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Health and Nutrition

  1. change in eye color
  2. Cat flu - Advice on vaccinations and adding a second cat
  3. A question of morality
  4. Waiting for results
  5. Medially Luxating Patella (Trick Knee). Thoughts?
  6. I hurt him!
  7. Update on the foster cat with worms---worried
  8. Struvite crystals and food link
  9. Licking only the sauce?
  10. Luekemia
  11. Sick Kitty, Opinions?
  12. Please Help! serious cat injury
  13. Something is wrong with my cat's leg
  14. Complex URI diagnosis
  15. Effects of Amnitriptalyne...
  16. Wet food transition going pretty well
  17. "Pounce" treats
  18. Hill's Prescription k/d Feline... where?
  19. Vomiting/Dehydrated Cat
  20. Hinata threw up twice
  21. Raw vs. Homemade vs. Canned
  22. Raw egg?
  23. Scabby cat
  24. Mia's 1st visit to the vet
  25. Skylar got a package!
  26. Swelling?
  27. Toby has a scratch on his face
  28. questions about foods for cats with allergies
  29. should i mail my husband's letter?
  30. Macy-Bladder infection?
  31. How much should I be feeding 4 cats?
  32. Lethargic Lyle
  33. **A MUST READ-useful info. on cat food-may keep wallet full
  34. In EVERYONE'S opinion, should I use this food-another long 1
  35. Toby - a raw food supply at last?
  36. Vitamins/Supplements for a shinier coat?
  37. wednesday morning health scare
  38. My cat: Never Boring
  39. feline lupus
  40. How long does a open can of felidae keep in the fridge?
  41. In Heat
  42. Best Tasteing Wet Food
  43. How to care for a cat with a cold
  44. Took in a stray
  45. Bought new food without researching!
  46. stupid e-collar for spayed cat
  47. Cat occasionally has sudden jolting / twitching problem...
  48. Nail Clipping Method
  49. Trimming my cats' nails?
  50. Ear mites?
  51. should i take my cat to the vet?!
  52. insurance?
  53. Cats claws curled under
  54. UK food
  55. Dont know whats wrong with my cat
  56. My cat has cancer (lymhoma)
  57. Feliway, Raw Fish and Potassium
  58. Oh, Nanook!
  59. spaying question
  60. Questions about switching to canned
  61. How much liver is okay?
  62. Alternatives to spaying
  63. my kitty is stinking, help!
  64. Quick stool question.
  65. I caved....
  66. Foster cat has worms
  67. Some miscellaneous questions regarding food
  68. Food/digestion/probiotics?
  69. ew ew ew!
  70. Vegetables
  71. Loss of Hair on Legs
  72. Bloody stools and vet doesn't care!
  73. my cat is in kidney failure... :(
  74. Food troubles with Andie
  75. Siamese Chow?
  76. Tuna - How Long In Fridge?
  77. Changed her food and now she farts and has wet stools!
  78. Is something wrong with his eye?
  80. Where to buy Revolution online?
  81. Wet food containing fish/bones
  82. We're starting to see signs of hyperesthesia
  83. Nanook is in the hospital!
  84. My Rusty has a mouth infection need advise
  85. yay for good prices!
  86. seafood flavored canned food
  87. Any recommendations: cat shampoo that reduces dander?
  88. FLUTD more likely in male cats?
  89. Consistency of food has changed?
  90. FOOD!!! need advice!
  91. Which dry food should I feed Toby? With extra question :)
  92. ATN: CANADIANS (and aliens with satelite TV!) TV SPECIAL
  93. Any1 tht analyzed daily cost of raw food 4 their cat(s)...
  94. Raw Meat Disinfecting/Raw diet benefits-pro. explained
  95. Mango's shedding has slowed down
  96. Sheba cat food
  97. chipped fang
  98. And the fur flies...
  99. Question on how much canned food an adult cat needs.
  100. silly question - water and canned food
  101. Bullet's Brook A Tooth - What Should I do?
  102. Update on Taylor
  103. My poor cat...
  104. Help! Male cat with Feline Interstitial Cystitis
  105. Digestion Problem
  106. Macy...
  107. Broken leg.
  108. High Protein, Grain Free Dry Food and Kidney Failure
  109. Toby is driving me up the wall! So darn picky with his food!
  110. Cats and carbohydrates
  111. Mysteriously swollen lip
  112. Horrible Flea Problem
  113. food for thought
  114. DESPERATE for help!
  115. Is tapeworm possible without fleas?
  116. Spoiled Brat...
  117. Oops...medicated the wrong cat
  118. Cat skin cyst? vet popped it before, is this safe?
  119. Dusty throwing up undigested food
  120. Cat food
  121. Hot Ears!?!
  122. Serious Weight Loss
  123. An annoying new litterbox habit
  124. Stinky poo!
  125. Tritrichomonas Foetus- chronic diarrhea and IBS
  126. FIP help
  127. Should I put my cat down? I don't know what else to do...
  128. changing vets
  129. Blood on stool
  130. Back from the vet :(
  131. Tipsy ate her first whole raw rabbit quarter.....
  132. should i switch to other brands?
