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Health and Nutrition

  1. health
  2. Sick Kitty...I need help!!!
  3. why does she pee on her cat bed?
  4. High Iron in water question
  5. My cat is limping - Do cats get Arthritis?
  6. Soft Cat Food
  7. food change for a fat cat
  8. Is there anythign wrong with my cat?
  9. Raw solution?
  10. Looking to adopt... quick question.
  11. is 'he' pregnant?!
  12. Murphy is throwing up....
  13. Ringworm UPDATE
  14. Skin Condition
  15. Solid Gold - Right way to go?
  16. raw to the rescue!
  17. Notching Ears to Show They're Fixed?
  18. Just wondering, how much should I be feeding?
  19. My cat has FIV and has a constant runny nose, but...
  20. Questions about new cat
  21. Help and reasurance please.
  22. Saving Cats
  23. Since you guys are so knowledgeable...
  24. What I learned here today.
  25. How do you buy these foods?
  26. worms in kitties poop
  27. Ears
  28. What if you can't afford premium food?
  29. Please help
  30. Tweezer's appetite
  31. How do you handle your picky eater?
  32. Sick Cat! Please Help!!!
  33. Suddenly anti-wet food cats
  34. Heartworm preventatives for indoor catts only?
  35. Do you use kitty supplements? Recommend any?
  36. By-products from the beef and poultry industries
  37. Acepromazine vs. Ativan
  38. 6week old sick kitten needing iron boosting!!
  39. Am I feeding my inherited cats enough?
  40. Ringworm, quarantine, etc.
  41. Another raw food question
  42. Elevated ALT enzymes in bloodwork
  43. raw diet
  44. cat with IBS
  45. Sores and rashes on the lips and around the mouth
  46. Evo
  47. Ringworm
  48. Possible UTI
  49. Can cats be allergic to catnip?
  50. Fat and Hard Tummy
  51. Anyone else's cat had a perineal urethrostomy (PU)?
  52. This hair loss doesnt' feel like a health issue, but?
  53. Please help!
  54. Wellness Core
  55. Mouth Inflamation
  56. My 1st cat, adopted 1 week ago. please help us!
  57. Kitten is not getting better: shivering, red spots on ears
  58. Scratch on Nose?
  59. alright, so how do you make them like raw meat?
  60. Styptic pencils/powder
  61. vomitting...need advice.
  62. Other choices for flea treatments - for kitty and house?
  63. Losing hair
  64. Dont know where this came from but good read!
  65. Weird Scabs and a lump on my Kitty
  66. Feeding Kittens
  67. Tweezer update
  68. Questions re: self-regulating & how much per day a cat N
  69. Raw food - bones vs. chunks, mixing raw with canned
  70. Herrmans Organic cat food
  71. Cat litter Deodirizer safe to use?
  72. Is this ethical?
  73. umm... sudden bald spot during my 4 hour absence...
  74. Eye injury
  75. Urgent health issue - any suggestions appreciated
  76. FHV
  77. Chicken scrubbers
  78. BioSpot
  79. Vomiting
  80. Shredded or Chunky Wet Food?
  81. FIP or not? Help!!
  82. Cari had a good check up this time
  83. Swollen lower lip?
  84. The kitten is acting differently
  85. Cat food questions for elderly cat with health problems
  86. Kitten Formula Recommendations
  87. Water fountains
  88. Chronic Constipation and more
  89. Is Any Diarrhea in Kitten Cause for Concern?
  90. Has anyone used a vet chiropractor/acupuncturistGOOD NEWS!
  91. Animal Essentials Plant Enzymes & Probiotics...
  92. Best flea comb for very thick coat?
  93. Fozzy...fleas, mites, and!
  94. concerned about crusty spots....
  95. Need new food
  96. My cat has a growth in it's mouth
  97. Can't seem to transition to wet or raw
  98. third eyelid showing?
  99. concerned..
  100. Our cat must have all its teeth removed.
  101. Tiger is Diabetic
  102. Kitty with thin skin that spontaneously tears. Ideas?
  103. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  104. My kitty has been so inactive lately
  105. Eye Envy lotion any good?
  106. Cleaning my cat's ears
  107. Stomach pain, stumped veterinarian
  108. Precise nutrition in a multi-cat household
  109. Yellow Liquid Vomit
  110. Sniffles and Sneezing, vet hasnt helped...
  111. UTI?
  112. What can I do about this feral cat's injury?
  113. Saving Cats
  114. Cat Stuffy Nose almost like snoring - Pulmonary embolism
  115. Leo updates and q's about panting and aggressive behavior
  116. Peanut.....
  117. Bloody lesions on cat's nose? Any ideas?
  118. Fish oil?
  119. Help My cat can't keep clean.
  120. 2 new kittens, health questions
  121. Food/Litter Box/Vet Bills
  122. Urinating in the sink/bathtub *update*
  123. How to tell when your kitten goes into heat
  124. Lost claw - seems sore - ouch!
  125. earwax problem
  126. my kitty seems sick
  127. Diatomaceous Earth - anyone else getting into this?
  128. Gizmo Asthma/Weight update
  129. Cat Food
  130. What happend to my cat?
  131. Feeding My Cat Raw Meat
  132. Chronic
  133. Solid Gold Indigo Moon Dry Food
  134. wierd dirty belly...
