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Health and Nutrition

  1. strange bugs that are the size of a grain of salt?
  2. flushable clumping cat litter
  3. Sick Cat
  4. Tegans spay stiches don't look good.. Update....
  5. petcare insurance
  6. my poor cat
  7. I think he may have UTI
  8. Cat Food Question
  9. Bottled water, or tap?
  11. Cat who's scratching herself and has scabby lumps
  12. Lump (?) after neutering
  13. Fat kitty needs a diet!
  14. Are these brands good? (wet)
  15. Help, cat passed blood!
  16. Great. Juuuuuuuust great.
  17. Question about discoloured nose. - Dr. Jean?
  18. Cat fever - baby aspirin
  19. How common is Vestibular with cats?
  20. Allergic to the litter?
  21. Question about 'Fresh Flow' auto waterer
  22. Flies eating the poor stray's food!!
  23. He did it! Bugs ate on his own*Urgent Update*
  24. Male cats?
  25. HELP! Possible reaction to rabies booster
  26. Dog food
  27. which of these brands are the best
  28. Bugs is drinking water
  29. My Kitty is Sick
  30. Do you brush your cat's teeth?
  31. Problem With Leg
  33. Buying food online
  34. Unidentified illness
  35. Are ALL fish type foods bad?
  36. protein content in dry food
  37. Herpes Conjunctivitis??? *Update*
  38. Her claws seem unusually "thick"
  39. Desinfecting cat carrier, etc
  40. Food Help
  41. He meows in the litter box :-\
  42. Absorvable/Dissolvable stiches, how long to dissapear
  43. heart murmur....*update*
  44. Malika got a vet check-up...
  45. help, string in kitty's butt
  46. BUGS is at home with me
  47. whats the best vitamin brand?
  48. cats can have allergies, right? (long)
  49. Nuetering: laser vs. "traditional"?
  50. De - fleaing the house??????
  51. kitten health problem
  52. canned food question...
  53. Gimpy Kitty
  54. Science Diet
  55. Please help quick!
  56. Some thing is wrong with Key-keys lip!!
  57. 9 lives cat food?
  58. Something's wrong with Princess HELP!!!!!!!!!!
  59. There has been a new diagnosis with Bugs
  60. What is this?
  62. help!
  63. How much wet food to feed?
  64. Kitty Constipation-Very Often!
  65. Insulin expiration dates
  66. gingivitis treatment
  67. Advice urgently needed:Flying my himalayan from US to UK
  68. shopping in canada
  69. Help My Cat has been vomitting
  70. Tapazole & Periactin - Hyperthyroidism WARNING!!!!!!
  71. Nutro Coupons for anyone who wants them
  72. I found a flea under my kitten's chin...
  73. do cats snore?
  74. Bio Spot
  75. Healthiest Cat Foods?
  76. Now Malika had blood in her poop...
  77. help fleas!!!
  78. cat panting
  79. chunky canned food...
  80. Malika vomited
  81. Kittens age
  82. How often for checkups?
  83. Ringworm Question
  85. Nature's Variety Raw update, and ?? about feeding (help!!)
  86. best wet food
  87. Petaprin - aspirin for cats???
  88. Great information resource
  89. Something might have poisoned my cat...*miracle update*
  90. kitten peeing a little while sleeping
  91. Back from the vet with Ivan
  92. Kittens + dry food = bad?
  93. Can certain cat food cause diabetes?
  94. Cat w/ possible UTI?????
  95. Great web site explaining dry cat/dog foods
  96. Testing and vaccinating kittens; how old should they be?
  97. Scooting/Bleeding in his manhood area?
  98. Dry food and Urinary track problems (long)
  99. Ivan has WORMS!!! HELP!!!!!!
  100. Sneezing?
  101. Questions/Advice about switching to meal times..
  102. My cat has something very serious wrong with her :(
  103. Recover time after spay surgery
  104. Constipation in Cats
  105. Sleeping a lot?
  106. taking my kitten to Spay Day
  107. Are my kittens just spoiled?
  108. chronic skin problems
  109. Malika(pregnant) will not eat canned food...
  110. Which cat food? Is natural better?
  111. Doesn't like/eat wet food-any advice?
  112. Teeth
  113. teething kitty
  114. I think my cat has an allergy to dry food
  115. What to feed the young and old?
  116. Which of these is the best toy?
  117. Best Brand of Food For A Newly Bought Kitten?
  118. Flea collars-other options
  119. kitten has a cold.
  120. Kitten Fast Breathing?
  121. Freckles?
  122. Loss of bowel control
  123. Scooting?
  124. Brands of canned food (or a question for AngelZoo)
  125. Veggies for my kitten?
  126. Any Advice For A New Kitty Owner?
  127. Absorvable stiches when neutering
  128. meat percentage question in canned food?
