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Health and Nutrition

  1. Need Advice - cat limping
  2. How much for surgery to remove abscess on chest?
  3. Hello - cat diagnosed with oral squamous cell sarcoma
  4. Numly swallowed a sticker!
  5. Is this a good canned food: Nature's Gift?
  6. New member introduction - question about calicos
  7. Kitten slow weight gain
  8. Used to be Blue Buffalo fan
  9. My cat can't walk, need help please
  10. Nutro Natural Choice or Another?
  11. Throwing up - home remedies
  12. Hello from MI, and a question about "decorative" grass
  13. Who hear grinds/mills their dry food?
  14. Need some comforting words
  15. Losing whiskers.
  16. 6 month old kitten eating clay litter
  17. Did my new vet have us get uneccesary surgery?
  18. peeling skin
  19. Two kittens, two preferences. One wants canned, one wants kibble.
  20. I will soon deal with a close death for the first time in my life
  21. Broken tooth, swollen gum
  22. one of my foster babies isn't doing so well.
  23. Getting a kitten and have questions about food
  24. Vet visit vaccines
  25. Why Is My Cat Sneezing?
  26. how often to feed an 11 week old kitten
  27. Fertilizer and cats
  28. Worms need a dewormer where/how?
  29. Please Help, He Won't Eat!
  30. Ants around food bowl....
  31. Mopping after cleaning urine?
  32. Help cleaning cats eyes
  33. Antibiotics Making Kitty Sleepy?
  34. cat can't meow anymore
  35. Low Magnesium Dry Foods
  36. Joined site to help my cat - small black sore underneath my cat's chin
  37. H3N2 Dog Flu
  38. Reverse Sneezing
  39. How to get cat to eat more wet food??
  40. Our one cat eats a lot but is still so skinny!
  41. Distemper Vaccine
  42. Perineal Urethrostomy.
  43. Pain medicine
  44. Help save Grandma's cat!
  45. My cat might have eaten vitamins
  46. A Short Life But Very Sweet
  47. Medicating
  48. Shelter worry
  49. Diet issues
  50. Pepper plants and cats
  51. Picky eating
  52. Kitten spitting up?
  53. something on Lily's leg
  54. Sneezing cat
  55. Kitten not gaining weight and crying
  56. Whole earth farm Dry Food?
  57. Food portions
  58. safe to let wet food sit out?
  59. What flea/heartworm prevention do you use?
  60. Cat dandruff
  61. Urinary Blockage Issues
  62. Collecting urine sample - Advice needed
  63. IBD diagnosis and help-thanks
  64. New kitten please help
  65. Pet safe and spray?
  66. Cat allergy and kittens - making it work
  67. cat chews ringworm site despite being collared
  68. Kitten Ear Discharge?
  69. Vacation
  70. blue buffalo admits lying about ingredients after lawsuit
  71. Optimus and his story..
  72. diarrhea- another new food- at wits end
  73. Hello and please help with epileptic cat
  74. Flea & tick reaction
  75. CRF cat constipation
  76. How much by and how often to feed my cat?
  77. New kitty losing patches of fur
  78. Can anyone ID this worm
  79. Three cats - one with persistent vomiting and other issues
  80. I trust my vet, but...
  81. Foster baby Bella has a prolapsed anus...
  82. Cat pupils
  83. My cat keeps licking himself
  84. chicken necks for dental care?
  85. Dandruff
  86. Specific brand making cats throw up? What should I use?
  87. titki cat food
  88. Suggestions for grooming long haired kitten.
  89. Missing incisors
  90. Dusty won't eat wet food now
  91. Cats hair suddenly falling out around eyes
  92. Feline herpes virus
  93. Frontline Bad for Kidney Cat?
  94. Cat slightly shivering when trying to lie down?
  95. MD keeps peeing on the couch - why?
  96. Help with CH kitty
  97. Fat lip
  98. New kitten - litter box issues
  99. are essential oils in soap safe for cats?
  100. Cat flea, Tick, worming and general health questions about my first cat.
  101. Robin went to the vet, today!
  102. Oleuropein
  103. NEED help please!
  104. In need of a few shoulders to lean on
  105. My cat died
  106. Cut on paw pad
  107. We have a poopie!!
  108. FIP immune booster
  109. Feeding 8 W Old Kittens
  110. Cat with Urinary Tract Infection
  111. About the wet vs dry food dental debate...
  112. Does Kitty need a Summer Hair Cut?
  113. Earthborn Holistic Chicken Jumble
  114. Another new kitty question
  115. Signs you might miss
  116. Medication Concerns
  117. My Fiv+ and Her Dental.
  118. Aggie's getting spayed tomorrow
  119. Question about flea prevention/going outside
  120. catsitting, cat won't eat and is severely depressed
  121. sounds that can give your cat a seizure
  122. Should I complain?
  123. Need help with new kitten and food
  124. Care for three week old kittens
  125. Dermaplast following Spaying??
  126. Tell me about FIV Cats
  127. Bringing FIV cat into Feline Herpes home
  128. Volunteering at shelter question?
  129. Cat treats I can give that he will love but won't destroy his diet?
  130. Halo Food - does anyone feed this?
  131. Cats & Sneezing
  132. Hi from a worried cat owner - recent bout with urinary blockage
  133. soft stool w/ diet change, persist or go back?
