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Health and Nutrition

  1. Ceruminous Gland Cysts (w/pic)
  2. Feeding a mixed diet for kitten, should I still follow the instructions?
  3. Food recommendations
  4. 131 treatment-kidneys?
  5. Diet change/soft stool; how long?
  6. Odd bald spot above one eye
  7. Heartworm risk in cats
  8. Food for Urinary Tract Health
  9. What Scale Do You Use?
  10. A nasty case of giardiasis...
  11. Treats that clean teeth?
  12. Underweight Fussy eater with allergies
  13. Tula's front-paw nail - bad? ... with picture
  14. Question about yellowish teeth...
  15. House Cat Fleas
  16. HELP! Calorie Requirements??
  17. Vomiting Kitty, LONG!
  18. Cat Mom of Two Beautiful Kittys - lens luxation?
  19. Fat Cat, Skinny Cat...Thyroid?
  20. drooling- mouth/tongue numb?
  21. HyperT, Really?
  22. Dave's Pet Food
  23. Feeding kitten when away for the day?
  24. What can I do for kitten's leg until vet?
  25. Hello, need advice for cat with loose and bloody stools
  26. 4 months old Kittens climbing high and falling from time to time
  27. bathing young kitten and litter issue
  28. Am I underfeeding my cat?
  29. jake is suddenly sore in his back end
  30. Sanitizing Cat Items
  31. Lavender essential oil in lip cream?
  32. Upset tummy...probiotics or kelp?
  33. Hello! holistic approaches to kidney failure wanted
  34. Best flea treatments for kitten?
  35. Is it OK to have a cat girl spayed while she is on heat?
  36. How to apply a thin film of ointment to my cat's infected eye?
  37. My kitten won't eat!
  38. Lethargic Cat - Opinions Please!
  39. Chronic constipation in 5 y/o cat
  40. Royal Canin food
  41. Miyu and solid food
  42. Does my cat have a bladder issue?
  43. Be careful of heat exhaustion/heat stroke
  44. Robin update
  45. Wellness Foods - Can't Choose
  46. Nature's Variety Recalls Instinct Raw Chicken Formula for Dogs
  47. Go on vacation, and come back to a cat with EGC??
  48. How to feed multiple cats?
  49. Feeding my kitten other canned food?
  50. Bravo Pet Foods Recalls Bravo Chicken Products
  51. Question about Montmorillonite Clay
  52. How important is kitten food?
  53. Help, Spot is limping!
  54. Hi - recently blind senior cat won't eat
  55. What's the deal with fish?
  56. Getting her Spayed!
  57. First time to have a diabetic cat
  58. News about canned tuna
  59. Catnip?
  60. When to give a cat a bath?
  61. low dust clumping litter
  62. should i get a new vet?
  63. Dry food that is small/easy to eat?
  64. For those that feed Merrick....sad news
  65. Salt and your cat,
  66. Natural flea prevention
  67. Can I feed different canned food flavors?
  68. Vet today, need advice on 1 y/o FeLV+ tom please
  69. Kitten food vs adult food.
  70. Calico breathing issues, not eating
  71. How can I tell whether my cat is hungry or whether she's just begging for food?
  72. Am I crazy? (blocked urethra/litter box issues)
  73. Hello - non-stop diarrhea, 12 year old cat
  74. Blood between paw toes?
  75. 7 year old with hyperT?
  76. my cat has a bold stripe
  77. Urinary Tract Infection?
  78. New kitten
  79. Haven't posted in a while - update on Whiskey kitty & her allergies
  80. Kasie, Peggy Sue and diarrhea and adoptions
  81. Mars kills off most of EVO, California Natural & Innova
  82. Kitten Nipples
  83. Food for urinary health
  84. BUN high, everything else in normal range
  85. Stocking up on Milk replacer
  86. Urgent , my cat is not eating since days and starts dying
  87. Treating a Cat Bite?
  88. Amoxicillin for Cheetah
  89. Cyclosporine eye drops or ointment?
  90. Introducing Sunshine 2015 - not eating, acting aggressive
  91. Kidney Failure - do we know cause?
  92. Rescued a kitten
  93. Feeding Schedule..
  94. New adopted boy indifferent to food
  95. Cats and Tick Borne Diseases
  96. Ants, Ants, ANTS >=(
  97. Puked up a dead worm
  98. Scared to give kittens wet food
  99. Frustrated with continuous scootching
  100. Cat kidney failure
  101. Time to euthanize advice?
  102. Normal blood testing regimes for CRF/HyperT cats?
  103. Tumil-K National Back Order?
  104. Weird Noise
  105. Weight control for an adult cat.
  106. Methimazole for hyperthyroidism; improvement ETA? Also potassium sadness.
  107. Vaccine reaction
  108. possible FIP
  109. Shrimp?
  110. Nature's Variety Dog Food
  111. Hydrolyzed Hypoallergenic Cat Food??
  112. Cosequin/Dasuquin, other treatments for arthritis
  113. Once a day feeding schedule
  114. Blackwood Cat Food
  115. Terrified I might be a bit allergic to my cat?
  116. Your experiences deworming your kitties?
  117. Adult teeth timing?
  118. my cat stops breathing while sleeping
  119. Cat food is confusing!!!
  120. Neighbor refinished hardwood floors and now fumes
  121. Soft Stool, No Parasites? ear issues
  122. Major operation - intussusception
  123. Question about fleas
  124. Fat glutton younger kitten?
  125. Looking for moist food recommendations
  126. Advice needed for adoped kitty with allergies.
  127. Stella & Chewy's Recall
  128. Fungal skin infection, balding
  129. Elderly Cats and Us - search for semi-moist food for older cat
  130. Bowel/Tummy Problems-Yowling before and after using the litterbox
  131. Best way to prevent a cat from getting fat?
  132. Flea Facts -- Life Cycle of a Flea
  133. Hairballs
  134. toppers?
