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Health and Nutrition

  1. feeding kitten baby food...?
  2. Sudden Blindness after surgery
  3. What is the best kind of wet food?
  4. Willis needs a checkup. Not sure what he needs.
  5. Merrick canned?
  6. Poop troubles
  7. Where can I buy discount litter & food?
  8. What is best and safest way to control cat dander/dandruff
  9. kitten food vs adult food
  10. One eye blind + new home
  11. Heatwave-How to make sure cats are ok
  12. Kitty doesn't like Innova canned....any other suggestions?
  13. deworming the kittens
  14. No bowel control.
  15. One live flea found after using Advantage - normal?
  16. Excessive tongue lapping/licking
  17. Whiskas vs Purina
  18. Is ALL dry food packed with CARBS??
  19. Cleaning the teeth at home?
  20. Is this a sign of UTI?
  21. ultrasound
  22. Would a 4 month cat be okay?
  23. Phew!! the kittens are eating
  24. FIBER?
  25. What do you feed your cats?
  26. caught kitty hunting (preying?)....need advice
  27. curious cat
  28. Feline Greenies
  29. Sick Cat
  30. eyesight
  31. Moving w/ Indoor Kitties on Saturday (7/30)- Please Help!
  32. We have a bathroom problem
  33. Cancer Screening?
  34. Stinky kitty breath
  35. kittens sick
  36. Whiskas Milk
  37. Neutering
  38. FIV??
  39. Hyperthyroidism, Radiotherapy And Surgical Treatment?
  40. Is the common Ivy houseplant toxic to cats?
  41. Heart Murmurs.
  42. ear cleaning?
  43. Dosage of milk
  44. Lethargic
  45. My secret for improving the quality of dry cat food.
  46. Human food
  47. Cat fell into soapy bathwater and now has dandruff problem..
  48. panleukopenia- how long to wait?
  49. Aging a Cat!
  50. Heat question?
  51. Natural Balance Food
  52. My goofy cat ate a rubber band.
  53. Too cute...a p.s. on Emmy
  54. Adding water to canned food
  55. Vitamins and Health Supplements
  56. Best diet for cat with calcium oxalte crystals
  57. Best Food For Senior Cat
  58. Sick Stray Kitten
  59. Advice appreciated: kitten spayed 4 days ago *update*
  60. What brand of food do you feed your cats/kittens?
  61. Questions about shots/vaccinations
  62. Paw has cut in pad
  63. Dry Food
  64. Diarrhea...
  65. Thinking of trying Innova
  66. kitten food to "bulk up" 1 year old?
  67. How long can dry food be left out?
  68. Inconsistent Wellness
  70. i need some advise
  71. Need Advice on what to do!
  72. Tangled Mess needing tender loving care
  73. Mom is still fat -- what am I doing wrong?
  74. want to change cat's brand of food - need suggestions
  75. free feeding
  76. Hot Ears?
  77. Very urgent problem
  78. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
  79. An embarassing issue: clearning an anal gland blockage?
  80. Cats vaccinated against FIV will always test positive
  81. Binx's Digetive Tract Update
  82. Omega-3 capsules
  83. Weaning Kittens - update
  84. Urinary Tract Disease?
  85. Help - strange skin problem
  86. It's official, Sampson does not like treats,
  87. wont eat wet after changing dry..
  88. Help with kitten problem please
  89. Breathing problems
  90. Best age to Spay a kitten?
  91. Shelter cat has a cold
  92. why is my cat always hungry?
  93. The 1-year checkup visit. What to expect?
  94. Favors one rear leg, twitch.
  95. Bladder infection maybe
  96. Use of back legs
  97. Ferel/ear problems/skinny
  98. Fleas
  99. Cat Allergies
  100. keeping a previously indoor/outdoor cat strictly outside.
  101. Air conditioning
  102. Vet Optometrist in NJ
  103. Help! Cats fed onions!
  104. Anyone have a vet who DOESN'T rely on medication??
  105. combination of dry food?
  106. cat grass
  107. Jutsice's Ear Update
  108. Chicken hearts as snacks?
  109. Sash vomiting (reguratating) rather often
  110. My cat's back end is thin and scrawney
  111. Cod Liver Oil for Benny's coat
  112. Justice, Back To The Vets
  113. Blood in vomit
  114. Blood by litterbox
  115. New to wet food and I have some concerns.
  116. My Cat Is Sick- Badly. HELP!!!!!!
  117. Flea control for kittens under 8 weeks...
  118. Full-on vet visit today before moving!
  119. Solid Gold Cans?
  120. Snugglesafe heatpad
  121. Soft Stools from Kitten
  122. Is my not-pregnant cat lactating??
  123. Back Claw Question
  124. not sure where to post this so here goes
  125. Please help me read the feeding guide
  126. Sore and bald patch on my Pixie!! *update*
  127. aargh---where are the good vets in Ann Arbor, Michigan?
