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Feral Cats

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  1. Tried and true feral cat hothouse.
  2. Trapped 3 kittens!
  3. Making progress with my feral cat...am I doing it right though?
  4. How does this look?
  5. advice on sick stray
  6. Feral caregivers, aren't you dreading the cold weather?
  7. Stray-Feral Update and Med Question
  8. Jasper - One year ago today! (+ pictures)
  9. swinging trap door for feral ??
  10. Winter shelter for the backyard feral
  11. Happy National Feral Cat Day
  12. Need suggestions for 2 (semi?) feral kittens!
  13. How should i prepare for the cold
  14. A new milestone with Arwen :)
  15. Adopted a feral momma cat and her kitten
  16. So need advice on 5 new borns
  17. When to let out kitten
  18. Strays at my apartment complex
  19. The right thing to do.
  20. Violet
  21. How to Take Care of Feral Cat Colonies During Winter
  22. stray i call "Hogan"
  23. One Stray, Two Stray...Advice, Please!
  24. To Socialize or Not?
  25. Hello guys greetings from Korea - feral cat question
  26. Taking in a feral teenage kitten
  27. Humane DIY drop trap for ferals
  28. Feeding Dishes
  29. So, I said no more fosters, but...
  30. Love Doesnt Cost Anything
  31. Smokey and her dead birds
  32. Midnight Missing
  33. Joker, the last update
  34. Catching these strays is becoming a problem.
  35. Put a handful of kibbles out for a stray
  36. Don't know if I did was right...
  37. For those in Pima County Arizona
  38. The humane answer for feral cats in Norfolk, VA article
  39. Stray cats have gone missing
  40. my ex feral cats
  41. Need help ASAP
  42. Found a feral kitten
  43. Free to Roam: A Small City's New Policy that Saves Feline Lives and Tax Payer Money
  44. TNR in Southern Utah
  45. What to do....or leave well enough alone?
  46. Hello, help pls
  47. Advice for how to care for a feral cat in illness and old age?
  48. What should I do?
  49. My feral has won hubby's heart!
  50. stray cat
  51. The Ones that Got Away - Did you feel bad?
  52. Animal Defense League has 9200 s/n so far 2013
  53. Here We Go Again: Choco-kitty!
  54. Feral Cat Week
  55. Trouble getting stray kittens.
  56. Multi- cat house adding feral - need help
  57. Preparing Feral Cat Houses for Winter
  58. Why cat advocates need to stop lying
  59. Please help me with this feral (sorta) kitten!
  60. hey :)
  61. How to feed secretly?
  62. feral interaction with house cat???
  63. Joker the FeLV+ cat and LTCI treatment
  64. Part of the deal
  65. Gracie needs a home ASAP
  66. Town Hall employs stray cats caregivers and feeds all strays
  67. Need advice on multiple levels re: feral kittens
  68. Releasing relocated feral family
  69. Documentary
  70. TNR. How to tell a spayed or neutered cat!
  71. Hurt/Injured Stray
  72. Deworming ferals?
  73. A very sweet kitty....sometimes
  74. old/new grey kitty
  75. Feral with flea allergy
  76. new kittens wed. night
  77. Ear mites
  78. A purring surprise
  79. Buddy the Feral Cat.
  80. Making the case for a paradigm shift in community cat management -
  81. Stray Kitten Question
  82. Anyone in Comal County, TX?
  83. Hello Everyone, Advice On Stray Cat/Kittens
  84. Supplements and Meds For Ferals?
  85. Joker's Six Month Update
  86. Stressed over cat fighting
  87. FYI for those in the Phoenix area who TNR or need a microchip for their cats
  88. Reunited
  89. Injured Stray
  90. Feral Kittens/Queen update
  91. Trapped a Pregnant Female
  92. Problem with Ferel cats and new neighbor
  93. Small Orange Homeless Kitty
  94. My feral tries to gently bite me, why?
  95. Just my luck.
  96. Animal Control Spartanburg Animal Services
  97. Help ASAP ! Feral problem
  98. My picky feral girl
  99. How to put Revolution on a feral??
  100. Relocating ferals
  101. Complaints about feeding a pre-existing feral colony
  102. Hello Everyone...
  103. Making progress- moving on to touching her
  104. My feral girl Arwen
  105. Hello there
  106. I need help with some ferals cats.
  107. Trying to get under my house
  108. One Thing I Hate About The Spring
  109. Feral Cat Success!
  110. Rabies in the US
  111. Seeking feral cat wisdom
  112. Outdoor cat harrassing indoor cats?
  113. Help with semi- ferrel mama/kittens
  114. How soon do I need to TNR
  115. Have two feral kittens in shop in backyard.
  116. Update on my two feral cats
  117. She is a Cat - Not a Murderer
  118. Extermination of wild(domesticated)cats??
  119. New Member with a stray problem
  120. Moving feral cats
  121. Hi
  122. How are your ferals doing in this cold?
  123. Water for outside strays during winter.
  124. what do you feed your feral cats?
