum
  238. Ways to pill a cat
  239. Urgent-Kittens
  240. question about food
  241. Cat food confusion
  242. How long is an open can of wet food good?
  243. Go Cat
  244. Questions about my two cats....
  245. Roundworm in stomach
  246. Cats Food Survey
  247. Presumed positive adopting another cat?
  248. Bald Spots?
  249. Lump which could be scar tissue?
  250. Prevent gingivitis