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Health and Nutrition

  1. anyone here use an oral rinse that you put in the cats water
  2. cat allergic to fish (esp salmon and tuna) BUT
  3. Sunflower Oil
  4. Wellness has Menadione???
  5. Won't eat Wysong
  6. need info asap please- dark spot on chest x ray 19yr old cat
  7. My poor old antique baby *Update*
  8. Herpes flair up
  9. Can a cat's coat be too shiny?
  10. Help. Cat crying and licking behind
  11. Oh, dear...
  12. Sore on bottom lip? Reaction to new food?
  13. New food = new coat?
  14. PetSmart Has A New Cat Food: BLUE Spa Select
  15. Growth on toes?
  16. Safe topical disinfectant?
  17. Don't use this product!! Zodiac Wipe Aways...
  18. Mucus
  19. Another anal sac problem
  20. Aaugghhhh!!!! HELP ME NOW!!!!! CALLING VET RIGHT NOW!!!
  21. digestion
  22. Cat Grass & Catnip
  23. Diarrhea on Wellness?
  24. Neko in a fight
  25. Another vomit question...
  26. Genital problems
  27. Cat on Heat?
  28. Promoting weight gain
  29. where can i buy fish oil?
  30. "You just have one of those cats that vomits."
  31. You opinion :)
  32. How To Give A Cat A Pill
  33. Hair loss, Bald spot on neck.
  34. How can I tell if ringworm is gone?
  35. Cat eating yogurt
  36. what are the symptoms of diabetes?
  37. Can I make my cat sick?
  38. They only like "junk food" - what's healthy but ta
  39. Very picky eater!
  40. Laryngitis
  41. Specific Brands of High-Protein Cat Food?
  42. Need help for Delia's possible skin allergy...
  43. Medi-Cal/Select-Care - Royal Canin Veterinary Diet
  44. Cats & Pork
  45. Third eyelid does not open
  46. Can plastic hold odour?
  47. The Vet
  48. Help!!! Newbie needs to find Advance (light) in the US
  49. A ringworm cure???
  50. Bad Cut *UPDATE*
  51. Bathing Maine Coon Cats
  52. Mistakes I Have Made and I have Lost A Friend
  53. Please help: My cat is leaking water or spit from her mouth
  54. In need of the BEST kitty litter for a multi cat house hold!
  55. Cat not eating
  56. Balding patch on tail?
  57. Changing up food
  58. Staining after dipping?
  59. Dental Care: Help!
  60. Traveling with cats
  61. now they are telling me its hypertension
  62. I think something is wrong with Oscar's sense of smell
  63. Their first taste of raw...
  64. Big thanks to Cat Forum and
  65. Newbie looking for advice...Should I be concerned about this
  66. severe arthritis- I'm looking for info
  67. FIV/Feline Leukemia
  68. Allergies
  69. blood in female cats urine??
  70. Rosie got an A, Spotty got a B
  71. Dorn's diet
  72. Need some help
  73. Can't Get My Cats To Eat Cat Treats
  74. Poll: Which Type Of Food Do You Feed Your Cat/Kitten?
  75. Eye's all cloudy!!
  76. Need directions on dipping my kitten, pleez
  77. Chocolate and cats
  78. Troubled moggy!
  79. Is there any possible way to reduce shedding?
  80. Hyperthyroid and methimazole transdermal gel
  81. Going back to the vet
  82. Have you tried Pets Alive for your cats?
  83. Sinus infection
  84. concerning ears
  85. Pouch food vs canned food
  86. Natural Value Cat food
  87. Not eating Hill’s l/d
  88. Cat recovering from fall - broken leg
  89. Vomiting
  90. Do cats recover from diabetes?
  91. Is Revolution fatal if licked off coat?
  92. 5 month old kitten, chronic diarrhea, been to the vet a lot
  93. cracked peeling paws
  94. runnny nose cat, going on vacation
  95. Ringworm and conjunctivitis in tiny kitten
  96. Weird Eyelid and Feeding Questions
  97. Help im really worried
  98. missing hair on ears
  99. New cat owner, have food questions
  100. Toby is drinking lots
  101. DE worming stray cats YUCK
  102. CAT ACNE
  103. Moving to Canada with three cats
  104. Huge problems, please read!!!
  105. ...on the subject of stool...
  106. Kitty with hemroids
  107. Mucus discharge in cat
  108. I think Naruto's toe is swollen
  109. Cat pulled out completely her nails
  110. My poor kitty
  111. wood shavings okay as bedding?
