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Health and Nutrition

  1. Seizures or choking?
  2. Petzlife? (dental care products)
  3. determining gender
  4. Andie just vomited...
  5. Best food for IBD cat???
  6. Cat Injury
  7. Crosspost: Please revisit the Cat Chat recall thread
  8. It's almost that time of year again...Fleas!
  9. :roll: Why oh why is my calico Mary so fat? Sorry, its long
  10. Can sick cats be given liquid food under their skin?
  11. Apples in Cat Food? and other food questions
  12. pumpkin or slippery elm?
  13. Hyperthyroidism coming under control
  14. a question about protein
  15. vomiting and bacterial overgrowth
  16. What do you feed your cats?
  17. Rookie's Terrible Week
  18. What to feed?
  19. Prednisone and my cats intestinal drama
  20. Diabetes in cats
  22. Why does Riley eat so much!!
  23. Post surgery Lump
  24. Feeding Andie, what to do?
  25. Herbal Sedatives.. Really Effective?
  26. Help please..
  27. Assumpta Update
  28. Riley is much better today!!
  29. I think I lucked out!
  30. Feeding a double-portion if you're going out for a day?
  31. can a spider bite have these reactions
  32. Sneezing!
  33. Sick cat and I can't do anything :(
  34. Little Riley---Improving?
  35. Hair loss
  36. Good news?????
  37. Still holding on
  38. Got a new kitten with a cold!
  39. Anal Glands
  40. Fish tank as cat fountain/Charcoal?
  41. Found this about melamine on internet
  42. Kitten fading syndrome
  43. Possible worms?
  44. Cat's paws with weird calluses.
  45. Freckle in eye
  46. What is involved in a well kitten check up?
  47. Quick yes/no survey on FIV, Please Respond!
  48. Jasper
  49. Tricky cat changing foods?
  50. Head Wound :(
  51. Mangos foster buddy has chronic renal failure
  52. Sick Kitty
  53. Elderly cat with problems
  54. Supplements
  55. I am new and confused
  56. New update on diabetic kitty
  57. Cat sitter flaked on us, cats without water for 2 days.
  58. Addison is vomiting
  59. Cats and Alzheimer's
  60. Sad news....can anyone provide insight? *update*
  61. My cat smells like cat pee
  62. vet viralys ??
  63. Iams Original Dry problems?- cats are very lethargic...
  64. Pet fountains? Good or not?
  65. dang... my cat is tearing out his stitches!!!!!!!!!
  66. Is this plant poisonous?
  67. Please Help With My Sick Cat!!
  68. Vaccinations?
  69. List of good brands of wet cat food in the UK (hopefully)
  70. Are there nerve endings in whiskers??
  71. Toby has bad teeth and gums. Requires an op :(
  72. Yet another Vet supportive of feeding meat.....
  73. Senior cat... need advice on food
  74. Popantal & Drontal
  75. How much is too much?
  76. Vaccinations
  77. I need help
  78. Would you recommend this dry food?
  79. Need help with cats and Clavamox
  80. Allergies?
  81. How do I say NO to my Vet regarding diet recommendation?
  82. Delia is now on steroids...
  83. Bloody stools
  84. CNN Misinformation!
  85. Feeding Raw (aka BARF)
  86. Need Help with finding a good food
  87. black dots on kitty's chin
  88. Old kitty walking strangely - neural?
  89. Feed me, feed me!!!
  90. Fur Color Fading?
  91. Update on Miss Kitty(Pumpkin)
  92. UTI possibly?
  93. strange e mail about dog food recall
  94. Mystery illness
  95. Sampson is home from surgery :)
  96. Andie 8 days after surgery
  97. Pet Food Recall - ABC News Article
  98. results of Sampson's surgery, very good news... :)
  99. Are greenies dangerous?
  100. Turkey slices and evening primrose capsules
  101. is this a good brand of cat food?
  102. taking Sampson in for surgery tomorrow...
  103. The Goodlife Recipe
  104. What age did you choose for the castration?
  105. General advice on how to feed a FIV+ cat requested.
  106. Tired of DUST from Litter.
  107. another food question: what to try next?
  108. Dehydrated and 104.5 tempature
  109. How to give you cat pills?
  110. Andie in recovery-PICS
  111. Getting Waxy
  112. Hes eating!!!
  113. Frontline or Advantage?
  114. Asthma and a nebulzer. Might this work?
  115. Which one?
  116. People with impaction knowledge please help
  117. Solid Gold cat food?
  118. Kitten questions
  119. New Food Help
  120. Black stuff from under car got on cat
  121. Licking plastic bags
  122. Kitty Litter?
  123. Molly had surgery
  124. Andie's diagnosis
  125. Another vomiting thread
  126. Are black beans safe for cats?
  127. Chicken Guts
  128. Need food/bladder infection advice
  129. vomiting and diareaha (sp?)
