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Health and Nutrition

  1. Amitriptyline for Behavioural Issues
  2. Hello! We may possibly be getting our first cat!
  3. Is it time to let go?
  4. early renal failure-- what food?
  5. 15 Yr Old Midnight and health issues
  6. What's the healthy weight range for a 6-month-old?
  7. Urethral bypass surgery for kidney stone - any experience?
  8. is there a stress free stuff for cats?
  9. Almond milk
  10. Does petting a cat make it softer?
  11. Best flea medication?
  12. Low Salt Food?
  13. Raising a kitten on Dave's?
  14. 2 weeks old cat rescue, any advice?
  15. Any possible harm with bed bugs?
  16. Sick kitty question
  17. Finally transitioning to all wet food
  18. tail removal? thoughts? prices?
  19. Kitten resources
  20. New Himalayan kitten food help
  21. Cat won't eat any variety, only dry, what to try?
  22. Advice for the Pooh Bear
  23. Allie's Strange Finicky Eating Behavior
  24. Hi there! Advice needed about fostering untested kittens/FELV
  25. Blue Buffalo recalls treats for Propylene Glycol
  26. Question on food intake and ear...
  27. dry, itchy skin?
  28. New kid likes her wet food's 'juice'
  29. Robin's got ear fungus AGAIN!?
  30. Hello from Egypt - help needed with found kitten
  31. dentals for senior kitties
  32. Advantage II?
  33. Cheap wet food vs. high-quality kibble, long-term?
  34. was my 6mo put on Hills dry food for medical reason?
  35. For CKD parents...
  36. traveling with new born kittens
  37. claws showing when retracted
  38. New to forum - have a sick little girl and need advice...
  39. Ear infection in newly adopted cat
  40. Are cat treats okay to give to kittens as well?
  41. Now that Poo-rina has bought Merrick
  42. Capstar?
  43. Halo Recall
  44. New Kitten!
  45. Re: Air travel for cats!!
  46. Persian open mouth breathing
  47. Cat has Diarrhea, possible food intolerance?
  48. Male 5mo after neutering, testicles went from pink to purplish
  49. Is she craving protien?
  50. Dolly the dwarf cat
  51. I found a kitten - possible eye issue
  52. Bleepin fleas
  53. Dirty Booty
  54. litter box issues
  55. Can I Prep Pill Pockets In Advance?
  56. 7mo cat suddenly eating less -- picky?
  57. Older Cat 14+
  58. cat litter box unsafe ?
  59. Ringworm risk
  60. Stomach Issues - What to Do Until Vet
  61. Toenail, something to be concerned about?
  62. 5mo clicking noises in jaw and gagging
  63. HI, I wanted to introduce myself and my cat - possible CRF issues
  64. Hello all - need help with health issues
  65. senior cat getting really picky
  66. Exausting all wet food options...
  67. rapid breathing
  68. Matted fur- how do I fix it?
  69. subQ fluids
  70. 13 week old kitten eating enough?
