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Health and Nutrition

  1. Chronic colitis, possible food intolerance
  2. Robin doesn't drink nearly enough water...
  3. Rabies vaccine titer test results
  4. Pet Insurance, what deductible did you pick?
  5. Is Simon too chubby?
  6. My kitty is not well :(
  7. Break-a-way collars or not??
  8. other supplements beside taurine and B12 if cat pees a lot?
  9. Update of Maise
  10. Seizures or some other type of episode?
  11. Help with UTI and weakness in muscles...
  12. Mt kitty poops on floor for no reason suddenly
  13. Pet boarding
  14. Litter sticking to kittens bum
  15. Cat didn't finish dinner, seems only marginally interested in breakfast
  16. Another reason to avoid FISH for cats!
  17. Cats breathed in paint sealant?
  18. Kibble based diet & strong urine odor correlation?
  19. Crying while using litterbox?
  20. A little worried here
  21. Cat Throwing Up - What Can It Be?
  22. A scarey thing happened while I was away....
  23. Kitten wet food rotation
  24. Freshpet Select Cat Food
  25. Cat has started sneezing today
  26. Question about vet services
  27. Help with FLUTD
  28. Hi from Aj and Sam (chronic diarrhea extraordinaire)
  29. When do kittens nails change?
  30. Foods like Soulistic and Weruva?
  31. Cat Scratching One Ear
  32. How do you find a good vet?
  33. Seeking advice for cat health issues
  34. What good foods are well liked?
  35. Precious no longer wants to drink out of her water bowl
  36. Food For All Ages
  37. Diet for an overweight, UTI-prone kitty
  38. Cat Abuse, tapeworms, fleas and malnutrition
  39. Post-op feeding and vomiting
  40. my 3 year old Tonk losing whiskers
  41. Cat Cold?
  42. Help! Half a litter box of urine
  43. Dryness at the anus
  44. OMEGA 3's Very important for health!
  45. ear mites
  46. Kitty has pink eye is it contagious?
  47. Allergy and food choices
  48. Going bald on hind legs
  49. Hairball or ?
  50. 18 yr old w/ CKD, numbers went up, had a rough week... better, but I'm still worried
  51. Noticed something strange... pupils different sizes?
  52. post- urinary blockage questions
  53. 6 Mo. Kitten has Diarrhea
  54. can a cat cause this injury?
  55. New here and kitty with decreased appetite
  56. Establishing cat's death cause
  57. Please Help: Ringworm on ears...
  58. Has anyone used Slippery Elm to clear up diarrhea
  59. 8mo vomit and diarrhea, blood urine tests normal, no foreign objects found. whats wr
  60. Hi. Have three cats and would welcome feedback on current health crisis
  61. Nail caps not falling off...?
  62. Eighteen Year Old Cat Vomiting
  63. calicivirus and other cats
  64. New member, question about kibble
  65. new cat won't eat
  66. Wellness Trufood
  67. EVO 95 new formula
  68. My old cat's hair loss
  69. Trouble Switching to Wet
  70. neutering wound
  71. Toxic foods
  72. Crusty ear, did he get into something?
  73. 'genetic ulcerated tooth enamel'?
  74. Okocat clumping wood cat litter
  75. need a huge list of options for a uti prone cat
  76. Treatment options and support for cat with hyperthyroidism
  77. I'm at a Loss, can't catch cat
  78. To vax or not to vax?
  79. Robin ate chocolate cake batter...
  80. waiting for test results
  81. Denise, Smokey and (Lucy?) sick kitty
  82. Purina, should I just not buy it anymore?
  83. Is this normal? - urination issue
  84. Ear tumor and surgery
  85. Hair loss and miliary scabs - suggestions?
  86. Natures miracle Calming spray/Bitter apple for kitties?
  87. butter - ok or a bad idea?
  88. Choosing a catfood.
  89. Vaccinated 12 year old cat Leukemia Positive
  90. Cat tail injury- any amputees?
  91. Intro, cat with seizures
  92. how soon can he be neutered?
  93. bad food + sick babies :(
  94. need tips on moving with a seizure cat?
  95. At what point do I worry that baby teeth are being retained?
  96. Coccidia in adult cat
  97. What Pates do your cats love?
  98. Feeding the very hungry, skinny cat!
  99. Growth on vertebrae of neck
  100. Hairball remedies- help
  101. Bathroom Issues
  102. Immunizations
  103. vital essentials recall
  104. 2 cats stopped eating at the same time
  105. my 8 1/2 year old cat is very sick!
  106. using cheap wet food to transition to healthier wet food
  107. Allergic to cat?
  108. "Valens" cat food
  109. cat feeding woes
  110. Cat Passed Away Unexpectedly, What happened?
  111. Whole Life Pet treats question
  112. Constipated cat with potential motility issues
  113. Help with my Mia not eating!
  114. My own wet food concoction
  115. Essential oils?
  116. Sudden change in taste
  117. Suitable litters?
  118. Feline Hyperesthesia
  119. Trouble breathing while purring
  120. Can You Treat Over Active Thyroid on Just a Physical Exam?
  121. Night after Spay... Restless and agitated!
  122. Omega 3 recommends
  123. Problems with my newly amputeed cat.
  124. Litter - "Crumbles"/World's Best?
  125. Shedding a lot in winter...?
  126. thyroid disease
  127. Cream Bicolor Ragdoll FIV+
  128. Cats on screen porch, are they safe from diseases?
  129. Is it possible that more nutritious food can give owner allergies?
  130. Allergies?
  131. Red eyes?
  132. Poppy needs help - deep fungal infection
  133. Hard object found in piece of dry cat food?
  134. my cat ate a piece of a dryer sheet.
