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Health and Nutrition

  1. cat bathing?
  2. Egg whites, good or not?
  3. Bitting nails...
  4. Cat Food Ingredients Uncovered
  5. how long do tapeworms live outside a cat's body?
  6. Healthiest Cat Food?
  7. getting cat to take l-lysine?
  8. Kitten feeding Questions
  9. joint ill, anyone heard of it in kittens
  10. Tear Staining???
  11. Have to pick between IAMs and HSD...
  12. My cat Sampson is in a lot of trouble
  13. colorbline
  14. Homeopathic Vaccines
  15. raised bowl with pics
  16. a little worried about my 8mnth kitten.
  17. Cat can't seem to get rid of Crystals
  18. Good news about Sabby's health
  19. My cat is acting oddly, any ideas why?
  20. Dog, Cat Treats Recalled After Humans Infected
  21. who uses C.E.T products?
  22. Dental Cleaning and insurance.
  23. Natural cure for UTI? (update)
  24. Our cats won't come near Whiskas
  25. Canned Food/Hyperthyroid Link?
  26. Pancreatitis/diabetes
  27. kitten and food?
  28. Kitty Diet
  29. Qestion on cat's teeth or no?
  30. Commercial Food vs. Commercial Food
  31. Looking for Info on Kitten Pneumonia, Please Help!
  32. I'm sure this has been answered before but...
  33. Bowel Problem?
  34. Frantic cat
  35. Just a quick little question
  36. A couple kitten questions
  37. My cat's fur is turning yellow
  38. rabbit and pea?
  39. Scratching his neck and back raw...
  40. too young to spay/neuter?
  41. Know of Corn-free Dry Cat Food?
  42. Comparing prescription dry foods
  43. Kitten food
  44. natural dry food?
  45. How much do I feed a 1.5 lb kitten??
  46. Dry Eye.
  47. Thinking of using Advantage/Advantix?
  48. Do FELV shots hurt?
  49. Worried..
  50. Chillis thryoid
  51. Help with FIV
  52. who here has had good luck with Evo?
  53. Bee Sting??
  54. My cat is obsese...and now its a problem
  55. First vet visit in 7 years
  56. Tapeworm (ick ick ick....)
  57. Can your cats get sick when you have a cold etc.?
  58. sick cat
  59. Various kitten questions
  60. Garlic in Cat Food: Dangerous?
  61. Raising Bowls
  62. question about food/diarrhea
  63. How much canned food per cat per day?
  64. Advantage Usage Question
  65. Which Ultra-Premium Food?
  66. neutering surgery?
  67. thyroid problems
  68. Diarrhea Question
  69. Ivermectin injection today
  70. droopy eyelid?
  71. Food and Litter question/preferences wanted (long)
  72. Shedding
  73. indoor/outdoor fleas etc.
  74. Bloated tummy of hand-reared kitty
  75. water for drinking?
  76. Liquid coming out of ear.
  77. Fish in Trader Joe's Wet Food
  78. Licking after Frontline?
  79. cat losing hair
  80. blood test results?
  81. The Litter Champ
  82. Thanks
  83. raw meat?
  84. cat food and longevity
  85. Does this look good to you? Should I feed them 2 cans a day?
  86. <Beating head on wall>
  87. Long-time scabs not healing...thoughts?
  88. Of course....I should have known...
  89. ok to mix nutro w/ innova evo dry?
  90. Mew craves apples.
  91. Urinating blood
  92. Thanks for the advice so far
  93. Butt Dragging... happened once (slightly long)
  94. Fussy Eaters
  95. Rice in the food?
  96. water drinking?
  97. Feline urologic syndrome
  98. cat dandruff (?)
  99. (UPDATE) Hawkeye
  100. Getting kittens to eat
  101. Anyone using commercial food for a renal diet?
  102. E - Coller Woes / Surgery Aftercare PLEASE HELP
  103. hey gudewife, can I ask you a question,
  104. putting a collar on your cat!
  105. Nutro
  106. Stink Cloud - Help!
  107. Abandoned cat hurt - Need Advice
  108. "Pearl" needs your prayers
  109. Revolution (Selamectin) Did you get calendar stickers?
  110. Help, skinny cat!
  111. UPDATE!--adding 2nd cat-- quarantine questions
  112. blood test?
  113. Any advice from people more knowledgable than me...?
  114. Too young to spay?
  116. scratching ears/bleeding
  117. symptoms of...?
  118. Can someone help me analyze my dry food?
  119. can one explain what I saw on Sampsons neck at the shelter
  120. Cutting clumps of fur out!!!
  121. Ear Mites
  122. Chicken Soup For The Cat Lover's Soul?
  123. Food and stress?
  124. One Adult, One Kitten: Feeding Problems.
  125. other ways of giving probiotics?
