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Health and Nutrition

  1. :( Kahlua is sick .. Diarreha (sp)
  2. New Feline Innova Evo Food
  3. cold/not eating - need help please!!!
  4. Kittens with diarrhea
  5. My cat was just fixed...
  6. Feline dementia
  7. Teeth Cleaning
  8. Weird fur loss on my cat?!
  9. Update on Mikko and his spraying while neutered
  10. Question about worms (graphic)
  11. Muffins is getting spayed FINALLY!
  12. When can you give little kittens
  13. Is it harmful
  14. Vaginal Discharge UPDATE
  15. dry patch on ear!
  16. Excessive Shaking
  17. Good Cat health care book?
  18. Cat hurt?
  19. Kittens leave mom for short trips?
  20. senior cat
  21. Do vets give out antibiotics too easily?
  22. Hind Leg Weakness and Paw Problems w/ Diabetes
  23. Kitten Problem
  24. My Jerry is dying>>>> Bladder Cancer
  25. Need advice-bring 2nd cat into home
  26. Need Help With My Cat!
  27. My picky boy will only eat fancy feast!
  28. Specific Diet
  29. Cruciate Ligament
  30. Update on Tmberwolf / Eagle Pack question
  31. My Cat is Going Bald!!
  32. Pet scale
  33. what not to feed your cat
  34. Oral Cancer
  35. Sphynx skin problem - black spots
  36. cat has iLUTD
  37. Milk!
  38. 3rd day of homemade food.
  39. My once petite little girl is getting fat.
  40. diabetes
  41. How to get Advantage
  42. Cat's tail is limp...
  43. Has anyone tried Citra-max Fresh litter?
  44. How many times a day to feed
  45. Does anyone else feed their kittie Evolve or Wellness?
  46. Cat crystals and vet frustrations
  47. My cat w/ parasites update (the amateur)
  48. Feline Acne (yes, again!!)
  49. 15y.o. vomitting yellow
  50. Regarding my kitten
  51. Nutro Indoor cat food
  52. Sneezing....
  53. Feeding amount...
  54. Help! Dehydration?
  55. Ear Health Care
  56. pulling hair out
  57. My cat is limping and has devoloped a bad odor
  58. Post-spaying stitch disappearance
  59. Claws out most of the time, is it normal?
  60. Should I stress about this?
  61. When to switch to adult?
  62. Persian cat dental cleaning update..............
  63. Suggestions for Administering Pectinol? What does she have?
  64. Vaccines for indoor cats. Yes or No?
  65. my cat will not eat, vet doesn't know what is wrong
  66. My cats have stopped eating
  67. Cat behaving VERY strangely...Rabies?
  68. Kitten Nutrition
  69. lactulose side effects?
  70. Weird bald spot
  71. Sneezing?
  72. Nutro Pouches, anyone try them?
  73. How do you know if Advantage is working?
  74. My cat is very sick, I need advice asap please help me.
  75. Eye infection medicine seems to be making her sick!!!!
  76. Need help with kittie who vomits
  77. Help needed, cat sick (Amateur)
  78. Yikes...glucose at 565!
  79. Blood in stool
  80. Cat with "muddy" like stool
  81. Is she eating enough?
  82. My kitties have diarrhea :((((. What to do?
  83. Brrrr
  84. Dont know what to do next (update)
  85. Wellness
  86. desparate for advise on care for my babies with cold........
  87. emptying anal glands
  88. Runny Nose?
  89. white cat worry
  90. This is a "heads up"
  91. New to the forum
  92. Senior cat
  93. Any suggestions of clumping fur????
  94. Royal Taste-Tester
  95. Just Curious
  96. OTC safe for cats?
  97. Urine odor gone after dewormer?!
  98. Why are my cats so picky?
  99. Soft Paws... Did I make the right decision?
  100. Dry Cat Food Questions..
  101. Chester still needs your help!
  102. My cat. Eats algae.
  103. Cat can't keep food or water down?
  104. Wacky cat buer or what? Confused SMALL cattery owner here.
  105. Anyone use Vita Gravy supplement? Thoughts?
  106. Stubborn Cat only eats Low-Quality Food *grrrr*
  107. Congested kitten
  108. Urinary Tract Problems - they're talking about euthanasia..
  109. strange limping ** UPDATE - Photos added **
  110. HELP!! my cat has been acting strange.
  111. Authority Brand Cat Food...
  112. Thought Kitty ate my rice-but had tapeworms instead!!!
  113. Cat swishing tail in a weird way
  114. Nasal Congestion
  115. FIV vaccine; crosspost
  116. food/stool update: you guys were right!
