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Cat Tails

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  1. Found a poor helpless kitty!
  2. Very sweet story about a dog and a cat
  3. factory cats
  4. Bastet's newest interest!
  5. how often do pet cats get mistaken as strays?
  6. New cat wall in the special unit
  7. Kitten Meets Leopard Gecko
  8. Dog saves a kitty!
  9. Kissing your cat...
  10. Man uses Groupon to photo shoot with kitten!
  11. Is this too much to charge a friend for cat-sitting?
  12. Yikes!A shrew in the house.How??
  13. New Guy in Indianapolis - haven't seen outside cats for a while
  14. Wickedly smart kitten....or extremely naught boy
  15. Happy jack got adopted!!!!
  16. Bobby the stray cat has adopted us
  17. Cat Trees and Condos
  18. A visit
  19. A theme...multiple cats with corresponding names
  20. My cats gave me a Christmas gift!
  21. How Toto the Tornado Kitten Brought a Community Together
  22. Still feeling increditbly guilty/terrible over euthanasia
  23. Figuring out how your cat was raised?
  24. sometimes cats lose
  25. Stephano's 1 Year Anniversary!!!
  26. Story of a Work Kitty (Got Attacked by a Coyote)
  27. Benefit Wines Fund Raiser
  28. Hard to let those foster babies go!
  29. Creative cat toys you've made?
  30. Why do you have a cat?
  31. Cat sitting near heat vent
  32. Cat yowls before sunrise
  33. Cat not as interested in toys/laser pointer
  34. Very naughty Smudge!
  35. Christmas Card Photos
  36. Random I love my cat thread...because I love my cat!!
  37. my uncles kitty
  38. grandpas kitty
  39. Did you choose your cats based on color?
  40. Inevitable....
  41. Robin has a new cat bed!
  42. An Explanation
  43. What is something you now do ONLY because you have a cat?
  44. *~*Update of Artie*~*
  45. I'm in love again....
  46. Upset about giving up the kittens I have been caring for...
  47. Introducing my kitty project.
  48. Christmas gifts for Cats.
  49. my, hat is off to those who foster
  50. Another abandoned kitty!
  51. 1st snowfall!
  52. How my cat trained me
  53. How did you come up with the name for your cat?
  54. Josie the brave
  55. Midnight, the Shack Cat
  56. Seven's adventures
  57. Hachi suddenly interested in bacon!
  58. Halloween and outdoor cats
  59. Why hasn't anyone mentioned it's National Cat Day?
  60. Unsure about kitten -- need advice, please
  61. Irresponsible pet owner?
  62. Lookit what I found!
  63. Toys
  64. Volunteering at shelter..and I'm overwhelmed!
  65. How many cats?
  66. Less of a question more of a rant.
  67. My cat disappeared gradually
  68. Cat Therapy
  69. Tigra was determined to get a home
  70. Do your cats look alike?
  71. Thoughts that hurt
  72. "Define" spoiled!!!
  73. Carpal tunnel from brushing cat too much!
  74. Catios Thread
  75. Silly Kitten
  76. Cat towers/furniture
  77. Was anyone else a huge worrier with their new cat?
  78. The Pringles Bandit Strikes Again
  79. Praise Report!
  80. DAE love how their cat smells?
  81. BAD kitty mom Super Kitty
  82. Privacy issues
  83. Cat baths, a saga of
  84. My baby's missing
  85. TIGER " The Alley Cat of Gasoline Alley Car Repair Shop
  86. If you ever get the chance visit Blind Cat Rescue!
  87. Naming your cat - what inspires you?
  88. Never thought I'd be a cat owner, but life is funny like that.
  89. Ever wonder about past kittens?
  90. cat rescued by Batman and Capt America!
  91. "Snuffy" got snuffed!
  92. Jasper got a rat... and wants more.
  93. Cats don't understand attachment and loyalty
  94. Kitty doesn't know what she's happier about, the food, or the box it came in
  95. How much money a month do you spend on your cats?
  96. Blind Cat Mother Raises Her Kittens
  97. I had "The Talk" with my family
  98. Cats and Computers...
  99. A story of Justin the kitty
  100. I love Jordie
  101. Family's sentiments towards my cats
  102. We had a cat spookie she had kittens we gave them away.
  103. My grandmas kitty!
  104. Shopping trip for kitty!
  105. Homer the blind kitty tributes
  106. Kittens shut down subway service for nearly two hours
  107. so I officially have the weirdest cat...
