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Health and Nutrition

  1. Yellow spots on cats fur
  2. Kitty diarrhea
  3. My cat vs. my moms cats
  4. Andie is in the hospital
  5. Our Cat stoped eating suddenly...
  6. Have you had to put a kitty to sleep?
  7. Nature's Variety Raw Instinct...
  8. Flea and Tick Medicine
  9. Kitten's stitches are gone!
  10. Skin problems
  11. Cat pulling its hair out
  12. Can an indoor cat get parasites?
  13. Fancy Feast Dry Food
  14. what's wrong with my cat...?
  15. Cat spayed- side or belly?
  16. Anyone ever had problems with cactis?
  17. dental products
  18. cat is arching back and inactive, laying down
  19. Arrrgggh! Shedding is driving my husband mad!
  20. Seeking advice
  21. Can a cat get used to wet food and never eat dry food?
  22. Daisy's dental/bloodwork
  23. Alergic Skin problems
  24. How to feed my cat her medicine?
  25. More Taro Woes :(
  26. RINGWORM = Scabs = second opinion.
  27. cat home from vet was blocked
  28. Can Thyroid Tests Be Wrong?
  29. fish for neutered tomcats
  30. Alternatives to FortiFlora?
  31. 6 Month Old Kitten has Diarrhea
  32. sick cat
  33. Recovering from an obstruction, bloody urine
  34. Kitten diarrhea...not sure?
  35. Anyone with experience with oil of oregano?
  36. constipated cat
  37. Gingivitus
  38. FIV
  39. Evolve canned food
  40. Cat allergies: Feline Pine?
  41. Best diet for recurring urinary problems?
  42. E coli - Please help - advice needed.
  43. Cough, elevated eosinophils, and Prednisone
  44. bloody poo
  45. Went to a pet store today
  46. Special Kitty
  47. My cat has died - from what i don't know
  48. ear mites, yeast infection or normal wax?
  49. Eukanuba brand
  50. Unidentified Fluid
  51. Increased water intake
  52. What does this sound like to you?
  53. Cat puking up foam for 2nd day
  54. To Treat or Not to Treat (Fleas)
  55. All the vets are at a loss - advice needed
  56. De-worming for cats
  57. Cat Food Allergy? Bald Spots?
  58. Cat eating, but losing weight, Please help
  59. Two male kitties in one house
  60. Stinky Little Kitty
  61. do my indoor cats really need their yearly exams?
  62. Kitty won't eat!
  63. Julius has crystals
  64. Parasites prevention?
  65. An overweight kitten and an underweight cat....
  66. Help ASAP. Any tricks on giving cats medication???!!!!
  67. our old cat's swollen stomach and huge weight loss
  68. What else would you suggest testing for?
  69. Uhg! Am I doing something wrong?
  70. Has my cat got mange?
  71. Grrr, Coronavirus AGAIN
  72. Found Kitten - any suggestions? very young
  73. Can anyone tell me whats up with my cat?
  74. got a cold
  75. tiny scabs around neck area
  76. My kittens eyelid is sticking out!!!!
  77. Kitten Burnt his nose on candle, now acting weird
  78. Liver problems
  79. Ears feel hot
  80. Stinky Feet!
  81. Question about scratches
  82. Hair patches on the underside of paws?
  83. my kitten is very ill
  84. My cat occasionally emits TERRIBLE odor, what's causing it?
  85. Are air fresheners irritating to cats?
  86. Peroxide and Alcohol???
  87. kitten not drinking water-very worried
  88. Runny nose
  89. My cat swallowed piece of a fake long to pass?
  90. The stench!
  91. When is the right 'time' to say good bye?
  92. Cat dermatologist?
  93. Feline Urinary Syndrome and raw food diet?
  94. cats with gas
  95. Food Change up?
  96. Hosta - non-toxic?
  97. i need more help with starving cat!
  98. Cat eye issues?
  99. update on saving cat issue!
  100. Kitten Won't Eat Moist Food
  101. Canned food vs. dry food
  102. It feels like a wart of some sort on her ear?
  103. Variety for wet foods and incorporating into diet
  104. My cat's got Diarreah
  105. thyroid disease and ALT value
  106. Extra growth on front claw?
  107. need help saving cat!
  108. Ginger won't eat her wet food???
  109. coughing/retching, not grooming
  110. All wet food diet: A couple questions
  111. Kudzu - non-toxic plant to cats?
  112. Question for Innova feeders
  113. smaller eye
  114. Symptoms of blockage?
  115. my furry baby has what the vet is calling blood blisters
  116. cat eating grass and leaves and vomiting
  117. Bad Teeth
  118. yogurt ?
  119. My cat swallowed a thickish 1.5 inch long rubber tube
  120. Quality of food
  121. Oh dear lord of France!
  122. Why do vets like Iams?
  123. smoking
  124. food for seniors.
