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Health and Nutrition

  1. New cat issues/old cat issues
  2. Over-eating or something else?
  3. Cisapride Dosage?
  4. inappropriate peeing
  5. Post PU Surgery Behavior
  6. Gary's Gingivitis/Stomatitis Update
  7. Anus protruding - older male cat
  8. Needs meds to stay away from for hurt cat
  9. Your experience with BalanceIT/homemade kidney diets?
  10. Allergies in cat
  11. 4 year old cat losing her balance
  12. Cat eats Lavender plant??
  13. High end cat food
  14. Cat struggling to walk, may have nerve pain
  15. cat stopped eating wet food
  16. Weight Question
  17. Is it normal to feel bones?
  18. Cat meowing a lot
  19. Gabapentin for osteo-arthritis?
  20. Orphaned newborn kitten
  21. senior cat's eye color changing
  22. My Cat Harley's Skin Condition
  23. Vet recommends non-grain-free diet. Healthy grain wet foods?
  24. How much to feed my cat?
  25. Maria's left eye :(
  26. Limp or change in gate
  27. The Value of blood work
  28. Question about my cat's nose...
  29. Cat cut her nose / nostrils? Pictures inside
  30. Cat suddenly eating less
  31. Potassium for cat
  32. Teeth cleaning opinion
  33. Hello, trying to save our orphaned newborn
  34. Vestibular Syndrome
  35. My 19 yo cat Emily and declining health
  36. Oral Cancer
  37. Stomatitis and transition an indoor-outdoor kitty to indoors!
  38. HyperTdiet...Help Please!
  39. Question in regards to after a cat is spayed
  40. Wounded kitty .... deep hole in thigh with balding due to licking
  41. Spaying female kitten
  42. My cat has something hard on bellybutton
  43. Food Ideas for Boo
  44. Ibd?
  45. Acupuncture
  46. Older kittie drinking and peeing a lot
  47. dealing with sick old cat
  48. pregnant indoor cat
  49. Cat needs to gain weight; ear issue
  50. Stray pregnant cat?!
  51. feeding schedule questions
  52. Testing for FIV and FeLV?
  53. Meet Connor & Is it warts or something worse?
  54. Olivers Hissing Again Oh No
  55. Pregnant cat !
  56. Food Suggestions
  57. Kitten Spay TATTOO split open
  58. Cali's cancer is back
  59. My Cat is not eating
  60. nutrition question
  61. Cat on Clavamox for Coughing
  62. Ceramic pet fountain crack (small any fix ideas?)
  63. pilling a Senior Cat
  64. cat ear-wash?
  65. Cat water fountain - stainless steel vs plastic for hard water?
  66. Need suggestions for slow-feeder bowl
  67. Cat very lethargic and won’t eat or drink.
  68. Cat diagnosed with secondary cancer
  69. Changing food - diarrhea
  70. Cat won’t eat after having bad food
  71. Cat vomiting
  72. Hello from New Mexico!
  73. anti-freeze
  74. Strangid
  75. Smelly Cat
  76. Freckle in cat eye
  77. cat with end stage restrictive heart disease
  78. Shouldn't a Vet plus Assistant be able to restrain a cat?
  79. My cat is suffering from sever stomatitis caused by calicivirus
  80. Is this kitty asthma, or allergies, etc?
  81. 7week old kitten with redness around her eyes
  82. cat peeing outside the box
  83. Focal Seizure
  84. Hi everybody!!!
  85. Hi I'm kim i have two cats
  86. Cat Insurance
  87. Hello! Just had a vet checkup, need some advice.
  88. Clear-ish mucus in elderly this a problem?
  89. Ear discharge
  90. Any reviews of Zoologix PCR test?
  91. Cat with Obstructive Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
  92. too much sneezing!
  93. Sophie's Turn
  94. Not drinking?
  95. Blind Pica Cat, need more enrichment ideas
  96. Teething Kittens
  97. In need of help, kitty with lymphoma
  98. Hello. Split claw?
  99. Bump on cats ear?
  100. Choosing a cat with tooth issues
  101. Kitten with acne, inflamed leaking eyes, neck sores..
  102. Help! She’s loosing fur and vomiting
  103. Hi! Help with Toxoplasmosis?
  104. cat scratching excessively
  105. cat gave birth to stillborn, acting strange
  106. cat always hungry
  107. Hungry cat can't eat dry food
  108. preventing crystals
  109. Baffled by cats reactions to high quality vs Rachel Ray
  110. Older cat has urine on fur - don't know why
  111. Tooth Resorption
  112. Liver Enzyme ALT of 6000?? And Lymphoma
  113. Thoughts on a senior cat eating fish food
  114. dry cat food absorbs water
  115. cat peeing inappropriately
  116. Help for cat with constipation?
  117. Senior cat with precancerous cells in his urine
  118. Tremor in front legs?
  119. Healthy Size/Weight
  120. cancerous tumor in ear canal
  121. Cat constipation
  122. questions about vaccinations
  123. Broken purr?
  124. cat having constant seizures, can't afford vet
  125. adopting out stray kittens
  126. cat won't eat or drink
  127. Outside cat on Frontline still nipping
  128. staying with vet for blood in urine?