  112. Kitten and chronic UR
  113. Vaccine Question- Mom and kittens
  114. Urethral Obstruction Update!!!! post #4
  115. Letting my kitten 'go hungry'
  116. Play with his Kibble
  117. Royal Canin
  118. Fur Problem
  119. Does canned/moist food always = soft stools?
  120. bleeding
  121. Okay - how's this for feeding?
  122. Eating wool threads?
  123. Is this a good recipe?
  124. need help fast
  125. Help!!! Nail Clipping
  126. Cat claws getting stuck on carpet
  127. Phantom pregnancy?
  128. Irritated bumps on skin
  129. Moving three cats cross country...
  130. The new and improved littermaid
  131. Program vet.
  132. hi everyone
  133. Nose...
  134. Do you have an FIV-positive cat?
  135. Help for my cats nose!
  136. dried rose petals
  137. sudden blindness
  138. Rocky will no longer eat her Wellness canned food.
  139. Is tinned tuna OK for our cat? (concerned about salt)
  140. Reggie
  141. Natural choice vs. Max cat?
  142. Expensive foods vs. inexpensive
  143. Tricks for eating leftover canned food?
  144. Favoring his front left paw
  145. ARGH. Benny is peeing everywhere BUT the litter box!
  146. Nursing home cat vomiting, losing weight
  147. Frozen Raw food - couple questions
  148. No Sun for Squeakers
  149. Do cats get seasonal allergies?
  150. Foods,water, household conditions and UTI's
  151. Fur discoloration
  152. Shedding issue
  153. Conjunctivitis-are my cats at risk?
  154. Help cat losing wait
  155. cat vomiting
  156. rash around mouth area?
  157. Ears/bridge of nose: really pink!
  158. Worms and bald spot on ear related??
  159. problems with my cat's anal sacs
  160. Greenies
  161. Vaccinations: friend or foe?
  162. Metacam for cats?
  163. Kitten Weight
  164. Something is wrong with Star's bottom lip.
  165. New Sheba brand food?
  166. New here - Cat coat question and picture - Feeding eggs?
  167. Zodiac Spot On flea treatment...evil?
  168. Best way to give cat pills
  169. Really confused as to when and what (wet or dry) to feed....
  170. Flea products
  171. What would cause a lung calcification?
  172. Strange dental phenomenon - anyone heard of this?
  174. cancer
  175. Do you cook or feed raw meat to your cat?
  176. Help blood in the litter box
  177. Epileptic kitty - a question?
  178. Cats paws are turning yellow?
  179. hairballs
  180. does anya have worms? i need to know what to look for....
  181. Please help!
  182. Cat acne??
  183. cats not eating to the forum..anyone can help?
  184. Blue Spa Select Food
  185. Frustrating Chicken Allergy
  186. Bizarre behaviour
  187. Felidae test!
  188. Mystery smell, more to this
  189. Bladder Infection - Crystals and New Vet
  190. irritated mouth
  191. Brushing Neko's Teeth?
  192. Ear health
  193. can kittens eat canned adult food?
  194. Lily is sick - diahrrea, not eating, lethargic. - *update*
  195. Trader Joe's Pine litter
  196. Bird Flu found in 3 Austrian shelter cats
  197. 4 month old kitten has diharea (spelling) Meds?
  198. New cat joining the family
  199. He keeps sneaking the wrong food
  200. orchids & cats
  201. information on sick cats
  202. young kittens & litter & vet visits
  203. Death without symptoms
  204. Orphan Kitten's Eyes and Concerns for my 10 month old cat
  205. apartment temperature and cats
  206. Litter box training our barn cat for the indoors
  207. About toxoplasmosis..
  208. anyone experience FIP in a kitten
  209. help on what to feed
  210. new kitties HELP!!!
  211. Picky Eater or Is Something Wrong?
  212. what are the signs of a bladder/UTI infection,
  213. diagnosed with diabetes (update page 2)
  214. adopting <1 yr old kitty with no shots safe for other cat
  215. My kitten won't eat after being spayed
  216. nasal discharge and constant sneezing
  217. Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes Help!!!(need it fast)
  218. Vet ran several tests that I didn't authorize- recover $$?
  219. My Kitten Needs Surgery
  220. Kitten eating Adult Biscuits
  221. allergies
  222. My cat enjoys weird foods
  223. How many treats in enough?
  224. Poor sick poundkitty. :(
  225. Anyone ever heard of this before?
  226. spaying gone bad??
  227. should i take my cat to the vet?
  228. Cat suddenly STARVING after being spayed
  229. Litter and wet food ?'s
  230. Siezures
  231. Peeing blood!
  232. Hammacher Schlemmer Feline Fountain
  233. Infection or no infection??
  234. Call the vet?
  235. Fancy Feast
  236. Nursing mother and two week old kitten questions
  237. Upset belly
  238. Kitty weight loss help!
  239. EVO Radio Interview
  240. Shedding/dander problem :)
  241. Dandruff
  242. Grass for our Ocicat?
  243. Emergencies, cost and Vets
  244. My cat looks sick :(
  245. How much cod liver oil?
  246. How Long Can Canned Food Be Left Out?
  247. hazy cornea?
  248. Hair loss on belly
  249. Pupils are still dialated
  250. Skin Disease , Infection Or Injury ? need some help !