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Health and Nutrition

  1. Cat with Deep gashes around neck
  2. Digestive Enzymes
  3. Bottom Trouble
  4. Spay incision broke open!
  5. Please help! Starving cat...
  6. Update on CJ & Video Otoscopy
  7. Feeding Multiple Cats
  8. Question?
  9. Switched Sunshine Over To Nutro!
  10. Good news for my Kitty with KD
  11. question about clinics with multiple vets
  12. Food Allergies?
  13. wobbly cat
  14. Propofol anaesthesia?
  15. Digestive disorder
  16. sailboat kitties
  17. Please help - Is my cat ok?
  18. Kitty Diarrhea
  19. Rabies Paranoia?
  20. Another question about wet and dry both
  21. Please--Need HELP on Post MegaColon surgery
  22. Nail Problems
  23. Adopted Stray Cat
  24. Wet Food
  25. Stuffy Nose
  26. Our cat passed away suddenly yesterday...looking for answers
  27. Cat Grooming Needs
  28. Regular Vomiting
  29. IBD and Fiber
  30. Video Otoscopy & Anesthesia - Senior Cat
  31. Do cats have bloody noses?
  32. A discussion of raw food diets
  33. Teeth cleaning?
  34. Could this be serious I wonder ?
  35. Diet for cat with constipation problems
  36. Appetite Stimulant?
  37. Furball treatment for long-haired cat?
  38. Natural Balance food?
  39. Wet and dry both?
  40. HELP!!! My cat has Grade 3 luxating patellas
  41. Clarification please: pet store clerk pushing dry food
  42. I am really worried about Tyrael... update: saw the vet
  43. Blood in urine even after floxacin and penicilin
  44. Vaccine Induced tumors?
  45. Financial help for vet bills
  46. Justin having diarrhea
  47. Pregnant Izzy?
  48. Cat having bladder problems I think..maybe other?
  49. Wound on kittens forehead won't heal (pics)
  50. Constant diaria
  51. My cat has loose poops...what can be wrong?
  52. Problem drinking water
  53. How beneficial are pro-biotics?
  54. More Andie drama
  55. Please help....................
  56. any vets in here?
  57. Feline Luekemia Shot?
  58. Interesting thing I learned about vaccines
  59. intestinal inflammation
  60. Anal bleeding
  61. Striker's Symtoms, looks like its Vestibular
  62. Dry,Cracked Ears...
  63. Weight loss, stress, eating hair & other concerns
  64. Problem with cat's ear
  65. Kitty cold
  66. Help with a vet / dental work
  67. Advice- stomach
  68. Advice- stomach
  69. Eggs?
  70. Vaccination Question
  71. Airborne transmission (from shelter cats)?
  72. Diet Restriction?
  73. HELP~~ eyelid and pupil problem
  74. Does cat need a vet?
  75. I'm new here-kitten needs help
  76. Cat with Allergies ???
  77. How long should kittens stay in a safe room?
  78. THANK YOU! to coaster
  79. Do you get your long-haired cats groomed? How often?
  80. Scabby clumps in Petey's fur..
  81. Cat just diagnosed with CRF
  82. Kitty ate giblets...
  83. Recommendations for quality canned foods
  84. Diabetes Question
  85. what are the beginning signs of ringworm...
  86. Is He a Normal Size?
  87. Eye question - worried new mom!
  88. scabby weird skin thing on the bridge of my cat's nose...
  89. New kitten.. eye problems??
  90. FungRX...used it??
  91. now a UTI, possibly crystals!
  92. Vet reference for Los Angeles
  93. Daisy again....more poo issues
  94. Scar on the side of nose that can't heal
  95. How much was your neuter? Also, goldfish?
  96. Kidney Diease
  97. Yesterday's News Cat Litter?
  98. Hyperthyroidism?
  99. blood test prior to leukaemia vacinne
  100. Drawn Out ringworm...NEED advice!!
  101. Kya's Vaccines
  102. Gizmo has been catheterized
  103. Torn ear
  104. Can someone answer this?
  105. hills prescription s/d food questions
  106. Cat throwing up, can't keep anything down.
  107. Tongue Sore - Resqued Kitten
  108. Kitty Ringworm Woes
  109. Concern about sudden diarrhea and behavioral change
  110. My Cat Is Sick
  111. Scooby Kitten Has Smelly Breath!
  112. Tooth problems
  113. Wet Food, yay! And a question...
  114. Every two weeks
  115. Raised Cat feeders?
  116. maybe a silly question, but...
  117. Liver problem--need advice please help
  118. blood tests, are they necessary at check up time?
  119. Cosmo can't poop!!
  120. Fleas
  121. Frustrated and concerned
  122. sick cat, requesting help
  123. Sore mouth = Calivirus, FIV, Leukemia?
  124. How cold of temperature can a cat endure?
  125. Just Discovered Lump on Spine
  126. Injured kitten
  127. Hairball or Cough?
  128. Weird things on each side of my cat's anus. (photo)
  129. soft claws and infections?