  129. Question on Prazosin
  130. constant discharge from eye and nose
  131. red bump on lip
  132. Cat with cone on head not using litter box
  133. Stray Cat with Fleas
  134. Safe pain killers?
  135. cat rash
  136. wet food
  137. kitty diarrhea
  138. Lili is 13 and has Renal Failure
  139. kittens eating older cat's food
  140. constipated cat
  141. Need Advice - alternative to Z/D Food????
  142. Canned cat food that your cats LOVE
  143. Cat toys and treats
  144. My senior cat
  145. Cat is falling down
  146. Kitten Genders!
  147. Maynard and Sister - Old Age
  148. Hello new kitty fluoxetine 10mg ?
  149. kitten smells like urine
  150. hyper throidism, heart murmur and now ckd
  151. Help my new cat is incontinent
  152. What are these BUMPS on her nose ??!?!
  153. Manx kitten help
  154. question about administering liquid Predisone
  155. Best Dry Cat Food? Canned Wet Food?
  156. BSH kitten with DCM
  157. My kitten is not well
  158. Long time no chat
  159. Anemia and low RBC
  160. cat with possible incontinence
  161. Millie Uncertain Diagnosis
  162. sick cat, heart or asthma
  163. Hot weather; what can we do for our cat ?
  164. How much wet food?
  165. cat with possible lung cancer
  166. 9 y/o cat not eating
  167. feral neutered male cat/white secretion after licking back
  168. Recurrent neurological problems - I don't really know what to do anymore
  169. Robin, recurring UTIs
  170. Information about Cyproheptadine
  171. 2y Old Cat Vomiting Clear Liquid
  172. Infectious Anemia !
  173. Outdoor cat with megacolon, advice needed
  174. Excessive scratching
  175. Advice on moving Persian w/ asthma long car ride 10 hrs. sedate? or not?
  176. New 2yo not eating
  177. How can you tell if tiny stray kitten is weaned?
  178. 3 week old kittens with diarrhea
  179. Do I really need senior cat food?
  180. Sick cat advice. Not eating.
  181. Please recommend dry food cat feeder
  182. New Member, cat with IDB, food issues
  183. Sweet success
  184. Kittens eye won't dilate
  185. Cat with Health Issues, spasms
  186. Fleas !!!
  187. Spayed 2 days ago...and very active
  188. "stew" vs. pate: interesting discovery
  189. Conflicting advice
  190. Cats sick with respiratory infection
  191. My cat bleeding and hard time peeing
  192. Advice And Information On Feline Corona Virus (FeCV) Infection In My Cat
  193. Going 12 hours or more without peeing
  194. litter permanently stuck to cat's skin
  195. Vaccinations For an Indoor Cat
  196. High Fiber Wet Food
  197. Cat Constipation
  198. Any Kitty Parents Experience IBD?
  199. cat ate two provera tablets
  200. Transdermal gel prednisolone - floppy ear side effect?
  201. 10 year old Vomitting, Extreme Thirst
  202. impacted intestines
  203. Cat admitted for Kidney Failure. Sad and shocked
  204. Best Compound Pharmacy for Prozac to treats
  205. My cat is having constipation issues
  206. Help with Weight Loss
  207. Cat is lethargic, hiding...input greatly appreciated!
  208. Your litter box really doesn't smell?
  209. Could one blade of grass been causing this?
  210. Constipation
  211. Pixie had emergency surgery this morning...
  212. Distemper vaccine?
  213. cat losing weight, no diagnosis
  214. Making Pieron's cat food- weight after grinding question
  215. Fading kitten
  216. blocked bladder
  217. cat battling CRF for two years, getting worse
  218. Easy, Non-toxic Household Plants?
  219. Questions about abscesses
  220. Spay scar after over 2 weeks
  221. Cali has cancer / leg amputated
  222. Extremely Finicky Kitty
  223. Post Surgery Question (no poop)
  224. How to help cat gain weight
  225. Kleo - constipation problems
  226. best way to bathe a very dirty kitty?
  227. Cat Water Fountains
  228. Cat seizure
  229. fat cat or ?
  230. Cat taking fits
  231. Finally switching to wet food - Suggested brands?
  232. Newbie Cat Owner, General Feeding Questions
  233. Pick up or leave food?
  234. Cat Got a "Potty Patch"
  235. 8 yr old cat chewing fur out
  236. Dandruff help
  237. neck scab treatment?
  238. kitty with lymphoma
  239. Experiences with Blue Buffalo food...
  240. Adolescent cat eating too much?
  241. Cat won't eat Wet food!
  242. skittish cat got out, may not be eating now
  243. converting to a 50% wet food diet, calorie vs volume concerns
  244. As good/healthy as Ziwipeak?
  245. Loosing weight/lethargic
  246. Penny
  247. Update: Cat eyes always having discharge- unresolved after trip to vets
  248. ? Special needs cat. Legs
  249. 7 month old vomiting
  250. need advice for possibly blind and deaf cat