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Health and Nutrition

  1. Does Isis look thin to you/ Dental health discussion
  2. Is it safe for my cat to go outside in the cold?
  3. Has Beauty got an allergy?
  4. New style Bozita at Pet Store. They have changed their food
  5. Colostrum and Cosequin
  6. Silkie tested positive...
  7. Vaccinations
  8. Revolution??
  9. Long term anti-biotics in cats.
  10. Kota Update - Mr. FLUTD
  11. boney
  12. Alvin: The Cat with Problems
  13. Health Insurance?
  14. Does your cat like veggies?
  15. NOT SICK AT ALL!!!
  16. important question
  17. HELP! URGENT advise needed 4 kitten
  18. food suggestions
  19. for those who's cats have NOT had UTIs and crystals...
  20. Topical injury dressings?
  21. new to the forum!
  22. abscess teeth?
  23. Safe houseplants with 2 cats
  24. Broken claw nail
  25. How often do you brush/clean your cat's teeth?
  26. if your cat's had a UTI or crystals...
  27. Kittens spayed/neutered - Phoebe very quiet....
  29. UTI
  30. Yogurt for kitty
  31. question about my kitten
  32. Food Allergy - Need Suggestions on Fish Free Foods
  33. My cat Tinkerbell is sick
  34. Anyone else dealt with pancreatitis?
  35. I need prayers...Update:
  36. Urinary tract, bladder, liver, ... serotonin?
  37. New kitten is sneezing a few times a day
  38. Question for those of you who feed mice to your cat
  39. Which one??
  40. Worms
  41. Home fecal test for parasites, TF, Coccidia, worms, diarrhea
  42. Loose tooth!!!
  43. very sick cat
  44. Nature's Miracle Cat Litter - good or could be better?
  45. Natural Balance
  46. Toby - still fat
  47. My cat is getting FAT
  48. Nature's Variety Raw food
  49. Toby - wont eat ANY of his good food. Only Purina stuff!
  50. Usually active 3yr. old cat suddenly has no energy...
  51. Eye pierced?
  52. Irritation and excess malting
  53. Can ringworm lie dormant?
  54. Scab behind ear?
  55. eye sty
  56. Already?
  57. cat shows pain and strange behiveur
  58. Onions!
  59. Putty was just diagnosed with eosinophilic granuloma...
  60. I did it!!! I discontinued dry food.
  61. ringworm problems...PLEASE help!
  62. Toby - return of the cat pig :)
  63. He just wont stop eating!
  64. poorly cat help please
  65. poorly cat
  66. sneezing
  67. dust mites
  68. Pulling fur?
  69. My cat has crystals
  70. Same medicine for all ear infections?
  71. Coleus a safe plant?
  72. Pregnant cat and diarrhea
  73. Calcium Build Up Causing Bladder Issues?
  74. Riddle and Rumor have just been speutered
  75. Have I found a water fountain they can't kick water out of!?
  76. Advice needed on potential urinary tract issue
  77. can a cat catch a cold from a person?
