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Health and Nutrition

  1. When to worm cat of unknown history
  2. Vaccination?
  3. eyes dialated after anesthesia
  4. Mixing Canned Cat Food Brands?
  5. Why does my cat always eat his hairballs and then puke
  6. Nutro to Authority
  7. Healthy Weight
  8. Need Advice-hemolytic Anemia
  9. Help, My cat is an eating machine!
  10. new thing
  11. kitten won't eat, open mouth
  12. Potty Problem
  13. Question regarding L-Lysine
  14. new cat making strange sound... won't eat
  15. What should I do?
  16. Tyger won't eat all of her wet food...
  17. Star acting sleepy all day today
  18. I think my cat has a cold, what do i do?
  19. Unsure if kitten is ill or not
  20. Sick cat - Elevated liver enzyme
  21. Ringworm?!
  22. Limping Cat
  23. another thread about a regurgitating cat
  24. newbie here
  25. Appt with Cardiologist
  26. Revolution Flea and Worm Protection - Is it necessary?
  27. Low liver enzymes in a cat?
  28. My new mother has started panting
  29. One of the kittens is ill...
  30. blood in stool; worried about kitty
  31. Hyperthyroid and pain???
  32. Schedule feeding former free-fed cats?
  33. Something's wrong with Skylar :(
  34. *sigh* cats
  35. How long after spraying....?
  36. News from Attila!
  37. upper respiratory--treatment?
  38. Saving a canine (tooth)
  39. Very strange cat problem, Please help
  40. Eye discharge
  41. Temaril-P 1 & Zeniquin - safe?
  42. Cat lost it's voice
  43. How much wet food is ok?
  44. Sore on neck?(picture)
  45. Just when you think you have it figured out
  46. Finally found a cat fod that Fuzzy will eat
  47. Actually letting me brush her teeth!!
  48. Cat doesn't want to eat wet food... is this healthy for her?
  49. Dry - Wellness
  50. Leaving a cat outdoors on a leash with harness.
  51. Kitten breathing problems
  52. Dandruff
  53. food delemma
  54. help trying to decide if I should get this food
  55. Toby skin problem - little update
  56. Food frustrations
  57. Is Toby still fat?
  58. Changing canned food diet for a sensitive stomach cat
  59. Non-toxic bulbs/ plants in memory of kitten
  60. Raw Chicken Necks For Dental Health
  61. Fancy feaset
  62. Sick cat?
  64. Reading Labels
  65. Cats crazy about Kitten Formula
  66. Cant find quality canned food - what about ziwipeak?
  67. Any grocery brand decent wet and dry foods available...
  68. Excessive shedding - Cushing's?
  69. Another Diarrhea Question
  70. My cats are acting like kittens again thanks to good diet!
  71. Sensitive stomach foods
  73. Ear mites still Help please
  74. Cat vomits every day
  75. switching from dry to different brand dry and canned
  76. Best Wellness canned flavor?
  77. ..
  78. CRF??
  79. Maybe sick?
  80. Help! Cat is scratching at its own eyes!
  81. Acidophilus Dosage Question
  82. Advice with Tim & Tom
  83. Cat arthritis?
  84. Pregnant cat with tapeworms....
  85. Good-quality UK tinned cat food?
  86. My cat's tail is broken?
  87. young kitten - Grooming problems
  88. My cat is a pig!
  89. Are Brewer's Yeast tablets okay for kittens?
  90. Kittens and poop problems
  91. Medicines, Fruits, Veggies Dangerous For Animals
  92. Time for a T. Foetus test - but need advice
  93. Who does home dental care and who doesn't?
  94. any vets here?
  95. Calla Lillies
  96. Giving your kitty subcutaneous fluids
  97. need advice on shampoo
  98. New Adopted Kitten Sick - URI
  99. Hill's T/D versus annual dental cleanings/ update
  100. Sense of smell
  101. Changing diet from dry to wet food
  102. Questions about kidney failure and diarrhea
  103. i'm so upset... putting cat to sleep tomorrow
  104. apartment,cats and fleas help!!!
  105. Small wounds and missing hair
  106. Should FIV+ cat get annual "normal" vaccinations
  107. Cats are smart enough to stop themselves.. right?
  108. jaw health
  109. How much money?
  110. Munchkins visit to the vet and eating a new food!
  111. Throwing up for a week
  112. with diarrhea for 3 weeks...