  108. Funny, our cats use couples against each other
  109. Disney and cats
  110. Cat services we'd pay for
  111. Sharing a story from Facebook
  112. Your encounter with non-cat person
  113. My cat tails
  114. I'm not a failed fosterer!! :D
  115. Got caught 'talking' to a cat - funny
  116. A stray kitten story.
  117. Stuff Your Cats Are Now Used To
  118. Behavior? How about human behavior, ha ha
  119. Dutchess: The Story of a Resilient Cat
  120. How did you name your cat?
  121. Jordie
  122. Smart things we've done
  123. Some cat-walking tales (cats can run really, really fast!)
  124. I went to the cat shelter today.
  125. Boat explodes...cats on board swim to safety
  126. The self professed cat hater
  127. Talkative kittoh
  128. Would you ever adopt a cat that was extremely similiar looking to one that you loved?
  129. Did I took the right decision?
  130. Who was Your First Cat?
  131. The cat whisperer
  132. My failed attempt to adopt cats
  133. How I got my cats
  134. Got any good stories about choosing a kitten?
  135. New Cat
  136. Tell the story of the kitten that melted your heart!
  137. My childhood cats.
  138. Maya the Cuddlebug
  139. Your routine.
  140. Am I odd for keeping whiskers and furr?
  141. Rescuing Pretzel
  142. Do you recognise your cat?
  143. Things happen for a reason
  144. Lucky the kitten saved from fire
  145. Sometimes they just have to go...
  146. 60's sitcom
  147. Cuddling
  148. Cat tree on sale - US
  149. Momo the Cat Goes for an Unexpected Swim :)
  150. Vanilla the fierce delight!
  151. Robin had a taste of Ice cream!
  152. new house, new stray, new problems!
  153. Zeke fell into the fish tank.
  154. Cat dumper - my own brother ! :(
  155. Oh Albert.
  156. Sad about Tigger
  157. Kitten-like
  158. Test run gone wrong
  159. Kambei
  160. Saying see you later to my Moffat
  161. Recent visit to my local Humane Society
  162. Pet Passing Paranoia
  163. How Bobbie Came Home.
  164. Batter Up!
  165. My cat jumping in Heaven- look- must see
  166. Lessons learned from my cats
  167. Loving Sebastian
  168. Kitten fetches better than my dog
  169. Stephano's story
  170. About my cats: names and where I got them
  171. Lesson to learn: When Louie was hurt
  172. The Story of my cat Sanchez.
  173. Night
  174. Very friendly cat!
  175. 10 Year Old Cat Swapped For Puppies -Small Vent
  176. When You First Fell In Love With A Cat
  177. Do you stop for hit animals on the road?
  178. People who say, "but it's just a cat!"
  179. New barn kitty and.....a possum?
  180. Robin Hood strikes again!
  181. the world's best litter-trained cat.
  182. Oscar the Bionic Cat
  183. Cat Love Therapy
  184. Cat Journeys 200 Miles to Get Home,
  185. Dante the Guard Cat VS. Trick-or-Treaters
  186. Funny cat story over Christmas, involving a chipmunk
  187. Italian Cat brings gifts to owners grave
  188. Your cats nicknames.
  189. Cyrus, and his adoption story
  190. Fritzy is so spoiled
  191. How she got her name
  192. Funny stories about Fritzy
  193. Am I silly?
  194. Licking Plate
  195. Cat tries to pull bowl back down when feeding her, also hisses sometimes
  196. Cat resting on computer chair
  197. Cat Swatting at Legs
  198. Hey It's me again.
  199. My Hero
  200. Tricks!
  201. Kitty of Steel!
  202. A very early Christmas kitten
  203. Probably the most touching moment, ever.
  204. Rescuing Marissa
  205. Frankenkitty
  206. I convinced my cat has "feelings" for me
  207. Miss M: One Year Later
  208. Chairman Meow (Cherry)'s Adventures
  209. trauma and triumph all in one morning
  210. Meeting my cats made my marriage better
  211. The cat who spoke to me with telepathy
  212. Detour while camping to rescue a kitten
  213. The cat that went to Heaven (happy end, no death)
  214. How I betrayed a stray cat (sad w/happy end)
  215. Leo
  216. Harrowing experience yesterday evening...
  217. Kitty's Pride
  218. Kitties, kitties everywhere
  219. Victoria's Story
  220. lies my father told me
  221. Kittens?
  222. Paranormal Activity...
  223. Vortex's Cat Stories
  224. The Tale of Ratty Bunny
  225. Funny Story time !
  226. Cats Lost and Found stories
  227. KING of the cat tree?
  228. Robin for Oikos Yogurt!
  229. how I got my cats
  230. Another Sherbert moment.
  231. Muffin's story
  232. navy cats
  233. 5 kittens: 2 day secret mission (lots of pics)
  234. Cute Cat Encounter
  235. How we got Callie [and Puffy]
  236. How we got Phantom (and Patches and Mooch) (long story, sorry)
  237. Uffe was in the Special Silent Area
  238. Guess who saw his 1st snowfall?
  239. A day with Sherbert
  240. How I Met My Cat, Pinky
  241. Smitty's Story
  242. My past cat-owned experiences: story 1 of 3 (LONG)
  243. The Tail Of Tuna
  244. First night for the kitten with x-mas tree
  245. Robin's toy
  246. Microwave popcorn!
  247. The Tale of the Garage Cat
  248. Bath Day
  249. Skylar
  250. Oreo