  134. Best affordable health insurance for my kitties?
  135. Used Aerokat
  136. Maturing
  137. Wet food - how long can it sit out?
  138. I am kitty sitting a baby that is a finicky eater.....
  139. Flutd
  140. Followup from Mercury's 2011 diagnosis of CKD.
  141. Really worried right now (Depo Medrol side effect?)
  142. Hallo! - cat with swelling, weeping eye, can see 3rd eyelid
  143. Desperately Need Vacation
  144. timed feeders
  145. Cat acting disoriented
  146. Could I get some advice please? (Infant kittens)
  147. Brands of Kidney Food?
  148. Dale
  149. It's everywhere, it's everywhere! (Cat hair)
  150. is it healthier/cheaper to make your own wet food than to buy?
  151. Change in litterbox use
  152. cat with bump on lip
  153. Cleaning Crumpled ear - advice?
  154. Mixing wet and dry food?
  155. Can she have tuna as one meal?
  156. About my cat eating habit
  157. New member - abcess complications
  158. So, I got loved on by my cat...
  159. Cats barely want to eat wet food
  160. Do they have fleas?
  161. Not using the tray
  162. Asthma? Allergies? Something Else?
  163. Recommendations for canned food?
  164. what type of injuries to tail are possible?
  165. Best Wire Crate Size??
  166. Sneezing and Taking Breaks When Eating
  167. What ingredients to avoid in cat foods?
  168. Ear mites or allergies?
  169. skin tag?
  170. Partially clipped quick?
  171. Dental Question
  172. What is everyoe feeding
  173. paw and lip health issues
  174. Hello, questions about Corona/FIP
  175. Cat Dandruff?
  176. Rabies Vaccine at a Vaccination Clinic?
  177. multiple allergies - advice needed
  178. Tips for applying nail caps.
  179. Prospective Owner W/ A Question -- Audio Impact?
  180. bad to give all 500 mg of lysine at 1 meal?
  181. 4 year old Siamese, Renal failure
  182. Help Choosing Dry Food
  183. ~3 week old kitten hasn't pooped in 48 hours, need advice!
  184. least expensive grain-free dry food?
  185. hairballs and upset tummy?
  186. Hello... really worried about my cat- kidney issues
  187. Possible UTI
  188. Getting Thomas tested...
  189. High specific gravity and high protein food in senior
  190. Please help
  191. Senior Cat won't eat , has diarrhea
  192. Cat With Broken Jaw
  193. Can whole pieces of meat be the problem?
  194. Good Dry Foods For Sensitive Stomachs?
  195. Nutro Natural Choice wet cat food at Big Lots for .50 a can!
  196. my oldest boy just had a grand mal seizure!
  197. What are your thoughts on Cat Insurance Programs? (Canada)
  198. Post broken pelvis, urinating blood chronically and behavioral issues.
  199. Hairball problem
  200. breathing trouble
  201. Radiation for hyperthyroid
  202. Major Skin Issue! Need Advice! Scabs, Yellow Gunk, Itchiness (PICTURES INCLUDED)
  203. Is an xray very telling?
  204. Dotty is sneezing
  205. To Doodlebug and Librarychick!
  206. To LaurieF, Our Wisewoman, and Shaman
  207. Top 4 Most Common Cat Allergies
  208. Microchipping at Petco vet clinic
  209. Hello! stray tested positive for FIV
  210. Cats ALWAYS Hungry
  211. Anyone have experience with this mite treatment?
  212. syringes-rubber part gets stuck and cat bags
  213. Do cats get respiratory allergies?
  214. Parisian kitten spay bandage
  215. annual check-up
  216. Health for *us*?
  217. Wound on Cat's Upper Jaw
  218. Garlic?
  219. Fancy feast over Prescription?!?
  220. Feline chin acne
  221. HI - spay incision question
  222. Hoping for a mild flea season
  223. Upper resp. infection.. my first time
  224. Worried All Over Again
  225. extra food / what vitamins
  226. Need Help With Feeding Issue
  227. Mauri Canned Food
  228. Please send good vibes
  229. Cheap Dry Food for Ferals
  230. How toxic are cloves?
  231. possible to outgrow food allergy?
  232. I think jake is constipated.. Suggestions?
  233. Keep your fingers crossed - Thomas is supposed to get fixed tomorrow
  234. Iris Melanosis?
  235. Trying to cough up - Petmalt no help
  236. Is all seafood bad or only fish?
  237. Uti!
  238. Dandruff or dirt?
  239. forcefeeding
  240. Megacolon
  241. Cat spay wont stop licking!
  242. I am beside myself with my cat's allergies
  243. Cat spay in 5 hours
  244. ~Help~ Cat is behaving oddly, losing weight, crying, & I am stumped.
  245. Supplement for Cholangiohepatitis
  246. Drs. F&S vs. VetMeds vs. PetMeds??
  247. Expecting Foster Cat Not Eating
  248. My cat sneezes - topical benadryl??
  249. Foster with IBD
  250. A Hairy Situation: When A Cat Hairball Is Normal And When ItĚs Not