  133. Supplemental flea treatment?
  134. Wet food--usage
  135. Echinacea drops have saved me a fortune in vets bills.
  136. New - My cat will not stop scratching
  137. Is dry food better for a cat with a bladder infection
  138. Digestive problem
  139. Dry vs. Wet food
  140. Good News / Bad News for Mousie
  141. Rawfeeding (having a hard time getting my cats to eat liver)
  142. last chance for an old cat
  143. the cat food experiment begins
  144. Eye reflecting green in bright light??
  145. Cat sick with diarrhea and weight loss
  146. help! diarrhoea!
  147. Maxima + Neuter = Happy Kitty
  148. Help please--I'm lost as to how to feed my cats
  149. Surgery vs. Finances - Making the right choice.
  150. Kitty has black crustys on nose. :(
  151. Raw feeding and bones
  152. Hyperthyroid
  153. Dr. Jean is "home"!
  154. Skinny Kitty
  155. Is calcium harmful?
  156. cat help dont know why he does this
  157. Compounding Pharmacy recommendations?
  158. my cat is ill :-(
  159. FIV cat trembles, has low body temperature
  160. Help! Vestibular or neuromuscular disorder?
  161. Does chicken vs beef flavors matter at all?
  162. What treats are a good choice for cats?
  163. Fleas Mitts is not very happy
  164. How fast does FIP develop
  165. Mousie goes for a blood test tomorrow.
  166. PU Surgery
  167. people years?
  168. Kitty Congestion?
  169. Pets Promise Cat Food.....
  170. Olive oil? Other things for dry skin?
  171. My baby has a heart murmur..
  172. new tired kitty, just dewormed and given 1st shot...
  173. New here with a question about Felidae
  174. Black widow spider and Mango
  175. All Grain-Free Food = Good Food ??
  176. I might be giving up...
  177. Any other "slices/chunks in gravy/sauce" ??
  178. Spoiled kitty only wants pouches
  179. Kitty Issues?
  180. 14 Yr old Snow with CRF Vet said there is nothing we can do
  181. Length/Weight
  182. Definite Bacterial Infection/Possible IBD or Lymphoma
  183. Oops...
  184. he growled!
  185. So happy, first raw meal went well!!
  186. Is it time to go back to the vet?
  187. I am SO confused.
  189. dementia? old age? advice needed!!
  190. Poor Stormy (vet visit)
  191. More Info:
  192. Obsessive Licking
  193. Spaying a cat - complications involved?
  194. Update on Chestnut (anemia and seziure)
  195. Cat depression or disease?
  196. Aggravating an old wound
  197. Please Help - Raw Food Problems
  198. Adopted two cat's last night, one is sick, advice needed.
  199. Impatiently waiting....
  200. Iams food
  201. Hairball city!!!! Help!!
  202. brown scabs missing fur on nursing cat
  203. Cat Swallowed Yarn
  204. How to make ingnorant sales reps at pet stores look dumb
  205. A raw food treat to help teeth?
  206. I think Skylar's broken
  207. Urinary Blockage Please Help!!!
  208. Tipsy at her first raw meal...YAY!
  209. strange odor
  210. Using of dry cat food
  211. revolution?
  212. anemia AND Seziure
  213. Giardia Natural Treatment Protocol By Jean Hofve
  214. Serious allergy on cat, really starting to affect health and
  215. i need some advice regarding my cats weeping eye and swollen
  216. How do you respond?
  217. wet food: what do you feed?
  218. Young cat semi-paralysis of the hind legs?
  219. New Evo 95%
  220. Tre's Eye!!
  221. Question about flea, maybe?
  222. Cat with yeast infection?
  223. Dangerous Flea Treatments and Shampoos/ Permethrin
  224. Kringle not eating, thoughts?
  225. Cat vomited and was lethargic after eating a bit of chicken?
  226. Scary twitch!
  227. Toodles and gagging.
  228. Toby says yum
  229. New kitten possible health issues
  230. Kitten: Worming and defecating
  231. ProDen Plaqueoff
  232. Taste of the Wild
  233. Whiskers
  234. Do Senior cats eat more?
  235. Trouble giving meds to cat
  236. I still don't think one of the kittens is eating solids yet!
  237. Leg Woes continue- Updated with better news
  238. Occasional throwing-up
  239. Fish meds for cats what dosage?
  240. Ring worm.
  241. I feel really disheartened - kittens have fleas!
  242. How can I fatten up my cat?
  243. Older Cat
  244. question about friend's cat
  245. Saga continues...
  246. Feed Help Please
  247. Fancy Feast
  248. 3 y.o. cat drooling--vet says she's "healthy"
  249. Innova cat food - good or bad
  250. Spotty's special catering need