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Health and Nutrition

  1. Cold food
  2. Proper method for prying open the mouth
  3. Should I and when should I get my cat spayed?
  4. Switching food
  5. Cat Cannot Stomach Wet Food
  6. Neutering time...
  7. pregnant semi-feral?
  8. Well crud...Xander panic attack
  9. One-Time Sudden Vomitting
  10. Sneezing fits--FelV
  11. Missing the box
  12. Health, behavioral? Cat isn't 'done'
  13. Healthy cat food from petco/petsmart?
  14. Silly question?
  15. Chicken Soup vs. Pro Plan
  16. giving meds
  17. Foaming at the mouth and bleeding?
  18. Pieces of bread as treat?
  19. OK, so what foods ARE good for my cats?
  20. Flea Allergy
  21. diarrea
  22. what is "water sufficient for processing"?
  23. Healthy treats for my cat?
  24. Help! Is Lexie ill?? Is it the food??
  25. So my five month old kitten is losing some teeth...
  26. Euthanasia
  27. cat is pregnant with fleas read and reply plz!
  28. Minor bruise or more serious infection?
  29. clavamox side effect?
  30. Meat by-products
  31. For those who asked about Dylans weight....
  32. Cat In Labor?
  33. My cat has chronic diahrrea...need advice!
  34. Free feed, or timed meals?
  35. Dylan is Poorly :(
  36. Neutering and shots
  37. My cat has suddenly gone blind :(
  38. Watery eye
  39. Finally found Timberwolf Organics cat food in my area!
  40. re: How long can wet food sit out?
  41. Applying eye ointment
  42. anybody have a cat with neurological problems?
  43. Poll : What do you feed? (dry)
  44. Third eyelid
  45. Heartworm
  46. Cat insurance
  47. Good cat food??
  48. Sasha is sneezing
  49. Dry cough
  50. Is this diet safe for both kitties?
  51. Hairball Frequency?
  52. Hyperthyroid advise
  53. How young can a cat get pregnant?
  54. Macy bit something and now has a swollen gum :(
  55. Raw meat/fish?
  56. I found a winner!!!!
  57. Possible Bloody Stool in Cat (and anemia too?)
  58. Humhrey is getting fussy!
  59. Urinery tract in cats
  60. Decided to go back to dry food
  61. My cats teeth has tarter...
  62. which all-wormer?
  63. Good canned catfood?
  64. How good is Eukanuba?
  65. stray cat with neurological problems
  66. Hairball help.
  67. Kitten Food
  68. Chipped Canines
  69. Veggies
  70. New Cat Owner??
  71. Help with my cat
  72. Humans Herpes Virus (Shingles and Chicken Pox)
  73. Diarrhoea and tender thickened gut
  74. Adding water to canned food?
  75. Kittens hissing? (funny noises)
  76. Kittens and dog food
  77. How much canned food per day for a kitten.My kitten is a pig
  78. Remedy
  79. My Cat is eating Spider Plants
  80. He won't open his eye
  81. eye problems in kitten
  82. antioxidants, what product is best for cats?
  83. antioxidants, what product is best for cats?
  84. Bladder infection found - should i have been more alert?
  85. What amount is enough/too much?
  86. Cat poop
  87. Runt Cannot Eat
  88. Bengo swallowed a string
  89. My kitten has flu??
  90. Good weight for cats?
  91. Normal??
  93. Elly's Sick
  94. Blocked tear duct?????
  95. Are there any health dangers of microchipping your pet?
  96. possible UTI?
  97. Update: for Halifax!
  98. Am I feeding them the right food?
  99. are peaches OK?
  100. question about kitten progress. . .
  101. Misha had a health poor baby girl!!
  102. Brand new food, thoughts?
  103. Changing foods
  104. Storing Canned Food
  105. Vet just gave my kitten Strongid dose too early
  106. Advantage for Cats
  107. Cancer and Flaxseed Oil w/Cottage Cheese??
  108. Question about a 4 week old kitten...
  109. Vomiting every day
  110. How much play is too much?
  111. eye problem
  112. Weird Skin Condition
  113. Bengal Kitty Vomits
  114. Help choosing new food
  115. Sick kitty/ferals update
  116. Getting REALLY frustrated with feeding.
  117. Lunchmeat, ok as a snack?
  118. Rate of Weight Loss.
  119. Is it ok to just "change" foods or....
  120. Kitty-milk problem, help!
  121. did the medicine make him sick?