  129. Specific Meal Times or ...?
  130. Sick stray :(
  131. something neurological happening
  132. ok guys I think I've done something stupid,
  133. Buddy has STINKY poo-poo!
  134. Worried about Scotty getting sick
  135. Nutritional Mix
  136. twitching/spasming
  137. WAY too much food!!
  138. Second opinion?
  139. What Can I Do About A Sick Cat with Long-Term Disability?
  140. The weaning process, part two (continued from other thread)
  141. Holding a paw
  142. I've changed my cats food..question about poopies!
  143. i think i've found some pretty good wet and dry food
  144. Wet Food First-Timer
  145. lump in back leg
  146. when do cats stop growing?
  147. Discovery.
  148. Lump near my cat's eye
  149. Dr Jean? Someone?
  150. What causes Hyperthyroidism in cats
  151. daily hacking... hairball? *update* heartworm...
  152. Worms
  153. Scab found on my cat's neck
  154. New Wellness Flavor: Herring and Salmon!
  155. Natural Balance Allgery Formula
  156. Help
  157. Alright, so when to start the kittens on canned food?
  158. Meow Mix Pouch Food
  159. Hard stomach after birth
  160. One fat and one just right. Need ideas!
  161. Cat's Ear has Scabs outside
  162. Cat bit Dog?
  163. wet cat food question
  164. How do you serve canned food?
  165. Nature's Variety raw foods
  166. Infected Incision ??
  167. Are cats really happy with what you feed them?
  168. How long can they "hold it"?
  169. VERY strange things on the skin - help!
  170. he's senile now, so how do i decide what more to do for him?
  171. My kitten just can't win :( Calicivirus *UPDATE*
  172. How good is this food
  173. my kitten's ear has blue paint on it
  174. Info. & Links on why canned is better than all dry diet
  175. sensitive neck
  176. cat grass, good or bad?
  177. My ferals's names
  178. Multi-part food question (kittens, can food, changing diet)
  179. Best fd for lactating feral
  180. losing hair in one spot
  181. how much to feed and what brands?
  182. Yet *another* food question!
  183. When do I ask for test? (Follow-up to Neutering cat)
  184. Recovery cages
  185. Bad vet or what?
  186. cat nip??
  187. what to feed a pregnant cat?
  188. This doctor charges a $6.00 fee to give poor advice
  189. 2 cans for my kitty
  190. Distemper or pnuemonia?
  191. Health check-up before neutering?
  192. will they adapt to new diet?
  193. Feeding Question for Newcomers
  194. intubation trachea damage
  195. Spay incision wound - DR. JEAN, **Updated after vet visit**
  196. my cat is sick, but with what?
  197. my kitty is sick, but with what??
  198. rabies vaccine necessary?
  199. Smeag's cut foot (edited coz its not an emergency now)
  200. Food - Petsitter Problem
  201. Between a rock and a hard place...
  202. Giving cats a pill
  203. Aaaaaah!!! Another kitten! Help!
  204. Have Good News.
  205. kitten growing bald spots
  206. Strange behavior, or is it "normal?"
  207. Authority Chicken & Rice Ingredients
  208. Kittens teething
  209. Is it possible to overfeed your cat?
  210. Is Purina Kitten Chow bad for your cat?
  211. Baby Shampoo
  212. I think my cats sick ?
  213. Low Residue Cat food
  214. Miracle coat rinesless cat shampoo - ok/good/bad?
  215. More food discussion!!
  216. Feeding dish
  217. Varity of food, is it bad
  218. Yogurt
  219. Wellness: Sardines, Shrimp and Crab! Take that Fancy Feast!
  220. FIV
  221. My kittens weight
  222. leaking fluid?
  223. Something is wrong with my cat...
  224. Ok, more brands I've got questions about
  225. Is Evolve any good?
  226. Farting and Loose Stools
  227. Canned food I found at Whole Foods today - Good??
  228. BAD swollen gums...Dr. Jean?
  229. Royal Gourmet Cat Food
  230. Help! Cat lost his voice!?
  231. BAD NEWS
  232. Burnt Whiskers
  233. Joints making popping sound.
  234. Senior and Lite foods
  235. Kitten hooked on one food
  236. Older cat and upcoming trip
  237. Flint River Ranch Cat Food
  238. fentanyl
  239. I think that my cat is sick...please help :(
  240. How much to feed?
  241. Feline Anemia
  242. Whoa, lots of tapeworm segments
  243. Can and will a cat over eat?
  244. Help. My cat won't eat wet food!!!
  245. wobble head
  246. How bad are potatoes?
  247. mouth pain
  248. Is there any reason why I should trim my cats' rear claws?
  249. booster shot for indoor-only cat?
  250. Lump on cats nose