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Health and Nutrition

  1. White Poop?!
  2. Cats like pretzels
  3. Fleas
  4. Long time diarhea issue with my Bengal
  5. Clavamox--How long to stay on it?
  6. Royal Canin...any good?
  7. New Innova Food
  8. Drippy nose
  9. How much food...
  10. So Fluffy (And no more dandruff)
  11. What meds/shots do you typically give your indoor cat?
  12. Deworming again???
  13. Strange smell
  14. pregnant cat with worms, what do I do!!!
  15. My cat has a bump...? :( Help!
  16. How old should he be?
  17. Nutritional Value Confusion
  18. chilling canned food
  19. ear mites in indoor cats
  20. Cat Litter
  21. Vote and help members find MOST NUTRITIONAL canned cat food
  22. drinkies
  23. round worm
  24. one of my cats has a bladder infection...questions
  25. Advance Kitten Dry Food...
  26. food & 30 yr. old cats
  27. Is this normal?
  28. Possible liver problem
  29. best food?
  30. Morbid question, but I would like to know
  31. Pet Gold canned food from PetCo
  32. Have you ever pulled a string out of your cat's end?
  33. dandruff and dry paw pads
  34. Elevated ALT levels, what does it mean?
  35. stretching back legs
  36. Kitten-> Cat: when to switch food?
  37. What kind of "human food" should my cats stay away
  38. Fat not fluffy
  39. Raw meat diet - I have a question
  40. Dry Food Question, PMI Exclusive
  41. how much should my cat weigh
  42. Wet Food: Natural balance
  43. My poor baby has chlamydia :(
  44. My food debate (dry)
  45. Kitty grind teeth
  46. cat household with one (known) fiv positive
  47. Niki died this morning
  48. Scratching posts...Need help on types and training
  49. wet food?
  50. How long can I give lysine?
  51. Jimmy's not well
  52. What to feed/Wellness/Timberwolf/Solid Gold
  53. Found this cat!! HELP!
  54. cat food question
  55. Intestinal lymphoma
  56. One Watery Eye
  57. Taking the pee....
  58. Neutering too Early
  59. Kitty left soft white things on my lap
  60. Upper Respritory Infection
  61. Nutro has "with"...
  62. Kitten pulling out hair! Sry long post
  63. Newbie cat food labelling education.
  64. Catnip
  65. Conjunctivitis? Bartonella?
  66. Help please anyone with my boy Chester!
  67. Gemma is getting worryingly thin....
  68. What's your cat's favorite wet food?
  69. Budget Conscious Cat Food Option of Pretty Decent Quality
  70. Some worm...
  71. tell me why seafood is a bad thing
  72. small pellets of poo
  73. Do cats get diarrhea while on antibioitics?
  74. In-door flea issue.
  75. 12 weeks and in Heat???
  76. How much do you pay for wellness canned food? others?
  77. My kitty started eating some wet food......
  78. Shedding terribly!!
  80. Cats with chronic pneumonitis-can anything be done?
  81. spinal cord injury
  82. Bald patch!!!
  83. Our cat is plugged up...
  84. Diabetic cat
  85. Vomiting After Spay
  86. Upper Respiratory Infection
  87. Oliver's cold has lasted 3 weeks so far!
  88. Help Me! My cat is Sick
  89. 20 year old cat barely eating - suggestions?
  90. What cat food should I give my kitties??
  91. Feral kitten with herpes
  92. Has anyone tried the Natures Miracle cat litter?
  93. help with my cat
  94. What about this?
  95. Rather Serious Issue
  96. Kitty ear infection
  97. feeding schedule
  98. What are similiar symptoms to antifreeze poisoning?
  99. taking urine sample with needle?
  100. reocurring urinary prob, drinks little, pees A LOT, w blood
  101. I'm pretty sure it is Asthma now. *update, no asthma*
  102. My cat rolled in cement dust....
  103. Best cat food? Best litter?
  104. Starving kitty!! Help!
  105. oh no! blood in stool!
