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Health and Nutrition

  1. Prevent gingivitis
  2. Disturbing episodes from my cat....
  3. Dust in nose
  4. Red & Irritated Gums...
  5. vet check up or not?
  6. Kittens!
  7. Cat urine with no odor? Is it even urine?
  8. Which food is better?
  9. Urgent - need vet's opinion - PLEASE!
  10. By Nature naturals wet food half price at
  11. Is Sadie eating enough?
  12. Any experience with Halo "Spot's Stew" dry food?
  13. UTI, Hill's Prescription Diet, Cat Won't eat it.
  14. Opinions on these two brands?
  15. Feline calicivirus
  16. Should i continue feeding my cat Innova or switch?
  17. Head Trauma prognosis
  18. Dealing with kidney failure
  19. Will my cat get seriously ill after being on an airplane?
  20. Diarrhea
  21. Fentanyl Patch
  22. First dental cleaning visit tomorrow
  23. Poor Tobe ... been to vets now very confused. Need advice.
  24. Feline Respiratory Complex
  25. UTI woes (or something)--opinions?
  26. Cat on a diet?
  27. Percy has a cold!
  28. how much fluids and food?
  29. Please Help Save My Baby!! 13 Year old Jadey the Manx!
  30. diarrhea in an otherwise healthy cat
  31. Do cats need variety?
  32. Cat not urinating much after surgery
  33. Cat Flu!
  34. My cat is throwing and being lethargic.
  35. Struvite Stones
  36. Several Questions about Macy....
  37. Cat not eating
  38. Cat Food Choices
  39. Something in her eye?
  40. Anal Saculectomomy surgery went great....
  41. Orijen food recall
  42. Senior food and other stuff
  43. My cats need to lose weight - HELP!
  44. Reducing stress
  45. Waitrose Cat Food
  46. Kobies problems ultrasound tomorrow
  47. Henry and the Antibiotics
  48. Safe Food
  49. 5yr male tabby(Juno)#2 problems..constaption??
  50. Results already???
  51. obligate carnivores - interesting video
  52. feeding my cats crickets?
  53. Sphynx kitten with chronic diarrhea!!
  54. New UK cat food.
  55. Monty has a swollen lip...
  56. Loss of Eye Colour
  57. Nutro-caused illnesses mean lawsuit pending...
  58. FIP Grief
  59. Close call- Choking
  60. What are the little bumps in my cats' fur?
  61. getting cats to drink more water
  62. On the hunt
  63. Switching from kitten to adult food
  64. Chewing gravel sound, please help/advise
  65. Orange cats prone to tooth problems
  66. Help: Vomiting and diarrhea
  67. Possible Allergy. I need help!
  68. Mysterious Eye Problem
  69. Lethargy and loss of Appertite
  70. Veggies and Fruits in cat food?
  71. Oh vomit :( my sicky kitty! LONG post & questions
  72. What happend to my cats fur on his head?
  73. Still on the subject of feeding my crew.
  74. Female cat - white secretion from rear
  75. Cat Injuries on the Mouth and Cat Fight Behavior.
  76. Minimal Tobacco smoke a threat to my cats?
  77. Cat not eating
  78. Kitty Appers constipated. Any ideas?
  79. Antioxidants?
  80. Eating grass and weight issue
  81. My parents sick kitty
  82. 12-year-old tabby with liver problems, at death's door
  83. CRF Feline and raw feeding
  84. Need help ASAP for friends dying cat!! Raw food questions.
  85. A new food for Rotten (Spa Select)
  87. Kidney stones.. help?
  88. Shelter Testing for Feline Leukemia
  89. Frustrated with Feline Acne!-Updated
  90. Worming a vicious cat who only eats dry food
  91. Adopting a declawed cat
  92. Triaditis Trouble
  93. Princess update
  94. What the heck happened to my cat?
  95. Petco vaccines?
  96. Anal glad expression...all over my room.
  97. Nature's logic
  98. does your cat need to spayed or neutered and you need help?
  99. Uh oh Cupido is contipated
  100. Please say prayers....Misty is scheduled for surgery for...
  101. Side Effects of Shots?
  102. Cat is really thin, concerned
  103. 2 cats - one thin and one obese - how to put obese on diet??
  104. Renal Failure and Questions
  105. opinions on ZD?
  106. Cut
  107. Biweekly vomiting
  108. Snowball keeps getting fatter!
  109. *GULP* CRF and SubQ fluids for Shasta
  110. My cats have both been sneezing frequently and are stuffy...
  111. Best Diet for Farm Cats?
  112. New To This Forum, Just Wanted To Say Something.
  113. Feline Herpesvirus
  114. New cat smells
  115. relocating my cat across country?