  130. Cat ate tensil off of my xmas tree!!
  131. Whats wrong with my cat?
  132. Almo nature(cat food)
  133. Glacoma - Need support - UPDATED - see below
  134. My kitty stopped using the litter box?
  135. What Cat food eliminates..........
  136. Cat hasn't peed in 24 hours
  137. Holly's Tail ** Updated after Vet visit **
  138. Taking a cat's temperature
  139. I think Malibu is on the mend!
  140. Tear Stain Remover...
  141. Should I be worried?
  142. Hills W/D substitute?
  143. Dislocated hip
  144. Cat groomers -- sedatives before bringing the cat in?
  145. Ring around the collar
  146. Male cat with crystals in urine - updated 1/09/07
  147. multiple cat house with a flutd cat and food
  148. Frequency of vomiting?
  149. update on Addison
  150. Questions about possible cycstitis, grooming, etc
  151. Prescription kidney diet question
  152. Calories per day
  153. What do you guys think?
  154. I don't think I'm doing it well enough...
  155. drooling!
  156. Red dust
  157. Need info on elbow problems
  158. What is causing this kitty to get so sick?
  159. dry cat paw
  160. if your cat is sick (please read)
  161. My cat has become sick.
  162. Which canned food would you recommend?
  163. Cat losing control of back legs
  164. Indoor cat food
  165. Odd Monthly Behavior
  166. Blood in Fecal?
  167. growth arround microchip
  168. After VET visit
  169. Hepatic Lipidosis
  170. Sugar and Aroma Intensifiers
  171. Taurine
  172. Smelly Kittens
  173. Metacam for cats
  174. diabetic diet
  175. Small handful of cat questions.
  176. I need a New Cat food.
  177. My cat has a problem!
  178. NB or Eagle Pack?
  179. When is vomiting a concern?
  180. Not eating much!
  181. Update on Daisy
  182. Throws up, and then defecates on the floor.
  183. Help!! I am raising a Pig!!
  184. Barn kitty to vet tomorrow AM, would like more advice...
  185. Hard Bowel Movements - Loss of Weight
  186. how do I clean bites/scratches on my cat?
  187. Hair loss - cross post
  188. Food allergies and good canned food options at the box store
  189. Natural Balance canned food, anyone?
  190. Loss of appetite in 3.5 yr old but tests reveal nothing...
  192. Frontline for fleas?
  193. Weezing, vomit, needy kitty (post radioiodine)
  194. Booster shots for cats
  195. Adolescent cat with horrendous gas!
  196. Problems after tom cat neutering
  197. Oz's Smelly Problem
  198. Best age to neuter
  199. Cookie and Ellie want a food with chunks and gravy!
  200. Solid Gold"Katz-N Flocken" Dry food, dangerous?
  201. male cat question...and update on sofi
  202. Taro has stumped The Best Vet in Florida -- update, sort of
  203. Brown substance under cat's chin?
  204. Asprin?
  206. Throwing away healthy food
  207. Reaction after vaccinations
  208. more specifics about Addison's liver
  209. blood in urine problem (urgent! -- updated)
  210. First Time Cat Owner - Feeding?
  211. Andie likes her new food!
  212. Oliver goes in for surgery tomorrow *UPDATE*
  213. Addison's dental... and now my paranoia
  214. blood in urine, antistress pills *UPDATE BACK FROM VET* PG 2
  215. NEED HELP,nobody knows whats wrong*UPDATE BACK FROM VET*PG 2
  216. Getting a urine sample **Update** Crystals
  217. Sunday Night Bedtime Fun (Holly Colitis Follow-up)
  218. Blood in stool back - now what?
  219. Back to the drawing board - Crystals again
  220. Matted coat
  221. Wellness vs. EVO?
  222. Is Fish Enough?
  223. Neutering problems
  224. I just dont get it
  225. The lump on Oliver...
  226. My cat "Tinker" is spotting urine.
  227. Cat not well after neuter surgery
  228. UTI Food Advice...Please..
  229. Problem urinating after neuter (Cryptorchid)
  230. Poor Holly has a little blood in her stool
  231. now hate it
  232. Litter Problem
  233. Diabetes (update on "embarrassed")
  234. Willis had a bit of a fever at the vets
  235. Big lump on Oliver's chest
  236. Update on Trinkit
  237. Got Andie to take FLAGYL
  238. help its not good for hero
  239. help i am heartbroken
  240. how much do I feed my kitten?
  241. Embarrassed to go to the vet.
  242. Update on Andie
  243. Runny eyes, dirty ear, and no meow!
  244. new kitten and question about disease transmission
  245. Has anyone ever heard of a cat having a HERNIA?
  246. Controlled or Unlimited Access to Food
  247. Something in his eye
  248. Question about gender
  249. Daisy and the new food
  250. Pet health care costs