  71. Tame Your CatĚs Hairballs With Wellness Natural Hairball Control Formula
  72. Ringworm
  73. Cat lost his appetite
  74. Good low protien options for cats?
  75. Is pine wood dangerous for cats?
  76. Teeth Health
  77. Red Bump on Lower Lip
  78. Human Drugs, NOT for cats!
  79. Is this a good cat food?
  80. How long do kittens grow for?
  81. New Member - Introducing Myself - coughing cat
  82. Ultrasound necessary?
  83. Very frustrating ear problems
  84. Tumour shrunk on its own??
  85. Kitty Has Primary Lung Tumor
  86. Fleas and Advantage
  87. Cat sleeping a lot lately
  88. Black spot above Beau's nose
  89. Kitty with Fatty Liver Disease
  90. Feeding kitten after neutering
  91. Covered in fleas!!
  92. Shaving my cats soon, what is the best de-shedding brush?
  93. Feeding Advice
  94. Mysterious Illness that Two Vets Can't Figure Out
  95. Kitten food
  96. Omega 3 and soft stools?
  97. To Feed or not to Feed (Dry)
  98. Vitamin & Omega 3 + Food Question -Persian kitten?
  99. Good Lovin cat treats?
  100. Not sure what happened.....
  101. Hartz - never again
  102. Interactive Wet Cat Food Bowl/Toys
  103. Smokey restored
  104. Possible ear infection?
  105. Any cat-safe body products you can recommend?
  106. Teeth andG gum Issues
  107. Kidney failure advise/ question
  108. Baby kittens SOS rescue or leave
  109. Bringing cats overseas
  110. Switching Foods
  111. Jack - mouth issues
  112. Deworming + Vacination question.....
  113. Spay and neuter programs
  114. Suggestions for deworming a feral cat
  115. FIV kitty mama - folded ear
  116. Cat fountains are great
  117. I feel like i am at a crossroads with my cat with pillow foot and asthma
  118. Kitten ate a graham cracker piece
  119. Cats don't have fleas?
  120. New to forum with sick cat, chronic kidney disease
  121. Hi there from Virginia - question about worm/lizard/salamander?
  122. Dandruff
  123. Advice for Taking care a 4-weeks old kitten
  124. Kitten refusing to take milk?
  125. cat got nail stuck in paw
  126. ziwi peak
  127. Newly Diagnosed Feline Diabetes
  128. Hyperthyroidism in elderly cat. Should I push for Radioactive-Iodine Therapy?
  129. What is the best cat food for IBS?
  130. Question about Lactulose...
  131. Hi - help with giving pills please
  132. Freshpet food
  133. Smelly Backside
  134. Post Spay Lump
  135. Tuna and blindness?!
  136. URGENT--What to feed kitten?
  137. Kittnes
  138. Cat staying at Vet. Don't know what to expect.
  139. Cone problems wit newly neutered cat
  140. New Adult Siamese Cat - Picky Eater
  141. Ellie Threw Up a Tapeworm! :(
  142. Cat sneezing?
  143. Mum cat with bald lower lip!
  144. Best Online Source Of Vet Advice
  145. update on Toshi
  146. Soulistic food
  147. Is Wellness or Holistic Select better?
  148. Kitten threw up, started trying to eat it?
  149. Peter and the Poo
  150. Fleas on Mum and Kittens
  151. Dave's - change in formula?
  152. Having a hard time jumping
  153. Tips on cats and cones
  154. Heart murmurs and dental cleanings
  155. Fish oil for dandruff? Dose?
  156. How to get food to drop in gravity feeder?
  157. new commer - question about breathing
  158. Yeast Infection - cat
  159. Bite but no fleas
  160. Spaying a kitten?
  161. What should I do for an cat outside?
  162. Ear issue?
  163. Hello:) cat spayed yesterday
  164. SPROUTS...for Cats?!!
  165. Putting off neutering my cat
  166. flea & worm medication and first bath
  167. Need help with Low Thrombocyte Count & Constipation
  168. I need another pair of arms!
  169. Dark, black poop?
  170. Odd looking poop
  171. Beastie Band caused hair loss?
  172. Cat vomited blood
  173. meal-plan for cats help
  174. sebaceous cysts
  175. Symmetrical Bald Spots
  176. HOW To PILL a Cat!
  177. Cat Flea treatment?
  178. Kitten weight?!
  179. Is my kitten teehthing?
  180. blindness from anethesia
  181. Desperately Need Vacation
  182. Nutrition options for my little boy post-urinary blockage
  183. Cat won't try wet food
  184. Cheristin Flea Treatment?
  185. Odd growth/sore on cat's paw pad
  186. Food again!
  187. Neutering Question
  188. Kitten has something in her eye, take to vet?
  189. People Products Poisonous to Cats!
  190. Could the collar be making her itch?
  191. Omega 3 and Sardines
  192. Regular bristle cat toothbrush, or rubber finger toothbrush?
  193. I need some advice - insulin or change in diet?
  194. So, does kibble do anything to help their teeth?
  195. Considering Switching to Wet Food
  196. broken femur -- need advice
  197. Smelly Right Ear
  198. finally found a great wet food the whole pride loves!
  199. Best food for urinary problems
  200. 1st Vet visit tomorrow
  201. Holly had 2 teeth pulled
  202. watery squinty eye & sneezing
  203. Encephalitis in Cats & Dogs!
  204. red patch
  205. Anyone Else Have a Cat With Allergies?
  206. FeLV vaccination for these 2?
  207. neutering a kitten
  208. Hello Need Help with a new Kitten (Corona/FIP)
  209. HELP! Moving head like following a laser toy?
  210. Tim's Not Blinking After Ear Surgery
  211. My kitty's back legs are pigeon-toed. Will this lead to future health issues?
  212. Purina One Smartblend?
  213. House-call vet service
  214. George is sick
  215. Pregnancy? False pregnancy? Heat?!
  216. Tiki Cat
  217. Senior Blood work
  218. Please help: which brand of dry food is better?
  219. I need help with feeding (picky eater) Crisco
  220. Adding water to food
  221. Question about surgical incision
  222. Cat was prescribed prednisolone, two days later has diarrhea. Should I stop giving it
  223. Vomited
  224. grooming
  225. Advocate and vomiting
  226. Having Geet's PTS Wednesday
  227. Hairless area behind leg?
  228. Senior cat problems
  229. Sudden change of feeding schedule
  230. Treat options
  231. Picky kittens/wet food
  232. Convincing a friendto try canned food for kitty
  233. Surgery?
  234. Help - fleas and now litter issues - related?
  235. Shelter cat
  236. Is this skin cancer or a wart or mole?
  237. Vomiting every second day
  238. Found a kitten?
  239. Picky Kitten?!
  240. Foster kitten!
  241. The dreaded "D" word... Diet
  242. Newbie says hi - need help getting meds in cat that won't eat
  243. Dread Ringworm
  244. Bald Patch beside kittens mouth?
  245. Weight and Eating Habits
  246. Drinking fountain recommendations?
  247. going on vacation (medicine?)
  248. My cat and his frequent litter box visits.
  249. New kitten fell and landed on his back...
  250. The Cost of Owning a Cat