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Health and Nutrition

  1. Kitten's shots @2pm. Is there a Kitten vacc. schedule?
  2. Will steroids in mother effect kittens?
  3. Best All-Natural Cat Food
  4. Predicting adult weight?
  5. I think Ashley's claws are!
  6. Cat Grass
  7. dog.. wants to help...
  8. Feeding times
  9. Vaccination questions?
  10. Co-worker's cat not eating
  11. About food allergies
  12. Does a kitty's appetite decrease during summer
  13. Hairball
  14. How come he is eating very little? Because He's Old???
  15. Pus coming from wound
  16. Enema help LOL
  17. Runny Eye
  18. ear mites? sores?
  19. Addison gets healthy! ...well, maybe
  20. UPDATE: Pasha's at the vet now...Liver problems...
  21. My cat hasn't been eating or drinking...PLEASE HELP!!
  22. How old before bath?
  23. Essential oils for flea and tick control?
  24. What's wrong with his eyes?
  25. zoey's crying after given wormer
  26. Cat being sick at night
  27. Cat food brands?
  28. Any wet food suggestions
  29. my cat has a cold (again)
  30. Raw Food
  31. One more question about vaccination
  32. Flea control with imidacloprid
  33. Broken tail
  34. Is my cat sick or just getting old?
  35. Wet Food FLAVORS, your cat's preference &...
  36. New cat food on the market in UK
  37. Crystals in cats pee??? Piccie included!
  38. Strange wet food question
  39. burnt/peeling paws?
  40. How do cats get Worms
  41. Too Skinny Cat
  42. Lethargic cat..... please help!
  43. Cat's coat - dandruff and scabs
  44. Tom gets neutered today
  45. Dry Food Eating Habits
  46. Hello! newbie here, new kitten questions...
  47. Black specks in fur
  48. Worms.... updated.. new questions!
  49. allergies: chicken vs poultry fat?
  50. any suggestion on dry food?
  51. Stinky litter room
  52. Wysong wet food...any insight?
  53. Week 10 - Missing teeth
  54. somethings wrong with her lip
  55. Infected(?) cat please advice
  56. Ear mites - update
  57. question for dr. jean (not kitty, though) - UPDATED, other ?
  58. Starvation?
  59. Bladder Tumor
  60. How Long between potty?
  61. Hyperthyroidism
  62. Confused about fish in wet cat food
  63. When Can I Neuter
  64. Foaming at the mouth
  65. Flea's on an older cat
  66. how much does your cat weigh?
  67. Himilayan food
  68. what is the difference between puppy and kitten chow?
  69. Just got first cat from shelter, seems sick, HELP
  70. Not sure what to feed my cat.
  71. Ear mites?
  73. Where do you buy your high quality cat food?
  74. What to feed for a nice coat?
  75. ear mites? or just ear gunk?
  76. Age, Weight, and Hiccups!
  77. Meals for many per day?
  78. Grass and FUS
  79. Bordetella
  80. Teagan is Sick
  81. Throwing up?
  82. one pupil bigger than other
  83. Giving your own shots?
  84. Ideal Room Temperature for DSH
  85. Should I worry about her eyes?
  86. swollen gums on stray cat
  87. Heart murmur.
  88. Excessive shedding
  89. cat doesn't like seafood?
  90. Good ear mite treatment?
  91. High quality food
  92. vaccination article; please read
  93. How bad is it to change brands of wet food often?
  94. Flowing water
  95. Help....sick kitten, dont know whats wrong
  96. de-worming and Srongid-T?
  97. Overweight Cat....HELP!
  98. New Kitten Question
  99. Possible seizures in our cat
  100. CAT NEWBIE... PLEASE HELP!!!...
  101. Hungry all the time!
  102. how much canned food do you feed?
  103. Is this part of cat self-cleaning?
  104. Foul Odor From Litter
  105. Different quality of coat
  106. UPDATE: Constant sneezing, snot, breathing problems....
  107. cat too fat
  108. Putting too much weight on
  109. Are roses poisionous?
  110. how do i get my cat to eat non-chicken wet food?
  111. Both cats ate wet food last night!! yay!
  112. Very worried about my cat. Need support
  113. Crusty ears
  114. My Cat doesn't really like wet food
  115. vaccines for old cat;Dr Jean???
  116. Tired
  117. PLEASE Help! Ear Scratching!!
  118. meat in cat food
  119. Confused about my kitty's teeth..!
  120. Any other links for cavities?
  121. Vitamins for cats?
  122. how to get my cat to eat faster?
  123. Pet Store Employee's???
  124. Poor Julia - rotten teeth
  125. Wet & Dry - Protein?
  126. cat allergic to flea shampoo ?