  135. Hello need advice because I think my cat is sick, losing clumps of hair
  136. Honest Kitchen?
  137. 6 week old kittens- eating & litter training
  138. Recommended ear cleaning solution?
  139. New and need help - lethargic cat
  140. Grooming a reluctant kitten
  141. Stella and Chewy VS Primal?
  142. Sleepless night and bat
  143. Tootsie's left fang is completely crooked - what the heck?
  144. What the heck is going on? my cats are sick
  145. Gentle Cat Food suggestions please
  146. Fleas!!!
  147. Advice for kitten and food
  148. L-lysine supplements for URI control
  149. What to do with an FeLV kitten?
  150. Taro's brain tumor
  151. Fearing the dreaded FIP..
  152. Cranberry supplement w/o lots of C
  153. Cat treat best by date
  154. Kitten lost his first tooth. Anything I can do to help?
  155. UTI or bigger issue?
  156. Dry food causing problems?
  157. Yet another flea question.
  158. Kitty kisses??
  159. Spayed cat licking!!! :(
  160. Cat asthma?
  161. 7mo pooped elastic string!
  162. Can anyone recommend a food for kidney health?
  163. How much should I be feeding my cat?
  164. How much wet food?
  165. Have you used a humidifier for stuffy kitty?
  166. Woke up to super-ill 17-year-old
  167. Switched to wet food and had enema, cat is now farting
  168. 10 year-old kitty with IBD
  169. Question about antibiotics
  170. two kittens that dont eat cat food!
  171. Sad news - feline leukemia and liver disease
  172. The Honest Kitchen Cat Food
  173. Help? Picky cat
  174. Hello - here for discussion on FLUTD
  175. Black rings around cat's irises?
  176. Milo sneezes a lot!
  177. Jumped in tub 2 days after spayed
  178. Gazoo is sick
  179. Wellness plans?
  180. Preparing to send Simba to Mocha's care....
  181. help with my kitty, blocked cat won't eat
  182. Help again with feeding schedule
  183. How often should a cat's nails be trimmed?
  184. Carageean in cat foods
  185. Possibly chipped tooth?
  186. Adding fiber to cat's diet
  187. free feeding with multiple cats
  188. Artemis ate yarn
  189. Bladder Stones/Blood in Urine
  190. Hello, sick kitty
  191. Double fangs
  192. Cat with dust mite allergy?
  193. High Fever Following Spay/Vaccines
  194. Kodak
  195. Nestle Purina opens new manufacturing plant in Mexico
  196. Tapeworm?! Ughhhh.
  197. Hair loss at injection site
  198. An update on Sasha's ongoing mysterious medical issues (just venting, really)
  199. I got my cat spayed! I have questions
  200. Adult loves kitten food .. Is this ok?
  201. Treatment of Lice
  202. Health issue with older cat
  203. Hello! dealing with ringworm
  204. Not sure if Wookie will make it.
  205. Recovering from toxoplasmosis?
  206. New Member and I have Luna 4 years old mix with breathing issues
  207. Ringworm... Crushed and Disheartened
  208. Healthy Treats for Pets!!
  209. Our Cats are Always Hungry!
  210. Jitzu is getting sick
  211. luxating patella
  212. New member with a sick cat
  213. Chronic Constipation ?'s (sorry - Long!)
  214. Rabies Vaccination Frequency
  215. Increased Sodium Levels?
  216. Food for senior kitties
  217. Cannot Get Kitten Off KMR
  218. Hyperthyroid Treatment queries..
  219. Questions about this kitten and it's health?
  220. Ringworm question
  221. Wet cat food help
  222. Question about my cats fur.
  223. Liver Sarcoma
  224. Cat-safe flowers?
  225. Flea treatment
  226. Cat ate through plastic bag...
  227. At what age do you recommend yearly bloodwork?
  228. Am I freaking out too early? finicky cat
  229. Kitten with possible retardation \ brain damage
  230. Recommend wet food
  231. Chewable prednisone
  232. My cat type & her urine concern
  233. Robin's still having ear problems
  234. For those of you who feed Merrick
  235. Help tempting "stray" cat to eat - more consistently
  236. New older stray kitten - vaccines and heart murmur?
  237. Cats are always hungry
  238. Worms
  239. The Honest Kitchen?
  240. Calorie counting
  241. Cat with Urinary Crystals
  242. Cat becoming very picky
  243. Got some Skin So Soft!
  244. Vomiting; keep her in the bathroom?
  245. Suddenly Appears Huge Without Weight Gain???
  246. What should I do? Stitches came out.
  247. A bit worried about my cat
  248. adverse reaction to aspirin?
  249. Activyl - splitting dose for kittens
  250. Swollen lower lip