  125. Ferals and strays killing me!
  126. from feral kittens to feral colony
  127. Ferals in city limits?
  128. Bringing home a semi-feral cat - updated
  129. Introducing Myself
  130. Heated Outdoor Cat Pads
  131. I now think most ferals are "tameable"
  132. Simple. How to help a stray cat.
  133. 3rd Annual Architects for Animals: Giving Shelter Exhibit
  134. Feeding strays
  135. Each Person Who TNRs Does Make A Difference!
  136. New kitty hanging around, is he a stray?
  137. New feral kitten, awfully sweet?
  138. A funny
  139. Taking in a stray
  140. Seeking advice about a stray
  141. Ben's mouth
  142. Joker the FeLV cat, update
  143. re-homing semi-feral cats
  144. dewormers
  145. Here's a strange question!
  146. sneezing cat
  147. i am crushed
  148. sedating Ben
  149. Neon sign !!
  150. unintentional trap
  151. Advice please!
  152. Some advice on stray cat!
  153. new winter house
  154. any hope for petting ?
  155. Joker the FeLV cat, Part II and III
  156. What should I do?
  157. Im tryn to help these cats out
  158. BoardWalk cats survive Hurricane Sandy
  159. this is so depressing
  160. Need advice please!
  161. what should i do
  162. Need help trapping
  163. Returning cat to colony
  164. TNVR of feral cats
  165. New to this forum
  166. Opinions on this semi-feral cat in our garage?
  167. keeping the cat house safe from a storm
  168. Taming Ferals
  169. What's the right thing to do?
  170. suggestions for this situation
  171. Celebrate National Feral Cat Day
  172. Bit of a dilemma. Not sure how to proceed.
  173. Ferals in Greece
  174. Feral kittens
  175. Pregnant black kitty outside, what to do?
  176. getting ready for the cold...
  177. cleaning the outside cat house
  178. Page of tips to bookmark when working with ferals
  179. Feral Kittens living under my house!!
  180. The cat I brought inside seems to be getting more skittish...advice?
  181. What to do about people who trap cats and turn them over to a kill shelter?
  182. Caring for ferals long term
  183. Squiggy
  184. Crabbie has a new home
  185. Can all cats adjust to an indoor lifestyle?
  186. Someone doesn't want to give up kittens...
  187. Morality of Catnapping?
  188. Inconspicuous outdoor shelters
  189. Ben - tail twitching??
  190. This is "Crabbie" . . .
  191. How long before she will eat??
  192. Day 1 of trying to trap
  193. 75~ ferals
  194. feral mama and kittens- Help
  195. Back from vacation
  196. Do the ferals pose any risk to my indoor-only cat?
  197. Trapping tips please!!
  198. Feral Poster
  199. Feral cat debate divides Indian Harbour Beach neighbors
  200. Disruptive new cat
  201. Where have all our ferals gone?
  202. My Ben,
  203. Yellow jackets and cat food
  204. Question re pregnant feral mom cat
  205. keeping my fingers crossed
  206. Extremely docile feral
  207. diatomaceous earth, safe?
  208. coughing!
  209. Taming a feral TOM CAT with patience and Kindness ~ Utube
  210. vacation for a week - what to do?
  211. Feral, barn cat - the same?
  212. question about feral behavior
  213. This May Need to go in the Feral Forum, but.................
  214. Stray, Feral or wanderer
  215. Unfriendly Feral Cat
  216. Stray Cat. Can't bring in. -- What are our options?
  217. Look who came to my house
  218. And the bell rings to end round XX
  219. water for the kitties...
  220. new law on feral cats in progress in Belgium....
  221. I finally put food out
  222. Learning a schedule?
  223. Humane traps - which to buy?
  224. Try to get semi-feral/stray cat to move kittens into my yard
  225. Stray out back
  226. Once a feral...?
  227. Hi! I don't know what to do with feral kitten...
  228. Feral Cat in Korea: What would you do? (Advice Please)
  229. "Gummy" Bear, the latest TNR
  230. Warmer weather and feral cats
  231. Cat Barrier?
  232. Good intentions pave the road to...the feral farm
  233. I think smokey is sprayn :(
  234. Stray cat
  235. Treating for round worms in feral colony
  236. Stray Cat
  237. " Hemingway" cats?
  238. First Litter of the Season
  239. When to allow a feral kitten to roam?
  240. I don't know anything about caring for ferals...
  241. Lots of meowing
  242. next stray project
  243. Relocating my roof ferals in the country
  244. Big bully
  245. Neighborhood boy
  246. "Socket" the latest TNR
  247. Help, she attacked me!
  248. Sad news
  249. Favorite feral photos
  250. Wake County Animal Center (animal control) sued By TNR group ~ Operation Catnip