  127. I know tuna's a no-no, but what about salmon?
  128. Cat diagnosed with diabetes...but doubtful
  129. Lugh throwing up
  130. Problems with my poor Goofy Cat
  131. chandlers paw
  132. Medi Cal
  133. Stray cat & vaccinations
  134. How to get my big fella to eat the new wet food
  135. ? regarding roundworm treatment
  136. Types of routine shots suggested/requird for a kitten-cat
  137. Ear mites
  138. liquid vomit followed by regular poops after feeding
  139. Weight Guidelines?
  140. Missing Nipple!!!!!!
  141. Rescue Remedy is ALCOHOL?
  142. Kitten has diarrhea problems now :(
  143. Kitten Breath
  144. Found a worm on my kitten's fur (dewormed them 3 days ago)
  145. Cat dish with moat
  146. Wet vs. Dry
  147. vomiting
  148. Julia's missing a lower canine
  149. Teeth.....
  150. SCIENCE DIET...good or no?
  151. Getting Rid Of Stuff Around Eyes
  152. Thank you, DrJean!
  153. Best brand of food???
  154. Low white blood cell count
  155. emergencies? please, help
  156. Please help with questions about constipation . Thanks
  157. Well, I selected a food, FINALLY
  158. Phew!
  159. Cat's skin & coat
  160. My kittens sure had some dirty ears (and probably still do)
  161. 10 month old with bald spots....?
  162. Is corn gluten a urine acidifier?
  163. Cats butt gets blocked up
  164. A few questions about some cat products: Advatage, food etc.
  165. Ques: Drontal v. Panacur wormer?
  166. Best kitty treat?
  167. Best dry food for weight loss?
  168. How to clean off clumpy liter?
  169. Brushing Teeth?
  170. Natural treatment for hairballs?
  171. Things to ask my vet on first visit?
  172. Is Nutro really that good?
  173. Question about Nutro cat food
  174. vaccination = sick kitten
  175. How to tell if kitty is overweight?
  176. Best Diet?
  177. Advice on adopting kitten
  178. placement of a free flow water bowl
  179. Hot ears
  180. Help me help my big fella
  181. Rabies shot reaction?
  182. when is the best time to fix a kitten
  183. kitty's got some dirty ears!
  184. kitty upper respiratory infection
  185. Lump
  186. cat wheezing
  187. Another question...
  188. Help I need advice on what to feed my kitties
  189. Best brand of cat food????
  190. Watery Eye
  191. High blood pressure?
  192. Wormer Side Effects - Tiredness?
  193. dry skin
  194. 1 y/o female cat - Fixed... whats with the "pouch?"
  195. Frontline plus question...............(long)
  196. colloidal silver for spider bite
  197. spider bite
  198. Black Spots?
  199. Bald spot
  200. Vaccinations
  201. Where can I get samples?
  202. BAD SUTURES? What should I do???
  203. DIAGNOSIS NEEDED Symptoms are,....
  204. Sugar Pie isn't feeling well! Wonder why?
  205. Any experiences with L-Lysine?
  206. Feeding wet food to 4 cats, How???
  207. cat is outsmarting me!
  208. Cat's Fur Changing Colors - Urine Infection
  209. Help with my vets diagnosis (teeth and anal glands)
  210. How Much Food?
  211. Feline Lukemia
  212. Wont Eat food....
  213. Stray cat will not eat
  214. Is tuna packed in water okay?
  215. Garlic for Fleas?
  216. My Cats Bald Patch?
  217. Mozart's back from vet!
  218. Blocked urinal
  219. How much Litter Monthly?
  220. Please - Need Help Switching Kittens from Wet to Dry
  221. What just crawled out of my cats butt?!!
  222. Acidophilus
  223. Problems
  224. Strange noise in sugar pie's throat
  225. Itchy ears
  226. ok to sterilize cats on heat??
  227. Wormer Question...
  228. Switch kitten food = loose stools
  229. ear mites--over the counter treatment?
  230. Anyone order food online?
  231. Chubby cats......
  232. Anal gland problems
  233. Whiskers breaking
  234. F.L.U.T.D
  235. Nutro only, is this ok?
  236. kitten with URI and possibly panleukopenia virus *update*
  237. is my vet right?
  238. Prepaid Vet
  239. Wellness, Nutro, Eagle Pack - for kittens?
  240. is this acne?
  241. spaying question...
  242. Official Stand Off begins!
  243. Cat losing hair (UPDATE!)
  244. More Food Questions
  245. Something is wrong with my cat
  246. Milk is it okay for adult cats
  247. kitten wont eat dry food at all
  248. My baby won't eat ...
  249. Neomycin and Polymyxin B Sulfates
  250. My cat is getting flabby