  126. regular to prescription dry?
  127. Oran's second surgery *update*
  128. Charlie's in surgery right now :(
  129. strange looking eye problem
  130. My baby is getting old...
  131. BENE-BAC probiotics?
  132. worm that makes a hole??
  133. Cat is being picky
  134. prescription dry food plus regular dry food?
  135. vaccination shots
  136. Food
  137. How am I doing feedingwise?
  138. how did this happen, coccidia and round worm
  139. cat milk
  140. Friends cat changing in behaviour
  141. Poor Abigail has another Bladder Infection UPDATE!
  142. interesting resource
  143. my hymmies hate food
  144. pregnant kitty question..
  145. dry fur
  146. Does she really have to follow a schedule?
  147. prescription dry food?
  148. can somebody tell me about kitty acne?
  149. eating too much?
  150. vaccation query
  151. Vet Recommendations - Orange County, CA?
  152. Human Colds
  153. Down with canned i/d, tastier alternatives
  154. Slight anal leakage when excited? cause for concern?
  155. From 9Lives to Innova... trouble with transition
  156. Question about a cats liver.
  157. kink in tail?
  158. runny nose
  159. Food Allergy....
  160. cat grass - vomit w/ blood
  161. What's wrong with my kitten?
  162. blindness in kitten?
  163. Spotty thinks prescription canned food is evil tasting.
  164. Photo Licking Poison
  165. Advice on giving Baytril pills?
  166. What do you think about this food?
  167. Please Help!
  168. Vomiting...dry food....etc
  169. First vet appointment
  170. We feared the worst... that day has come.
  171. Gary has an URI
  172. Maybe a light at the end of the tunnel
  173. Peas--My cat loves them!
  174. Cat weight problems, any solutions to loss some weight?
  175. Anyone feed their kitty ONLY dry
  176. Heart murmur
  177. Poor Gaylord...his first ear infection.
  178. constant diarrhea
  179. Oran and the not-so-strange-limping-anymore
  180. Merrick Surf and Turf - Pâté style
  181. Sudden Lethargy and Weakness
  182. Decent quality cheaper food?
  183. Switching food
  184. cat not drinking
  185. Newborn kitten - may be sick; need advice
  186. Hairless Cat has bumps and pimples all over tail
  187. Recommendations for kitten and cat food
  188. VERY disappointing
  189. Help with toxoplasmosis!!!
  190. Help, think kitten may have broken/fractured/dislocated foot
  191. Shaving a cat while treating ringworm?
  192. deleted
  193. Very Bloody Stool - Poor Arthur *updated
  194. Sarah Needs Surgery - UPDATE - 5/23
  195. Confused about Revolution/Heartworm
  196. Different food
  197. Sick kitten?
  198. diarrhea on first day home from shelter :(
  199. Bloated Cat
  200. Holistic practioner for cat problem in the UK
  201. Loss of hind-leg mobility and no clear cause
  202. Shortness of Breath
  203. FEEDING?
  204. Does this sound familiar??
  205. Sick cat - vet clueless
  206. Buddy Love passed away today
  207. Help! Please, cat very sick and vet at a loss!- 2nd UPDATE
  208. CAN FOOD?
  209. is it ok to change wet daily?
  210. Arrgghh!
  211. Perplexed at recurrent URI
  212. Bulimic cat?!
  214. Kittens not liking food?
  215. Food affecting mood?
  216. Applying Advantage?
  217. Kittens with eye problems
  218. Rapid breathing
  219. I dont kno if its bad or not!!!
  220. My kitten is suddenly pooing everywhere! any suggestions?
  221. Anyone else have a manx kitty?
  222. My Jazzy is gone :(
  223. constipation in both male cats
  224. Authority brand food (dry)
  225. i found a little bump on my 10week kitten =[ help!
  226. Finally a bit of good news
  227. Kidney tumor in Casper
  228. eating dry food
  229. When do kittens stop growing?
  230. Well, you guys will be glad to know......
  231. roundworm..or yarn?
  232. hyperthyroid
  233. Not sure how much more I can take...
  234. Some Cat Owners Just Dont Get It
  235. all of a sudden bad litter habit..
  236. Eye condition question
  237. worried about kitty
  238. My cat is being sick at night.
  239. Is cows milk bad for my kitty????
  240. UTI - how to prevent
  241. My cat has an ear problem...please help!!
  242. wet hairball
  243. anyone used pet promise wet brand?
  244. dry paw pads
  245. Please help!!!
  246. I hate it when I'm right...
  247. My cat died yesterday
  248. UPDATE: Problems with Cat EVO...Sensitive kitty...
  249. kitten questions
  250. shaven paw, how long does it take to grow back,