  117. Dick Van Patten's food
  118. Questions, Questions, Questions...
  119. horrible smell while grooming
  120. Adia's claw is fine :)
  121. Baby Fat?
  122. How to keep feline acne at bay?
  123. Ladybabe/Lindie
  124. Anyone else finding any plastic in Merrick food?
  125. Pork neck bones?
  126. Adult or Kitty fomula?
  127. HELP! my cat sleeps in her litter box!
  128. Please help!!im really desperate and i love my babies
  129. Advice on a pregnant cat?
  130. lactulose
  131. Weird looking claw -- help!
  132. PetSmart pulling Blue Buffalo
  133. Innova adult cat food vs. Science Diet Light adult
  134. cat doesn't eat cat food.
  135. Is my cat too small ?
  136. kidney failure
  137. someone help! Need advice quick!!! (worms)
  138. Stainless steel vs. ceramic dishes
  139. Hagen Dried Fish
  140. Excessive drinking and therefore excessive urinating
  141. Oh my goodness, what do I do?
  142. only likes beef!!
  143. Help I have questions. My cat was neutered yesterday
  144. My cat is very ill :(
  145. Hairballs out of control!
  146. Hairballs!
  147. Problem with Steph's Spay Incision *update*
  148. I am already wanting another cat! (moved to gen cat chat)
  149. Senior Formula, is it neccessary?
  150. Ulcers in Cats
  151. Growing Question
  152. Parallel weight gain - bizzaro!
  153. Anal glands....
  154. Snickers won't eat his renal diet food!
  155. Signs of a good vet???
  156. worrying over something or nothing??
  157. Elimination problems, bloated, odd behavior *Update^2
  158. my cats are salivating like crazy! (new here)
  159. When does weight gain "plateau"?
  160. Feeding Kitten Questions
  161. Nutram
  162. How much do you feed your cat
  163. Opinions on Innova & California Natural (canned)
  164. limping
  165. human vitiam for cat?
  166. Amonia Smell
  167. sores on face drinking excess water
  168. Dealing with cat allergies
  169. HELP!! my cats left eye is clouded
  170. Where to buy single cans of food?
  171. Wet Food in Pouches
  172. Wet food concerns...
  173. Not all urine in litterbox?
  174. Frequency of mealtimes vs. FLUTD
  175. Uneven claw growth
  176. Cat Vomiting
  177. Blood in feces
  178. Canned mixed with beef
  179. senile cat, almost 19, up all nite anxious and cries
  180. Cat Acne
  181. Dry Food, should I feed kitten or adult or both
  182. Dental Care
  183. MY CAT IS SICK HELP!!!!!!(updated)
  184. Baytril
  185. question about ecollars
  186. Jonny Cat Litter
  187. Kitten/Cat Treats
  188. Going to get my cat neutered...Is there anything I....
  189. Innova Cat Food
  190. When to feed my kitten?
  191. wet food question:
  192. Micro Chipping
  193. Eating flowers?
  194. Not pooping and bloated?
  195. Lethargic kitten
  196. My diabetic cat
  197. When to spay...
  198. Dental Cleanser
  199. Squee ate a bandaid
  200. Cats and aspirin
  201. Ear problem
  202. I'm a bad Mom (Ignored the signs!!)
  203. Dry cat food
  204. Another Zoom Groom testimonial
  205. coughing, hacking sound
  206. Help! Another chicken bone question...worried mom
  207. 18 year old cat
  208. what age to neuter?
  209. what should I feed my kittens? soft stools
  210. What's the best place to buy RAW cat food?
  211. Severe diarrhea, what to do? - help!
  212. just one quick raw question...
  213. Help Please Question about a Kitty with one eye.....
  214. Anybody tried Natural Balance?
  215. I brushed my cat's teeth today
  216. Sore Butt
  217. Cat on Antibiotic?
  218. Static Hair
  219. Cat loose stools and unclean anal area
  220. * S.O.S * EMERGENCY
  221. pumpkin for cats
  222. worms?
  223. Kelly's got a toothache
  224. do cats digest bones?
  225. 2nd experiment w/raw meat & bones - UPDATE (see end)
  226. Dry Food Ingredient Comparissons
  227. sneezing
  228. experiment with raw meat & bones went bust
  229. My cat has diarrhoea
  230. Does Lilly look fat to you?
  231. Venting: Peter has FLUTD :(
  232. One pupil larger than the other?
  233. FAT 8 month old kitty?!?
  234. help! not keeping food down
  235. One of them is peeing!!!
  236. Big around the Belly -- Worms?
  237. Coldsores
  238. The Herd: Domino has Crystals in Her Urine
  239. Kitten Sick for 4 Weeks
  240. (PJ update!)
  241. Obese, older cat drinking too much water
  242. Timberwolf -- so far -- so good
  243. Bad Kota
  244. how can you tell if a kitten is too thin???
  245. Went to the vets... Kitten Check-Up/ Updt. Scully's Murmur
  247. How to stop chewing while brushing teeth?
  248. Metamucel for constipation
  249. Please help
  250. White Poop?!