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Health and Nutrition

  1. Bald spot on ear growing - possible cause?
  2. Vomiting & combo Vac how long is normal?
  3. Rescue cat with half a tongue
  4. Urinary tract problem gone? (temporary?)
  5. dry ears?
  6. Clear discharge from cats anus.
  7. Hello - cat with chronic vomiting
  8. Question About Frontline
  9. due to hairballs???
  10. Bladder Stone ... What next?
  11. Cat and Raccoon last night
  12. Has anybody experienced this? Need help ASAP
  13. FIV - semi-feral stray and her kittens. I'm conflicted.
  14. hmm, skin allergy question
  15. FVRCP Vaccine failure?
  16. Is my cat diabetic or hyperthyroidic?
  17. Is it safe to feed clams to a kitten?
  18. Need help - crystals
  19. Help With Cat Trailing Poop
  20. Calming for the stomach
  21. Cat learns to walk!
  22. feline friendships - cat drooling and licking her chops often
  23. Meal times/Incorporating wet food
  24. How to spend $1,734 on a cat's (routine) dental work
  25. People snack foods you can share with your cat...
  26. Oral tumor - no hope
  27. Feeding two cats together
  28. Walking like a drunk and laying in the litter box?
  29. Help with hcm cat
  30. Vet recommended Royal Canin, want second opinion
  31. Pulling out clumps of hair
  32. Where to buy Tape worm Meds?
  33. Advice on an Immune system supplement? Need help. Lysine only for herpes or no?
  34. Help! Kitten has a claw growing from her face!
  35. What are Healthy Cat Foods?
  36. Poop streaks all over the floor
  37. Adult cat wants to eat non stop all day everyday!
  38. Using Dog Flea Meds On Your Cat
  39. About cat treats Dreamies and my kitten
  40. How Much Wet Food
  41. Cat eye issues question
  42. Do you have a grooming schedule?
  43. Sherlock is pretty beat up
  44. Heartworm preventative
  45. Tsuki lost 5 oz or 7% of her body weight in 12 days I'm concerned
  46. Bathing - how often and what shampoo?
  47. Not sure if my cat is greedy or am I not feeding him enough?
  48. Brief dizziness
  49. Was not worried, but now I am- Mia
  50. Fromm's Food
  51. Constipation, Diet & Cats
  52. Basics on wet food - good and bad.
  53. Big vomits :(
  54. Weaning off Atopica for cat
  55. Cat with Asthma - Help
  56. Hairballs?
  57. New and faced with a Dilema - pelvic bone broken in 3 places
  58. Flea Control
  59. How much does your cat's weight fluctuate?
  60. Cat poop is a light brown.
  61. Red mark on head?
  62. Vasculitis
  63. Hello - And Possible Advice - burned paws, sneezing, runny eyes
  64. Agnes threw up
  65. Hi - trying to find carrageenan free wet food
  66. Chia seeds for cats?
  67. My cat has a runny nose
  68. Living with Feline Herpes - Keratitis
  69. Khoshekh is throwing up!
  70. my buddy probably has diabetes
  71. Hello - wet food options needed
  72. How to help a stray with (probable) Stomatitis
  73. Considering adopting an FHV+ cat
  74. Cat with torn cruciate ligament
  75. Weird noise coming from back right foot
  76. Figuring Out What Treat Your Kitty Loves Most?
  77. Still eating for six?
  78. Pink Pee
  79. How does cooked ground beef compare?
  80. Hi there, here for questions about my cat - ate roach gel
  81. Which food would be better for her?
  82. Cat bandages
  83. Feeding wet food on a paper plate?
  84. Janus having eye problem
  85. Is their diet too rich?
  86. Dave's cat food and rotation
  87. 7 month old kitten with persistent diarrhea
  88. normal size of urine clumps
  89. Advocate - two cats/grooming
  90. Kidney Infection?
  91. Black light question
  92. IBS help desperately needed- incredibly long
  93. Never thought of this before...
  94. Reaction to a medication - gentimicin
  95. Anemia? PCV/hematocrit questions?
  96. Opinions on Raw Goat Milk
  97. suggestions for giving pills
  98. litter problems with long haired kitty
  99. Cat's and Pet Insurance
  100. Vaccines again
  101. Question on antibiotics
  102. Opinions/Reviews for Purina Beyond wet food
  103. Questions to ask Sabby's vet? 7 m/o FELV kitten
  104. Agnes and Dexter are getting speutered tomorrow
  105. Am I over-reacting? recliner incident
  106. Mastitis in a Senior, Spayed Cat. - wet food help
  107. cat chewing up her haunches! What to do?
  108. I dont understand
  109. cat cold - emergency vet or no?
  110. Age to start intrducing food
  111. Reece is sick
  112. Fostering Kittens Advice
  113. Cat possibly ate part of a yellow lily
  114. Vet recommends big brand food...
  115. new kitty's poop smells soooo bad!