  135. Silly question...
  136. Question about vomiting after eating
  137. My cat and dog...playing or fighting?
  138. Acute Collapse
  139. Stubborn Cat Owners..Only feed Dry
  140. Tips for weight loss/exercising a lazy cat?
  141. Cat recently diagsd with HCM need advise from other owners
  142. Help! very pregnant cat with ringworm
  143. Human hair stuck
  144. Most accurate thyroid test recommendation, please
  145. Cat clawed my lip and drew blood
  146. Lily poisoning?
  147. Advantage II Is Disadvantageous
  148. Ethical question regarding kitten dying of FIP
  149. Help with Vet bills UK
  150. Hey! Need help!! nosebleeds and weight loss
  151. Something is wrong with Chino
  152. Help! - Family Emergency - How To Feed Cat During Absence?
  153. Cat scared of new fountain?
  154. Possibly fostering - advice needed
  155. We've had a rough 3 weeks!
  156. Best fountain?
  157. Pink vomit?
  158. My cat hurt her leg! :(
  159. teeth/tooth/mouth problems
  160. Weird little bumps on tail?
  161. Little Poop Machines
  162. My kittens age?
  163. Sick after vaccination?
  164. Help! Cat just got a sip of chocolate milk!
  165. Did I choose the wrong Vet?
  166. cat meowing and straining to poop
  167. Kitten puked up brown liquid?
  168. Eye discharge and hair thinning between eyes and ears
  169. Amelia's first vet visit
  170. Cough or hairball?
  171. Strange whistling it bad?
  172. Kitten just got spayed need advice
  173. Hello, I am new here! cat with nerve sheath neoplasm
  174. Dry Skin
  175. Very Bad Grasses for Pets!! Beware!
  176. Cat accidentally eat raisin bread/cake
  177. IBD Treatment and Advice
  178. Pumpkin treats?
  179. Hello! Advice needed please - health questions about stray
  180. Help with soft stools
  181. Well, coccidia has reared it's ugly head in the foster room.
  182. Nail problem!
  183. Dangers to kittens untested for FelV and FIV?
  184. Amelia wants dog treats
  185. Wet food that *isn't* pate?
  186. Hi to all - cat with luxating patella
  187. Hi - cat with amputation
  188. Cat with bloody stools
  189. Kidney diets
  190. State of shock
  191. just got my kitten Bella spayed
  192. Purring with mouth open..normal?
  193. Possible Eye Issue with Older Cat
  194. Question about L-lycine
  195. update on Maise
  196. How much shedding is normal at this time of year?
  197. Crusting
  198. using aspirin - should I take the risk?
  199. sick old kitty, advice needed :(
  200. Feeding medicinal powders
  201. Hiding treats made Cali eat
  202. Morphine and cancer
  203. Do you have a duck food that cats like?
  204. Separating my Kittens while one has URI
  205. Getting my poor sick kitty to eat
  206. Should I switch foods?
  207. Might have solved the fur pulling problem
  208. Momma Darci goes in for spaying today
  209. Kitten vaccinations?
  210. Food ?
  211. Herpes question - eye shutting
  212. FIV+ cat with upper respiratory infection
  213. split in cats ear infected
  214. Is quantity of shedding indicative of health?
  215. Hairballs, again?
  216. House cat vs stray
  217. Feline Leukemia
  218. Second Vaccination, Vet Recommends
  219. Anybody Tube Fed a Cat?
  220. G's tail amputation :cry:
  221. How much should I be feeding
  222. Good nutrition?
  223. Kitten diet question
  224. Subcutaneous fluids
  225. Kitten growing FAST!
  226. Cat had the flu a year ago but now a new kitten does?
  227. Is this a bruise?
  228. Weight Gain on Thyroid Meds
  229. 6 week old Kitten Eyes! Help!!!
  230. Bisolvan need some help (I already asked a vet!)
  231. 10 week old kitten, when to neuter?
  232. Diabetes?
  233. Sudden biting behavior - and vomiting
  234. "truth in pet foods"
  235. Cool kitties thread
  236. Cat eating hair.
  237. Cat health in super-hot weather (40C/104F)
  238. Webinar regarding pet food labels
  239. "Supercat" Wet Food: Good or Bad?
  240. Can someone with a vet/drug handbook help?
  241. Liquid AND lots of wax in ears
  242. Nutrish Canned Cat Food Recall
  243. New and Need Some Advice - cat bite, abscess
  244. Litter not clumping
  245. Worried about potential blockage
  246. How much food?
  247. Questions about FIV and kittens
  248. trouble peeing
  249. Very strong odor diarrhea
  250. Advice on kitty bums.