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Cat Tails

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  1. My dastardly scheme to steal the neighbor's cat
  2. The Miracle of the Top Loading Carrier!
  3. The Third Epistle of Sheba
  4. Our shelter has lots of openings!
  5. Hard to be a cat at Christmas....
  6. Hi-Fi Accident (photos)
  7. Robin went for a RUN this morning!
  8. So my house got broken into last night
  9. I have to brag about our shelter a bit!
  10. Cat whiskers for crafts
  11. Peeling issues with cat food?
  12. Rags to Riches...
  13. Agnes, the amazing disappearing (and reappearing) cat!
  14. Just in time...rescued by a cat lover
  15. Christmastime at the shelter
  16. Bad experience
  17. New brother for Charli ...we hope!!!
  18. Came clost to losing one and it would have been MY fault!
  19. Volunteering
  20. Rescue explained......
  21. what do you think happened here?
  22. I so dislike washing cat plates
  23. Missing Teddy- hard time of year
  24. Male Tortie
  25. My cats are super awsome heros!!!!!!!!!
  26. Holiday gifts for kitty
  27. No one understands - loss of cat
  28. Happy Birthday at the Bridge
  29. The second epistle of Sheba to the Shelter
  30. Empty The Shelter Day!
  31. Neighbor Cat and her kittens
  32. He's Gone to Rescue
  33. Rhythm, my Tuxie Toes: 2 years
  34. What is part of your routine when leaving your cats for the day?
  35. Rescue is hard.....
  36. a disturbing tale at the vet's
  37. Kitten-Sitting
  38. Today I cry.....
  39. Gadget went missing, but now is back
  40. O.. M.. G..! He's Back!
  41. happy ending
  42. Found my missing cat
  43. Night time kitty
  44. I LOVE my Polly!
  45. Watching humans, asking for chin scratch!
  46. Our rescue
  47. What items of yours now belong to your cat?
  48. Can't believe gypsy tolerance with little ones
  49. If you feel like some good (happy) crying...
  50. My cat gets Sick I get sick
  51. Catwalk plans--after the move
  52. Possible abused cat on Craigslist
  53. People like this renew my faith in humanity!
  54. A definate oopsy
  55. Devon's First Real Vet Visit
  56. Should I be afraid, we may have a slasher in our midst?
  57. What do your cats do all day?
  58. What is the funniest/strangest thing your cats play with?
  59. Lily and Iris
  60. What a week!!
  61. How did you come across the name for your cat(s)?
  62. Do you make silly, empty threats to your cats?
  63. Do you tell your cats they make you happy?
  64. Curious about soap suds
  65. Autistic man builds feline fun house
  66. Brave's Story
  67. An update on Gypsy! (Doris)
  68. 3 Kittens
  69. My babies' present....
  70. Fostering: How to let go.....
  71. Hello From A Returning Member!
  72. A romp in the mud!
  73. Cat Cafe
  74. I "met" my kitty's foster mom
  75. Sweet dream or nightmare
  76. Questionable shelter practices?
  77. Hide and seek champ!
  78. Missing Rocky
  79. Catio tour in Portland, OR
  80. Awww my kittens don't meow they mew
  81. 8 mos without Teddy kitten
  82. Goofy things your cat does
  83. "My First Hairball In My Adoptive Home"
  84. I don't know if I've said this before
  85. "Catasaurus Rex" - Pickles, the 3; long, 21-pound cat
  86. Cat survives 12 story plunge!
  87. Another 911 Call about a cat
  88. Robin made out like a woodland bandit!
  89. Polly's 1st real life lesson
  90. 2 maidens
  91. Beep's story
  92. Fostering!
  93. Polly is blessed, despite me!!
  94. Sweet Circe story
  95. Cats shopping at PetSmart (off leash)
  96. It's raining cats....
  97. Door-dashing diary
  98. Cats take over island in New York!
  99. Unexpected places to find cool cat stuff?
  100. Tonawanda Island
  101. Black cats being rejected because they don't look good in selfies (UK article)
  102. Proud Cat Mama
  103. SO looking forward to this!
  104. Home for Hope
  105. kitty stuck in bird feeder!
  106. Rice Cake Thief
  107. 2 year anniversary
  108. Playing with baby robin
  109. I met Smoochie!
  110. New here, but as of today I am catless
  111. Mom got caught!
  112. Mouse in basement- should've known!
  113. Knowing your limits. How many is too many?
  114. Animal afterlife
  115. Lion lovers?
  116. Silly boy!
  117. Have your cats ever healed you?
  118. I think my dead cat just paid a visit
  119. Cat tunnel
  120. I'm so mean
  121. Mystery spazzed out xD
  122. Just need to Rant about a Bad Foster Parent
  123. Rhianna
  124. Top five reasons moggies are awesome :D
  125. Petland... Ugh.
  126. Momo the cat one year later
  127. Why did God design this bird!
  128. My cat ate a fry
  129. what a difference 4 days make!