  78. Water Additive for Healthy Teeth?
  79. Round worm treatment
  80. New flavor a HUGE hit
  81. Dry food question
  82. How often do you feed your cats and how much?
  83. Orphaned Kittens
  84. New kittens and going outside before immunisations
  85. Upset Tummy
  86. Disinfecting a small cut under paw - now scratch on cheek!
  87. tears running from eyes after sleeping <-- what causes th
  88. Bathing a kitten.
  89. How long would you wait?
  90. Dandruff
  91. Furless patch near mouth
  92. Blue Wilderness Blend
  93. Anal gland removal?
  94. Lethargic 2.5 yr old cat
  95. Cat regurgitating with pink liquid
  96. What on earth is this? Kibble? Dried meat pieces?
  97. Help My kitten won't eat!!
  98. Small area near side of mouth without fur!!
  99. Pet Insurance
  100. senior dry food versus regular dry food
  101. Toby - ongoing skin problems - update May 2008
  102. What foods would you suggest for early CRF and IBD?
  103. Crystals in Urine
  104. Underweight Kitten
  105. a new complication in feeding wet
  106. Microchip info?
  107. Vomiting
  108. List of Chunky cat foods
  109. Two vets are telling me opposite things - update
  110. New Question - Shots Required for Old/Mostly Indoor Cat?
  111. Emanon's Home!
  112. I'm gong to do this!!!
  113. Update On Callie and a couple of questions
  114. Update On Callie
  115. Automated litterbox?
  116. Luna's Spay next week
  117. Claw injury - HELP!!!!
  118. Just dramatics?
  119. rubbing himself raw
  120. What happened to my catnip grass plant?
  121. Giving cat medicine
  122. Whats wrong with Mort?
  123. Trixie's heart - update
  124. Snow's sick
  125. cat food
  126. What Do You Guys Think?
  127. grain free dry food versus regular dry
  128. Ear problem
  129. Cole had his wellness exam today.
  130. Fleas! Agh!
  131. protein and kidney disease
  132. Advice on Senior Cat Health Problem
  133. Artemis Fresh Mix Dry
  134. Back from long vaction of not posting
  135. Oh dear....
  136. How can I make sure they are eating enough??
  137. Buddy Has Roundworm!
  138. For the members who have kittens/cats with diarrhea
  139. Greg is getting some teeth pulled, sort of
  140. Possible causes for mouth ulcers?
  141. Baby teeth
  142. Giving a pill to a cat...
  143. please help me
  144. Vomiting water
  145. Kind of a gross topic, butt…
  146. Help with the puking!!!!!
  147. so young and STILL getting finicky! *ugh, more vomiting!*
  148. Heart Murmur
  149. Kitten Flea elimination strategies
  150. Thyroid problem?
  151. Chewie's spaying incision
  152. My Kitten Has A Fatal Disease - Help
  153. Kitten tested felv AND fiv positive
  154. A few questions on wet diet
  155. Buddy is itchy and scratchy
  156. Trinkit has Fleas!
  157. Skylar threw up :(
  158. Thanks For The Help! =)
  159. Nature's Variety Raw Medallions
  160. Cat Acne
  161. My cat may have bladder cancer
  162. Me again. This is about Cooper-Chronic Diarhea
  163. Cat can't wash her back - clumply fur :(
  164. Smelly Stool
  165. Toby- all itchy and scabby :(
  166. I've Decided on Fancy Feast! ***Update: Iams Instead***
  167. Do I keep Bozita in the rotation?
  168. Surgery Day -updated
  169. Time for the kittens' spay and neuter
  170. Gracie is obsessed with food
  171. Keeping Ants out of Food
  172. Why is my cat always hungry?
  173. B-scotch *update*
  174. Best Cat Food?
  175. Pet Food Ingredient M-4620
  176. line on his nose
  177. Skylar's Coccidia *it works!*
  178. Frontline Plus adverse reaction
  179. UTI while ON antibiotic????
  180. Feline Instincts, Feline Future and Bio Superfood
  181. Dr. Jean away
  182. Bugs autopsy results**update**
  183. Cosequin advice?
  184. I was SOOOO tempted .... advising others on cat food
  185. Toby feeling out of sorts
  186. diarrhea wont go away!, I've done everything! what's next?
  187. Toby squints
  188. Struvite crystals
  189. magnesium stearate and cats
  190. Black mole Dots in mouth...
  191. Cat Seizure?
  192. L-Lysine and Feline Herpes **Update Oct. 9th**
  193. Is Fromms okay?
  194. Kitten not cleaning herself
  195. Is this a good can of wet food?
  196. Wet/Dry Food
  197. Too high for water/food bowls?
  198. Leukemia vaccine and sarcoma
  199. Possible URI - and now Mew's lip is worse :(
  200. Eating Meat
  201. cat's nose: wet or dry
  202. Cleo can't talk **update** oh yes she can!
  203. help! still confused about my kitty's funny "hacking&qu
  204. poorly cat now lame.
  205. Advantage/Frontline and vaccines
  206. acting/sneezing it kitty asthma?
  207. kitty asthma or hairball??
  208. Vaccinations and deworming
  209. Hi, my cat's eating
  210. Kittens and raw
  211. can't get neutered with feline leukemia
  212. Is this amount of food enough for my kitties?
  213. tar
  214. A Minor Success in Changing to Wet Food
  215. Interesting way of cleaning teeth?
  216. Hard rapid breathing*sad update*
  217. Where do you feed your cat?
  218. Finally!!
  219. ulcers in cats?
  220. Spaying + heat question
  221. Evolve cat food (chicken flavor)
  222. Tidy Cats Small Spaces
  223. Emergency - Big knot on my kitties back, pics inside...
  224. Emergency Vet Trip **UPDATE**
  225. CRAZE cat treats?
  226. Kittens leg trouble
  227. diarrhea wont go away!, Im worried.
  228. Dad's Original
  229. Is this a good bowl/water dish?
  230. Supplements?
  231. Geriatric Cats
  232. Overweight on wet diet, request advice please (long post)
  233. Do kittens drink more than grown cats?
  234. Please help identify the better canned food....
  235. Beginner Food Question
  236. Sore bum/tail?
  237. Where can I get free samples, & ordering food online Q's
  238. Blood in diarrhea - I need some advice please
  239. Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrom
  240. Stainless litter box?
  241. Worst Wet Food vs. Best Dry Food
  242. quick switch
  243. still refusal to eat wet and teary eyes
  244. my kitten has diarrhea
  245. Best way to switch from dry to wet?
  246. Ok to use oven to keep dry food fresh?
  247. AL Phosphate & ALT high - help me choose panic level
  248. orange gunk
  249. Tobys verdict on Natures Variety cat food
  250. The food experiment begins