  116. short stools
  117. Worried new cat owner - worried and question
  118. Increased drinking & weight loss
  119. Anyone use honest kitchen?
  120. Driving me crazy
  121. CAts help naughty behaviour
  122. New Cat Food
  123. Worried about my cat - vomiting, not eating, not going
  124. Acupuncture - my cats experience
  125. the cute wildboy
  126. little kitty unwell
  127. Splitting up cats after having been together a long time
  128. Feeding your cat raw meat exclusively
  129. Cat may be depressed. Whats a cats ultimate favourite food?
  130. Must a vet prescribe...
  131. Self Cleaning Cat Box?
  132. Good wet food that's NOT pate?
  133. Sigh. Not again ....
  134. any suggestions on my kitty losing weight?
  135. Questions about kittens (approx 2 mos old)
  136. Sick old cat.. splitting the family?
  137. This fish issue
  138. Bald spots on neck with red moist skin
  139. Old age or something serious?
  140. Kitty suddenly shedding a lot more
  141. Bowel Obstruction Uh oh (kinda gross)
  142. Feeding a raw diet cheaply
  143. Running Out of Ideas Here
  144. Snoring? Breathing Problems?
  145. what do you think about this plan ????
  146. Worms
  147. In praise of fabric (soft) E-collars
  148. Limping kitty
  149. Repairing split nails?
  150. lowest carb food
  151. Can new food change their activity level immediately?
  152. Nature's Menu (u.k.)
  153. Worming tables - why so huge?
  154. Opinions on pet insurance
  155. Neutering..
  156. Ph Neutral Free Range Cat Food?
  157. Two potential issues with my newly adopted cat
  158. New very stinky cat
  159. Ear mites?
  160. Fishy dinners.
  161. Solid Gold SeaMeal
  162. Smelly cat
  163. Natural care for feline herpes/how to keep it from spreading
  164. Tyson's tummy is better
  165. Thanks CF! Slippery elm works... :)
  166. It's like having a toddler..
  167. Major isn't feeling so well
  168. Any thoughts on this one???
  169. How cold can a cat stand?
  170. One of my cats will only eat dry food
  171. vomitting
  172. chin acne
  173. e coli
  174. Princess, I am still worried
  175. A Convert! Yay!
  176. Is Neosporin safe to use on cats?
  177. Raw specifics needed to give to friends nutrition teacher
  178. Need some help!!!
  179. changes with her eyes
  180. Shredded Cheese... ok?
  181. Tobys hair -why is it not growing back properly?
  182. raw questions
  183. raw questions
  184. Health risks posed by common house mice?
  185. Liquid Laxatone...oderless and tasteless
  186. Indoor? Outdoor?
  187. Wet Food low in Phosphates
  188. Is it too late??
  189. just wondering
  190. Can anyone help please?
  191. Am I feeding my girls enough?
  192. Tumor Removed - Worried
  193. Nutra Nuggets
  194. Meyer's eye issue
  195. Cat fight injury. How should I take care of it?
  196. Weird coughing
  197. Natures Variety and other questions
  198. Organic Cat Food
  199. Supplementing with ground raw
  200. Heart Murmur
  201. Cat Litter
  202. In heat? Normal?
  203. Cat threw up his cefa-drops...should I give him more?
  204. Still trying to decide about my kitty's tumor
  205. Can diabetes be reversed years after diagnosis?
  206. Anyone had cat's anal glands removed?
  207. Cat with high fever of unknown origin
  208. Vomiting, not eating
  209. Most Effective Way of Switching from Dry to Wet?
  210. Blind in one eye?
  211. How much and what to feed kitten. HELP!!
  212. Feeding multiple kitties
  213. Cat recovering from liver problem - not eating
  214. Wailing - "cat" behavior or something serious
  215. cat is always hungry
  216. Buprenex for Fuzzy's paw and low back...
  217. Fella has become a lazy fatty...
  218. Very first kitten. Need to know what to look for in a vet?
  219. Fussy eaters
  220. Low-cal food?
  221. opened bag
  222. Renal Failure
  223. Itchy eyes?
  224. Questions About Soft Paws
  225. Need advice on taking a cat's temperature
  226. One of my cat's nose is raw and starting to get eaten away
  227. New " Kitten " pregnant?
  228. Best brand to buy from grocery store?
  229. Allergic to AvoDerm or Wet food?
  230. cat food with no corn.
  231. Problem with Tiger's eyelids!!!!
  232. Chronic vomiting since Wednesday
  233. Dental suppliment in water
  234. Milk IS good for cats...right?
  235. Chronic Drooling in Elderly Cat
  237. Future kitten has patent ductus ateriosis (PDA).
  238. Cat Eye Problems
  239. Help! Cat pee smells strongly of amonia!
  240. kitten hasn't done #2
  241. Honey's ears are red after she spent the week at my mom's.
  242. Milo - kidney problems
  243. Cat dragging his butt and kneading
  244. Fat....
  245. Cat has a gash on the skin
  246. First surgery, now poor Fergie has a cold! (I think)
  247. neutering and vaccination
  248. Picky Cat!
  249. Neurological disorder is kittens
  250. Coughing episode?