  128. How much will it cost?
  129. Online Revolution Source?
  130. Opinion on this food
  131. Fifth day on canned.....
  132. When to neuter
  133. Good diet for cat with early renal failure -- **Update**
  134. Titers
  135. Never had a hairball
  136. medicine for scratch?
  137. Healthy cat with "puddle" stools
  138. CAT Puking?
  139. Wellness versus Felidae, and dry versus wet?? Please help!
  140. Cat eating Dog Food? Help!
  141. need opinions/strange eye symptoms
  142. Cat choking...please help
  143. Homemade ear wash????
  144. cost of cat food
  145. blind cat help
  146. Help with my Kitten
  147. Nutrition Requirement for Kittens
  148. Growing catnip
  149. Kitten can't poo - please help!
  150. Big cans
  151. For any owners of insulin diabetic cats
  152. cats voice
  153. Justice
  154. Crystals - food?
  155. peanut still pooping in the tub!!!!!!!
  156. My Boys' Diet and Food Rotation Question
  157. Questions about adding canned to all dry diet
  158. Breathing Problems with Ragdolls
  159. THYROID - "Radioactive Treatment" Anyone With Expe
  160. Update On Justice Today
  161. Changing food quaterly?
  162. How many times a day...?
  163. My baby is getting altered
  164. Third eyelid showing in kittens
  165. Occasional Stray Cat Hair on Eye
  166. Can I get my cat sick??
  167. Justice Is HOME!!
  168. Are some vet rules made to be broken?
  169. Place of cat food with pregnant cat
  170. Kitten wont eat solids
  171. What To Expect When Justice Comes Home?
  172. can a cat lose weight on a 50/50 diet?
  173. Scratching?
  174. Justice and Pyometra
  175. Am I feeding my babies yucky food?
  176. More than one cat?
  177. Pyometra, HELP!
  178. is bad smelling poop a sign of illness?
  179. cats and leukemia
  180. Animal Vaccine Warning
  181. Is Addison SUPER lazy or am I feeding too little?
  182. Ringworm help ASAP!!
  183. PKD
  184. Milk or not?
  185. Pregnancy Questions
  186. *HELP* fleas
  187. My cat has cancer :(
  188. Heart Murmur
  189. Cat food made from fish
  190. more questions about fleas....
  191. Cat Ate String
  192. Low Carb Dry Food?
  193. Premium Edge Healthy Weight Formula
  194. Articles re. how to read pet food labels?
  195. Ready made raw food for the cats and Suki!
  196. My cat needs a diet...
  197. Pooping and Peeing Outside of Box
  198. Does anyone feed Nature's Variety Kibble?
  199. feeding baby food?
  200. Introducing solid foods
  201. Missing Claw- question
  202. Cleaning Feline Saliva
  203. Mystery anemia
  204. Greenies Lil Bits
  205. New Diet and Loose Stools *Update w/ Question*
  206. health problems and life expectancy
  207. Diarrhea?!?!
  208. Pet-Tabs?
  209. Should I include "low-quality" wet food in my cat'
  210. Need Help - Weight Loss, Lethargy, Unstable
  211. Kidney failure
  212. I am so mad my cat has worms
  213. my kitten is very sick, need advice
  214. Limping problems
  215. Found my missing cat
  216. Kitten only eats raw diet
  217. Innova HEalthwise
  218. Pork flavored Cat Food
  219. Help!! My cat is sick!
  220. question about penicillin
  221. I vacuumed my cat
  222. How much should I be feeding Banzai?
  223. BARF?
  224. scooter's paw
  225. Free feed for reduced FLUTD problems??
  226. Clumping litter ickiness
  227. Hairball?
  228. fleas
  229. stock running low?
  230. Nestle/Purina
  231. Grisly furballs!
  232. My 8 week old Kittens has no energy.. Please help!
  233. Opinions needed on alternating foods
  234. Help Kitty with a puncture wound
  235. My cat Gilligan is very sick :(
  236. hydration?
  237. help...bleeding queen
  238. does anyone's cat have a problem chewing?
  239. Sammy is diabetic
  240. Possible for some cats not to tolerate Pepcid?
  241. Is it safe to neuter my 8 month kitty? He has Leukemia!
  242. How Long does URI last when taking antibiotics??
  243. Throwing up & Diarrhea???
  244. My kitty is not moving.
  245. Bleeech! A real eye-opener on commercial pet food
  246. When does kittens lifes become
  247. Feeding my cat is becoming difficult - suggestions?
  248. microwaved meals?
  249. Help! Blood on my cat's lip/nose area....
  250. cat bathing?