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Health and Nutrition

  1. Toby has the runnies
  2. Kitten not eating properly
  3. Random gulping...even without food in her mouth!
  4. Arianwen has a cold :-(
  5. Cat breathing problems.
  6. My kitty won't stop scratching~!!!
  7. sneezing
  8. Ringworm
  9. question
  10. Cat seizure
  11. Pregnant Cat?
  12. Black debris in cat ears/ not ear mites?
  13. Panting?
  14. Angel's hernia - what to do?
  15. Pee Problem
  16. Shaking head - Also has lymphoma
  17. Wieght gain..
  18. Great News..Kittens are doing great
  19. Oh my!! I have just changed Taylors food again... :(
  20. Fergie ate a knot of yarn, can she pass it?
  21. Cat ate azalea?
  22. Older cat (Louise) can't keep food down
  23. Profender(effective if dropped on some of fur?)
  24. HELP! Cat can't stop vomitting - Viral Infections in Cats..
  25. HELP !!! Scooter is throwing up !!
  26. Food question...
  27. Has anyone tried feeding just once a day?
  28. Any experience with Nutro Ultral/Nutro Natural Cat Food?
  29. Dorn Dripping from mouth.
  30. Prayers needed for my Kitty...
  31. cat won't eat dry food anymore
  32. Diatomaceous earth - good or bad?
  33. Rescuing Kittens and FIV..
  34. switching to raw food
  35. I am getting worried
  36. I hope this is the right place. . .
  37. Kitten not eating much
  38. PU surgery my male cat just underwent HELP if anyone knows
  39. Wood ticks?
  40. Weird thing on kitties eye
  41. Neurological Problems? Questions about cost & thoughts
  42. Wet Organic Food - Where To Buy near Detroit at Low Price?
  43. Overweight cat
  44. URGENT: cat sick...need advice. mouth problem
  45. Brown Bump in Cat's Mouth? (PIC) Please Help :\
  46. My cat is having her hind leg amputated tomorrow....
  47. How much pumpkin should I feed to help...
  48. HELP! Cat Ate 6 Inches of Her Cat Charmer
  49. Kitten versus adult cat food
  50. Toby seems very depressed and uninterested in food
  51. Soft stool tips?
  52. Can anyone recommend a high-fiber treat?
  53. cancer treatments
  54. How much?
  55. oliver is dying,advice please
  56. Rusty is sick!
  57. Binx vs. Food
  58. (over?) large kitty
  59. Need help managing diabetes
  60. EYE INFECTION help please
  61. More anal gland problems...
  62. Unhealthy kitty - is it safe to get her a friend?
  63. thomas
  64. Broken fang
  65. Need to bathe Sammy but have a question
  66. Heavy Breathing? *Urgent please help*
  67. Cat food index
  68. Bottled water or tap?
  69. Important Question About Neutering!
  70. For those who feed both wet and dry...
  71. Is Turkey bad for cats?
  72. Please Help! Anitbiotics are making my cat very ill.
  73. I don't think she's eating...
  74. Stuffy nose for almost 2 months
  75. Toby verses Toothbrush!
  76. Louise's Foot (pics of wound)
  77. Pictures of Louise for Beth1954
  78. Can you suggest a senior diet.
  81. Vet suggested metacam... ????
  82. concerns
  83. Kitty has a cold
  84. Niko- I'm not sure if he's sick or depressed. Please help.
  85. Mean cat, vets won't help him
  86. Red by cats mouth..anything to worry about?
  87. I Need Some Bailout Money To Buy Cat Food!
  88. cat treats?
  89. Tumor - Remove or Not Remove?
  90. New Wellness Core canned foods
  91. *PLEASE PRAY FOR LOUISE* kind of long--I'm sorry....
  92. 'potato buds' a hazard?
  93. What can i do to boost my FELV+ cat Immune System
  94. GRR Why did I change?
  95. So wet is better than dry...
  96. Where to look for Lysine?
  97. Teeth Question
  98. Cat DVD and a question
  99. Kidney Diets please advise
  100. Raw eggs?
  101. Why is one cat so much bigger than the other??
  102. Toby is at the vets having his teeth cleaned today.
  103. cat puke
  104. Worried about Jitzu
  105. Kidneys, arthritis, paw problem...
  106. my cat's eye
  107. Recently vaccinated kitten with a lump at the injection site
  108. fle meds?????
  109. One dose of Strongid enough for cats?
  110. Kitten VS All Life Stage food
  111. Kitten has upset belly and throws up after eating? Help?
  112. mixing with wet
  113. Diareaha what should I do???
  114. Manual grinders
  115. Science Diet Light for senior cat?
  116. Hurt hand
  117. I thought my cat was loosing weight
  118. Buzz is very sick
  119. Need help with dry matter
  120. Jacks Sick - Vets not sure - I'm lost.
  121. Anti-Histamine or Steroid?
  122. Feline Diabetes
  123. Kitty Just Started Methimazole
  124. Strongid-t affective on tapeworm?
  125. Halo Dry Cat Foods.
  126. Desperately seeking help...
  127. Itchy ear?
  128. Worried
  129. Diabetic 5 year old cat
  130. New Wellness CORE canned and new pouch flavors!
  131. how do you know when a cat is sick?
