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  52. Hi
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  83. hi : )
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  114. Hello ya'll I'm new to this forum
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  127. Michelle
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  147. help!!
  148. Hi from me and my very pregnant barn cat ; )
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  165. Anyone on CF have a Japanese Bobtail?
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  168. hello, wondering if there are any ragamuffin owners here?
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  186. Anyone knowledgable about Ragdolls?
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  188. Is this fur rare?
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  191. Help with the breed
  192. what breed is my cat?
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  196. What coloration is my kitten considered?
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  202. HI
  203. Shadow
  204. Lion, Tiger and Domestic Cat Genes Similar
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  213. Cat Fancier Association
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  223. I would appreciate your opinion
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  226. Hi
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  235. deleted
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  240. Hello
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  242. Turkish Angora
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