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Health and Nutrition

  1. Trying Dr Jean's natural treatment protocol for giardia
  2. Oily Fur...Change Food
  3. Garlic and cats
  4. Too much urine?
  5. Help! My cat eats too fast?
  6. When do you feed your cats
  7. Clay litter - is it really all that bad?
  8. Kitten eating nonstop!!!
  9. Underweight kitten coming home (1.5 lbs)
  10. cat-safe plants
  11. Why isn't fish good?
  12. Vegetarian diet for cats?
  13. Sick cat
  14. Better for cat to chew on entire cat grass or tiny pieces?
  15. New kitten too quiet?
  16. Vitamin C and runny stools
  17. How much to feed a kitten?
  18. Secondhand Smoke Causes Cancer in Pets
  19. Is "catgrass" really beneficial to cats?
  20. Pop top cans
  21. How to brush teeth and clean gum?
  22. Which of these canned food is better?
  23. Are these good products for my kittens?
  24. Chunky?
  25. General update on Toby
  26. Note from Mariel
  27. Toodles has a lump/knot on her lower back.
  28. cat gets car sick
  29. cats and heart worm
  30. no wet or bad wet?
  31. California Natural
  32. constipated?
  33. Castor and Pollux Organix cat food
  34. Yay! They like raw! 2 out of 3 cats agree
  35. Weight Gain
  36. Anxiety/Injury
  37. Someone please explain catanese to me.
  38. Poor Bob
  39. Insticts TC raw food
  40. How Much Wet Food Should I Feed?
  41. Ok...So what are the better brands of dry food?
  42. Panther went to the vets.
  43. food for new kittens
  44. Did we do the right thing?
  45. Articals on wet benefits
  46. Cat with goopy eye - herpes virus
  47. Panther not feeling too well...
  48. Old Siamese Kitty
  49. Best dry food to use as treats
  50. Ever get frustrated?
  51. Depo-Medrol for allergies - any experience?
  52. OMG, does spay/neutering really cost that much?!
  53. Cats and slug slime
  54. Cat Litter Cat Food & Shedding Questions...
  55. Natura Pet and Feline Formulas: PH of Urine
  56. Update on Bob
  57. Chicken
  58. Alternatives to steroids
  59. Toby - serious weight issue. He is getting HUGE!
  60. Oops . . He has fleas
  61. how much of what food?
  62. Help.....Wondering what may be wrong with my cat's eye
  63. Giving fluids at home
  64. HELP! 10 yr. old with the trots..
  65. Frequent vomiting
  66. Updat on Bunny: Fatty Liver Disease
  67. Oma's Pride raw food
  68. cats and black widow spider bites and brown recluse bites???
  69. Dry nose
  70. has anyone else notice how many sick animals
  71. Cat hoarseness
  72. Wanted to order from here but wanted...
  73. Tips for tablets and syringing medicine
  74. Starving a cat with stomach problems - over reacting vets?
  75. My cat ate Marigold flowers and now he is sick:(
  76. Lung Removed for Abscess
  77. diahrrea and vomiting
  78. Calicivirus?
  79. Old fashioned hairball remedy
  80. Felidae/Natures Variety. Which is Toby most likely to eat?
  81. New Wellness Chunks and Gravy Pouches
  82. Which wet food is better and will make the coat shiny??
  83. SO confused about Eagle Pack dry please!
  84. Toby retching at tea time.
  85. Fatty Liver Disease.
  86. Help with Dry Food
  87. FIV and anemia
  88. New Kitty & Sneezes
  89. Cut paw
  90. Bob has a parasite!!
  91. Nature's Variety, Eagle Pack or Natural Balance?
  92. Meow is changed
  93. swelled legs and rear-end!
  94. Is Natural Balance Venison & Green Pea (canned) safe?
  95. N.B. food testing
  96. Dry food & allergies?
  97. Is alfalfa harmful to cats?
  98. Two cats, brother & sister- one big, one small
  99. Food help desperately needed!
  100. Royal Canin??
  101. Innova EVO(dry) and allergy?
  102. Project: Changing Tobys Diet
  103. canned food for kitten with IBD
  104. Rodent Ulcer- treatment and prevention?
  105. Bunn has Issues ~HELP~
  106. Wet, Dry, a Combination? And what kind? Please help!
  107. Felidae??
  108. Brands with large 14 to 15 oz. cans
  109. Simba is vomiting some pink tinged stuff
  110. So, what is everyone feeding these days?
  111. Which vaccinations should I choose?
  112. Mariel update...
  113. Kitten illness with almost no symptoms?
  114. I don't believe it ...**update. might interest Nini too**
  115. Over-cautious or Over vaccinating?
  116. Sully's ill
  117. Kitten is lethargic
  118. Should I be worried?
  119. My cat vomits all the time.
  120. How much is too much?
  121. CT-guided biopsy recommendations?
  122. water
  123. Vaccine Reaction
  124. Sick kittens...slowly recovering
  125. Coccidia... again?
  126. Apple Cider Vinegar
  127. petplus supplements to add to fresh meat
  128. Is RAW food really good for cats?
  129. Nurish-UM paste
  130. Kitten with fleas! Please read and comment!!!!
  131. cat eating patterns
  132. What about this? anyone know what this is?
  133. Rapid Vomitting?
  134. IBD cat vomiting - not just regurgitation
  135. Diabetic - home testing?
  136. Anyone know what this might be?
  137. Bad Hips?
  138. what fecal exams should I ask for?