  113. Sores on neck......again
  114. How To Stimulate My Cat's Appetite?
  117. Concerned about my cat: Lump forming
  118. Behavior changes after injury...
  119. favorite foods
  120. Mycat has face lacerations
  121. My cats eyes are tearing? Could it be from changing food?
  122. Bobby has a cold
  123. Swiffer Wet Jet
  124. Please help me get my cat to eat!!!
  125. Cat turns into MANIAC at the vet, any suggestions...
  126. Getting teeth cleaned...nervous
  127. Kitten questions.
  128. Auto-Waterer Mold/Mildew?
  129. Sick kitten-urgent advice pls!
  130. Felix - tummy troubles
  131. Feeding Raw: U give cats a whole chicken piece with bone?
  132. Is it possible to see a difference already?
  133. Antibiotics killing the good bacteria?
  134. My cat has a reoccuring mouth infection...any ideas why?
  135. Sad news about Oliver...
  136. Help?!
  137. What's wrong with my very sick cat?
  138. rhinotracheitis virus
  139. Wet food, too much maybe?
  140. Question about flea/tick control
  141. Too much protein? Is it bad?
  142. Carb calculator- great website!
  143. Worried about Jett.
  144. I'm a bad mommy!
  145. How long to leave wet food out?
  146. Tuna in can?
  147. Need a good cat food
  148. My cat's eye wont stop tearing up when he goes outside
  149. Talking to your vet.
  150. Fleas or Worms - Which Do I Treat First?
  151. Why cats throw up
  152. Does anybody know off a good wormer?
  153. Foods/treats?
  154. Male cat urination problem after blockage
  155. Switching food troubles? Help?
  156. need an advise 2
  157. Evangers cat food.
  158. Constipated Cat - Can't see a Vet - Looking for help?
  159. 14 year male cat with Hyperthyroidism is leaking-what to do?
  160. Annual Dental Cleanings versus t/d
  161. lump between stomach and chest?
  162. Ear mites
  163. cats ear problems
  164. Wyn's intestines.
  165. I need a lot of advice, please!
  166. What does everyone use to groom?
  167. Beef/Steak Birthday Foods?
  168. Urgent - Cat with FeLV, still not eating!
  169. Clostridium Perfringens Enterotoxin
  170. cat having a hard time peeing
  171. Need Advice-Blocked Cat.
  172. Something in the cat's eye
  173. Strange skin problem on older cat.
  174. Best fiber supplement to add to raw?
  175. Post-teeth removal eating habits
  176. Can a cat be allergic to ceramic dishes?
  177. Never Ending Health Problems
  178. Lotsa Water
  179. House of sick cats
  180. Questions about preparing/feeding raw food?
  181. Oh NO!
  182. Erg.
  183. Altering feeding habits
  184. sick cat, feeding and health advice
  185. My cat drools What causes this?
  186. new cat owner worried about ear mites
  187. Tip for medicating a difficult cat
  188. Is Regal a good brand for cats?
  189. Anywhere I can order a "variety pack"?
  190. What do you feed your cat?
  191. Vomiting digested food?
  192. Blood on my cat's anus
  193. .
  194. Manx and Lower Bowel problems....?
  195. my cat is losing weight.
  196. Yet another issue with Wyn
  197. making your own "sauce" for food
  198. Felix - how do I get him to eat?
  199. Waiting for the vet to open-Tiger is limping
  200. Freaky is favoring her front paw!!! *** UPDATE ***
  201. Growth spurt?
  202. Something's wrong with my cat but Vet says different.
  203. Hairball "remedy" OTC?
  204. Senior cat has a cold
  205. EVO 95% meats
  206. Should I request a refund from Banfield?
  207. Irritable bowel Disease
  208. Cat has lost his voice and holding one eye close
  209. Eagle Pack
  210. Fancy Feast?
  211. Took Oliver to the vet today
  212. 7 furry kiddos!!!!
  213. Side effects of distemper/leukemia vaccination
  214. How much water do you add to your cat's food.
  215. New here ... anyone know about Advantage? Please help.
  216. New Here - Urgent advice need
  217. Worm Issue
  218. Michigan State Univ Small Animal Hospital
  219. Kitty Foods!
  220. BioSuperfood
  221. Scruffy isn't purring....
  222. Pee Detector
  223. New Kitten has Distemper .... ** SAD UPDATE ** See Below
  224. Nursing a cat back to health??? Please???
  225. Need Advice with Sick Siamese
  226. I tried to break her :(
  227. Cats had some teeth removed - Kind-of regretting it
  228. More allergies and how to store 8 lb of prescription food?
  229. Liver Test Results
  230. Layla = hairballs
  231. reaction/allergy to treats?
  232. Poor Chica had an "episode" today :(
  233. Feline hyperthyroid
  234. Long Nails
  235. BIG scare with Mango, could of lost him to rainbow bridge
  236. Wellness is draining my wallet
  237. Antibiotics for UTI
  238. Constipation
  239. Cat Health
  240. Sugar Losing Weight - Liver Problems To Getting Better
  241. I Have Some Questions?
  243. Horner's Syndrome?
  244. Innova Evo
  245. Sick Kitty, trying not to freak out. - Update
  246. Vet visit costs--what do you pay?
  247. Hi all! New with a question about hair loss.
  248. treats for cats with a past of FLUTD?
  249. FLushable litters?
  250. My cat has fallen ill, I need advice