  125. What would I need to add to this for a well-rounded diet?
  126. My baby is getting spayed - updated with some pics
  127. Blood in stool and liquid meds help for a newbie
  128. elderly cat
  129. frontline plus...frontline top spot
  130. Vet Poll
  131. Vaccines
  132. Scabs all over his back
  133. Indoor cats and vet trips
  134. vegetarian diet
  135. is he sick?
  136. My cat has a smelly butt
  137. Overweight kitty
  138. Cat is dehydrated,what to give it to drink?
  139. excessive salivation
  141. Stool Odor
  142. Allergy Tests
  143. Urine or Blood?
  144. shelter cat - eye discharge question
  145. Funny lumps on ears
  146. Sneezing Kitten no other symptoms.
  147. Deafness **Update on Angel**
  148. Feline respiratory problems - need help asap
  149. Diet = Vegetables and Fruit
  150. Measuring cat food in mice.
  151. Best water for cats
  152. Hot Spot!
  153. Diabetic Cat
  154. Coughing kitten
  155. For UK cat owners...Perfect Fit dry cat food
  156. Dieting/Constipation.. Help!
  157. What's the bang for the buck canned food?
  158. Can cats be allergic to other cats?
  159. do cats change teeth?
  160. Innova adding 'Reduced Fat' and 'Senior' formulas
  161. My kitty has never been to a vet. Ear mites problem
  162. Detatched Ear Drum
  163. Nose Ulcer? Fleas??
  164. soft stool
  165. Found a kitten outside - Advice? :) *new update - new pics*
  166. Pumpkin is very sick
  167. Rabies shoots
  168. oh the ignominy!
  169. Why would someone choose to skip many vaccinations?
  170. black particles to one side of cats chin
  171. Has anybody heard of this?
  172. very runny stool, is it time for food change?
  173. ***Need help and answers on my kitten who just pasted away.*
  174. Limited Ingredient Cat Foods
  175. Cat foods for sensitive stomach and losing weight.
  176. Any good Natural remedy sites?
  177. Cat hurt
  178. Kitty's REALLY sick - Updated!
  179. Heart Murmur
  180. Chicken necks on my carpet...
  181. Kitten has worms
  182. kidney failure
  183. achoo achoo achoo!!!
  184. Profender Spot-On for worming
  185. Occasional Weezing
  186. eew ringworm! plus other issues.....
  187. Is Iams really that bad?
  188. Our kitten is shaking
  189. California Natural- is it better than Innova?
  190. Fluid on ear drum
  191. Help! What's wrong with my cat?
  192. Help Me and My Cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  193. my new kittys need a response asap pls ppl (SRY)
  194. how do you know if frontline is working?
  195. my cat's diet
  196. Maggie went to the vet tonight...
  197. question about ear mites meds
  198. Weird sores around the face
  199. Smelly cat
  200. Female calico cat losing hair?
  201. Need Advice
  202. Time for a dental...(and a funny story)
  203. Time for a check up?
  204. Dandruff
  205. Stool stuck together
  206. How old was your little boy kitties.........
  207. How often do you trim kitties nails?
  208. Need help with what to feed Elvis...
  209. Urgent Help Needed Please
  210. Our 14 month cat has raised liver enzymes
  211. Air temperature and Sneezing
  212. my cat produces clear red liquid
  213. Rough ride home - blood between the toes
  214. Strong oder from Natural Balance?
  215. Can I improve their diet?
  216. Problem with Clavamox
  217. cat still scratching...
  218. anybody tried this shampoo?
  219. Diabetic cat
  220. help please my cats frantically licking himself
  221. hot ears and head
  222. Food ingredient? Animal Plasma
  223. Peely paw pad
  224. kitten and milk
  225. Pixelle is going to be spayed
  226. Blood in stool
  227. fleas and dish soap
  228. Missing Whiskers
  229. Too much pumpkin?
  230. Reliable delivery service for canned food - need rec
  231. Need Advice in regards to worming tablets.
  232. Impacted stools! Kitty can't poop It's a clean update!
  233. The wonderful aroma of cat poo
  234. Having trouble with automatic litterbox jamming
  235. My cat is sick.
  236. Timberwolf Organics
  237. Blood in my kitty's urine
  238. Constipated Kitten
  239. food change long??
  240. My older cats voice have changed!!
  241. Very sick cat- ideas please
  242. New Kitten: Some Health Questions
  243. fleas medication
  244. car sick
  245. Cat with hemivertabrae-any advice?
  246. Should you always give antibiotics for a fever?
  247. car sick
  248. Voice Question (URI)
  249. bloody diarrhea! ick!
  250. cat heaving/making strange noise after eating rabbit