  132. Probiotics - kefir
  133. Help! New cat!
  134. Pickyness, food sensitivities
  135. skin allergy
  136. Over the counter dry food for kidney.... diet
  137. Vomiting... I hate to but should I seek a 2nd opinion?
  138. Tail Problems?
  139. Best dry food?
  140. He's not drinking water - But eating tons of wet food?
  141. Cat had a PU two months ago, I have a question.
  142. Did something I swore I'd never do...
  143. Softpaws?
  144. 3 week cycles of fever and joint sensitivity - what is wrong
  145. Cat eye problems!
  146. Sinus like infection sound when purring?
  147. Finally got a break through
  148. Conjuntivitis/Herpes/URI- please help
  149. Seizures
  150. Not eating by himself
  151. Food and behavior
  152. Cat Noob
  153. Just adopted 2 cats, wet food recommendation needed *w/PICS*
  154. Bait Sardines=Kitty Food??
  155. New kitten having diarrhea
  156. Mixing Dry and Wet Food
  157. is there any way to prevent persian cat from getting colds?
  158. best way to euthanize my cat
  159. Leukeran?
  160. How Cold Is Too Cold?
  161. Walmart Cat food recall, Eastern USA
  162. I need a collar that my cat isn't allergic to!!!
  163. Spay pain medication question
  164. possible diagnosis, kidney problems
  165. is my cat going to die?
  166. How do I know if he's running a fever?
  167. Drippy eye
  168. Cut/hot spot on Andie?
  169. Another neuter recovery question
  170. Feeding Cats People-Grade Meats?
  171. Sebastian's getting neutered Part 2!
  172. ADVICE NEEDED - Kitten with diorrheoa!! :(
  173. Strange Cough
  174. Recovery from neutering
  175. Struvite Crystals -- Need Diet Recommendations
  176. Help! Cat Losing Too Much Weight (diet change)
  177. Ever tried Trader Joe's wet food?
  178. Can our cat live in our patio?
  179. Holistic/Natural (Cranberry) Treatment for UTIs?
  180. Is this enough food for 3 cats?
  181. Cat passed a tooth
  182. Evo can dog food
  183. A few questions and concerns...
  184. Tritrichomonas foetus
  185. Dry food -what to buy now?
  186. Liver - how much is too much?
  187. Well I'm not sure what's wrong... mabye u guys can help?!
  188. 'he' was pregnant.
  189. Bobcat babies need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  190. home treatments for feline acne?
  191. Queries on kitty weight
  192. Toby - eye concerns
  193. Keeping cats warm in the winter
  194. Toby - update: dont think he likes the litter
  195. Raw feeders, please answer my questions about fish
  196. What if they can't handle wet food?
  197. What is better: raw-made or industrial?
  198. what do I do...sneezing began AFTER vaccine
  199. Cat with diareha (sp)
  200. wellness.
  201. Sneezing/Feline asthma
  202. Male cats & fish ?
  203. List of flowers that ARE safe?!
  204. Kitten feeding questions
  205. Is Advantage really safe to use on my baby?
  206. Help! My cat stopped eating!
  207. Finicky Cat
  208. Another good check up
  209. Small white worms?
  210. protein
  211. Acute fatty liver? Cholangeohepatitis? Liver cancer?
  212. safest rabies vaccination for kittens? IMRAB question
  213. Toby peeing in the house - update UTI and kidney infection
  214. non-bacterial bladder infection
  215. Can Stress Cause Change in Poo Smell?
  216. Needs to gain weight
  217. My Maine Coones tail is very skinny why???
  218. Caughing mucus
  219. What's up with this cat?
  220. Fleas - help!
  221. 7 yr old limping.. help !
  222. Toby shaking his back foot a lot
  223. Ziwi Peak
  224. Pupil sometimes larger/smaller than other but not often
  225. Is Tuna Flavored Wet food OK?
  226. Dehydration?
  227. Hole in cat HELP HELP HELP
  228. Skin-so-soft flea treatment?
  229. I just don't know what to do anymore
  230. Chronic respiratory infection?
  231. Ear Cleaner
  232. What kind of shampoo/conditioner should I use for a persian?
  233. Need help with picking a food
  234. I'm looking for a food
  235. Drooling
  236. How Fat is my Cat?
  237. URI in kitten?
  238. birth
  239. Bloody Stool?
  240. Problem with 11 year old sick cat
  241. Problem with fleas
  242. What do you think of this food?
  243. My Kittens Serious Issue
  244. Hyperthyroidism / Hyperthyroids and Thorough Appointment
  245. Ok place to start?
  246. Does she need to loose weight? *Need more advise please*
  247. overgrooming/skin condition? Help! please.
  248. Cat Illness Symptoms and Questions
  249. black mass in cats ear???
  250. health