  122. Liver Disease
  123. Cat drinking a lot more water than usual
  124. Fish broth in canned food just as bad as fish?
  125. How do you know if cats have fleas?
  126. Cat diagnosed with FIP
  127. Does your cat poop too much?
  128. Cammie Update
  129. Help with Laxatone Tuna
  130. I've been finding vomit please help?
  131. FIV and Inferon
  132. Ringworm
  133. 19 year old toothless cat
  134. new here, need kitten advice urgently!
  135. sickly kitty
  136. Decent "Bad-Quality" Canned Food
  137. TJ & Lily are coughing/wheezing
  138. Skiddish Cat/anxiety
  139. can you give your cat's your cold?
  140. Anaesthetic Problem
  141. What is the best supplement for feline acne?
  142. Old Cat with ingrown claw...twice..
  143. 2-weeks-old orphant needs an advise
  144. sudden vomiting - need advice!!
  145. Best way to clean kittens eyes - help!
  146. More food questions
  147. Hairball food
  148. Kitty Accidents
  149. Gum Disease & Loss Of Teeth
  150. My cat will only eat duck, help!
  151. my kitty is...waaah!
  152. Light Sensitive Stomach food?
  153. Eye trauma
  154. is this a bladder infection ?
  155. My cats teeth.
  156. I *might* have found an OK Fancy Feast
  157. Off Topic....about my dog, Howie
  158. Female House Cat Ripped Big Fur Patch Out.
  159. dry/wet for weight gain?
  160. Question about Feline Acne
  161. Giardia and coll. Silver
  162. Cat had surgery, won't eat anything
  163. my cat was spayed 2 months ago but...
  164. Edible plants
  165. My cat is not opening her eye...
  166. Help with my rotund cat (cat food advice needed!)
  167. Vomiting is bad?
  168. Halifax - Runny Stools - No Cause?
  169. Milk?
  170. concerns with cat's nose
  171. Painful, raw nose, Social cat becomes reclusive.
  172. sick cats????
  173. cat not eating
  174. Teeth Cleaning?
  175. Neep answers ASAP
  176. Crying in Sleep
  177. Eating noises
  178. Vomiting
  179. C.E.T Chew for Cat any good???
  180. Help! Any suggestions?
  181. Abnormal Kitten Legs
  182. Bleeds when I brush his teeth
  183. What is Venison?
  184. strong ammonia smell
  185. birthday cake?
  186. Picture of Cat Rash - anybody with treatment ideas?
  187. Question about Cat Grass
  188. Dr. Jean--Sneezing...URI?
  189. Pro Pac canned food
  190. "natural" cat foods
  191. All wet diet = loose stools?
  192. Drinking fountain and eosinophilic granuloma
  193. Starting all wet diet, how much?
  194. We almost lost a kitten!
  195. Yeast Infection
  196. feeding cat wet food
  197. Revolution to treat ear mites
  198. Blood in ear!
  199. Jimmy has asthma
  200. Question about respiratory infection in kittens
  201. Getting Chubby
  202. ear cleaning?
  203. Addison, not doing well after 2nd set of shots. Worried.
  204. Problems with Wellness Canned food?
  206. Cat looks starved...
  207. Dehydrated kitten..Please Help!
  208. What Premium Food To Feed Senior Cat?
  209. Is he eating too much or too little?
  210. Earmite med behavior
  211. Stray cat with wounds
  212. Herpes Virus
  213. By Products!
  214. Made the switch to wet...questions
  215. Cat has something on his skin.
  216. Really need some help/advice!
  217. need help on measuring formula
  218. Thinking about switching to all-wet.....some ?s
  219. How many calories?
  220. New vegetarian cat study funded by Purina
  221. The joys of a cat with food issues
  222. Cat Food - Wet, Dry, or Mixed
  223. Fat Cats: a few questions
  224. My Cat Squeaks!
  225. Skin problem
  226. Bad nails?
  227. Why did the kitties die?
  228. Spot's Stew for Cats...too good to be true?
  229. Science Diet? Confused over best brands!
  230. New kitten questions!
  231. kitten vs adult on restricted diet
  232. hind leg skin problem
  233. Free Feeding or Scheduled Feeding
  234. Fat Cat
  235. New to site - looking for advice on cats developing crystals
  236. Weird eating habits
  237. Feeding options?
  238. What should I expect from kittens?
  239. Kitten a day old.. not meowing..
  240. Skin Trouble
  241. Vaccinations
  242. What's a good dry food?
  243. Found Kitten- Have questions
  244. Mammary gland cancer - surgery? Please help
  245. Hurt feral female, litters, underweight etc, questions
  246. Kittens keep dying
  247. cat off and on does not use litter box...
  248. Vitamin E for skin allergies?
  249. bored of canned food?
  250. Mixing Cat Foods