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Health and Nutrition

  1. need help, vet cant figure out
  2. Swollen lip?
  3. Cosequin Question
  4. Possible Nail Infection
  5. Blood in Stool
  6. Help! Shampoo got into cat's eye
  7. Advice for friend needed
  8. Dental - Moderate Tarter?
  9. Lump - should I be worried? - UPDATE
  10. When do you give up on a cat food? Also, saftey collar?
  11. UTI cat expert needs help with UTI cat
  12. IBD(Inflammatory Bowel Disease) in Cat
  13. blood in urine? Female cat...cant figure out.
  14. gloopy eye....
  15. Anyone use an automatic sensor Faucet?
  16. L-carnitine
  17. 44 hour old Kitten with eye open
  18. Froom food
  19. giving cats milk
  20. Cancer
  21. Sick Kitten!?
  22. Cats tail is raw
  23. not quite an emergency... but
  24. sneezing after dental work
  25. some of the things about my cat's cornea
  26. Brown Crust in Nose
  27. Swollen Paw Pad
  28. so has anyone actually tried the BARF diet?
  29. Tail Jerk
  30. Miss Teenie Mum went to the vet!!!
  31. Kidney Renal Failure Diet *sad update*
  32. Help! I need advice regarding my sick cat.
  33. Feeding cat medicine?
  34. Tiny Kittens
  35. Hyperthyroid
  36. Vet Visit
  37. fiv/felv?
  38. Natural Choice
  39. Vet didn't want to do anything
  40. Innova Evo Dry Food and Kitten
  41. rabies vaccine question & advice
  42. Need Help
  43. Pet meds online
  44. Skin or Fur problems, pic attached, any help?
  45. what does it mean?
  46. FIP
  47. Expensive vet visit today
  48. Mono
  49. Please help! fluid in lungs
  50. Post-Neutering
  51. New 5 mo Kitten: Possibly sick w/ URI?
  52. Sort of Urgent- please help
  53. Blood on the couch, no outward signs of a cut
  54. Someone help me please!!!!!
  55. NEW FOOD - Purina Naturals
  56. what do you feed your cat?
  57. Zodiac flea collar?
  58. Help - Stubborn Hairball
  59. Wooried about 2 health problems...
  60. Opinion of Menadione?
  61. hairball /diarrhea problem
  62. My cat has diarrhea - new to forum
  63. Help, FIP cat refuses to eat
  64. feline leukemia and my three kittens
  65. Possible poisoning. Help needed!
  66. Little scabs around eyes
  67. Cat HIV (FIV) - Wha!? When!?
  68. picky cat
  69. Buildup in the corner of the eye
  70. Fish leads to kidney disease?
  71. Ants ants ants ants ants ants
  72. I've heard that...
  73. Itchy skin
  74. 7 week old with an URI. Need tons of advice
  75. Throid radioactive treatment
  76. Paw is Cut
  77. lilies
  78. Bounthing Tiggerth
  79. Cleo had another seizure
  80. my long haired tabby's bottom problem
  81. Kitten Food & Adult Cats
  82. Help! I'm concerned my boy has luxating patellas!
  83. Kitten Possible UTI?
  84. Passing Mites? Mange? Help!!!!
  85. 7 month old cat-change to adult food?????