  130. You are a true cat person.....
  131. Babies 2 and 3 go home today
  132. just a short trip
  133. Cat seems to grieve his lost grandma
  134. Help Me Choose A Kitty!!!
  135. I love my cats, but sometimes I hate them
  136. I think I might be a foster failure but not in a good way
  137. Volunteering!
  138. *crossing paws* AGAIN
  139. The cat came back
  140. Happy gotcha Eve, Mochas Mommy!!
  141. Sweet Shadow
  142. Catnip + HUMANS
  143. Happy Birthday, Little Shelly, Happy Birthday to You!
  144. Carnivores can be horrible sometimes!
  145. Some cats are just fighters
  146. Cats with PTSD
  147. Street boy
  148. Kayla and Chubby
  149. The meaning of 'bonded pair'
  150. moving day and KITTENS!
  151. The joys of the older cat....
  152. Our ROGs
  153. Even cats with a home find me
  154. I want another cat!
  155. Tuxedo the Free Roaming Cat
  156. Rescue mission: mother and child reunion
  157. Invader Pip
  158. Is Tara (the hero) being exploited
  159. Incredible mamma cat
  160. kitties saved from a fire
  161. Peter - A Shelter Dog Success Story
  162. Poppy-the world's oldest cat!
  163. My first success with cat socialization
  164. oh no! a MOUSE!
  165. Poor Abby
  166. Going to orientation and kitten care class tonight!
  167. The other day I saw a...
  168. My cat is missing! ** update - he's home **
  169. Newborn Kittens and Heartbreak
  170. Anybody else do cat socialization at a shelter?
  171. I Went Crazy
  172. Kitty see, kitty do?
  173. Almost got a new kitty this morning....
  174. People with normal cats...
  175. I got bit by a shelter cat hard enough to draw blood
  176. search for pets on....OVERSTOCK
  177. Strange Meeting
  178. Genius cats and, er, "regular" cats?
  179. do you ever wonder about your cat's parents?
  180. Fellow homeless kitten becomes blind cat's buddy, guide!
  181. I help socialize cats at the shelter and I love it.
  182. Found a Lost Cat
  183. New Beds
  184. Revenge of Jealous Kitty
  185. Still miss Chloe and Soxie
  186. Cat adopts ducklings
  187. Guard dog adopts tiny abandoned kitten...
  188. Update on "da goils"
  189. Mystery reprimanded me! xD
  190. Sneezing
  191. How much do you talk to your cat?
  192. Kitten Season
  193. Ashes' Kitty Antics
  194. Thinking about fostering kittens or a mom and kittens!
  195. How does your cat behave around meal time?
  196. Story from the past...
  197. How do I change this?
  198. Three new foster kittens
  199. I was a cat daddy today!
  200. Scary moment with a wasp!
  201. Cat IQ, or do they know it's your feet?
  202. Memory
  203. If my heat ever goes out.
  204. My knight in shining fur~
  205. He is Gone! ** update **
  206. Coping with the thought of losing my cat
  207. Gorgeous new guy at the shelter....
  208. am I being selfish?
  209. Intriguing: Between Homes and Garbage Bins
  210. An unseen visitor?
  211. Just a funny story
  212. Name ideas
  213. Newcomer Bobby and oldtimer RJ
  214. Like Owner, Like Cat?
  215. Local cat in national news!
  216. New meaning of crazy cat lady
  217. Nala met a baby!!
  218. Cats gang up on you?
  219. Maestro
  220. Stray Cat Visitor
  221. Do some feral/stray cats seem to ask for domestic?
  222. Tell us about one of your cat's nine lives
  223. Bombay Cat Gathering
  224. Rescue cat :) Meet Tiger, Senior!
  225. Might be getting another foster
  226. New litter of fosters
  227. I totally want to build this!
  228. OK how do you guys do it?
  229. Cats and computers
  230. Strange stay cat
  231. They have brainwashed me!
  232. What I woke up to this morning:
  233. A Deaf and Blind Kitty Story with Tips
  234. Who is 'the cat who launched a million clicks'
  235. Last Will, by a Dog...
  236. Do you hate it when people blame you for a pet's death?
  237. Bobby, formerly stray, now family, funny story
  238. Short Story of my cat Calvin.
  239. How do you spoil YOUR cat?
  240. I'm a softy for cats. We have 4 of them now.
  241. I should never have looked....
  242. Montreal Opens First Ever North American Cat Caf¯
  243. Waiting for kitten blues
  244. Are we too caring?
  245. Hard to say no.
  246. How do you get over the anger when your kitty is run over...?
  247. Unexpected cats anyone?
  248. Rescued another kitten! Willow the kitten!
  249. Kitty playground
  250. Rescue cats are the best!