  106. Barbie items at PetSmart
  107. Wondering about a fluid filled cyst on skin
  108. Panacur Granules
  109. freaking out, just need someone to calm me down
  110. Camomile?
  111. sudden strange death
  112. Cat has lost his "mane"
  113. Sensitive stomach?
  114. Bladder Crystals!
  115. Fungus
  116. Has anyone used an automatic feeder for kitties before?
  117. stumped on symptoms, need advice
  118. Kitten not eating well for 2 days, wheezing occasionally
  119. Red/Sore Nipples
  120. Bump on head
  121. mixing different brands of food together
  122. Slippery Elm Bark
  123. Kitten weight?
  124. Feline Hepatits
  125. Pretty Decent Cat Treats
  126. Meowing while going to the bathroom?
  127. Throwing-up often, nothing seems to work.
  128. Biting his tail diagnosed as YEAST INFECTION
  129. question about weight gain
  130. Cat food question
  131. Worried - Kittens have lumps from vacination
  132. ear pain
  133. Help i'm nervous! UPDATE...
  134. URI...are my other cats getting it? *Update*
  135. Cat licking her "privates" way too much.....
  136. How to care for a tiny battle wound (nervous)
  137. NutriSource dry food
  138. Scully's Spay Day *update - it's the next morning*
  139. kitten losing baby teeth
  140. Is this really the best dry food out there?
  141. Billie acting weird
  142. Urban Carnivore?
  143. Luxated Elbow Joint in Kitten
  144. Small pellets of poop everywhere!
  145. I just caught a feral cat and need help......
  146. Blocked Bladder, again and again....
  147. Problem with New Kitty
  148. Big scratch on head
  149. chunky canned food
  150. cat fang problem
  151. URI vs Heart worm vs hairball
  152. How much is too much to you?
  153. Bathing a cat
  154. whats wrong with my cat?
  155. Missing Dr. Jean's presence @ the Health area of catforum!
  156. do cats Pass Gas?
  157. Worried Cat Mom. Addison's spay surgery UPDATED
  158. Peeling pads
  159. Happy 20th Birthday Sophie Kitty!
  160. Question about flea cycles
  161. Tail Problems
  162. Concerned Cat Owner
  163. old cat won't eat enough
  164. Litter
  166. Wet or dry food??
  167. Tummy Problems
  168. How Strange Cats Are
  169. teeth brushing hurdle
  170. Please,need help, could be life or death.
  171. Help with litter box problem!!!!
  172. Fleas WON'T Die!
  173. Emergency, neep advice after cat being spay
  174. Food- Liver
  175. Diaherrea
  176. Worried....Upper respiratory infection *updated*
  177. Could anyone tell me what they think this might be
  178. kidney failure questions
  179. Wet food and new cat
  180. Great Life Cat Food
  181. hairballls!
  182. kidney failure relaited probles
  183. Lysine...what is it for?
  184. My ears are funny,what's wrong with them?
  185. Eeek - Fleas
  186. Can Stress Cause Illness?
  187. Question about shots??? I need some help
  188. Whats that blubber??
  189. Is it okay if I mix?
  190. Good dry food without garlic?
  191. Older cat losing weight
  192. Revolution
  193. Strange Tiny Kittens, Your thoughts?
  194. UK Members - food question
  195. deafness
  196. please help my and my kitty sox
  197. Hook worms questions....updated more questions
  198. Cat Temperature
  199. Question about putting cats to sleep...
  200. rabbit food
  201. Baby Food
  202. Bud puked a clear liquid
  203. Breathing funny while sleeping
  204. Cat may have a broken!!!
  205. 2 colds in the last 2 months-Is this normal?
  206. What food is best for kittens?
  207. Making cat food?
  208. Question about Dental Care
  209. Limping
  210. Food and urinary tract infections
  211. Worried: lost tooth or a bigger problem?
  212. FIV in older cat
  213. Cut on Teagan's face
  214. Wahhh! He's got fleas!
  215. E-Collar (Lampshade) Question-- Need Advice/Suggestions
  216. worms?
  217. Dehydrated Turkey Cat treats
  218. Kitten blisters on toes
  219. What should I be feeding my kitten.
  220. Does anyone use Evolve or solid gold? Is the garlic a
  221. How often is it 'OK' to have blood drawn
  222. Learn what those lab results mean
  223. chicken soup for cat lovers soul healthy?
  224. Does anyone have any experience with Willards Water & ..
  225. Help! Need antibiotics!!
  226. sneezy kitten
  227. Vomiting & nervous nelly mom
  228. Baby's chin: update
  229. [b]New to forum with some cat questions...[/b]
  230. Cats & Chinchillas
  231. Can cats lose their voice?
  232. Post Spay Help Needed!
  233. can someone please give me a link for premium foods.........
  234. see vet to get vaccination?
  235. I am at the end of it, my male cat will not eat canned food!
  236. Switching to wet...
  237. Damage is permanent*Bugs Update*Long
  238. Unusual claw length?
  239. Bringing Scully to vet's :-/ *update*
  240. anybody hear of PAULS cat food?
  242. What kind of dieases do kittens get?
  243. Licking and odd behavior?
  244. Coughing/hacking only in tub?
  245. Turkey Gizzards
  246. "Bad Dog & Cat Foods" - link I came across
  247. Possible urinary infection?
  248. HELP! my 22lb cat needs a serious diet...
  249. Could this be a hairball?
  250. found good sight for food comparison