  130. what food is recommended for Inflammatory Bowel Disease...
  131. Cytauxzoonosis - please read
  132. my cat seems really sick.
  133. Hyperthyroid/alarming bodily contractions
  134. Cat's crystal problem - what is it?
  135. Went to visit Andie
  136. Kitten or Adult Food?
  137. Post Surgery Life
  138. News on Andie's surgery
  139. Tapeworm Question
  140. shedding
  141. diabeties in cats
  142. Andie's relapse
  143. Ok, this is strange
  144. Why no fish?
  145. raw food/commercial food
  146. what is wrong with my cat??
  147. Martell is crystal free - and doing much better (update)
  148. Kidney diet and treats
  149. Lump on cat (not my cat) ***UPDATE****
  150. My cat is limping - update
  151. How to tell if a cat is too thin?
  152. My cat just dunked herself in cooking oil.
  153. More feeding questions
  154. Lungworm
  155. Feral Cat Conern
  156. barf (raw) food diet for cats
  157. Do I feed my cats enough?
  158. Is there a fix for my cats loose poops?
  159. Sick cat, unknown sickness
  160. Well, wish me luck...
  161. Authority
  162. How much food is enough?
  163. Dusty is throwing up
  164. Almost raw
  165. Excessive dinking
  166. I'm psyched up again!!!
  167. Raw Frozen Diet
  168. Dusty Litter, Automatic Litter Cleaners
  169. Merrick brand cat food
  170. Worming
  171. how much food for a fat cat?
  172. Its midnight and i think my cat has Urethal Obstruction
  173. Haematoma (aural)
  174. Why has he stopped springing & jumping please?
  175. Feeling under the weather
  176. Kitty tested FIV+ Decisions, decision, decisions
  177. Cat with balance issues needs some help.
  178. Switching from Kitten to Adult food
  179. clumpy whiskers
  180. bump on head :S
  181. Flea Allergies?
  182. Pain Meds...?
  183. Flagyl - anyone have experience with this med?
  184. What do you guys think... sister's sick cat
  185. What's the best kind of can cat food to feed a diabetic cat?
  186. Felidae Reviews?
  187. Cat Food Contains Salmonella, FDA Says...Wild Kitty Raw Food
  188. Poop identifier
  189. Spayed in a foreign country...need HELP!
  190. Kitty feeling poorly
  191. Radioactive Iodine Experience and Quarantine Times
  192. Fish and cats?
  193. Help needed with 9 week old kitten
  194. overweight cat and wet food...
  195. Carpon - urinary treatment
  196. How do you get weight on old skinny cat
  197. How to get weight on old skinny cat
  198. liver cancer *update*
  199. eating poop
  200. Decided to try raw.
  201. Could it be the food???
  202. Sudden death of our 3 year old cat Simba
  203. Static electricity
  204. barely a year... already overweight??
  205. Kitty with FLUTD Problem
  206. Vomiting kitten
  207. Feline Leukemia
  208. Do cats cry???
  209. How Much Fancy Feast?
  210. raw meat
  211. Cat and painful ear?
  212. Our cat has an intestinal blockage
  213. help! possible skin condition
  214. Brushing a cat's teeth...
  215. Question-shivering in cat
  216. Lily is back from the vet
  217. Dangers of pop-top cat food cans?
  218. Having second thoughts about having her pts (diabetes)
  219. cat physique
  220. Euthanasia
  221. HELP, blood on poop
  222. ground up wet food?
  223. Cats and Heartworms
  224. In need of reassurance! - Cat dental problem
  225. To be or not to be......lame
  226. Hello could do with some advice
  227. Shabby Coat, Skinny & Cold Pads!
  228. Need help with chronic conjunctivitis...swollen eye lids
  229. Kitten fleas? illnes?
  230. Need help with kitten diarrhea.
  231. Indestructible Cat Food
  232. Help needed. Questions about my cat.
  233. I am sad about my kitten
  234. Rapid weight loss
  235. drooling
  236. Congestion and coughing after waking up
  237. Diabetic kitty update
  238. dehumidifier
  239. Black Mark on White Cat's Chin
  240. Sore Tongue!
  241. Vomiting cat
  242. IAMS - the smell!
  243. HELP: How to switch to dry food?
  244. Moving with cats
  245. How to get my cat to eat again?
  246. My cat is walking funny(in a bad way.) Update!
  247. Upset stomach in cats
  248. fat/bloated kitty?
  249. Baytril liquid
  250. Benadryl?