  139. Pet Promise
  140. Bladder Infection -- Food and Litter Advice?
  141. Diabetic diet
  142. Where to buy QUALITY canned food in Detroit/midwest cities?
  143. Spaying operation
  144. Need moist dry cat food
  145. Kitty can't eat?
  146. butt squirt - what's up with that??
  147. Cat skin problems!! Please Read and reply! HELP
  148. Kitty Growth
  149. Lactulose and Hairballs
  150. Feline acne - update: it's back again :(
  151. Licking up Nature's Miracle Just for Cats
  152. Help! Can I get ear mites from a cat!?
  153. Why did my cat vomit?
  154. worms & diarreah!
  155. Can't figure out which cat is possibly sick.
  156. cat food brand list
  157. diarhea in cat
  158. When is a good time to swtich from kitten food to adult food
  159. Need some help on this topic please...
  160. Cat's fracture isn't healing
  161. weeping eyes and sneezing, what is it?
  162. Lung lesion, heart murmur, one thing after another! Help!
  163. Cats And Styrofoam
  164. Ozzy Home From Hospital
  165. Meowing at night
  166. small scratch on ear
  167. Food Help!
  168. How much to feed
  169. appetite enhancers
  170. weightloss and frequency of BMs?
  171. adopted kitty
  172. By Nature Pet Foods - Has Anyone Tried It?
  173. Ozzy Still Sick
  174. loss of appetite
  175. Looking for Feline Doppler Type Blood Pressure Monitor
  176. *achoo!*
  177. Starting the "Catkins" diet- how much?
  178. 4 yr old cat w/early stage kidney disease: diet suggestions?
  179. Stinky kitten breath
  180. Anyone with experience on Bio-Superfood?
  181. My cat Taffy has a very scratchy voice. What should I do?
  182. Martell scared me out of my mind this morning.
  183. advice about weight.
  184. Elevated liver enzymes
  185. When Will We Know?
  186. Deadly Cat Disease Sweeping the Carolinas
  187. Is Toby getting enough?
  188. Spraying for carpenter ants with Mariel in the house
  190. Flea eggs in kitten fur?????
  191. how to give Cyproheptadine?
  192. Brushing teeth...
  193. Kitty with auto-immune disorder - got one?
  194. Could Chester have a heart murmur or problem with his lungs?
  195. Wet Food
  196. Giardia
  197. FURminator**UPDATE**
  198. CET toothbrush
  199. Urgent Smudge update - Need your help!
  200. Spayed Furby yesterday. SHould I apply the powder?
  201. Tremors in the Legs..?
  202. How can you tell if a kitten has been neutered?
  203. Well, so much for the malt-flavored hairball remedy
  204. Goopy eyes in kittens
  205. CountryPet Cat Food
  206. Asthma
  207. Ear Mites - PLEASE HELP US
  208. Something good from the food recalls?
  209. Do hairballs take sometimes a couple tries to get out?
  210. Gluten intolerance ?
  211. Melle is not getting any better
  212. Is Andie too skinny?
  213. Best age to test for FIV-FeLV?
  214. Hacking but no hairballs -- should I be worried?
  215. crime doesnt pay.
  216. My cat's eye
  217. Neutered Male mounting female cat ???
  218. Is Toby Fat?
  219. Poor Toby. Bored with his food
  220. Ok, so I'm paranoid.
  221. Kittens' weight gain - update: making progress
  222. Smudge in kidney failure - only a few months to live?
  223. Why not advisable to spay during heat?
  224. And now Julia - eye infection?
  225. Fred has chronic diarrehea
  226. Chew Sticks?
  227. Weightloss question
  228. eye melanoma
  229. Tiny Chewie just threw up :(
  230. Cat Sitter Cost?
  231. Cat licking wound-how can I stop it?
  232. Diarrhea
  233. trying to switch to wet food
  234. Cat Food Industry Article
  235. EVO and Vomiting?
  236. What's a good food for a kitten?
  237. kidney infection
  238. Hair Loss... Mange?
  239. Flea Meds
  240. FeLv Virus question
  241. Kittens and Combat
  242. Our cat Heidi was sneezing, coughing etc.
  243. UTI
  244. Only eating tuna...please advise.
  245. choosing a new vet
  246. Extreme Faced Himilayan Eye Problem
  247. Mammary Tumour **Realy great news its not cancer :D**
  248. now my kitty's lonely - advice needed
  249. Angency to report bad Veterinarians?
  250. Another Toby Update