  86. Can you scare a car sick from running the vacuum cleaner?
  87. Considering switching to a raw diet.
  88. Rate cat food
  89. Is one food ok?
  90. Kitten Food
  91. Kittens with cold symtoms
  92. Your thoughts on this
  93. Disclaimer
  94. Feline Leukemia testing
  95. Cat wont eat dry food
  96. Dry or Wet cat food only? Have you heard of this? True?
  97. Vaccination for cats
  98. Cause of Diarrhea?
  99. Still searching for truth about garlic
  100. Drinkwell Aqua Garden
  101. Has this cat got wierd taste or what?
  102. berries
  103. Chicken (turkey) broth as ingredient in cans - bad or good?
  104. Royal Canin: for those outside of the US
  105. feline anemia
  106. Cat discomfort and anal discharge
  107. Has anyone noticed this improvement lately?
  108. Too hot to play?
  109. Irresistible food for thin kitty
  110. Felidae in the UK?
  111. tiny "booboo" on her left ear
  112. EVO wet food?
  113. Best of these foods
  114. Wet food diet?
  115. Skin problems
  116. Now Callie is being tested for hyperthyroid....Update
  117. Fish bad for cats
  118. Kitty With UTI
  119. Shaving a cat . Should I??
  120. need help cat won't feed babies
  121. Merrik canned food runny?
  122. Parasite?
  123. old cat has diareah and not peeing
  124. KMR for Adult Cats
  125. Please help! My persian has a bad skin condition
  126. Catkins Diet
  127. Dietary diarrhea
  128. HairBall Treatments?
  129. Agressive Urinary Tract Infections: Any Suggestions?
  130. Manganese in the water - dangerous for cats?
  131. Lymphoma/Carcinoma & prednisone (steroid)
  132. Very Underweight Kitty
  133. Royal Canin
  134. Barf Fest 2006 continues...
  135. Cat licking lips excessively - possible toothache??
  136. Cat Vomiting Bile & Other Stuff, WBC in Urine
  137. Feline Herpes?
  138. Lump or matted fir ? It's hard to tell.
  139. Concerned about Monster
  140. Raw Frozen: Nature's Variety Prairie or Primal
  141. Cat Ingested Aleve...HELP!!!
  142. Kittens on Raw Food and have Constipation
  143. stress
  144. Worried about my cat, Tigger.
  145. My cat keeps shaking his head
  146. Wellness vs. Felidae vs. A CALICO!
  147. Fur and flesh separate from claw?
  148. Other people's cats and bald spots on the ear
  149. Had a talk with the vet.
  150. cat chewing
  151. Constipated Cat- Help!
  152. food to put weight on my new cat.
  153. Food for cat with crystals
  154. Older cat with litter problems
  155. What determines a low PH food?
  156. severe diarrhea and meds arent helping...
  157. (deleted message)
  158. Bad food hidden by a good start?
  159. q's about female cat
  160. Kitten getting shots July tenth
  161. feline hyperesthesia syndrome
  162. Old cat with kidney problems?
  163. How long can I keep (store bought) raw food in the freezer?
  164. good news and bad news
  165. healthy kitty with worm or rash?
  166. Is on Anti-Biotics & Has no fever but not eating
  167. Feeding/caring for 5 cats without breaking the bank
  168. Handsome and Perky at 14
  169. Node grows 2nd surgery Monday
  170. Some foods cause eyes to water
  171. Human food that is bad for cats ?
  172. itchy tail
  173. Poos Be Gone, or at least Less Smelly
  174. Poor little Thomas
  175. A little pudge
  176. Not Getting Teeth Cleaned After All
  177. Food for Siamese Cats
  178. Help with cat weight loss
  179. hot weather
  180. Blood in stool
  181. Bad reaction to anesthetic = Acute Blindness *UPDATE*
  182. The best treats
  183. Nutro wet food
  184. Commercial raw food suggestions
  185. Sick Kittens
  186. Shango loves Fresh Flow!
  187. What do you feed your cat, and why?
  188. Needing advice for 10 week old male kitten
  189. Does anyone here actually like Turducken?
  190. Help, I need advice on furry fuzzy cat and sticky poop
  191. I FOUND IT!!!
  192. shots @ 1 year
  193. Kitten losing fur?
  194. *About kitten Cleft Pallet*
  195. My kitty is sick
  196. Hector has a cloudy eye
  197. Swollen Eye
  198. Dandruff?!!!
  199. Rabbits, not chicken
  200. Fussy eating
  201. my kitty prefers dog food and won't drink water
  202. Pumpkin's loud breathing -- any thoughts?
  203. Please help if you can...hyperthyroid, kidneys...
  204. Nursing Newborn Kittens
  205. a question of vets
  206. teeth and anasthesia
  207. Kitten won't drink.
  208. Nutro Complete Care POUCHES
  209. long time no see!, advice needed (TOBER)
  210. California Natural
  211. Please Help! 3 Kittens in need of aid.
  212. I trimmed my cat's claw too close to the quick.
  213. Looking for weight loss tips/advice
  214. Cat Cold?
  215. vaccination schedule for 10 year old cat
  216. Matted Fur
  217. Food suggestions for a cat with a sensitive stomach
  218. Innova crazies
  219. Amount of food to feed
  220. Holistic???
  221. beter for a kitten to be on a self feeding program or no??
  222. Not all pet store employees are uninformed
  223. Health issue- Teeth and Urinary
  224. ZiwiPeak -- any comments
  225. special home made treats..
  226. liver dust
  227. Wondering if I should be worried
  228. Nutro Complete Car/Chicken Soup, dry/canned, which food?
  229. Bottlefed and Breastfed Kittens
  230. why is my kitten always sick??
  231. overweight cat
  232. Flea Information--A MUST READ!!
  233. Cat cold with cracked nose, HELP
  234. when do kittens need their shots??
  235. Spayed
  236. How do I get motor oil from a cat's coat?
  237. Cat throwing up foam
  238. Norwegian Forest Cat Hair Troubles.. Please Help!
  239. Urgent Alert re Pending Vaccine Bill in NY
  240. Web site for evaluating cat food?
  241. Rescued Kitty needs help
  242. Food for Ferals
  243. Best Cat Food?
  244. Eye Drainage...
  245. Help please :( Trouble with kitten
  246. New Kitten...poop question
  247. Changing Wet Foods
  248. Nutro: Natural Choice OR Max Cat Gourmet Classics
  249. Throwing Up
  250. FIP_ need advice