  135. Excessive Shedding?
  136. Revolution?
  137. tooth brushing
  138. Grain free vs "Low Residue"
  139. EVO for kittens?
  140. Nearly stumped - URI problem -bit long
  141. Pregnancy Question...
  142. Canned much to feed Question
  143. fancy feast healthy?
  144. Gum infection
  145. New Cat- planning a diet!
  146. Cat-only vets
  147. kitten dry for sensitive tummy?
  148. Diarrhea
  149. feline aids
  150. So worried about our orange tabby
  151. Cat won't/can't groom himself
  152. Confused about protein content of foods
  153. lactolose ? - Help my cat is constipated, again
  154. Upset Stomach?
  155. Mewing sounds like crying
  156. Nervous Twitch
  157. inflamation of the ear canal...
  158. Wellness Core for my kitten
  159. An overdue update on Midnight's toe...
  160. It couldn't be the Frontline....could it?
  161. Surgery and Recovery Time...Please answer!!!
  162. feeding schedule for Sadie?
  163. Orijen and loose stool?
  164. Heartworms
  165. high bilirubin count
  166. Plasma Cell Pododermatitis
  167. paranoid about kittens eating lilies
  168. Eagle Pack Holistic Solution
  169. Raw mixed with Fancy Feast
  170. my cat has crystals very confused need help
  171. Merrick Wet Food
  172. Help with food
  173. no bowel movement after surgery
  174. Cat was just sick
  175. Ostipation questions
  176. Cat teeth extraction, anesthetic ...
  177. Dark Nasal Discharge
  178. Cat's eye oddity
  179. Eye Discharge?
  180. Spay/Neuter
  181. New kitten....about 5 weeks old.
  182. how much to feed a kitten
  183. Wellness Jerky Treats---Diarrhea?
  184. Adopting Kitten, need refresher course, how much food?
  185. Feline Diabetes
  186. Indoor dry or regular?
  187. Cat has strange bump on her chin - Update still a pimple
  188. Are my kittens on track?
  189. Concensus for BEST food for male Mainecoone mix?
  190. My Aging Cat....Thoughts?!
  191. Hyperthyroidism and the heart, what works??
  192. Help---Sick Cat?
  193. Sneezing
  194. Revolution reaction?
  195. My 10 yr old Mystyc...
  196. Weird kitty mouth pimples?
  197. Help! 8 Different Vets and STILL no help!
  198. Who eats Dr. Foster & Smoth (natural cat food)
  199. I need a noisy automatic cat feeder....
  200. Toby hurt his eye. Vet now or later?
  201. "Third Eye lid showing..."
  202. Distemper Vaccine
  203. Xavier---No Food Works
  204. Orijen
  205. Opened cans
  206. Holistic food in MA
  207. Feeding 6 Mnth old kitten, Cat food?
  208. raw recipe from and taurine ?
  209. I'm going to loose my MIND
  210. Blue Wilderness
  211. Grams
  212. My kitties love canned food
  213. Putting weight on a nursing mum
  214. Kitty who hates brushing
  215. Feeding Amount Question
  216. Dry Cat food low in carbs and not extremely high in protein?
  217. New kittly with URI won't eat or drink. help!
  218. Anyone else have this problem before?
  219. Ozzy Update
  220. Unknown disease, Coccidia maybe?
  221. Wet food question
  222. Prayers for Ozzy Please
  223. 5 year old cat with fecal mucus
  224. Hydrogen peroxide to clean cat abscess
  225. Baby Boo's Ear
  226. like dirt like stuff on chin
  227. Cat with lymphoma
  228. Raw food question
  229. Blood in poop. :(
  230. Misty doesn't drink water since switching to wet food....
  231. Meow Mix Wholesome Goodness??
  232. switching cat food?
  233. Solid Gold: All Life Stages too much protein?
  234. Corncob bedding as cat litter?
  235. Crush & Mix pill ahead of time
  236. New
  237. Astro's CRF Oil?
  238. 3 1/2 yr old w weight loss...neeed your advice!
  239. Ear Mites
  240. Concerned about Toby
  241. Cats hair peeling back.
  242. Question about cat food
  243. My kitten's left eye seems cloudy?
  244. Feathers - dangerous?
  245. Help! My cat burned it's nose on my curling iron!!
  246. My kitty doesn't feel good but we don't know why. ;_;
  247. Unexplained weight loss.
  248. Authority pet food, good stuff?
  249. My Cat had 5 teeth pulled yesterday...
  250. Vets or people who know cat teeth!