  116. Mella has liver issues, not eating... tips/help appreciated
  117. Marilyn died tonight
  118. Tapeworm Questions
  119. cut and swollen eye
  120. Microchips causing cancer?
  121. Kobi is in kidney failure
  122. Taste of the Wild vs Natural Balance
  123. Numly rolled in bleach - second vet visit
  124. Hound and Gatos food consistency
  125. Food advice needed
  126. New here.. Looking for feedback on mast cell rumors...
  127. Cat sneezed blood
  128. Need help figuring out this food
  129. UPDATE: Taffy IS doing well!!!
  130. Mucus in poop
  131. Feline Acne
  132. I think Geet's is dying and what to do with his body
  133. I think Robin's got ear wax
  134. Found blood on inside of litterbox
  135. Vaccinating a FIV+ Cat
  136. Allergy to cat
  137. Instinct Rabbit dry food--Opinions and Questions
  138. Really scared-Kitten spay incision bleeding a little
  139. Cat Throwing Up
  140. Throwing up after spaying
  141. Cat has roundworms - question
  142. Interpreting cat food labels...
  143. When To Switch Cat To Adult Food
  144. Experience with Haemobartonellosis?
  145. Inara gets spayed on Friday
  146. Baytril and Health of My Cat
  147. Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome, Epilepsy, or ????
  148. Scab under nose???
  149. Worm in poo!
  150. Dental wipes
  151. Post-surgical onesie
  152. Callie cat's spay near-disaster, suggestions?
  153. Feline Pancreatitis
  154. Storing Freeze Dried Treats
  155. Kitten suddenly shedding a TON
  156. Nothing like bringing your cat in for a sore foot...
  157. Just Discovered You! need advice on fleas, tapeworms
  158. Delightibles WildCountry Meats Treats
  159. One Year old kitty shots...
  160. Dental Health - Help!
  161. Is it ok for cats to eat dog food for a few days?
  162. pill questions - Drontal
  163. How much to feed?
  164. 1st timer cat owner - Blue Buffalo question
  165. Is it safe to cut out dry food "cold turkey"?
  166. Kitten food and Cat food
  167. Spaying Kiki.... she pulled out a stitch
  168. Rabies???
  169. Bun and Creatinine high but not a lot of outward symptoms
  170. Adopting a Senior
  171. Hi Folks, Need Flea, Round Worm, Heartworm Help
  172. Losing a tooth!
  173. Cat vomitting
  174. Lion cut? Ellie matting even with daily brushing
  175. IBD - what would you do
  176. Sick Cat - Looking for some advice
  177. Trying different wet/dry food
  178. Proper ways of disinfecting a cage
  179. OMG-I feel horrible-advice please - caught Artie's tail in drawer
  180. kitten eating and puking...HELP
  181. Cat gets spayed tomorrow
  182. Drinking fountains
  183. 16th cat - trying to feed tiny kitten
  184. Ideas to get cat to drink water
  185. New black freckles on ear - skin cancer?
  186. New...hello all - feeding question
  187. Best Grain Free KITTEN food..
  188. Hello from Mississippi - seeking healthy and affordable canned food options
  189. Hairball prevention
  190. Purina Felix and vitamin C
  191. Is there such a thing as a "bad" can?
  192. I want to bathe my kittens?
  193. My Cat Just Reverse Sneezed?
  194. Air Filter Model Suggestions? My 5 yr. Old Tested Positive For Cat Allergies
  195. FDA warns Purina plant in South Whitehall about 'significant violations'
  196. different size pupils in my kitten
  197. HELP! Found Maggots in Litter Box!
  198. Getting static out of fur?
  199. Looking for Some Advice - put cat down?
  200. elevated feeders
  201. Litter recommendation for asthmatic cat?
  202. Blind cat
  203. Vet tells me to drop wet food and switch to dry Purina Kitten Food
  204. Crooked tail?
  205. Cat hiccups? Or something else going on
  206. My Taffy boy is not doing well
  207. Vet recommends dental cleaning?
  208. Cat food cans too big
  209. Kitty in 1st heat, info on spay?
  210. Cat Vomited for First Time
  211. How much wet food is recommended alongside dry food?
  212. Questions about FIV and FeLV
  213. Please help in adjusting kitten diet
  214. Dog allergic to the cat?
  215. Crystals in urine
  216. Do kittens teeth around 9 mos
  217. Cat grass?
  218. Urinary Blockage - Aftercare, What to expect?
  219. Cat gnawing on artificial christmas tree?
  220. Vomiting
  221. Hairballs
  222. Cat not finishing her food
  223. Pet food test result...
  224. How to fast a cat for dental
  225. Best Essential Fatty Acids for felines
  226. How long does it take for a dewormer to work?
  227. Too cold for rescued stray in garage?
  228. Is it okay to give the 2nd FVRCP vaccine only 2 weeks apart?
  229. Any recommendation for a place to spay my cat around the Portland, Or area.
  230. Black spots on skin
  231. Bald stomach and legs
  232. Kitten spayed while in heat-should I be concerned?
  233. side effects to Revolution?
  234. Sick Kitty
  235. Fresh Pet
  236. cat with FIC
  237. Question About Tartar Infection
  238. Pica & super sensitive tummy + grain allergy
  239. One cat is a flea magnet. Help.
  240. Thinking of changing from Wellness
  241. My Poor Possum
  242. Cats and Arthritis
  243. My cat is not feeling well
  244. Intranasal vaccine and delayed sneezing
  245. Tabby being treated for coccidia
  246. Tips for reducing allergies?
  247. dry food to wet
  248. Omega 3 for itching & old injury
  249. Left foot- birth defect or injury
  250. What Dry Food is Best?